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Martin Breese International

Magical Collectables old, used, antique and sundry items

This is our collection of one-off and sundry magic items both old and new. Some are rare items from Martin Breeses
personal collection; others are ex-stock items.

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All of these books have been priced to sell, and are well below prices I have found through book dealers such as ABE, Amazon
etc. (Though some do not seem to be available anywhere!)

Abbott, Percy A Lifetime of magic Abbott 1960 Soft cover. Nice clean copy. Inscribed 25
'Pinto '61' . 1st Edition
Abbott, David P Behind the Scenes with Open Court Faded soft cover, spine cracked, but 25
Mediums Publishing 1916 very good copy for age

Allerton, Ben; Robert Ben Allerton's The Close-up Magic Inc 1977 Soft cover. Nice copy, slightly sunned, 10
Parrish (ed) magician 72pp. 1st Edition

Andrews, Max Vampire Mirror and Boxed Collection containing: 200

Ephemera Contains:
-Vampire Mirror 12 issues 1947-54
approx, various formats (including 2 as
full fold-out newspapers) and variously
-Magical Mirror Nos 1 and 2 (first war
edition 1940/41) with accompanying
-Several undated stapled catalogues
-Supplementary Catalogues 1 and
2 c1953 colour printed on glossy
-Plus several flyers etc
All presented in a specially produced
Vampire Mirror book-like box.

Andrews, Val Fred Culpitt a Brief Biography Abraxas, 2001 Ringbound 41pp. Very Good. SIGNED 25
by author with inscription to Martin

Anverdi Two Items: The Lezing pamphlet is in very good 25

Lezing Seminar lectre Anverdi, 1964 condition. In dutch, but the pictures tell
Miracles with Liquids Anverdi, 1965 the story of the missing balll.
The Signed Miracles booklet is in poor
condition. Pages are loose in
replacement cover. But readable
Armstrong, george Tricks of the Trade Magic Wand 1946 Soft cover. 23 page booklet including 15
adverts. An A to Z reference book of
magical terms.. 1st Edition
Ayling, Will Knowing the Chop Cup Supreme 1989 Soft cover. Lovely unmarked copy. 24
Supreme 'know-how' series. 1st Edition
Ayling, Will Knowing the Egg bag Supreme 1988 Soft cover. Lovely unmarked copy. 24
Supreme 'know-how' series. 1st Edition
Ayling, Will Knowing the Rising Cards Supreme 1981 Soft cover. Lovely unmarked copy. 24
Supreme 'know-how' series. 1st Edition
Ayling, Will Knowing the Ropes Supreme 1987 Soft cover. Lovely unmarked copy. 24
Supreme 'know-how' series. 1st Edition
Ayling, Will (edited by The Art of Illusion Harry Stanley -no Book in good condition, Jacket is torn. 40
Hugh Miller and date 1st Edition
introduction by Lewis

Ayling, Will, Rex Taylor, The Endless Chain Supreme 1983 Soft cover. Lovely unmarked copy. 24
Lewis Ganson, Fred Supreme 'know-how' series. 1st Edition
Baker, Al Magical Ways and Means Waring Jones, Hard Back faded cover but otherwise 10
Sixty tricks by Al Baker 1946 good condition

Baron, Harry Magic for beginners Card Prima Paperback, used 5

tricks and other close up
Baron, Harry Magic for beginners Card Breese, 1989 Hardback with dust jacket fine 10
tricks and other close up
Baron, Harry Magic for beginners - Vol 2 Prima Paperback 5
Card tricks and other close up
Baron, Harry Magic. How to entertain and Breese 2001 Paperback New 5
baffle your friends
Behnke, leo Will Rock Prentice taylor, 1st ed Large format hardback. New and 22
presentsThurstons 2007 shrink wrapped, but base of spine has
Mysteries of magic been chipped/damaged
Bennett, Edward T The Society for Psychical Brimley Johnson 1st ed in green boards. Very good for 20
research 1903 age

Bey, Dr Tahra Two Lectures on Psychical Aeloian Hall, 1939 Booklet with photographs of the 20
Demonstrations of the Mystic lectures given by Alexander Cannon
Powers of the Orient demonstrating powers of Dr Tahra Bay
- the Egyptian Fakir. Good condition

Blevins, David Invisible Thread Reel A Magic City, 2000 Paperback, 24pp Fine 5
How-to Guide 4 Everyone
Bobo, JB Modern Coin Magic Carl Jones, 1952 Hard Back. Book very good, though 15
covers marked and sealed neatly with
clear tape. Appears to have been
Pintos copy his signature is on the

Bobo, JB The Bobo Magic Show Magic Inc 1984 Soft cover. Unmarked Ring Bound 22
1998 copy. 1st edition. 1st Edition
Boyne, Gil Inductions and Deepening Boyne, 1986 Paperback 37pp. very good. Transcripts 10
of live demonstrations of hypnosis
Braco (Ralf Wichman) Invisible Thread Book Breese 1982 1st edition paperback. Fine condition. 20
Limited edition of 200 copies
Brahams (ed) Rara Avis Sixty Years of Cairn, 2006 1st Ed Hardback with dust jacket in fine 30
magic frm the Notebooks of condition
Jack Avis
Brahams, Anthong A Last look at Leech Cairn Press 2004 Soft cover. Twelve card magic tricks in 10
44 page booklet. Fine unmarked
condition. 1st Edition
Branch, Justin Manipulative Production & Branch, 1977 Section 1 plus photograph supplement. 12
Card Routining Intro by Ganson. Vg condition
Breese, Martin The Best of Pentagram Card Breese, 1989 Hardback 1st ed. Fine as new copy in dj 40
Breese, Martin (ed) The Best of Pentagram Card Breese 2003 Soft cover. Paperback is fine and 20
Magic unread though there is a small tear at
top of spine. . 2nd Edition
Britland, David Deckade Breese Soft cover 20pp. As new 10
Britland, David Terri Rogers Word of Mind Breese, 1986 Soft Cover 13pp Very Good 10
Britland, David Master of the Game Martin Breese A5 Booklet 16 pp 30
Britland, David Terri Rogers Boromian Link Martin Breese Booklet - 16 pp with Cards 10
Brooke, Ken Its better than digging roads Martin Breese A4 Ring Bound 10
Brooke, Ken Ken Brooke Series No 3 : The Martin Breese A4 format 14pp 5
Nap Hand and Multiplying
Martini Bottles*
Buckingham, Geooffrey It's Easier Than You Think - 1972 Soft cover. Lecture tour edition. 70 10
Part 2 page booklet. Fine unmarked condition.
1st Edition
Buckley, Arthur Card Control Dover Books, 1993 Excellent clean copy, Soft cover 4
Buckley, Arthur Principles and Deceptions Williamson Press, Leather Bound in very good condition. 50
1948 First Edition

Bud Morris, EW Magic in the Morris Manor Morris Magic 1974 Hardcover. Near fine tight and solid 30
copy. No inscriptions. DJ is clean and
bright with minor chipping. Forward
and illustration by Sid Lorraine. 1st
Burling Hull Expert Billiard Ball American Magic Soft cover. 32 page booklet, numerous 10
Manipulation Part 1 Corporation 1915 photographs. Front cover is loose and
rear cover is missing.
Burling Hull Presenting Stage Magic Burling Hull, 1935 Paperback, 24 pages. Ribbon bound. 80
Good for age no tears or loose pages.
A wide-ranging collection of effects
from Coin moves to glass penetration
to spirit effects. with photographs. Part
of his Perpetual book

Burling Hull Stage Magic Convention Burling Hull, 1935 Paperback, 88 pages. String bound. 110
Special Good for age no tears or loose pages.
(Giant Issue Enlarged No3) A wide-ranging collection of effects wit
giant cards, bottles, rising cards and
much more. Part of his Perpetual book

Burling VOLTA Hull Magic Dynamite Burling Hull, 1956 Paperback 22pp. Loose pages fair 40
condition. A further instalment of the
perpetual book this one mainly
related to mentalism
Burns, Stanley Other Choices Burns, 2000 1st ed Fine except for minor shelf wear 15
Ventriloquism from BC to TV

Cannell, J C The Secrets of Houdini Hutchinson 1932 Boards are bumped and a little grubby 20
but book is fairly tight clean copy

Cannell, JC Modern Conjuring Ellisdon, 1940 Soft cover 96pp. nice vintage looking 6
book in pictorial covers detailing
hundreds of tricks. Condition good.
Carington, Whately Telepathy An outline of Methuen, 1945 1st ed. Hardcover 176pp. very good 25
Facts, Theory and condition

Cassirer, Manfred The persecution of Tony Elms Cassirer, 1993 Paperback 32pp. Very Good. Dedicated 30
(The Bromley Poltergeist) to Bill from Manfred the author.

Cassirer,Manfred Parapsychology and the UFO Self Published, Paperback 44pp. Fine condition. A 10
1988 study of the connections between the

Chanin, Jack Handle with Gloves (JC Coin Chanin, 1941 1st ed paperback 31pp. Fair condition. 12
Routines Ex Unique Studios and stamped by
Harry Stanley
Chapman, Franklin, Twenty Stunners with a Nail Kanter 1946 Paperback,32pp with adverts 10
Read, Ralph (ed Writer

Chavel Reelistic Magic Harry Stanley -no Very Good, Soft cover 20

Cohen, David Price and His Spirit Child Regency press Hardcover. Book is good plus. No 120
Rosalie 1965 marks or inscriptions with very slight
yellowing and sunning to extremes of
pale blue boards. Dj is worn and
grubby and chipped at extremities.. 1st

Conan Doyle and Joseph Verbatim report of a public Watts and Co, Condition good for age cover creased 50
McCabe debate on "The truth of 1920 with small tears on corner. Previous
spiritualism" : between Sir owners pencilled comments and
Arthur Conan Doyle, M. D., highlights.
LL. D., representing
spiritualism, and Joseph
McCabe, representing the
Rationalist Press
Corinda, Tony Selected Series No 1 The 6 page Pamphlet 10
Centre Tear

Cremer, WH (ed) The Secret Out or 1000 Chatto Windus Fair/poor condition. Green boards faded 20
Tricks explained 1883 and separated from book. Book itself is
fairly tight and readable. Possibly
missing a title page. 300 illustrations
and author describes contents as The
perfect desideratum for the social
circle so ideal for xmas tricks.
Crimmins, J (Ed) Annemanns Practical mental Tannen, 1963 Very good clean copy in red boards. No 25
Effects dj.

Crosthwaite, Roger Foundations:1 Martin Breese A4 15pp 10

Crosthwaite, Roger Mindblogger method of Martin Breese Exclusive Card Magic Series Number 2. 4
working the Classic Force and 4pp with photos. SIGNED and
Contaptuntal Switch numbered by Crosthwaite.
Curry, Paul Never in a life-time Curry, 1975 Pamphlet, instructions for matching the 10
spectators sorting half a deck

Curry, Paul Paul Curry Presents 1974 A selection of original card and other 20
magic, Very Good, Soft cover

Dante Tricks for West end Printing c Large format paperback 25pp Cover 30
Everybody 1937 still bright. Good condition, coming
loose where staples have worn. A
tribute to Dante, but also a
description/explanation of many

Darwin and Munari Darwin's 101 Thumb Tip Munari, 2000 Paperback, 24pp 10

Decremps, M Three Volumes: JF Desor, Croix Three volumes in marbled boards. 1100
-La Magie Blanche Devoile DOr 1792 and Numerous woodcut illustrations, folding
(with Supplement) 1793 pages complete. Tightly bound, no
-Codicile de Jerome Sharpe loose pages. Some undulation of pages
-Testament de Jerome but no staining or other evidence of
Sharpe) damp. Lovely solid copies. In French.
DeLawrence, Geo Another Vaudeville magic Act Self Published 0 Soft cover. I25pp. Lovely clean and 20
unmarked copy. 1st Edition
Devant Secrets of my Magic Hutchinson, 1936 1st ed Good copy overall. Red boards 50
are marked with stitching loosening a
little on the spine. Boards are cracked.
Ex Libris sticker (Terry Seabrooke).

Dexter, Edward Entertaining with Contact George Armstrong Nice copy. Cover a little grubby. 26pp 8
Mind Reading 1952 Good Soft cover
Dexter, Will. Illustrated Sealed Vision George Armstrong, 1st ed Fine condition in fine dust jacket 20
by Jack Lamonte 1956

Duffie, Peter Double Indeminity Martin Breese Booklet 24 pp New 5

Duffie, Peter Hidden Agenda Privately Published Soft cover. Twelve routines developing 10
0 routines published previously. 1st
Dunninger, Joseph; Houdini's Spirit Expose from Experimental Paperback A4 sized 108pp. Lacks cover 40
Krause, Joseph (ed) Houdini's Own Manuscripts, Publishing Co, sheet and binding exposed. Condition
Records and Photographs 1928 fair otherwise. This was Gansons own
AND Dunniger's Psychical copy his signature is on the first
Investigations page. Packed full of photos and stories.

Earle, Lee MELANGE A TROIS: A Binary Star, 1992 Ring Bound 34pp, Very Good, Soft 10
Collection of Three Psychic cover
Emery, Carla Secret, Dont Telll The Acorn 1998 Large format, heavy paperback. 504pp 25
Encyclopedia of Hypnotism Very good condition
Erdnase, SW The Expert at the Card Table Dover Books, 1995 Excellent clean copy, Soft cover 4
Evans, Henry Ridgely Magic and Its Professors Mckay 1902 1st US edition. Good/fair. Boards 90
stained and cracked, though book itsled
is tight and clean for age. Previous
owners neat signature and sticker.

Eydmann, AH Patter in Rhyme Paperback, 21pp. Good condition. 5

Patters to suit your favourite tricks

Farelli, Victor John Ramsays Routine with George Armstrong, 1st Ed. Cover faded but good clean 50
Cups and Balls 1948 copy.

Findlay, James B Hows your Library Ireland magic 1958 Paperback 36pp, Good. Preface by 15
Mulholand and a few words by Jay

Fischer, Ottakar Illustrated Magic Macmillan 1931 Hardcover. First edition. Fair only 10
condition. Cover boards worn and
loose. Ex lib from Magic Circle.
Fitzkee, Dariel Magic by Misdirection Magic Ltd 1945 Hardcover. Tight and solid copy. No 30
inscriptions minor bumping to corners..
1st Edition
Fitzkee, Dariel Showmanship for Magicians Saint Raphael Hardcover, faded and bumped at 8
House, 1945 edges. Tight copy.
Flip What is in a name A lecture demonstration Soft cover 20
20pp. Signed and dedicated to Martin
Fulves, Karl Charles Jordan's best Card Dover Books, 1992 Excellent clean copy, Soft cover 5
Galloway, Andrew The Ramsay legend Goodliffe, 1969 1st Ed Good/Very Good condition in 200
bright yellow jacket with very minor
tears and bumping

Ganson, Lewis Routined Manipulation. Vols Various All three volumes available,in various 5
1,2 and Finale formats and editions. From 5
Ganson, Lewis A Magician Explains Harry Stanley, Softback 24 pp first of a series of 10
1955 booklets containing routines collated by
Ganson. This one has routines with
photos from Charles Harrison,, Harry
Franke and Cy Enfield. Very good
Ganson, Lewis A New look at Card Fans Supreme, 1979 Ganson's Magic teach-in Series. 12
Excellent condition, Soft cover 1st

Ganson, Lewis Colombin's Cups and Balls Supreme, 1977 Ganson's Magic teach-in Series. 12
Excellent condition, Soft cover 1st

Ganson, Lewis Cy Endfield's Entertaining Harry Stanley, 64 page booklet.in bright pictorial 10
Card magic Part 1 covers. Fair condition, Soft cover 1st

Ganson, Lewis Dai Vernons Further Inner Harry Stanley 1st ed soft cover V Good 20
Secrets of Card Magic 1962? condition 72pp.
Ganson, Lewis Dai Vernons Symphony of Supreme, no date Softback 26pp A complete routine for 10
the Rings the Chinese Linking Rings as
demonstrated to, and photographed by,
Ganson. Very Good Condition
Ganson, Lewis Dai Vernon's Tribute to Harry Stanley Very Good 30
Nate Leipzig

Ganson, Lewis Mark Weston's Continuous Supreme, 1977 Ganson's Magic teach-in Series. 12
Cigarette Production Excellent condition, Soft cover 1st

Ganson, Lewis The Art of Close up Magic Supreme 1972 Book is near fine - very clean and tight 20
Volume 1 with no markings. Blue jacket also very
good with very minor damage and
slight fading
Ganson, Lewis The Floating and Dancing Supreme, 1977 Ganson's Magic teach-in Series. 12
Cane Excellent condition, Soft cover 1st

Ganson, Lewis The Ganson Book Supreme, 1982 1st ed. Hardback 227pp Book is very 30
good condition, pink jacket is good
with bumping and shelfwear. Published
after his death with tributes from Edwin
and Dia Vernon, Gansons
autobiography and around 40 detailed
routines with photographic illustrations.
Ganson, Lewis The Magic of Slydini Harry Stanley, no Good/Very good book condition in very 60
date good jacket. Prob 1st Edition SIGNED
and dedicated by Ganson

Ganson, Lewis Three Chinese Rings Supreme, 1983 Ganson's Magic teach-in Series. Slightly 12
Marked covers, Soft cover 1st Edition
Ganson, Lewis Two in the Hand and One Supreme, 1979 Ganson's Magic teach-in Series. 12
in The Pocket Excellent condition, Soft cover 1st

Ganson, Lewis Unconventional Magic Harry Stanley Soft cover59pp but re-bound at some 20
point in hard cover. Condition V good
Ganson, Lewis Werry's Fantastic Supreme, 1979 Ganson's Magic teach-in Series. 12
Thimbles Excellent condition, Soft cover 1st

Ganson, Lewis Zombie - The Floating Ball Supreme, 1977 Ganson's Magic teach-in Series. 12
Excellent condition, Soft cover 1st

Gazzo Gazzo on the Cups and Balls School for Ring Bound paperback 12pp with 12
Scoundrels, 2001 photos. Fine condition
Gibecire Journal of the Conjuring Arts Summer 2007 Newminor shelf marks 25
Research Centre
Gibson, Walter Houdini's Escapes Harcourt, Brace Nice bright 1st edition with first few 30
1930 pages a little loose and previous
owner's signature

Gibson, Walter and Houdini on Magic Dover 1953 This is the hardback first edition. yellow 30
Young, Morris ed dj is still bright, though has tears and is
faded on spine. Book is good with few
marks and some yellowing.
Gill, Robert Magic as a performing Art A Bowker 1976 1st Ed. Very good condition though 50
Bibliography of Conjuring Jacket a bit scruffy. SIGNED by Gill and
dedicated to martin Breese

Giobbi, Roberto Card College Lighter Hermetic 2008 Hardcover. Excellent unread copy 35
almost as new.. 1st Edition
Giobbi, Roberto Le Reve Tricheur Editions du Soft cover. Nice clean copy. In French. 10
Spectace 1984 1st Edition Signed by Author(s)
Goldin, Horace. Intro by Horice Goldin's Secrets of Circa 1919 0 Soft cover. Beautifully illustrated 20 30
Will Goldston Magic page booklet describing a variety of
tricks and puzzles. Several adverts.
Cover is still bright. though pages are
tanned. Small closed tear at bottom. A
piece of history. 1st Edition
Goldston, Will More Exclusive Magical Will Goldston Ltd Good clean copy, a little loose. Maroon 200
Secrets 1921? No 524 smooth leather boards scuffed and
marked. Locking clasp missing. No
ownership markings
Goldston, Will Secrets of Famous Illusionists John Long, 1933 Fair/Good condition for age. Ex Libris 40
sticker with some cracking to spine and
a few loose pages, but still solid and

Goldston, Will Sensational Tales of Mystery Will Goldston Ltd Fair condition in pictorial cloths. Stated 100
men 1929 First Impression Dec 1929 and with
Presented by sticker SIGNED by
Goldston. Our first edition seems to
differ from the others that have just
boring red cloth cover.

Goldston, Will Tricks and Illusions Gamage no date Probable 1st ed. in good/very good 50
c.1910 condition for age. Green and gold cover
still bright with minor bumping

Gordon, Paul Professional Card magic Natzler 2002 Hardcover. Fine unmarked copy. 1st 30
Gravatt, Glenn Jap Box tricks 1937 - An exhaustive treatise on the 100
Japanese or Egyptian handkerchief box,
containing many new uses, tricks and
ideas, together with complete acts and
SIGNED by author, highly collectable.
Good condition for age with some
fading to cover.
Haverset, David Chanin The Man with the 2002 Press Co 1st ed fine unread copy 25
Magic hands

Higham, Justin All Hands on DecK Higham, 1985 Paperback, 17pp as new. Twelve effects 10
for the professional card man

Hoffman More Magic Routledge Good ,Prob 1st Ed 100

Holmes, Donald The Magic Art Self Published 1st ed Hardcover, illustrated. Very 20
1920 good, tight, clean copy.

Houdini A Magician Among the Spirits Harpers 1924 1st Edition Good/Very Good and no 300
markings apart from booksellers stamp
(Davenports). Front cloth panel in
relatively bright guilt lettering. Spine is
faded. Minor bumping to cover. Tight,
solid with just a little loosening. Some
yellowing to book and page edges.
Houdini (ed) Elliott's Last Legacy Adams press 1923 Red boards are cracked and a little 100
loose. Book itself is clean and bright for
age. Fading and dark shading around
the front board.

Hugard, Jean Mental Magic with Cards Calostro, 1935 Landscape booklet 30pp. olid in bright 100
pictorial covers. Well used but excellent
for age, Soft cover 1st Edition

Jacques, Pierre Complete Course In Pick Tannens, 1983 Book near fine in clean bright condition. 30
Pocketing Jacket bumped with a few tears, Very
Good, Hardcover

James, Stewart Quick Hypnotic tricks Canadian Book and 3 page booklet of simple hypnotic 10
Supply Co effects.

Jay, Phil Lecture Notes plus books Seven items from 50

Sleight of Foot a unique close-up
Standing Ovation magician.
Linking Polos
Calculating Cards
I was that soldier
-Climbing the ladder to
successful close-up Magic
-Lost Notes to Climbing the
Johnson, Roy Pure Gold Breese, 1988 Hardcover. New book but dj is a little 30
rubbed/faded. (Paperback version
available from our regular stock on our
book pages)
Johnson, Roy Second Time Around Goodliffe, 1971 1st Ed very good clean copy, no jacket 10
Johnson, VE Chemical Magic Pearson, 1920 1st ed Pictorial hard cover, 120pp. 10
Condition fair with boards battered
and sunned and loose. Vintage adverts
on various pages.
Joseph, Eddie How Gamblers Win Supreme 1998 Soft cover. Nice unmarked copy. 1st 20
Kalush, W and Sloman, The Secret Life of Houdini Pocket Books 2007 Soft cover. Very lightly read cean copy 4
L .
Kaps, Fred Fred Kaps Lecture 1972 Notes made by Peter Biro photo copied 10
from a Ken Brooke's magic place
circulation and bound., As New, Soft

Kaps, Fred Kaps on Coins 1972 Kaps on Coins is an 11page typescript 10

detailing 12 of his coin routines

Kazan with introduction Playing with Fire Self Published 0 Soft cover. Bound typescript, 13pp. 25
by Jack Devlin Appears to be a pre-ublication version
of the booklet subsequently printed by
Supreme. Stapled pages yellowing and
orange cover is fair/good.. 1st Edition
Kraft, Fredeick and Coin Magnetrix Paul Diamond 1973 Hardcover. Nice looking copy in very 15
Arthur bright red boads. Unfortunately, the
spine/front board is neatly cracked -
though easily repairable. . 1st Edition
Lane, Frank; UF Grant They're Off Self published, Undated booklet 39pp. Covers have a 5
few marks, Soft cover

Leon Miniature Haunted House Ireland Magic, Do it yourself plans, patter and routine. 20
1960 Ring bound 34. Marked, but good
LePaul, Paul The Card Magic of Bro. John Self Published? Pamphlet 47pp. This is the red coloured 40
Hamman S.M, 1958 first edition
Lesley, Ted For Professionals Only 1: Ted Magic productions, Paperback 17pp 10
Lesleys Credit Card trick plus 1985
Ted Lesley Wonder Workshop
Devano Rising cards Typescript 4pp
Lever, Derek (ed) Blackpool Bafflers Blackpool Large format ring bound. 95pp. Fine 30
Celebrating 50th Annual Magicians Club, condition. Some 50 contributions
Convention 2002 from Lever, Lovell, Becker, Colombini,
and many, many more.
Linden, Roger William L Lindhorst 1890- Sellf published, Paperback, 17pp 5
1954 1997
Linn, Colin H Stand-up Card Magic Breese 1983 Soft Cover. A4 sixze 28pp as new 10
Lippy, John D Chemical Magic George Sully Bright neat copy in orange boards with 40
1930 minor bumping and fading to spine.

Lorraine, sid Latest reference file 1981 File of 760 Names and addresses of 10
magicians. With instructions
Lorraine, Sid The Early Stuff Magic Inc 1973 Soft cover. Lovely unmarked copy, 10
slightly sunned. 36pp.. 1st Edition
Signed by Author(s)
Marshall, Jay and Success Book Vol 3 Magic Inc Ring Bound in Hard cover. Fine 15
Frances Condition

Marshall, Jay and Success Book Vol 4 Magic Inc Ring Bound in Hard cover. Fine 15
Frances Condition

McCarthy, Daniel Sly Glances McCarthy, 1991 A4 Soft Cover, New. 82pp 10
An amalgamation of around 80 card
routines from his pamphlets

McComb, Billy McCombs Magic Supreme Dust jacket has tears. SIGNED by 60
McComb and dedicated to Marrtin
Breese with thanks for his Magicassette
contribution to the art of magic.

Mendoza series of Miller (?) Wild Card 4 page leaflet 5

Personal instructions no
Mentzer, Jerry Counts, Cuts , Moves and 1996 Paperback, 73pp Fine 8
Subtlety a book of basic
card techniques

Meyer, Orville Magic in the Modern Manner Lloyd E Jones 1949 Hardcover. Tight copy, no inscriptions. 30
Boards a little worn and faded. . 1st
Milbourne Christopher Panorama of magic Dover, 1962 Large format Paperback, Good 12
condition, beautifully illustrated
Milbourne Christopher Varied Deceptions Stanley, No Date Probable re-print on glossy paper. Very 10
good condition
Millard, Joseph Man of miracles Spearman 1961 Nice tight and bright copy. Dj is 8
chipped and rubbed at edges. Very
Good Hardcover
Miller, Charlie Charlie Miller lecture Notes Magic Inc 1967 Pamphlet in fair condition. 26pp Good 8
Soft cover
Miller, Hugh A Pocket Full of Miracles Supreme, 1978 Very Good 2nd edition 13

Miller, Hugh Al Korans Legacy Repro71, 1972 1st Ed Very good condition. Hardcover 25
with dj
Miller, Hugh Bakers Bonanza Stanley Hardback in very good plus condition in 20
similar dust jacket
Miller, Hugh Bakers Bonanza Stanley Good. Dj is chipped and torn 8
Miller, Hugh Secrets of Gambling Stanley Very Good in ill-fitting dj 13
Miller, Hugh (Ed) The Art of Eddie Joseph Supreme, 1978 Book is clean, bright and firm with no 25
inscriptions. Jacket is very good plus
with just minimal rubbing. , Hardcover

Miller, Hugh (Ed) The Art of Eddie Joseph Harry Stanley 1968 Probable 1st Edition. book is bright and 30
jacket chipped and bumped
Mulholland, J; Smith, Magic in the Making Scribner's, 1925 Good first edition. Spine is a little loose 25
Milton and boars are worn, Hardcover 1st

Nagler, Bll M-2-3-4 Magic Circle, 1979 Large format paperback 61pp. Fine. 25
A collection of articles written by Nagler
for The Magic Circular

Nikola, Louis The Nikola Card System Supreme Soft Cover 71pp. Fine condition. 10
Supremes (Edwins) re-print of the
routine first published by Harry Leat in
Noel Daniel (ed) with Magic 1400s to 1950 Large format, heavy and lavishly 40
Mike Caveney, Jim produced book full of gorgeous photos
and illustrations. This has to be the
Steinmeyer, Ricky Jay ultimate in magical coffee table books
Odell, Stackpool Heads and how to read them Arthur Pearson Book is good for age with yellowing 10
A guide to Phrenology c1925 pages and scuffed, marked boards.

Osterlind, Richard and Three Miracle Card Routines Busby, 1986 Ring Bound paperback, 40pp. Fine 10
Jeff busby condition
Ostin, Bob Slightly Surprising Talon Edited b yDavid Britlands - of Bob 5
Ostins lecture notes 12pp
Parriish, Robert and You'd be Surprised Max Holden, Nice copy - cover a ltlle worn, Soft 10
Goodrum, John 1938 cover 1st Edition

Parrish, Robert An Evening with Charlie Miller Ireland magic Soft cover. Ringbound 70pp. Covers 15
Company 1961 marked and worn, ring biding cracked.
Illustrated, photographs. 1st Edition
Peach, Emily The Tarot Wokbook Aquarian Large format paperback. Good 5
Pearsall, Ronald The Table Rappers Michael Joseph Good condition 10

Pratt, Bert Browsing Around in Magic Magic Inc 1972 This is No 12 of limited edition of 500 60
AND is no 12 of just 12 clothbound
versions AND SIGNED by Bert Pratt
with a dedication to Betty Bernard.
Excellent condition

Press, Percy Glass of Water production Martin Breese Booklet 12 pp 5

Price, Harry Bulletin I: Supplement to University of Supplement to the 1929 Catalogue 50
Short-Title Catalogue on London Council for listing a further 2500 titles.Very Good,
Works on Psychical Research, Psychical Soft cover
Alleged Abnormal Investigation, 1935
Phenomena, Spiritualism,
Magic, Witchcraft,
Legerdemain, Charlatanism
and astrology from 1472 A.D.
to the Present Day
Price, Harry Short-title catalogue of works National laboratory Very Good, Soft cover We also have the 50
on Psychical Research, of Psychical 1935 supplement available,
spiritualism, magic, research, 1929
psychology, legerdemain and
other methods of deception,
charlatanism, witchcraft and
techincal works.
Priest, Carroll Test Condition Second Sight Martin Breese Booklet 24 pp 5
Proskauer, J Spook Crooks Selwyn & Blount c Red boards are faded and stained, but 12
1932 book itself is firm with some foxing to
end papers..

Racherbaumer, Jon The Last Hierophant 1980 Large Format Paperback, good 15
Rapp, Augustus The Life and Times of Jay Marshall 1959 Very good A4 sized comb bound Ltd Ed 50
Augustus Rapp number 461 of 500

Read, Ralph One Man Mind Reading Calostro, 1935 Illustrated magazine format booklet. 30
Secrets Very Good condition. SIGNED by RW
Doidge to Will Goldston

Read, Ralph The Calostro Mind reading Act Calostro, 1945 2nd Edition. Paperback, loosly bound 10
with cover and pages in a plastic

Reid, Edwin The Professional Touch Edwin Reid 1976 Nice copy. Gambling tips. 68pp Very 8
Roulette, Blackjack, Racing Good Soft cover
Reveen Reveen and sons unlimited Comic Page Comic is tanned. Very good condition 5
No.1 features, 1965 with small area of damage to cover.
Reynolds, Charles and 100 Years of Magic Posters Grosset and Large format, great pictures. Well 15
regina Dunlap 1976 thumbed and a little warped but
pictures themselves are generally clean
and unmarked. Covers are marked,
grubby and warped and bumped with
small tear. Price reflects condition.
Rice, John Secrets of a TV Psychic Martin Breese Booklet 15pp 5
Rogers, Terri The Little Book of Martin Breese Booklet 28pp Forward by Val Andrews 5
Roterberg, A Latter Day Tricks Self Yellow boards are grubby and cracked. 40
Published 1896? Pages bright and clean. Sequel to his
'The Modern Wizard'

Rowland, Ian The Full Facts book of Cold Self published Soft cover. Unmarked Ring Bound 30
reading 1998 copy. 1st edition. 1st Edition
Sachs, Edwin Sleight of Hand Fleming, 1946 Lovely clean and tight copy. DjJ is 15
chipped with s closed tear on spine. 4th
Edition - Volume two in Fleming Magic
Classic Series, Hardcover

Sachs, Edwin Sleight of Hand Upcott Gill, 1895 Second Edition. Pictorial boards are 40
stained, worn and faded. Spine cocked
front board is loosened from the spine.
Ffep is missing., Hardcover

Satori Satori Lecture 1999 25pp plus Appendix. Good condition 15

Scarne, John Scarne's Magic tricks Constable, 1963 Nice clean copy in in very good dj., 5

Seabrooke, Terry Beyond Compere A Pocket Kaufman and 1st Ed, Signed, small format hardback. 50
Guide to being and Emceee Greenberg, 1993 Fine condition.
Sharp, Eric; Edited By Sharpes Specialised Eric Sharpe, 1981 Fine except for minor shelf wear 20
Bayard Grimshaw Childrens Enntertainment

Sharpe, SH Conjured Up George Johnson, 40 page pamphlet. Rare. Nice copy, no 100
1935 tears or creases in green covers that
are clean and slightly faded.
Sharpe, SH Good Conjuring in Practice George Johnson, 40 page pamphlet. Rare. Nice copy, no 120
and Theory 1936 tears or creases in orange covers that
are faded and a little grubby.
Sharpe, SH Neo Magic The Art of the George Johnson 2nd ed. Clean Tight copy apart from 150
Conjurer 1946 fading around edge and spine of red
Sharpe, SH Neo Magic The Art of the George Johnson 1st ed. Tight copy with fading to spine 180
Conjurer 1932 and minor bumping to corners.
Inscribed by previous owner as
presentation copy to Mahatma Circle of

Shiels, Tony NNIDNID - Surreality No.1 Shiels, 1986 A4 Paperback 42pp. Rare. Not really 100
Magic and for Shiels officianados only.
Super surreal magazine with writing,
drawings and photos. .
SIGNED and dedicated to Martin Breese
(on an additional cover that Shiels
seems to have attached to the
Sinclair, Frank Catching a marked Bullet in Supreme 1983 Soft cover. Lovely unmarked copy. 24
the Teeth Supreme 'know-how' series. 1st Edition
Smith, Al Hot Stacks and Cold Stacks Magick Enterprises, Soft cover 23pp
jogging around the deck 1991
Sorcar with Intro My TW'sGM, The Great Sorcar; A All India Magic Hardback, good condition accompanied 30
Christopher Milbourne Photographic Monograph on Circlle, 1965 by SIGNED souvenir programme a
his 50th Birthday gaudily illustrated magazine-sized
Plus Sorcar Souvenir Souvenir booklet
magazine programme 1961

Sothebys Two Catalogues of conjuring Sothebys 1979-82 Part II from the JB Findlay Collection 9
sales 1979, (with Plates plus one of Findlay,
Magic Circle, Stott and others 1982.
Good/very good condition
Stanley, Harry Card Fanning Unique Soft cover. Typescript 20pp in blue 20
Studio/Harry covers with sketches. 1st Edition
Stanley 0
Takeshi Nemoto Tokyo trickery Magic Inc 1967 Spiral Bound 86pp on the art of 15

Tarbell Tarbell Post-Graduate Service Tarbell System Soft cover. Pages are tanned and there 10
in Magic No. 1 1930 is some damage along the spine but
still a neat-looking copy 32pp. 1st
Time-Life books Psychic Powers Time-Life Large format hardback, Fine 5
Time-Life books Psychic Voyages Time-Life Large format hardback, Fine 5
UF Grant (6 Items) Nelma Albino Grants Thirteen 85
Mysteries 1934 Typescript booklet with,
bizarrely, a dedication to Roosevelt and
the NRA. Back cover has come away
Don Tanner Grants Fabulous feats of
Mental Magic a collection of around
50 effects in excellent condition
Don Tanner Rope, Chain and Box
Escapes large format hardback VG
UF Grant Window Stoppers
Ringbound and SIGNED by Pinto
UF Grant Grants Illusion Secrets 24
illusions explained
UF Grant Modern Levitations small
stapled pamphlet explaing 3
Unique -no Author - Unique Rope Routine Unique magic Instruction pamphlet 9pp stapled. Fair 10
Studio condition
Vernon, Dai and Malini and His Magic Stanley Good tight copy pages slightly tanned. 35
Ganson (ed) Bright red boards are worn around
edge. Jacket poor with a bad stain Laid
in though is the original Unique Studio
flyer advertising the book, and other
effects, and SIGNED by Ken Brooke.
Walsh, Audley Dice Dexterity Tannen 1953 Soft cover. 32 page booklet, numerous 10
drawings. nice tight copy
Warlock, Peter Warlocks Way Stanley Good 13
Waters Encyclopaedia of Magic and Facts on File 1988 Hardback, 369pp. Book and ddust 10
Magicians jacket very good

Webster, Richard Money-Making Psychic Brookfield, 1992 1st ed. Used, condition very good A4 20
Develoment Classes format paperback

Webster, Richard The Secrets of Ghost Writing Martin Breese Soft Cover 38pp 10
Yates, Jack Minds in Duplicate Goodliffe 1956 Paperback 32pp Small tear to front 10
A-B-C of Magic-Sets Wittus-Witt, Hans 1980 Issue no 3 small magazine for the Magic-Sets 5
Periodical collector
Abracadabra Goodliffe Issues 1 to 150 in three differently bound volumes. These 60
are well used with some annotation by previous owner

Volume 3 (issues 53-78) and Volume 4 (issues 79-104)

and professionally bound good clean copies. 30

Vol 60 and 61 (issues 1535 through 1582). Unbound in very

good condition 30
Arcane Magazine issue 12 Jeff Busby 1984 5

Demon Telegraph Davenports Issues 4 (1946) and Issues 126,127,128,129 (damaged), 8

131 (1950). Demon Telegraph Issue 4 (1946 (damaged)
Exclusive Card Magic Roger Crosthwaite Number 2. 4pp with photos. SIGNED and numbered by 2
Series Crosthwaite - Mindblogger
Hugard's Magic Monthly Fleming Book Company 1945 Hardcover. Excellent bound copy. Pages clean and bright. 30
Vols 1 and 11 Dedication by author on ffep. 1st Edition Signed by
Mad Magic Michelle Hatte 5 issues nos 16, 19,20 plus two specials In French 20

Magic Circular Magazine Alan Snowden April 1976. Issue with a picture of Goodliffe on cover and 20
signed by Goodliffe signed by him with greetings to Martin Breese
Magic Magazine Bound Stanyon, Ellis Bound early copies of Magic magazine. NOT a complete run, 50
1901 to 1920 but there are 70 issues with 1909 and 1910 complete. This
appears to be a working copy of a magician contemporary
at the time - with additional items and references written
and pasted in. Frustratingly I can't tell if this is the
collection of one of the greats. Boards are cracked and
stained. Front and rear ends full of notes and indexes. Most
of the actual copies in good condition. Poor Hardcover
Magic Sounds Craig McComb Snader, (Alex Volume 1. Nos 1-17, 1973-76. Rare - descriptions and 100
Redans) catalogue of recordings pertaining to magic. Bound by
Martin Breese in one small volume with dedication by
Snader dated 1978.

Magical Arts Journal Ammar, Michael Arcane double issue Vol 2 Nos 7/8. new 6
Items by Flip, Hofzinser, Giobbi and more. 32pp

Magical Arts Journal Ammar, Michael Special Report how to negotiate higher performance fees 6

Magical Arts Journal Ammar, Michael Paul Harris The Act Vol 2 nos 9-12 very good. 62pp 10

Extra single issues Index to Vol 1, Issues: 10-18, 20,21,24,25,26, Index to Vol 2 per
(duplicates) 2, 27, 29-43, 44-52, Index to Vol 3, 53-61, 63-73, 75-78, issue
Magick- Bascom Jones Index to Vol 4, 79-85, 86-102, 104, Index to Vol 5, 105-
130, Index to Vol 6, 131142, 143-156,157-182, 183-204,
206-208, 412
Partial Volumes 1978/9 -209-234 complete with index but 231 is a 2 per
photocopy issue
1979/80 -235-260 with index - issues 255 and 259 missing
1980/1 -261-286 with index twenty two issues only
Magick- Bascom Jones 1981/2 -287-312 nine issues only
1983/4 -313-338 nineteen issues only
1984/5 -339-364 six issues only
1986/7 -365-390 six issues only
1992/3 -469-493 issue 489 is missing
Magick- Bascom Jones Complete Volumes 1970-1977 -Issues 1 to 208 with indexes 80
All are unbound issues in 1987-1991- Issues 391 to 468 with indexes per
very good/good condition volume

New Directions Ben Harriss 1985/5 Issue 2 and Issue 3 12

New Pentagram Peter Warlock Volumes 11, 17.19 are complete and as published in good 10
condition per
New Phoenix Don Tanner; Karl Fulves Loose issues 1965. Good condition 2
Nos 394-400 Each

New Sorcerer Magazine Martin Breese Issue 2 (in Magic Wand Cover) 3
Issue 5 (in Ken Brooke Routine Cover each
Issue 6 (in Wizard Cover)
Opus Ian Keable-Elliott Sep 87, Oct 87, Dec 87, Jan 88, Mar 88, May 88, Jun 88, 5
Aug88. 8 Used copies good condition each

Pabular Magico Magazine, 2002 First four volumes in two books, fine condition 60

Seance Scott Davis Nos 2,10,11,12. Quarterly Magazine devoted to Spirit Magic 5

Sorcerer Magazine Martin Breese Issue 1 (one copy), Issues 2,3,6,7,8,10 2

Spellbinder Magazine Stephen Tucker Individual issues 3, 4,7,8 Ring Bound, New 1 each
Spell-Binder Special Stephen Tucker Special Issue 3 ((Not included in the Bound volumes) . A4 10
Issues size, dramatically illustrated covers.
Stars of Magic Adam Fleischer; George New Stars of Magic: 3
Starke (1945) Volume 2 no 1 Paul Harris the Immaculate Connection
(1983 Tannen)

Talisman International Magic Inc 1970- Loose, Very good condition 2

Vol 1 Nos 14-52 Each
Vol 2 Nos 1-23
Wizard Armstrong, George The first 4 volumes of The Wizard 1947 to 1951. Original 60
copies roughly bound in three hard backed volumes. Well
used with markings and some cut-outs especially from title
pages in Vol 4. A great historic resource for those that do
not get on with the digital version., Fair, Hardcover

Wizard Modern (Modern Armstrong, George 1947 - Individual Volumes in good or fair condition. 1
magic Monthly) Vol I: 4, 6,7,8,10 Each
Vol II: 1, 13-24
Vol III: 25-28, 30-35
Vol V: 51,58,59
Vol VI: 62, 67,72,
Vol VII 81
Vol VIII 85,90-92,94,95

COLLECTABLE EFFECTS One-Off, Antique, old or used

Water and canary cage effect:
I am not sure of the proper name or provenance of this so would love to know if anyone can identify it. A large tube (39cm high, 18cm diameter) can be
filled with a couple of litres of liquid or sand and the lid replaced. Lift the tube to reveal a pair of nested bird cages. Its condition is pretty good. The
sliding mechanisms not that smooth but could be improved with some tender loving care.
I would love to here from you if you can identify this or indeed if you would like to make an offer.
Demon Silks Collection of Six Demon Silks, all in good condition with 15
no stains or tears. each

Sundry Silks A collection of used and as new Magicians silks: two 15 for
round black, three ribbons, one yellow and two white all
vernon tying silks

Eric Masons Silver Retriever Beautifully engineered gimmick is essentially a silver bill 50
tube with an elastic pull that allows you to disappear a lit
cigarette (or similar shaped object) for it to reappear
inside the tube that a member of the audience
Vintage Brass Hold out Highly collectable excellent condition. Florentin type, 200
possible Martin. No markings and provenance

Jumbo Wild Card Plus - Kanes Wild Card in Jumbo Cards complete with cards and 20
Supreme described by Lewis Ganson in 16 page booklet with photos and
routines from Edwin and Bob Gill. Released by Supreme Magic
Antique metal puzzles. Pair of linking keys and two sets of three interlocking snakes 25

Die-Cipher from Chazpro This Original Die-Cipher is an improved version of the mental 20
Die. Lovely solid brass die in canister with routines from Paul
Diamond, Lee Fried and Dan Skaggs. Used from 1994

Linking Rings From around the 1970s, maker unknown. Includes key ring, two 35
single rings, set of three linked. Some slight tarnishing,.

The Magic Box E&S Magic Small Marked coin or ring can be pocketed and immediately 10
produced inside a sealed bag in a sealed box in another box.
Vintage card board ropey condition but in original box with

Bill Nagler variation on Larry Instructions and cards provided 6

Wests Symphony
Werrys Pen Station New ESP effect still in sealed plastic container 6

Chinese Coin Colour Change Single coin colour change and examinable as new with 20
Peter Kanes Gypsy Curse Vintage Cards and copied instructions - used 10
Emerson & West
Walkers Hyper-test -Jon Paul Diamond Presents series. All cards turn into the 4 of 10
Racherbaumer clubs. Cards plus 10 page instruction booklet

Mark Elsdon Over the edge A really neat floating deck effect. Gimmicked cards and 10
instructions near new
Its in the Tip Paul Diamond Brass coloured poker chip effect used 8
Set of 6 tricks from the Demon Vintage in original boxes, used and new, most with 80
Series of Modern Magical instructions and boxes a bit faded and battered: Razor Blade
Mysteries trick, Coin Ring, Drawer Box, Baffler Box, Grandmothers
Beads, Demon Cocktail Cards,

Groovy Tubes Mystic magic One of 4 small solid brass rods is placed in a larger tube and 15
the magician just knows which one it is.

Close Encounter Allen Swift ESP Magic Square effect with leather wallet and full 10

Optical Wallet Clever gimmicked wallet and two cards 10

Crikey, Eric Mason Used but fine with magnet and 4 keys. 20
Any Time Parx magic Neat prediction effect. Used 5

The Ghost Key, Bob Solari Make the key bend etc 10

Unknown Decorative square wooden (ebony?) tube about 5 long in 3 15

sections plus gimmicked coin
Anverdi Colour Match Complete with Instructions. Used, but nice bright condition 300
with just a few marks here and there. One of the (non-
gimmicked) pens is damaged, but useable - pens can be
readily replaced.

Anverdi Balloon Burster Also in lovely condition, but no instructions. All the images I 300
have seen of this effect are in red Perspex. So this black
Perspex one must be even more rare!

Electric Spider Pen New. Battery driven reel in a real pen. Unopened in package. 35
With spare Spider Thread and spare 8 battery pack (though I
dont guarantee the batteries unopened but some look a bit
past it)

Bending Glass effect Nicely made in oak frame with glass sheet. 34cm*16cm. Hide 100
it under a paper or scarf and bend the frame and put a knife 60
through the centre and then show as a solid glass frame.

Steve Shufton Ultimate Floating Match 10

Unused, but packaging opened
Matchbox and Matchbook versions
Harry Baron Used, old 10
Double Your Money A variation of the Paddle trick with original instructions

Steve Dushecks Wunderbar Seems to be as new with original instructions 10

Kozuch Impossible 1 to 52 As New, unopened 15

Hofzinsers Carte Blance Paul As new. With photos that allow card to be revealed 20

Rice Bowls - Antique Antique/old - in brass with painted black lacquer and with a 100
Klisson hallmark

Misers Delight Pro This seems to be new and unused and isnt branded. Comes 90
with circuit board, two frosted bags, stands and instructions

DVDs and Sound


Rene Lavand - Close up Used 5

Artistry Vol 1

The Magic of Tenkai Produced by magic City 5

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