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TEAM14, Digital Concept Development, Semester 1, Project 1, Group13

Project title - Insight Report

Andra Salcudean Miroslav Foltyn

Im a creative designer with a keen interest in Creative and structured.

UX design. Brainstorming is my favorite part in
the creative thinking process. Wouldnt work E-mail: miro.foltyn@gmail.com
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Cristina Muntean Niels Posborg Klevin

I am an optimizer who strives to create great
Analytical, organized and detailed oriented, design based solutions. I have interests within
I applied my skills in the past 4 years in an in E-commerce, UX, design and drinking
advertising agency as a web architect. coffee.

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Michaela Bartkova

Detail oriented, creative, practical.I like to

work with ideas and build solutions upon
them. I love coffee and cakes, especially
during working on a project. :)

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Appendix 1 - Interview transcript  12
Appendix 2 - Interview transcript  16


Atea Future Growth is a department of the Danish IT and involves regular data collection, accurate observations and is
infrastructure company ATEA. Their areas of expertise are very time and money consuming for all parties involved (Patients,
divided into four groups - Retail, Education, Smart Cities and Health Care system, Relatives). Yet every disease has a particular
Healthcare. Within all of these areas, their central focus is specification for which patients often will have to adjust their
on the user - the person who is affected by all the intelligent lifestyles and daily habits.
technologies developed to improve his/her life.
These aspects raised the question about whether or not there
Natasha Friis Saxberg from ATEA presented a challenge was one specific disease and keeping this in mind we gather
regarding patients suffering from chronical diseases. Based several reasons why should we look more into MS - Multiple
on the companys former encounters, the focus was set upon Sclerosis, which is a nerve disease that affects young and
improving the quality of patients living with chronic diseases, and middle-aged, and over time often results in loss of nerve system
furthermore decreasing the costs of treatments while enforcing functions with disabilities and severe social and personal loss.
the connection between patients and clinical personnel. ATEA is The number of patients suffering from MS is growing rapidly -
additionally looking for a way to get the relatives of the patients approximately 400 every year in Denmark and the total number
more involved, as well as to deal with the problem of loneliness of registered patients goes up to 13,0002. This disease can
and withdrawal. They would also like to contribute to a potential develop to the point that it becomes a disability and in this
prevention of the chronical diseases. sense we can significantly improve the patients life quality.
Another factor that we had in mind when choosing to work with
In order to obtain a clearer overview on the matter of MS was the short life expectancy, which shortens down to an
chronic diseases, we did some research and found out that average of 10 years from the moment of contacting the disease.
approximately 1,7 million of Denmarks population suffer from a We feel that this diseases has been overlooked by society and
chronic disease1. there is room for improvement on public awareness and the
process of how this disease is managed.
All chronic diseases are generally specified as a long term
condition which cannot be prevented by vaccines or medication,

1 http://www.danskepatienter.dk/tema/forebyggelse-og-motion 2 https://www.sundhed.dk/content/cms/93/4693_sclerosebehandlings-
registret_kommenteret%C3%A5rsrapport2015_version6_offentlig.pdf - page
48 - published in February 2016
ATEA Future Growth wants to improve the life of patients with
chronical diseases, by implementing intelligent technology.

How can we improve the life quality of the
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients using digital
solutions in terms of saving time and money?

What defines an MS patient?

What are the daily struggles?
What tools or services can we use to help the
How could the implementation of these solutions
be financially and timewise effective?

For this specific project there are no practical constraints as We suspect that an influential factor in the triggering of Multiple
the client gave us free hands on developing a good intelligent Sclerosis is stress and an untidy lifestyle. We would like to
solution. gain insight in the connection between these factors and the
triggering, and explore how we through a digital concept can
help prevent the disease from getting worse.
DELIMITATION Furthermore we would like to investigate whether or not the
public is well-educated and has useful knowledge regarding
After research we decided to go with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Multiple Sclerosis, and how that knowledge can be used both
because we found out that the number of patients is increasing
for patients with the disease, but also preventively for newly
yearly and the society overlooks this matter.
diagnosed patients.

As part of our analysis section we used several research in order to check up upon our findings and also add data to our
methods in order to get the best insight on MS patients. For this information pool, which is later on used to develop a solution
particular assignment we decided to use the following methods, that will actually help MS patients.
desktop research, field visit, and interviews to gain insight into
MS. Through the desktop research we gathered insights and To really get under the skin of an MS patient, we used the
information, like the number of actual sufferers and the course method of interviewing. By using this method we gained
of the disease.1 Through the desktop research we encountered indispensable information, not only about their lives but also
several informants with expertise within MS, and one of them their needs and the psychology behind the disease. Here we
agreed to do an interview and a field visit. Additinally, we had discovered, according to Natashja, that depression is very much
the opportunity to interview a physiotherapist with expertise linked to MS, as a huge part of the patients also suffer from
within the area, 2 interviews which have been a big help in the depression, and the fact that one of the biggest struggles when
writing of this report. suffering from MS, is the process of everyday planning. (See
Appendix 1)

We were given the opportunity of doing a field visit to a patients To get another perspective of MS and what the patients
house and observing her over the timespan of 5 hours. It was a are dealing with, we were lucky to get an interview from an
Natural Observation, and in the patients natural environment. experienced physiotherapists within rehabilitation of MS patients.
The patients condition is not influencing functioning of her He quickly confirmed our theory and the information giving to
muscles so she has no difficulties in moving around as well as us by Natashja, regarding the problems of remembering and
using technology such as smartphone, computer or iPad. What planning ahead. He states that one of the most common issues
we could observe was that she was struggling with multitasking. is that the patients are hit cognitive, and that he often has to
She would always finish one thing first and then started to do remind the patients of the exercises they did the last time.
another thing. Very often had to take a short break from her Furthermore he independently described the issues within the
daily tasks, such as sitting down for a couple minutes as she was patients fatigue, and that training of cardio is important for them
getting tired and exhausted. Also she showed us her schedule, just to get through a day without being tired and exhausted all
which was written by hand as a brief calendar. She told us in the the time. (see Appendix 2).
interview later on (see Appendix 1), that this would help her to
discover what her condition is allowing her to do, in terms of not
triggering any spasms or affecting her overall welfare. At the end
of this session the patient agreed on answering a few question

1 http://www.healthline.com/health/multiple-sclerosis/ms-vs-als#Prog-
After gathering data through the initial research methods, more Another thing that was worth looking into, was the patients
doubt and questions occurred. Through the interview and constant fear of being struck by muscles contractions and
observation of the MS patient, Natashja, one thing that really spasms. Even though she only had experienced 2 spasm attacks
struck, was, as mentioned above, the fact that over 50 % of within her 8 years of suffering from MS, it was still a constant
patients suffering fra MS also suffered from depression. Studies anxiety of another attack. We discovered that spasms can
show that 21 % of patients suffering from diabetes was also actually be predicted and somewhat managed, by it demands a
in some way or another was suffering from emotional distress, constant measuring of vitals, such as blood pressure, pulse and
and 15 % was suffering from an actual depression2. Could it muscle contraction etc.
really be true that MS patients was just simply more affected by
depression, than any other disease? By processing the collected Through the second desktop research we were able to verify
data from Natashja, we performed a second desktop research the information given by Natashja, that depression is very
through various reports, press articles and previous studies. It much connected to MS - a fact that was surprising for all of us.
was soon very clear that depression indeed is connected with Furthermore we discovered that MS patients is actually twice
MS. An articles states the following; more likely to commit suicide than the rest of the population,
especially within the first 5 years after the diagnosis. A tendency
There is a higher occurrence of depression in people suffering that, according to experts, is not likely to improve anytime soon.5
with MS, where psychological factors like existential crisis
and frustration over the diagnosis and symptoms has big Furthermore, we looked into the social awareness in regards
significance.3 of MS as a disease, and we discovered that since the condition
has very individual reactions in every particular case (symptoms
can vary from person to person), misconceptions exist among
Another article continues; the newly diagnosed patients. There is a closed community that
helps diagnosed MS patients6, but currently there is no active
There is also research that suggests that if MS hits in certain campaigns.
parts of the brain, there is a greater risk of developing

2 http://www.b.dk/nationalt/kronisk-syge-gaar-ned-med-stress-og-de- 5 http://www.si-folkesundhed.dk/Ugens%20tal%20for%20folkesund-
pression hed/Ugens%20tal/Uge_45_2005.aspx
3 https://scleroseforeningen.dk/netraadgivningen/depression-ved-ms 6 http://www.worldmsday.org/news/mayms-month-in-denmark/
4 https://scleroseforeningen.dk/netraadgivningen/sclerose-og-depres-

The outcome of our analysis led us to understand the real Implementing solution on other chronic diseases
struggle MS patients are going through. Results are showing that Firstly, as the goal of our client was to help patients with chronic
MS patients might be able to manage the disease better if they diseases, we were focusing on patients with the diagnosis of
would have some support on planning their days. Our research multiple sclerosis. In the future our plan is to adapt the solution
has also shown that stress is a very bad influencer of MS, as well so it could be used by patients with different diagnoses of
as patients of MS are likely to commit suicide within the first five chronic diseases, sharing common characteristics. For instance,
years of their diagnosis. patients suffering of Alzheimer are also in need of monitoring
and planning, and could be helped by a digital solution.
Tackling the problem, we agreed that a digital solution could
improve the overall struggle in terms of task management, but
doing this we need to focus on the patients who are not severely Campaign to raise awareness among Multiple Sclerosis
disabled and still able to complete actions on their own without Secondly, our research has led us to the information that society
any help from a social support. As an example we shortly spoke is not well educated about the disease. As Natashja mentioned
to Jens, an MS patient who was paralyzed from the neck and in the interview, when the symptoms appeared the first time, it
down, and is in constantly need of aid. It would be somewhat was very stressful for a longer period of time, until she gathered
impossible to develop a solution for a patient with such severe enough information, as she did not know what to expect and
symptoms. kept imagining the worst outcome.
Considering this information, raising awareness among
Additionally the nonstop fear of spasm attacks MS patients people could lead to reducement of stress and contribute to
experience, is possible to predict and work upon. A digital improvement of the treatment during the first stages.
solution constantly monitoring the patients, can be helpful in
making the patients feel more safe and protected from more

kommenteret%C3%A5rsrapport2015_version6_offentlig.pdf - page 48 - published in February 2016


Appendix 1 - Interview transcript different parts of the body. At some point I
couldnt see with my left eye.

Q: Are there any things in particular you have

trouble with after the disease?
Name - Natashja
A: Yes, in general I am more tired, its harder
Age - 43
to focus in longer time - thats why I have
Occupation - Communication consultant (part-
smaller projects at work. But because my brain
time) was affected, I was taking these cognitive tests
and you could see that I was getting more and
more tired. But the last year it was slowing down
Q: How did it start, when did you find out ? as I am on a new medication, which is really good
and it helps.
A: I just woke up one morning, I was trying to
speak and my voice sounded very strange - like I
had a potato in my mouth. Half of my face felt Q: About the medication - in what form are you
numb and the power in my muscles on the left side taking it? Is it pills only or?
of the face felt drained out. Then I went to the
hospital, doctors first thought its some brain A: The one I am taking now are pills, every
damage - clot. I was examined, but nothing was morning and evening. Before I was taking
negative on that part. Then after couple of days injections every second day.
later they found out, that I have MS. This was 8
years ago. Q: Was somebody helping you with the injections?
Q: Can some of your actions trigger the effects of A: You have to go to the hospital and learn
the MS? If so, can you foresee it? it, then do it yourself at home. It was quite
difficult in the beginning, as I had to do it
A: Yeah, stress is not good, thats also I work myself, it was a huge transformation.
only part-time, because I get tired very fast as
well. Q: How many doctors are you visiting, do you have
a specific doctor assigned to yourself?
Q: Does it affect your physical performance?
A: I am going to the same place every third
A: Sometimes it does, sometimes I have this month, to get my medication, which is prescribed
feeling of numbness in my legs or arms, but by a nurse, then I am having a doctor visits
its small, minor stuff. It varies, it can affect every half a year.

Q: Is there any option for you to order this Q: Do you have any caretaker?
medication online? Or even have it delivered to
your house? A: I dont, but Jens, my good friend, whos whole
body is paralysed has.
A: Not really, I have to pick the medication
myself, its around a half an hour drive. But it Q: Do you know how they communicate?
would definitely be helpful and easier if it could
be delivered to my home. A: They come to his house. Every morning the
caretaker is coming to help him to take a bath,
Q: There is a big difference how this disease is dress-up. There is also another person driving
affecting people, could you us give some examples him around, helping him eat etc.
how it differs?
Q: Is this help provided by the Kommune?
A: My really good friend Jens is paralysed from
his neck to the bottom. He is lucky that his A: Yes, it is.
brain is not affected, he is really sharp, he can
talk and everything, but his body is not really Q: How do you think it affects Jens and his wife
functional. It could get even worse, when both relationship? Do you think this affects their
your brain and body is affected, basically you are connection.or do you feel yourself it influences
just sitting on the spot and thats it. your relationship with your relatives?

Q: Is there anything in common that all the A: I think for Jens it definitely affects because
people with this disease are struggling with, his whole sexual life is gone. So they have
that could somehow improve your daily life ? to find other ways to be intimate. I was just
divorced when I got MS so of course when I
started dating I was like when am I gonna tell
A: I think the hard part about MS is that it this. I think in my situation is more like
affects people so differently. In the beginning I scheduling my life really well, divide the days -
had this digital program called Spirit. About not doing as much, trying to keep my energy.
50% of people with MS have depressions,so this
program makes you feel more positive with small Q: Do you need to manage your time very strictly?
exercises, I found it very helpful as I was
thinking about my future, what is going to happen A: Yes, day by day. Not by minute, but yes.
to me and things like that. This made me feel Q: Are you using any tool to schedule it?
better. There is also the fear of getting another
attack of spasms. I have only had 2 attacks, but
i am dreading the day i will get another one - i
think about i every day.
person. Meet in local forums once in a month. In
A: On my behalf.. well, I think I am good at the beginning I tried to go to one and people
structuring and planning, but I think something were..I thought it was really hard and then all
like that would be a helpful tool for some the people were really sick. So it was really
people. And maybe monitoring, like when you have scary, so I was like okay I am not going there
this weekly plan and you do stuff my body is and then a year later..Okay Ill try again.
reacting, start feeling tired, or getting spasms Because it is so different how sick you are - how
than you could mark that in your calendar..this much you are affected. Tomorrow I maybe get attack
activity made me tiredmaybe over time (because which will affect my body working worse so it is..
you know I did it with my hands) i could see if well some people decide not to attend this groups
im going out friday, saturday and have to do because it is too much..
something sunday thats too much..so then i have
to decide do I go out friday or saturday Q: Do patients also have pain?
stuff like that..at the beginning I was working
full time and then I had to stop because I got A: Some of them do, but I dont. I am lucky but
so tired at work..i had to start monitoring what some people do, some people feel like their feet
time of a day I get tired and if it helps if a are burning, feel like some parts of body are on
take a break and all that stuff and i did it all fire,or total opposite its cold and stiff and
by hand just by writing down Jens is struggling a lot with spasms..He gets
other medication to control that and also when
Q: Do you know if there is some tool already for you are this handicapped your muscles get affected
MS patients? too..its not MS but it is side effect of sitting
still and only stretched half an hour a day.
A: I dont think there is specific MS tool
Q: How is your perceptions of societys view on
MS? Are they educated and should they know more
Q: How much people affected with MS are in touch about it?
together? Is there some forums where you can get
in touch with some people and share problems. A: Yea I think because its is only 14 500 ,
its not like cancer - everyone knows cancer,
A: Yes, there is a lot on facebook there is when I got MS myself I was like what is MS. You
different groups and you could also meet up in have heard the term but I was imagining this

wheel cheer..So I think it is important that
society gets educated, there is people like me
walking and dancing and there is people really
physically affected so is like you cant see that
i am actually blind on one eye and that my brain
is affected..and it would be good if people knew
a little bit more. I think it is getting better
though, the awareness..it also with this TV show
Danish - one character has MS, so i think it is
getting better.

Q: What do you think?

A: Planning and psychological stuff.should be

implemented. One of the problems I see is that
people who are helping people with MS..they dont
always actually know a lot about MS..so awareness
between social workers would be important as
well. It is really related to..how many..mm when
I got the disease ..and my dad is a doctor it
was helpful because you cannot push what kind of
medication is thereand my mom is a social worker
so she could help with the process..also helped
...but if you dont have good caretakers it can
get really tough.

Appendix 2 - Interview transcript them can get free physiotherapy. So the state
pays for them.

Name - Theis Buhl Q: If you were to highlight the biggest chal-

Age - 24 lenges for the patients, what would be?
Occupation - Physiotherapist

A: Its important to remember that MS hits

Q: Can you briefly tell me in which extent you very individually, and no two people will be
have been working with patients of MS? affected equally.
Often I think, however, that balance problems
A: I have had a patients suffering of Multi- recur. Many are also hit in the legs, and
ple Sclerosis and also a few suffering of Amy- lose some strength during an attack. Fatigue
otrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), both indi- is also often an issue, which usually derives
vidually and team training, which consist of from the loss of strength after an attack.
primarily strength and cardio training. Demyelination of the nerves is making them
less mobile, and that has so big an impact of
their functioning.
Q: How is the training? And what are the most
important things to train for? I have also had a few, who have been hit on
the memory. Those I met could remember things
A: Training for MS patients is very individ- like the totality of something or agreements
ual. It often depends on where an attack has and such, but the details of what they had
hit and how violently it has been. General- talked about could sometimes be lost. For
ly, strength training and cardio training is example, they could not always remember what
really good for the patient. It can be both exercises we had done last, but when we got
heavy strength training with weights and ma- started they remembered it again.
chines, or for example circuit training with
lighter weights or body weight. In some cas-
es, the training of mobility may also be nec-

One can say that many MS patients are in a

fortunate position because a large part of