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ABC Textile owned by Mr. Enrique entered into a contract of sale with Mrs. Soberano for the sale
of 200 rolls of white satin cloth worth PHP 25,000.00 for each roll. The contract was signed on 30 March
2016 and the parties have agreed thereon that the price will be paid simultaneous to the delivery on 01
May 2016.

On 01 May 2016, the goods were delivered to the warehouse of Mrs. Soberano by Mr. Enrique.
Mrs. Soberano issued a check in the name of Mr. Enrique in the amount of Five Million Pesos (PHP

The next day, Mr. Enrique went to the bank to encash the check but the bank dishonored the
same as it was drawn against insufficient funds. Mr. Enrique then went to the office of Mrs. Soberano to
tell her about the issue. Mrs. Soberano then issued another check from her other bank account and
assured Mr. Enrique that the account has sufficient funds to pay for her obligation.

Mr. Enrique then went to the said bank but the bank refused to encash the same because Mrs.
Soberano ordered them to stop payment. Furious, Mr. Enrique called Mrs. Soberano and asked why she
ordered to stop the payment. Mrs. Soberano told him that 50 rolls of the white satin cloth had stains in
them and are rendered unusable.

Mr. Enrique (or Mrs. Soberano) hired you as a law firm and asked you to render a legal opinion
based on the facts given above, discussing what legal remedies are available to him/her.


1. Organize yourselves into groups with each group consisting at least 5 members
2. Write a LEGAL OPINION (You can look for a sample in the internet) and choose which side will you
take, Mr. Enrique or Mrs. Soberano.
3. Base your legal opinion on Chapter 6, Actions for Breach of Contract of Sale of Goods. (Article
1594 to 1599)
4. Have your output typewritten, letter-sized white paper, 1.5 spacing, font size 12. Place it in a
folder with a cover page indicating the members of your group
5. Deadline for submission: March 13, 2017. Please text me 09177004687 if you are ready to submit.