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Subject and object questions

3 Correct the mistakes in the sentences.
Subject questions
1 What did happen last night?
When who or what is the subject of the question,
we use the affirmative form of the verb. 2 What did she saw?
Who gave you the money?
3 Why she did scream?
Object questions
When who or what is the object of the question, 4 Who the painting stole?
we use the interrogative form of the verb.
What did Mark give you for your birthday? 5 Who did the house break into?

1 Are the questions subject or object 6 Who did she telephoned?
7 What the police do?
Who wrote this song? subject
What did she write? object 8 Who the crime committed?
1 What did he hear?
2 Who shouted for help? 4 Write questions. Use the past simple.
3 What did Kate say?
4 Who did you meet? Who / see / the robbery ?
5 Who saw him shoplifting? Who saw the robbery?
6 What made that noise? What / the man / do next ?
What did the man do next?
2 Make questions with Who or What.
1 What / you / have / for lunch yesterday ?
Someone was singing in the street.
Who was singing in the street? 2 Who / Jack / invite / to his party ?
1 The detective forgot something.
What 3 Who / tell / the police / about the incident ?
2 Something has been stolen.
What 4 Who / Sally / talk to / at the caf last night ?

3 Someone won the lottery this weekend.
Who 5 What / make / you / change your mind ?

4 Sue wants something special for her birthday.
6 What / happen / after we left ?

5 The police arrested someone. 7 Why / Paul / want / to go home early ?
6 Someone is talking to Clare.
7 She was making something to eat.
8 Someone telephoned you yesterday.