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1 FUNDAMENTAL APPROACH Regression and Correlation Multivariate Regression and Correlation

Time Series Analysis Index Numbers Interpolation and Extrapolation
TO DISCRETE Elementary Decision Theory Statistical Quality Control Statistical
MATHEMATICS Organisation in India Business Forecasting Vital Statistics Appendix
A: Mathematics for Statistics Appendix B: Statistical Tables Answers
Second Edition to Numerical Problems.
D.P. Acharjya, Assistant Professor of Suitable forC.A.PE-I, I.C.W.A. (Inter), M.B.A., Applied and
Computer Applications, Vellore Institute of Professional Course, Arts and Commerce students.
Technology, Vellore
Sreekumar, Assistant Professor of Computer ISBN : 81-224-1814-7 Publication Year : 2006 Edition : Fourth
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 778 Price : 295.00 Paperback
Science, Rourkela Institute of Technology, Rourkela
Contents: Mathematicadl Logic Set Theory Binary Relation Princeton University Press. Originally Published in U.S.A.
Function Group Theory Ring Theory Boolean Algebra Introduction
to Lattices Graph Theory Tree.
ISBN : 81-224-1692-6 Publication Year : 2005 Edition : First TECHNIQUES IN FINANCE
Pages : 276 Price : 145.00 Paperback (Tools for Incomplete Markets)
Ales Ceany, Basic Statistes (Ath. Ed.)
Contents: The Simplest Model of Financial
Markets Arbitrage and Pricing in the One-
STATISTICS [Question Period Model Risk and Return in the One-
Answers] Period Model Numerical Techniques for
Revised Second Edition Optimal Portfolio Selection in Incomplete
B.L. Agarwal, Retd. Professor of Statistics, Markets Pricing in Dynamically Complete Markets Towards Continuous
Department of Statistics and Mathematics, Time Fast Fourier Transform Information Management Martingales
Rajasthan Agricultural University, Udaipur. and Change of Measure in Finance Brownian Motion and its Fourmulae
Contents: Statistics Classification, Continuous-Time Finance Dynamic Option Hedging and pricing in
Tabulation and Frequency Distribution Incomplete Markets.
Diagramatic and Graphical Representation
Measures of Central Tendency Measures of Dispersion, Skewness and ISBN : 81-224-1715-9 Publication Year : 2006 Edition : First
Pages : 398 Price : 295.00 Paperback Originally Price : $ 39.95
Kurtosis Elementary Probability Random Variable, Mathematical
Expectation and Probability Distributions Bivariate Random Variable STRANGE CURVES,
and Distributions Sampling Methods Theory of Estimation Testing
Parametric Hypotheses Nonparametric Statistical Methods Regression COUNTING RABBITS, AND
and Correlation Methods Measures of Association of Attributes OTHER MATHEMATICAL
Interpolation and Extrapolation Time Series Analysis Index Numbers EXPLORATIONS
Business Forecasting Statistical Techniques in Quality Control Vital Keith Ball
and Population Statistics Basic Experimental Designs.
Contents: Shannon's Free Lunch Counting
Dots Fermat's Little Theorem and Infinite
ISBN : 81-224-1458-3 Publication Year : 2003 Edition : Second Decimals Strange Curves Shared Birthdays,
Reprint : 2005 Pages : 656 Price : 275.00 Paperback Normal Bells Stirling Works Spare Change,
Pools of Blood Fibonacci's Rabbits Revisited
3 BASIC STATISTICS Chasing the Curve Rational and Irrational.

Revised Fourth Edition ISBN : 81-224-1878-3 Publication Year : 2006 Edition : First
Pages : 268 Price : 295.00 Hardbound Originally Price : $ 29.95
B.L. Agarwal, Retd. Professor and University
Head, Department of Statistics and
Mathematics, Rajasthan Agricultural University 6 THE MEANING OF
Contents : Status of Statistics RELATIVITY
Classification, Tabulation and Graphical Albert Einstein,
Representation Measures of Central Values
Contents: Introduction by Brian Greene A
Measures of Dispersion Elementary
Probability Random Variable and Probability Note on the Fifth Edition Space and Time in
Distributions Sampling and its Uses Some Pre-Relativity Physics The Theory of Special
Sampling Distributions Research Process Tests of Significance Chi- Relativity The General Theory of Relativity
Square and F-Test Nonparametric Tests Association of Attributes The General Theory of Relativity (Continued)
Appendix for the second Edition Appendix II.

Relativistic Theory of the Non-symmetric field 9 VOL. II

ISBN : 81-224-1817-1 Publication Year : 2006 Edition : First Contents : Indefinite Integral Integration
Pages : 300 Price : 95.00 Paperback by Simplification Integration by
Substitution Integration by Parts
7 TEXTBOOK OF Integration of a Fraction Integration of
ENGINEERING Algebric Irrational Functions Integration of
MATHEMATICS Higher Powers of the Trigonometric
Revised Second Edition Functions Integration of Some Special
Types of Functions Definite Integration
Debashis Datta, Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematics, National Institute Definite Integration Using the Method Indefinite Integration by
of Technology, Warangal Simplification Change of Variable in a Difinite Integral Definite
Contents: Infinite Series Solid Geometry Integrals of Functions through Integration by Parts Some General
Matrix Theory Differential Calculus Curve Properties of Definite Integral Definite Integrals Involving Mod
Tracing Integral CalculusPart A:
Functions Integration by Summation Summation of Series by
Applications of Single Integrals Part B: Multiple Integrals and Applications
Vector Calculus Complex Analysis Oridinary Differential Equations Integration Area Under a Curve.
Part A: Formation and First Order Linear Differential Equations Part B:
ISBN : 81-224-1529-6 Publication Year : 2005 Edition : First
Linear Differential Equations of Higher orders Fourier Series Partial
Pages : 704 Price : 275.00 Paperback
Differential Equations with AppqlicationsPart A: Partial Differential
Equations (PDE) Part B: Applications of PDE Power Series Solutions
of ODE and Special Functions Numerical MethodsPart A: Solution of 10 TENSORS AND THEIR
Algebraic and Transcendental Equations Part B: Solution of Linear
Simultaneous Equations Part C: Finite Differences and Interpolations
Part D: Numerical Differentiation and Integration Part E: Curve Fitting Nazrul Islam
by Method of Least Squares Part F: Numerical Solutions of Differential Contents: Preliminaries Tensor Algebra
Equations Part G: Dominant Eigen Value of a Matrix Statistical Methods Metric Tensor and Riemannian Metric
Integral TransformsPart A: Fourier Transforms Part B: Laplace
Transforms Difference Equations and z-TransformsPart A: Difference
Christoffel's Symbols and Covariant
Equations Part B: z-Transforms. Differentiation Riemann-Christoffel Tensor
The e-systems and the Generalized Kronecker
ISBN : 81-224-1689-6 Publication Year : 2006 Edition : Second Deltas Geometry Analytical Mechanics
Pages : 932 Price : 395.00 Paperback Curvature of a Curve, Geodesic Parallelism of Vectors Ricci's Coefficients
of Rotation and Congruence Hypersurfaces.
ISBN : 81-224-1807-4 Publication Year : 2006 Edition : First ISBN : 81-224-1838-4 Publication Year : 2006 Edition : First
Pages : 636 Price : 295.00 Paperback Pages : 252 Price : 145.00 Paperback


J.D. Ghosh, Reader, Deptt. of Mathematics, Second Edition
Tata College, Chaibara M.K. Jain, Retd. Professor, Deptt. of
A. Haque, Lecturer, Deptt. of Mathematics, Mathematics, IIT, Delhi
Kabir Memorial College, Jameshedpur S.R.K. Iyengar R.K. Jain, Department
Contents : Function Limit and Limit Points of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology,
Continuity of a Function Practical Methods New Delhi
of Finding the Limits Practical Methods of Continuity Limits Practical Contents:Transcendental and Polynomial Equations Linear Algebraic Equations
Methods of Continuity Test Derivative of a function Differentiability at and Eigenvalue Problems Interpolation and Approximation Differentiation and
a Point Rules of Differentiation Chain Rule for the Derivative Integration Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations Sample
Differentiation of Inverse Trigonometric Functions Differential Coefficient Programs in C
of Mod Functions Implicit Differentiation Logarithmic Differentiation
Successive Differentiation L Hospitals Rule Evaluation of Derivatives ISBN : 81-224-1534-2 Publication Year : 2004 Edition : Second
for Particular Arguments Derivative as Rate Measurer Approximations Reprint : 2005 Pages : 430 Price : 200.00 Paperback
Tangent and Normal to a Curve Rolles Theorem and Langranges Mean
Value Theorem Monotonocity of a Function Maxima and Minima.
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ISBN : 81-224-1524-5 Publication Year : 2004 Edition : First
Pages : 960 Price : 375.00 Paperback


2 Colour
Second Edition
Fifth Edition A.M. Natarajan, Principal of Kongu
Engineering College, Perundurai
M.K. Jain, Retd. Professor, Deptt. of Mathematics, IIT, Delhi
A. Tamilarasi, Assistant Professor, Department
S.R.K. Iyengar and R.K. Jain, of Computer Science & Engineering, Kongu
Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute Engineering College, Perundurai
of Technology, New Delhi
Contents: Probability Random Variable and Probability Distributions Two
Contents: High Speed Computation Transcendental and Polynomial
Dimensional Random Variables Random Processes Correlation Function and
Equations System of Linear Algebraic Equations and Eigenvalue Spectral Densities Markov Process Queueing Models Statistical Inference
Problems Interpolation and Approximation Differentiation and Design of Experiments and Quality Control Reliability Engineering.
Integration Ordinary Differential Equations: Intial Value Problems
Ordinary Differential Equations: Boundary Value Problems. ISBN : 81-224-1670-5 Publication Year : 2005 Edition : Second
Pages : 478 Price : 225.00 Paperback
ISBN : 81-224-2001-X Publication Year : 2007 Edition : Fifth
Pages : 816 Price : 350.00 Paperback PROBABILITY RANDOM
2 Colour
Edition Second Edition
Revised Second Edition A.M. Natarajan, Principal of Kongu
C.R. Kothari, Engineering College, Perundurai
Contents: Research Methodology: An A. Tamilarasi, Assistant Professor, Department
Introduction Defining the Research Problem of Computer Science & Engineering, Kongu
Research Design Sampling Design Engineering College, Perundurai.
Measurement and Scaling Techniques Contents: Probability Random Variables and probability Distributions Two-
Methods of Data Collection Processing Dimensional Random Variables Random Processes Correlation Function and
and Analysis of Data Sampling Fundamentals Testing of Hypotheses- Spectral Densities Markov Process Queueing Models Statistical Interface
I (Parametric or Standard Tests of Hypotheses) Chi-square Test Design of Experiements and Quality Control Reliability Engineering
Analysis of Variance and Covariance Testing of Hypotheses-II ISBN : 81-224-1681-0 Publication Year : 2004 Edition : Second
(Nonparametric or Distribution-free Tests) Multivariate Analysis Reprint : 2005 Pages : 550 Price : 245.00 Paperback
Techniques Interpretation and Report Writing The Computer: Its
Role in Research. 17 THEORY OF COMPUTATION
ISBN : 81-224-1522-9 Publication Year : 2004 Edition : Second
A.M. Natarajan, Principal of Kongu
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 844 Price : 325.00 Paperback Engineering College, Perundurai
A. Tamilarasi and P. Balasubramani,
14 Professor, Department of Computer Science &
STATISTICAL METHODS: An Engineering, Kongu Engineering College,
Introductory Text Perundurai
J. Medhi, Guwahati University, Guwahati Contents: Regular Languages and Finite
Contents : Descriptive Statistics Automata Context Free Languages Pushdown
Automation Turing Machine Undecidability
Introduction Collection of Data
Closure Properties of Regular Sets and Context Free Languages.
Presentation and Classification of Data
Measures of Location and Dispersion Index ISBN : 81-224-1473-7 Publication Year : 2003 Edition : First
Numbers Probability and Mathematical Reprint : 2006 Pages : 428 Price : 195.00 Paperback
Statistics: Elements of Probability Theory
Random Variable and Probability Distribution Elements of Sampling
Theory Correlation and Regression Statistical Inference Further Revised Third Edition
Tests of Significance Special Topics Applied Statistics Time Series G. S. Rao, Head, Department of Mathematics,
Analysis Demography Samples Survey. NOVA College of Engineering & Technology.
Contents: Errors Solution of Algebraic and
ISBN : 81-224-1957-7 Publication Year : 2006 Edition : Second
Transcendental Equations Finite Differences
Pages : 452 Price : 225.00 Paperback
Interpolation with Equal Intervals
NO COMPLIMENTARY COPIES PLEASE Interpolation with Unequal Intervals
Central Difference Interpolation Formulae

Inverse Interpolation Numerical Differentiation Numerical Integration Bill Discounting Stocks and Shares
Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations Solution of Linear Programming Limits and Continuity Differential Calculus Integral
Linear Equations Curve Fitting Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors of a Calculus Application of Calculus in Business Examination Corners.
Matrix Regression Analysis.
ISBN : 81-224-1754-X Public.ation Year : 2006 Edition : First
ISBN : 81-224-1834-1 Publication Year : 2006 Edition : Third Pages : 490 Price : 195.00 Paperback
Pages : 338 Price : 160.00 Paperback
C. Vasudev, Department of Mathematics, The
Revised Second Edition Oxford Institutions, Bangalore
Dr. H.S.G. Rao, Ph.D., Professor and HOD, Contents: Introduction to Graph Theory
Deptt. of Mathematis and Research Centre in Planar Graphs Tree Optimization and
Computational Mathematics. Matching Matriods and Transversal Theory
Contents: Analytical Geometry in Three Enumeration and Groups Coverings,
Dimensions Differential Calculus Integral Partitions and Factorization Digraphs.
Calculus Differential Equation.
ISBN : 81-224-1737-X Publication Year : 2006 Edition : First
ISBN : 81-224-1888-0 Publication Year : 2006 Edition : Second Pages : 490 Price : 225.00 Paperback
Pages : 654 Price : 295.00 Paperback


C. Vasudev, Department of Mathematics,
Oxford Institutions, Bangalore
Contents : Fundamental Principles of Geetha S. Rao, Editor, Ramanujan Institute
Counting The Principles of Inclusion and for Advanced Study in Mathematics, University
Exclusion Generating Functions Recurrence of Madras
Relations Group Theory. Contents: Wavelets and Partial Differential
Equations of Fluid Flow Wavelets as Tools
for Approximation Techniques Recons-
ISBN : 81-224-1705-1 Publication Year : 2005 Edition : First
Pages : 304 Price : 160.00 Paperback truction of Functions from Irregular Sampling Weyl-
Heisenberg Frames The Bessel Wavelet Transform Bernstein Bezier
21 ComprehensiveTM BASIC Representation of Polynomials From Wavelets to Filter Banks Fault
MATHEMATICS (VOLUME-2) Diagnostic in Power Transformer Using Wavelet Technique Role of
G. R. Veena, Department of Mathematics, Wavelets in Electrical Engineering Grid Free Method for Poisson Equation.
Surana College of Arts, Science, Commerce
ISBN : 81-224-1515-6 Publication Year : 2004 Edition : First
and Managment, Bangalore
Pages : 176 Price : 295.00 Hardbound
Contents: Mathematical Logic Permutation
and Combination Probability Binomial
Theorem Partial Fractions Matrices &
Determinants Ratio and Proportions, Variations HYPOTHESIS TESTING
Averages Bill Discounting Stocks and Shares
Moti L. Tiku, Deptt. of Mathematics and
Learning Curve Linear Programming Circles Parabola Limits and
Statistics, McMaster University, Canada
Continuity Differential Calculus Application of Derivatives Integration
Definite Integrals Application of Calculus in Business Examination Corner.
Aysen D. Akkaya, Deptt. of Statistics,
METU Ankara, Turkey
ISBN : 81-224-1684-5 Publication Year : 2005 Edition : First Contents: Robustness of Some Classical
Pages : 576 Price : 245.00 Paperback Estimators and Tests Estimation of Location
and Scale Parameters Linear Regression with
22 ComprehensiveTM BUSINESS Normal and Non-normal Error Distributions Binary Regression with
MATHEMATICS Logistic and Nonlogistic Density Functions Autoregressive Models in
G. R. Veena, Department of Mathematics, Normal and Non-normal Situations Analysis of Variance in Experimental
Surana College of Arts, Science, Commerce Design Censored Samples from Normal and Non-normal Distributions
and Managment, Bangalore Robustness of Estimators in Tests Goodness-of-Fit and Detection of
Contents: Numbers, HCF and LCM Equations Outliers Estimation in Sample Survey Applications
Progression Matrices and Determinants
ISBN : 81-224-1556-3 Publication Year : 2004 Edition : First
Permutation & Combination Ratio and Pages : 372 Price : 450.00 Hardbound
Proportions Percentage Interest Annuities


OF MONETARY POLICY An Introductory Textbook
M. Wood Ford, Revised Third Edition
Contents: The Return of Monetary Rules B.R. Bhat, Department of Statistics, Bangalore
Price-Level Determination under Interest- University, Karnataka
Rate Rules Optimizing Models with Contents: Introduction Sets and Classes
Nominal Rigidities A Neo-Wickselliam of Events Random Variables Probability
Framework for the Analysis of Monetary Space Distribution Functions Expectation
Policy Dynamics of the Response to Monetary Policy Inflation and Moments Convergence of Random Variables Characteristic
Stabilization and Welfare Gains from Commitment to a Policy Rule Functions Convergence of Distribution Functions Independence
Optimal Monetary Policy Rules. Laws of Large Numbers Central Limit Theorem Conditioning Finite
Markov Chain Appendix A: Caratheodory Extension Theorem Appendix
ISBN : 81-224-1718-3 Publication Year : 2006 Edition : First B: Jordan-Hahn Decomposition Theorm Appendix C: Lebesgue
Pages : 804 Price : 795 Hardbound Decompostion Theorm.
ISBN : 81-224-1189-4 Publication Year : 1999 Edition : Third
27 Reprint : 2005 Pages : 344 Price : 200.00 Paperback
lkaf[;dh; fof/k;k vkSj
ch-,y- vxzoky] foHkkxk/;{k] lkaf[;dh ,oa xf.kr ALGEBRA
foHkkx] jktLFkku ,xzhdypj fo'ofo|ky; P.B. Bhattacharya, University of Delhi, Delhi
S.K. Jain, Ohio University
fo"k; lwph% lkaf[;dh dk ifjp; ckjackjrk vkSj
S.R. Nagpaul, St. Stephns College, Delhi
U;kl dk fu#ij.k ds U nz h ; iz o ` f r ds eki
Contents: Preliminary Concepts Matrices
vifjd.k&eki izkjafHkd izkf;drk fl)kar vlarr Rank of a Matrix Determinant of a Matrix
izkf;drk caVu larr izkf;drk caVu izfrp;u fl)kar lkaf[;dh; ifjdYiuk Vector Spaces Linear Mapping and
Matrices Reduction of Matrices to
ijh{k.k vizkpfyd ijh{k.k vkdyu fl)kar vkSj vf/kdre laHkkfork vuqikr Canonical Forms Matrix Functions Metric Vector Spaces Multilinear
ijh{k.k jSf[kd lekJ;.k lglac/a k varos'Z ku vkSj cfgos'Z ku cgqpj caVu vkSj Products Generalized Inverses.
ijh{k.k dky Js.kh fo'ys"k.k lwpdkad ekSfyd fu.kZ; fl)kar izlj.k fo'ys"k.k ISBN : 0-85226-062-8 Publication Year : 1983 Edition : First
ekx dh ykspA Reprint : 2003 Pages : 292 Price : 150.00 Paperback

ISBN : 81-224-1561-X Publication Year : 2004 Edition : First

Pages : 540 Price : 225.00 Paperback 31 ELEMENTS OF ORDINARY
Second Edition
28 VECTOR ANALYSIS WITH A. Chakrabarti, Department of Mathematics,
APPLICATIONS Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Revised Third Edition Contents: Basic Definitions and Properties
Md. Ali Ashraf A.K. Hazra, Department SpecialMethods of Solution of Ordinary
of Mathematics, Bangladesh University of Differential Equations Series Solution Near
Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, an Ordinary Point: Hermite Functions Series Solution Near a Regular
Bangladesh Singular Point The Legendre Functions The Laguerre Function The
Contents: Definitions, Addition and Bessel Functions The Existence and Uniqueness Theory for Ordinary
Multiplication by Scalars Product of Vectors Differential EquationsA Brief Discussion Eigenvalue ProblemsA
Vectors in Space Geometry Limit Continuity and Differentiation Brief Discussion The Greens Function Technique.
Differential Geometry and Kinematics Integration of Vector Functions
Gradient Divergence Curl Integral Definitions of Gradient Divergence ISBN : 81-224-0880-X Publication Year : 1996 Edition : Second
Curl lntegral Theorems General Co-ordinates Applications Reprint : 2006 Pages : 168 Price : 160.00 Paperback

ISBN : 81-224-0548-7 Publication Year : 1993 Edition : Third

Reprint : 2006 Pages : 324 Price : 165.00 Paperback




EDUCATION COURSE-1 B. Choudhary, Indian Institute of
Technology, New Delhi
Samir Kumar Chakravarty, Empanelled Contents: Set, Functions and Complex
Counsellor of IGNOU (Calcutta Regional
Numbers Metric Spaces Elementary
Properties of Analytic Functions Line
Contents: Mathematics : Number Bases Integral and Cauchys Theorem
and Conversion, Binary Fractions and Binary Arithmetic Linear, Applications of Cauchys Theorem Power Series Laurent Series,
Quadratic, Experimental and Logarithmic Functions and Break-even
Singularities Residue Theorem and its Applications Conformal
Point Arithmetic, Geometric Progressions and Series Permutations
Mapping Harmonic Functions (Part I): Weierstrass Factorization
and Combinations Graph of Linear equations in Two Variables
Theorem (Part II): Extension of the Maximum Modulus Principle
Matrices Elements of Trignometry Differential Calculus Integral
Elliptic Functions Analytic Continuation Differential Equations
Calculus and Its Applications Statistics: Classification and
Approximation by Rational Functions and Polynomials Appendix.
Tabulation of Data Measures of Central Tendency Measures of
Dispersion Correlation and Regression Probability and Expected ISBN : 81-224-0399-9 Publication Year : 1992 Edition : Second
Value Elements of Theoretical Distributions: Binomial, Poisson Reprint: 2003 Pages : 348 Price : 185.00 Paperback
and Normal Sampling, Sampling Distribution : Interval Estimation
and Tests of Hypothesis Analysis of Variance Times Series and 36 DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF
Forecasting Index Numbers Statistical Decision Theory: Decision EXPERIMENTS
Making Without Probability and with Probability Appendices
CA Foundation Examination Questions and Answers. Second Edition
M.N. Das, Central Water Commission, New Delhi
ISBN : 81-224-1385-4 Publication Year : 2002 Edition : First N.C. Giri, University of Montreal, Canada
Pages : 1228 Price : 350.00 Paperback
Contents: Concepts of Experiments: Design
and Analysis Complete Block Designs
33 MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS Factorial Experiments Asymmetrical
P.K. Chattopadhyay, Department of Physics, Factorial and Split-Plot Designs : Incomplete
Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak Block Designs Orthogonal Latin Squares Designs for Bio-assays and
Contents: Complex Variables Differential Response Surfaces Analysis of Covariance and Transformation
Equations Second Order Differential Equations Weighing Designs Some Miscellaneous Design Switchover Designs
Boundary Value Problems Some Special and Dialled Crossing Plans Computer Programs.
Functions in Physics Greens Function Linear
Vector Spaces and matrices Group Theory. ISBN : 0-85226-914-5 Publication Year : 1979 Edition : Second
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 256 Price : 195.00 Paperback

ISBN : 81-224-0283-6 Publication Year : 1990 Edition : Frist 37 STATISTICAL METHODS

Reprint : 2006 Pages : 364 Price : 185.00 Paperback
34 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS M.N. Das, Central Water Commission, New
WITH APPLICATIONS Contents: Probability Models, Standard
B. Choudhary, Indian Institute of Distributions and their Characteristics
Technology, New Delhi Statistical Inference Bivariate and
S. Nanda, Indian Institute of Technology, Multivariate Normal Distributions and
Kharagpur Measures of Correlations Linear Estimation
Contents: Metric Spaces Linear Matric Spaces Method of Last Squares and Analysis of Variance, Nonparametric
Basic Theorems on Normal Linear Spaces Methods Computer Programs.
Spaces of Bounded Linear Functions Hilbert
Spaces Banach Algebra Operator Theory (Part I) Operator Theory (Part ISBN : 81-224-0119-8 Publication Year : 1989 Edition : First
II) Fixed Point Theory Non-Linear Operators and Applications Sequence Reprint : 1996 Pages : 268 Price : 175.00 Paperback
Spaces and Matrix Transformations.

ISBN : 81-224-0080-9 Publication Year : 1989 Edition : First

Reprint : 2003 Pages : 356 Price : 175.00 Paperback

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G. de Barra, Department of Mathematics, PROBLEMS
Royal Holloway College, University of London N.S. Gopalakrishnan, Department of
Contents: Preliminaries Measure on the Mathematics, University of Poona, Pune
Real Line Integration of Functions of a Contents : Groups Rings, Vector Spaces and
Real Variable Differentiation Abstract Modules Fields Matrices and Linear
Measure Spaces Inequalities and the Lp Transformations.
Spaces Convergence Signed Measures
and their Derivatives Lebesgue-Stieltjes
Integration Measure and Integration in a Product Space Hints and ISBN : 81-224-1030-8 Publication Year : 1997 Edition : First
Answers to Exercises. Reprint : 2001 Pages : 196 Price : 150.00 Paperback

ISBN : 0-85226-186-1 Publication Year : 1981 Edition : First 43 NUMERICAL METHODS

Reprint : 2006 Pages : 240 Price : 175.00 Paperback
39 DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS Santosh K. Gupta, Department of Chemical
Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology,
For Graduate Courses of All Kanpur
Indian and Foreign Universities Contents: Linear Algebraic Equations
and Other Competitive Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Matrices
Examinations Nonlinear Algebraic Equations Functions
H.S. Dhami, Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Evaluation Ordinary Differential Equations:
Kumaun University Campus, Almora Initial Value Problems (ODE-IVPs)
Contents: Real Numbers Limits Ordinary Differential Equations-Boundary Value Problems (ODE-BVPs)
Continuity Differentiability Successive Partial Differntial Equations (PDEs).
Differentiation Rolles Theorem, Mean Value Theorem and Allied
Theorems Indeterminate Forms Partial Differentiation Tangents and ISBN : 81-224-0651-3 Publication Year : 1995 Edition : First
Normals Curvature Envelopes and Evolutes Asymptotes Multiple Reprint : 2005 Pages : 424 Price : 195.00 Paperback
Points Curve Tracing

ISBN : 81-224-1146-0 Publication Year : 1998 Edition : First

Reprint : 2001 Pages : 416 Price : 190.00 Paperback METHODS FOR PARTIAL
40 INTEGRAL CALCULUS M.K. Jain, Retd. Professor, Deptt. of
H.S. Dhami, Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Mathematics, IIT, Delhi
Kumaun University Campus, Almora S.R.K. Iyengar R.K. Jain, Department of
Contents: Integrals Techniques of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology,
Integration Beta and Gamma Functions New Delhi
Multiple Integrals Geometric and Mechanical Contents : Partial Differential Equations
Applications of the Integration Process Difference Methods for Parabolic Partial
Numerical Methods in the Computation of Differential Equations Difference Methods for Hyperbolic Partial
Integrals Answers to Problems. Differential Equations Numerical Methods for Elliptic Partial Differential
Equations Solutions to Problems.
ISBN : 81-224-1324-2 Publication Year : 2001 Edition : First
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 348 Price : 160.00 Paperback ISBN : 81-224-0429-5 Publication Year : 1994 Edition : First
Pages : 256 Price : 175.00 Paperback
Revised Second Edition 45 NUMERICAL SOLUTIONS
N.S. Gopalakrishnan, Department of OF DIFFERENTIAL
Mathematics, University of Poona, Pune EQUATIONS
Contents: Groups Rings Vectors Spaces Revised Second Edition
and Modules Fields Matrices and Linear M.K. Jain, Retd. Professor, Deptt. of
Transformations. Mathematics, IIT, Delhi
Contents : Elements of Ordinary Differential
Initial Value Problem Approximation
ISBN : 81-85226-338-4 Publication Year : 1986 Edition : Second Singlestep Methods Multistep Methods
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 320 Price : 150.00 Paperback

Different Methods for Boundary Value Problems in Ordinary Differential 49 LEBESGUE MEASURE AND
Equations Differential Methods for Parabolic Partial Differential INTEGRATION
Equations Different Methods for Hyperbolic Partial Differential P.K. Jain, University of Delhi, Delhi
Equations Different Methods for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations V.P. Gupta, National Council of Education
Finite Elements Methods. Research & Training (NCERT), New Delhi
Contents : Preliminaries : Set and Set
ISBN : 0-85226-432-1 Publication Year : 1984 Edition : Second Inclusion Functions Supremum and
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 720 Price : 250.00 Paperback
Infimum Intervals Open, Closed and
Perfect Sets Sequences and Series
46 A TEXTBOOK OF Continuity and Differentiability Infinite Sets: Equivalent Sets Finite
ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY and Infinite Sets Countable Sets Uncountable Sets Cardinality of
OF TWO DIMENSIONS Sets Order Relation in Cardinal Numbers Addition of Cardinal
Second Edition Numbers Multiplication of Cardinal Numbers Exponentiation of
Cardinal Numbers Cantor-like Sets Continuum Hypothesis
P.K. Jain, Faculty of Mathematics, University
of Delhi
Measurable Sets: Length of Sets Outer Measure Lebesgue Measure
Properties of Measurable Sets Borel Sets and their Measurability
Khalil Ahmad, Department of Mathematics,
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Further Properties of Measurable Sets Characterizations of Measurable
Sets Nonmeasurable Sets Measurable Functions Definition
Contents : Preliminary The Straightline
Properties of Measurable Functions Convergence in Measure Lebesgue
Change of Axes : Pair of Lines The Circle System of Circles The Parabola
Integral: Riemann Integral Improper Integrals Differentiation and
The Ellipse The Hyperbola General Equations of the Second Degree
Integration: Dini Derivatives Integral of the Derivative The Lebesgue
Tracing of Conics Polar Equation of Conic Appendix Oblique Axes.
Lp Spaces: Notion of Banach Spaces Bounded Linear Functionals of
ISBN : 0-85226-413-5 Publication Year : 1996 Edition : Second Lp Spaces.
Reprint : 2004 Pages : 376 Price : 150.00 Paperback
ISBN : 0-85226-419-4 Publication Year : 1986 Edition : First
47 A TEXTBOOK OF Reprint : 2006 Pages : 268 Price : 150.00 Paperback
Second Edition THEORY FOR THE
P.K. Jain, Faculty of Mathematics, University PHYSICISTS
of Delhi Revised Fourth Edition
Khalil Ahmad, Department of Mathematics, A.W. Joshi, Deptt. of Physics, University of
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Poona, Pune
Contents: Preliminary The Plane The Contents : Abstract Group of Theory
Straight Line The Sphere The Cone The Cylinder The Central Hilbert Spaces and Operators Representation
Conicoids The Paraboloid Appendix I : General Equation of Second Theory of Finite Groups Continuous Groups
Degree Appendix II : Change of Axes. Answers Index. and their Representations Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics-I Group
Theory in Quantum Machanics-II Crystallographic and Molecular
ISBN : 81-224-0300-X Publication Year : 1991 Edition : Second
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 296 Price : 150.00 Paperback Symmetries Group Theory in Solid Physics.

48 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS ISBN : 81-224-0975-X Publication Year : 1997 Edition : Fourth

Reprint : 2005 Pages : 320 Price : 200.00 Paperback
P.K. Jain, Professor, Department of
Mathematics, University of Delhi
O.P. Ahuja, Mathematics Division, National 51 MATRICES AND TENSORS
Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological IN PHYSICS
University, Singapore
Khalil Ahmed, Professor, Department of Third Edition
Mathematics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi A.W. Joshi, Department of Physics, University
Contents: Preliminaries Normed and of Poona, Pune
Banach Spaces Bounded Linear Operators Contents : Matrix Algebra: Vector Spaces
Bounded Linear Functionals The Concept and Specific Geometry of Basic Algebraic Operations Special Matrices
Hilbert Spaces Functionals and Operators on Hilbert Spaces Determinants Special MatricesII
Introduction of Spectral Theory Appendix : Schauder Bases. Partitioning of Matrices Systems of Linear
Equation-Particular Cases Systems of Linear Equations-General The
ISBN : 81-224-0801-X Publication Year : 1995 Edition : First Eigenvalue ProblemI The EigenvalueProblemII Bilinear and
Reprint : 2004 Pages : 336 Price : 185.00 Paperback

Quadratic Forms Functions of a Matrix Kronecker Sum and Product of Epilogue: Preview of Applied Discrete Structures.
Matrices Matrices in Classical and Quantum Mechanics Tensor Analysis:
Introduction The Algebra of Tensors Quotient Law The Fundamental ISBN : 81-224-0120-1 Publication Year : 1989 Edition : First
Tensor Cartesian Tensors Four Vectors in Special Relativity Covariant Reprint : 2005 Pages : 764 Price : 275.00 Paperback
Formulation of Electrodynamics Tensor Calculus Kinematics in a
Riemannian Space Riemann Christoffel Curvature Tensor The Logic 55 INTRODUCTION TO
of Necessity and Sufficiency On the Order of a Finite Non-Singular
Matrix The Scalar Product of Real Three-Dimensional Vectors An
Approach to Problem Solving. K.D. Joshi, Department of Mathematics,
Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai
ISBN : 81-224-0563-0 Publication Year : 1995 Edition : Third Contents: Logical Warm-up Preliminaries
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 356 Price : 195.00 Paperback Motivation for Topological Spaces Basic
Concepts Spaces with Special Properties
52 LINEAR ESTIMATION AND Separation Axioms Products and Co-
products Embedding and Metrisation
Nets and Filters Compactness Complete
D.D. Joshi, Institute of Social Sciences, Agra Metric Spaces Category Theory Uniform Spaces Selected Topics
University, Agra
Contents : Vector and Matrices Linear ISBN : 0-85226-444-5 Publication Year : 1983 Edition : First
Transformations and Projections: Multivariate Reprint : 2006 Pages : 424 Price : 185.00 Paperback
Normal and Associated Distributions Linear
Estimations Sums of Squares Tests of 56 MATHEMATICAL
Linear Hypotheses Planning of Experiments MODELLING
The Completely Randomised Design Randomised Block Design Latin
J.N. Kapur, Hon. Professor, Jawahar Lal
and Graeco-Latin Square Designs Incomplete Block Designs General Nehru University, New Delhi
Theory Balanced Incomplete Block Design Partially Balanced Incomplete Contents : Mathematical Modelling : Need
Block Design The General Factorial Experiment The 2-Factorial Techniques, Classification and Simple
Experiment The 3-Factorial Experiment Confounding in Factorial Illustrations Mathematical Modelling Through
Experiments Analysis of Covariance. Ordinary Differential Equations of First Order
Mathematical Modelling Through Systems
ISBN : 0-85226-517-4 Publication Year : 1987 Edition : First
Reprint : 2003 Pages : 304 Price : 175.00 Paperback of Ordinary Differential Equations of the First
Order Mathematical Modelling Through Ordinary Differential Equations
of Second Order Mathematical Modelling Through Differential Equations
53 APPLIED DISCRETE Mathematical Modelling Through Partial Differential Equations
STRUCTURE Mathematical Modelling Through Graphs Mathematical Modelling Through
K.D. Joshi, Department of Mathematics, Functional Integral Delay-Differential and Differential-Difference Equations
Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai Mathematical Modelling Through Calculus of Variations and Dynamic
Contents: Introduction and Review Graph Programming Mathematical Modelling Through Mathematical
of Theory Applications of Group Theory Programming Maximum Principle and Minimum Entropy Principle.
Analysis of Algorithms Linear ISBN : 81-224-0006-X Publication Year : 1998 Edition : First
Programming Applications and Variations Reprint : 2005 Pages : 272 Price : 160.00 Paperback
of Linear Programming Group Actions
Applications of the Field Theory Matroids. 57 TOPICS IN FUNCTIONAL
ISBN : 81-224-0826-5 Publication Year : 1997 Edition : First
Reprint : 2001 Pages : 964 Price : 350.00 Paperback APPLICATIONS
S. Kesavan, School of Mathematics, Tata
Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore
Contents : Distributions Sobolev Spaces
DISCRETE MATHEMATICS Weak Solutions of Elliptic Boundary Value
K.D. Joshi, Department of Mathematics, Problems Introduction to Semigroups and
Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai Applications Some Techniques From
Contents : Introduction and Preliminaries Nonlinear Analysis Appendix 1 : Partition of Unity Appendix 2 : The
Elementary Counting Techniques Sets with Topology on D(W) Appendix 3 : Calculus in Banach Spaces Appendix
Additional Structures Boolean Algebras 4 : Stampacchias Theorem.
Group Theory Rings, Fields and Vector
ISBN : 81-224-0062-0 Publication Year : 1989 Edition : First
Spaces Advanced Counting Techniques Reprint : 2003 Pages : 280 Price : 165.00 Paperback


58 CHALLENGE AND THRILL Applications of Taylors Theorem Functions The Riemann Integral
OF PRE-COLLEGE The Riemann-Stieltjes Integral Improper Integrals Uniform Convergence
Power Series Fourier Series Functions of Several Variables Implicit
MATHEMATICS (Sponsored Functions Integration of R2 Integration on R3 Metric Spaces The
by the National Board of Higher Lebesgue Integral.
ISBN : 81-224-0323-9 Publication Year : 1982 Edition : Second
V. Krishnamurthy C.R. Pranesachar Reprint : 2006 Pages : 916 Price : 285.00 Paperback
K.N. Ranganathan B.J. Venkatachala
Contents: Number Systems Arithmetic of 62 PRINCIPLES OF REAL
Integers Geometry-Straight Lines and
Triangles Geometry-Circles Quadratic Equations and Expressions
Trigonometry Co-ordinate Geometry of Straight Lines and Circles S.C. Malik, Department of Mathematics,
Systems of Linear Equations Permutations and Combinations Factorisation S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, University of Delhi
of Polynomials Inequalities Elementary Combinatorics Beginning of Contents: Real Numbers. Limit Points;
Probability Theory Beginnings of Number Theory Finite Series De Open and Closed Sets Real Sequences
Moivres Theorem and Its Applications Miscellaneous Problems Answers Infinite Series Functions with Interval as
(to selected Questions). Domain (I) Functions with Interval as
Domain (II). Applications of Taylor's
ISBN : 81-224-0980-6 Publication Year : 1996 Edition : First Theorem Elementary Functions The Riemann Integral The Riemann-
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 704 Price : 260.00 Paperback
Stieltjes Integral Functions of Several Variables, Implicit Functions.
59 DISCRETE STRUCTURES OF ISBN : 0-85226-569-7 Publication Year : 1982 Edition : First
COMPUTER SCIENCE Reprint : 2006 Pages : 406 Price : 160.00 Paperback

L.S. Levy, Bel Laboratories, Whippany, N.J., USA 63

Contents: An Essay on Discrete Structures STOCHASTIC PROCESSES
Sets, Functions, and Relations Discrete Second Edition
Graphs Algebraic Systems Formal J. Medhi, Guwahati University, Guwahati
Systems Trees Programming Applications. Contents : Probability Distributions
Stochastic Processes : Some Notions
Markov Chains Markov Processes with
Discrete State Space : Poisson Process and
ISBN : 81-224-0090-6 Publication Year : 1980 Edition : First
Reprint : 2003 Pages : 320 Price : 175.00 Paperback its Extension Markov Processes with
Continuous State Space Renewal Process
60 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS and Theory Markov Renewal and SemiMarkov Processes Stationary
Second Edition Processes and Time Series Branching Processes Stochastic Processes
in Queueing and Reliability.
B.V. Limaye, Professor of Mathematics,
Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai ISBN : 81-224-0549-5 Publication Year : 1984 Edition : Second
Contents: Preliminaries Fundamentals of Reprint : 2006 Pages : 616 Price : 200.00 Paperback
Normed Linear Spaces Bounded Linear
Maps on Banach Spaces Spaces of Bounded 64 OPTIMIZATION METHODS
Linear Functionals Compact Operators on IN OPERATIONS
Normed Spaces Geometry of Hilbert Spaces
Bounded Operators on Hilbert Space RESEARCH AND SYSTEMS
Fixed Points Extreme Points SturmLiouville Problems Unbonded ANALYSIS
Operators and Quantam Mechanics. Revised Third Edition
ISBN : 81-224-0849-4 Publication Year : 1996 Edition : Second K.V. Mital C. Mohan, University of
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 624 Price : 200.00 Paperback Roorkee
Contents : Mathematical Preliminaries
61 MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS Extrema of Functions Linear Programming
Revised Second Edition Transportation and Assignment Problems Flow and Potential in
Networks Integer Programming Additional Topics in Linear Programming
S.C. Malik Savita Arora, Department of
Kuhn-Tucker Theory and Nonlineary Programming Geometric
Mathematics, S.G.T.B. Khalsa College,
University of Delhi Programming Dynamic Programming Direct Search and Gradient
Contents: Real Numbers Open Sets, Closed Methods Theory of Games.
Sets and Countable Sets Real Sequences ISBN : 81-224-0873-7 Publication Year : 1976 Edition : Third
Infinite Series Functions of a Single Variable Reprint : 2006 Pages : 404 Price : 195.00 Paperback
(I) Functions of a Single Variable (II)


Second Edition G.S. Pandey, Vikram University, Ujjain
M.G. Murdeshwar, University of Alberia, R.R. Sharma, Institute of Technolgy, (BHU),
Canada Varanasi
Contents : Set-Theoretic Background Contents : Algebra of Vectors: Gifts Scalars
Topological Spaces Bases and Sub-bases and Vectors Representation of a Vector The
Unit Vector Null Vector and Zero-Vector
Neighbourhoods Constructs, Filters Nets
Equality of Vector Like Vectors Angles
Continuous Functions Constructs
Between Two Vectors Addition of Vectors
Revisited Compact Spaces Connected Properties of Vectors Scalar Multiplication
Spaces TO, T1 and T2 Spaces RO, R1, Regular and T3 Spaces Illustrative Examples Resolution of Vectors Linear Dependence and
Pseudo-Metric Spaces Completely Regular and Tychnoff Spaces Linear Independence Scalar Product of Two Vectors Properties of Dot
Normal and T4 Spaces Countability Axioms Locally Compact Spaces Product Illustrative Examples Scalar Triple Product Condition For
Compactification Uniform Spaces Complete Spaces. Three Vectors to be Coplanar Scalar Triple Product in Terms of Any
Three Non-Coplanar Vectors Illustrative Examples Vector Product of
ISBN : 81-224-0246-1 Publication Year : 1990 Edition : Second Three Vectors Resolved Parts of a Vector Illustrative Examples Scalar
Reprint : 1999 Pages : 378 Price : 195.00 Paperback Product of Four Vectors Vector Product of Four Vectors Reciprocal
System of Vectors Exercises and Answers Straight Lines and Planes
66 Sphere Cones and Cylinders Polar Equation of a Conic Section.
Methods and Practice ISBN : 81-224-0162-7 Publication Year : 1988 Edition : First
Reprint : 2002 Pages : 160 Price : 150.00 Paperback
Revised Third Edition
C.K. Mustafi, Indian Institute of
Management, Calcutta
Contents : Indroduction Linear EQUATIONS
Programming-I Linear Programming-II Phoolan Prasad R. Ravindran, Indian
Network Analysis in Project Planning Institute of Science, Bangalore
Inventory Control Waiting Line Problem Contents: Single First Order Partial
Simulation Replacement Reliability Non-Linear Programming. Differential Equations Meaning of a Partial
Differential Equation Semilinear and
ISBN : 81-224-0882-6 Publication Year : 1998 Edition : Third Quasilinear Equations in Two lndependent
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 438 Price : 185.00 Paperback Variables First Order Nonlinear Equations in
Two Independent Variables Complete Integral
First Order Equations in More than Two Independent Variables
CALCULUS OF ONE Applications of the Theory of a Single First Order Equation Linear
VARIABLE Second Order Partial Differential Equations Classification of Second
Order Partial Differential Equations Potential Theory and Elliptic
G.S. Pandey, Vikram University, Ujjain Differential Equations The Diffusion Equation and Parabolic Differential
V.P. Sexena, Jiwaji University, Gwalior Equations The Wave Equations Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations
R.L. Mahajan, Madhav Science College, Introduction. PART I: EQUATIONS IN TWO INDEPENDENT
Ujjain VARIABLES First Order Hyperbolic System Hyperbolic System of Two
Contents: Basic Concepts Sets and First Order Quasilinear Equations General Theory of a Simple Wave
Numbers Variables and Intervals in Real Weak Solution of Quasilinear Equations. PART II: EQUATIONS IN MORE
Line Sets on a Real Line Functions of
a Characteristic Manifold The Wave Equation Hyperbolic System of
One Variable Graphs of Elementary Functions Problems Sequences
First Order Equations.
and Series: Sequences of Real Times Convergence and Limit of a
Sequence Cauchy Sequence Series and Its Convergence Absolute ISBN : 0-85226-722-3 Publication Year : 1985 Edition : First
Convergence Problems Continuity and Differentiability of Functions Reprint : 2006 Pages : 264 Price : 165.00 Paperback
Algebra of Functions Limits and Continuity of Functions Derivatives
and Differentiability of Functions Derivatives of Implicit Inverse and
Explicit Function Problems Successive Differentiation and Mean Value
Theorems Applications and Differentiations Integration of Functions. AGRICULTURAL
ISBN : 81-224-0159-7 Publication Year : 1988 Edition : First
Reprint : 2002 Pages : 280 Price : 150.00 Paperback
R. Rangaswamy, Tamil Nadu Agricultural
Contents: Introduction Classification and
Summarization of Data Diagrams and Graphs
Measures of Central Tendency Measures of
BOOKSELLERS. Dispersion Skewness and Kurtosis Probability


Distributions Sampling Distribution Estimation Testing Hypothesis Tests Unconstrained Optimization Techniques Nonlinear Programming III:
of Hypothesis Tests of Hypothesis Concerning Mean, Variance and Constrained Optimization Techniques Geometric Programming Dynamic
Proportion Tests based on X2 Distribution Non-Parametric Tests Programming Integer Programming Stochastic Programming Further
Correlation Regression Analysis Multiple Regression Analysis Non-linear
Topics in Optimization Practical Aspects of Optimization.
Curvilinear Regression Sampling Theory Experimental Design Analysis
of Experimental Results Completely Randomized Design Randomized ISBN : 81-224-1149-5 Publication Year : 1996 Edition : Third
Complete Block Design Latin Square Design Factorial Experiments Reprint : 2006 Pages : 928 Price : 295.00 Paperback
Confounding in Factorial Experiments Split Plot Design Incomplete
Block Design Combined Experiments Response Surfaces Experiments 74
in Farmers Field Biological Assays.
ISBN : 81-224-0758-7 Publication Year : 1995 Edition : First Second Edition
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 520 Price : 210.00 Paperback
Sat Pal Harbans Lal, Department of
Mathematics, Hans Raj College, University of Delhi
71 DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS Contents: Co-Ordinates Equation
S.B. RAO, Head, Department of Locus Change of Axes Straight Line
Mathematics, Mount Carmel College, Pair of Straight Lines Circle Some
Standard Curve A Line and a Curve
C.K. SHANTHA, Head, Department of
Mathematics, National College, Basavangudi, Conic Sections Parabola Ellipse Hyperbola Tracing of the
Bangalore General Conic Polar Co-ordinates.
Contents: Preliminaries, Limits and
ISBN : 81-224-0925-3 Publication Year : 1996 Edition : Second
Continuity Differentiation Tangents and
Pages : 584 Price : 185.00 Paperback
Normals Successive Differentiation Mean
Value Theorems Indeterminate Forms Curvature and Evolutes
Functions of Two Variables and Partial Differentiation Concavity, 75 COMPLEX ANALYTIC
Convexity and Inflexion Maxima and Minima Envelopes Asymptotes FUNCTIONS: Theory and
Singular Points Curves and Curve-sketching
ISBN : 81-224-0308-5 Publication Year : 1992 Edition : First S.K. Sharma, Formerly Vice-Chacellor, Kashi
Reprint : 2005 Pages : 528 Price : 165.00 Paperback Vidyapeeth, Banaras
A.K. Sharma, Associate Professor, G.B. Pant
University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar
72 DISCRETE Contents: A Complex NumberDefinition and
MATHEMATICAL Properties Functions of a Complex Variable
STRUCTURES Conformal Mapping Schwarz-Christofsed Transformation Complex
G.S. Rao, Head Department of Mathematics, Integration Singularities and Rsidues.
Girraj College, Nizamabad ISBN : 81-224-1240-8 Publication Year : 2000 Edition : First
Contents: Mathematical Logic Set Theory Pages : 174 Price : 150.00 Paperback
Relations Functions and Recurrence
Relations Boolean Algebra Logic Gates 76 BUSINESS STATISTICS
Elementary Combinations Graph Theory
Algebraic Systems Finite State Machines. G.V. Shenoy S.C. Sharma, Indian Institute
of Rural Management, Anand
ISBN : 81-224-1424-9 Publication Year : 2002 Edition : First U.K. Srivastava, Indian Institute of
Pages : 464 Price : 200.00 Paperback Management, Ahmedabad
Contents: Introduction Collection of Business
Data Presentation and Analysis of Statistical
73 ENGINEERING Data Measures of Central Tendency and
OPTIMIZATION: Theory and Location Measures of Dispersion Skewness
Practice Kurtosis and Moments Interpolation and
Third Edition Extra-Polation Correlation Analysis Regression Analysis The Meaning
of Probability, Random Variables and Probability Distributions Sampling and
S.S. Rao, School of Mechanical Engineering, Sampling Schemes Time Series Analysis.
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Contents: Introduction to Optimization ISBN : 81-224-0011-6 Publication Year : 2002 Edition : First
Reprint : 2005 Pages : 620 Price : 175.00 Paperback
Classical Optimization Techniques Linear
Programming I: Simplex Method Linear
Programming II: Additional Topics and Extensions Nonlinear Programming
I: One-Dimensional Minimization Methods Nonlinear Programming II: BUY BOOKS ONLINE AT www.newagepublishers.com (FREE SHIPPING)


77 OPERATIONS RESEARCH Organization of Data Diagrammatical and Graphical Representation

FOR MANAGEMENT of Data Measures of Central Tendency Measures of Dispersion
Correlation Analysis Regression Analysis Time Series Interpolation
Revised Second Edition and Extrapolation Part III: Question Papers.
G.V. Shenoy S.C. Sharma, Indian Institute
of Rural Management, Anand ISBN : 81-224-1433-8 Publication Year : 2002 Edition : First
Pages : 536 Price : 225.00 Paperback
U.K. Srivastava, Indian Institute of
Management, Ahmedabad
Contents : Linear Programming The
Transportation Problem Theory of Games SCIENCE
Network Analysis PERT/CPM Waiting Lines Inventory Control Models S.M. Uppal, Chairman, Department of
Replacement Decisions Integer Dynamic and Goal Programming Simulation Mathematics, Jomo Kenyatta University of
of Management Systems Appendices Include Classical Optimization Techniques, Agriculture and Technology, Nairobi, Kenya
Vectors, Matrices and Determinants, Mathematics of Finance. H.M. Humphreys, Lecturer in Mathematics,
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and
ISBN : 0-85226-917-X Publication Year : 1986 Edition : Second
Technology, Nairobi, Kenya
Reprint : 2006 Pages : 410 Price : 200.00 Paperback
Contents: Statistics Probability Algebra
Trigonometry Coordinate Geometry
78 LINEAR PROGRAMMING : Calculus Answers to Exercises
APPLICATIONS ISBN : 81-224-0994-6 Publication Year : 1996 Edition : First
Pages : 428 Price : 200.00 Paperback
Second Edition
G.V. Shenoy, Indian Institute of Rural 82 DISCRETE MATHEMATICS
Management, Anand
Contents : Formulation of the Problem
Third Edition
and Solution by Graphical Method The B.S. Vatssa, Prof. and Head, Department of
Simplex Method Duality and Sensitivity Mathematics at St. Johns College, Agra
Analysis The Transportation Models The Assignment Models Contents: Mathematical Logic Set Theory
Integer Programming. Relation and Functions Boolean Algebra
ISBN : 81-224-1034-0 Publication Year : 1998 Edition : Second
and Switching Circuits Matrices Rank
Pages : 236 Price : 195.00 Paperback and Equivalence Linear Equation
Characteristic Roots and Vector of a Matrix.
ISBN : 81-7328-013-4 Publication Year : 1993 Edition : Third
SAMPLE SURVEY DESIGN Reprint : 2001 Pages : 286 Price : 120.00 Paperback
Daroga Singh, Indian Agricultural Statistics
Research Institute, New Delhi 83 ELEMENTS OF MODERN
F.S. Chaudhary, Haryana Agricultural
University, Hissar
Contents: Basic Concept of Sample Surveys Third Edition
Basic Methods of Sample Random B.S. Vatssa, Prof. and Head, Department of
Sampling Stratified Random Sampling Mathematics at St. Johns College, Agra
Sampling with Varying Probabilities Ratio Estimators Contents : Mathematical Logic Set Theory
Regression Estimators Cluster Sampling Multi-Stage Sampling
Real Number System Group Theory
Double Sampling Successive Sampling Sequential and Inverse Sampling.
Ring Theory Vector Spaces Answers.
ISBN : 0-85226-910-2 Publication Year : 1980 Edition : First
Reprint : 2002 Pages : 332 Price : 185.00 Paperback ISBN : 0-85226-921-8 Publication Year : 1987 Edition : Third
Reprint : 1999 Pages : 256 Price : 120.00 Paperback
G. Srinivasa, Head Deptt. of Mathematics, T.
John College, Bangalore Second Edition
D. George B.S. Vatssa, Prof. and Head, Department of
Mathematics at St. Johns College, Agra
Contents : Part I : Business
Mathematics: Permutations and Contents : Matrices Algebra of Matrices
Combinations Vectors, Matrices Determinants Adjoint and Inverse of a
Differentiation Integration Applications of Matrix Rank and Equivalence Linear
Economics Part II : Statistics: Introduction Equations Vector Spaces Characteristics

Roots and Vector of a Matrix Quadratic Forms. 88 STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF

ISBN : 81-224-0123-6 Publication Year : 1992 Edition : Second
Reprint : 2005 Pages : 284 Price : 135.00 Paperback J.V. Deshpande A.P. Gore A.
Shanubhogue, University of poona, Pune
85 MODERN ALGEBRA Contents: Part I : Principles of Statistical
Methodology Study of a Single Population
B.S. Vatssa, Prof. and Head, Department of Comparison of Two Populations Comparison
Mathematics at St. Johns College, Agra of Several Populations Rank Correlation and
Contents : Set Theory Group Theory Regression Non-Parametric Tests for Some
Homomorphisms Structure Theory of Designed Experiments Part II : Standard
Groups Jordan-Holder Theorem and Discrete Distributions Analysis of Data With Two Responses Per Unit
Solvable Groups Ring Theory Polynomial Analysis of Data With Three Responses Per Unit Part III : Models for
Rings Factorization in Integral Domains Life Data. The Exponential and Related Distributions. Non-Parametric
Methods for Censored Data. Analysis of the Competing Risks Setup.
Vectors Spaces Linear Transformation
Field Theory Galois Theory. ISBN : 81-224-0707-2 Publication Year : 1995 Edition : First
Reprint : 2003 Pages : 248 Price : 450.00 Hardbound
ISBN : 81-224-1191-6 Publication Year : 1999 Edition : First
Pages : 372 Price : 175.00 Paperback 89 GLIMPSES OF INDIAS
Parthasarathy (eds.), Indian Statistical
ANCIENT INDIAN Institute, New Delhi
MATHEMATICS Contents: Remarks on Transitive Suffi-ciency
T.S. Bhanu Murthy, Ramanujan Institute for Learning from Counter Examples At the
Advanced Study, University of Madras, Indian Statistical Institute in the Early Fifties
Chennai. My Quest for Research Ideas Random
Contents: Integers: The Decimal Place Value Reflections From Number Theory to National
System Divisibility Greatest Common Sample Survey An Autobiographical Letter Random Process and Probabilistic
Divisor and Least Common Multiple Simple Continued Functional Analysis : Some Contributions in Statistics by Design Statistics
Fractions The Euler j-function The Mobius m-function Congruences as a Last Resort : An Autobiographical Account Combinatories and I
Statistics Nutrition, Education and Social Change.
Topics in Sri Bharathi Krishna Teerthas Vedic Mathematics: Some
Questions of Divisibility Recurring Decimals Square Square Root ISBN : 81-224-0423-5 Publication Year : 1993 Edition : First
Cube Cuber Root The Brahmagupta Bhaskara Equation: Lemmas Pages : 308 Price : 295.00 Hardbound
of Brahma Gupta Examples Chakravala Method of Bhaskara
Historical Remarks Continued Fractions Remarks on p Theorm of 90 ARYABHATA : LIFE AND
Bhaskara Selected Topics in Geometry Geometry in Sulba Sutras
The Triangle The Cycle Quadrilateral The Circle.
Second Edition
ISBN : 81-224-0371-9 Publication Year : 1992 Edition : First D.S. Hooda J.N. Kapur
Reprint : 2005 Pages : 226 Price : 135.00 Paperback
Contents: History of Ancient Indian
Astronomy and Mathematics Life History of
REFERENCE BOOKS BACK LIST Aryabhata .The Aryabhatiya Contributions of
Aryabhata to Mathematics Contributions of
87 STOCHASTIC MODELS: Aryabhata to Astronomy Relevance of
Analysis and Applications Aryabhata to Modern Mathematics and Science An Assessment of Aryabhata.
B.R. Bhat, Deptt. of Statistics, University of ISBN : 81-224-1305-6 Publication Year : 1996 Edition : Second
Botswana, Botswana Reprint : 2001 Pages : 188 Price : 300.00 Hardbound
Contents: Introduction to Stochastic
Models and Probability The Random Walk 91 INDIAN MATHEMATICS : An
Model Renewal Process Finite Markov
Chain Countable State Markov Chain
The Poisson Process Finite Markov Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Indian Institute of
Process Birth and Death Process Semi- Technology, Chennai,
Markov Process Martingales Stationary Process, Time-Series Contents : Introduction Nikhilam-
Brownian Motion Statistical Inference for Stochastic Process. Special Multiplication Multiplication
Using Urdhva Tiryala Squaring Using
ISBN : 81-224-1228-9 Publication Year : 2000 Edition : First Urdhva Tiryala Evaluation of Powers
Reprint : 2004 Pages : 408 Price : 550.00 Hardbound
Division Using Urhva Tiryala Square Root

Divisibility Notes and Explanations. 95 INFERENTIAL PROBLEMS

ISBN : 81-224-0573-8 Publication Year : 1993 Edition : First
Reprint : 2005 Pages : 120 Price : 100.00 Paperback P. Mukhopadhyay, Indian Statistical
Institute, Calcutta
92 MAXIMUMENTROPY Contents: A Model for a Survey Population
MODELS IN SCIENCE AND Varying Probability without Replacement
Sampling Designs Some Problems of
Inference Under a Fixed Population Setup
J.N. Kapur, Hon. Professor, J.N.U., New Optimal Estimation Under Regression
Superpopulation Models Robustness of Model-Dependent Optimal
Contents: Maximum-Entropy Probability Strategies Under Alternative Polynomial Regression Models Predictors
Distribution: Principles Formalism and Based on Both Superpopulation Models and Sampling Designs.
Techniques MaximumEntropy Discrete
Univariate Probability Distributions ISBN : 81-224-0754-4 Publication Year : 1996 Edition : First
Maximum-Entropy Continuous Multivariate Probability Distributions Reprint : 2003 Pages : 254 Price : 450.00 Hardbound
MaximumEntropy Distributions in Statistical Mechanics Minimum
Discrepancy Measures Concavity (Convexity) of Maximum-Entropy
(Minimum Information) Functions Equivalence of Maximum-Entropy LORENTZ GROUPS AND
Principle and Gausss Principle of Density Estimation Maximum- THEIR REPRESENTATIONS
Entropy Principle and Contingency Tables Maximum-Entropy Principle FOR PHYSICISTS
and Statistics Entropy Maximization and Statistical Thermodynamics. K.N. Srinivasa Rao, Professor of Theoretical
Physics (Retd.) University of Mysore, Mysore
ISBN : 81-224-0216-X Publication Year : 1989 Edition : First
Pages : 648 Price : 450.00 Hardbound Contents : Elements of Group Theory
Some Related Algebraic Structures Linear
Vector Space Elements of Representation
93 MEASURES OF Theory The Rotation Group and its Representations The Lorentz
INFORMATION AND THEIR Group and its Representations.
ISBN : 81-224-0056-6 Publication Year : 1988 Edition : First
J.N. Kapur, Hon. Professor, J.N.U., New Delhi Pages : 372 Price : 295.00 Hardbound
Contents: Part A-Measures of Information:
An Unorthodox Measure of Entropy Part GENERAL BOOKS NEW EDITIONS
B-Entropy Optimization Principles: On
Minimum Entropy Probability Distributions SUDOKU BOOKS
Part C-Applications of Measures of
Information and Entropy Optimization Principle: Maximum Entropy
Estimation of Missing Values.

ISBN : 81-224-0484-7 Publication Year : 1994 Edition : First

Pages : 586 Price : 550.00 Hardbound

MATHEMATICS AND ISBN : 81-224-1788-4 ISBN : 81-224-1853-8
COMPUTERS Original Edition Price : 5.99 Original Edition Price : $ 6.95
Indian Edition Price : 95.00 Indian Edition Price : 95.00
K.V. Mital, University of Roorkee, Roorkee
Contents: Numbers, Numerals and Scales
and Notation Sets and Relations Evolution
of Numbers From Algebra to Algebras
Algebra for Computers Communicating
with the Computer Vectors and Matrices
Fusion of Algebra and Geometry From Discrete to Continuous
Curvature of Space Mathematics of Chance Queen or Servant.
ISBN : 81-224-1820-1 ISBN : 81-224-1795-7
ISBN : 81-224-0387-5 Publication Year : 1997 Edition : First
Reprint : 2003 Pages : 244 Price : 450.00 Hardbound Original Edition Price : $ 9.95 Original Edition Price : $ 6.95
Indian Edition Price : 195.00 Indian Edition Price : 95.00
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Indian Edition Price : 795.00
Indian Edition Price : 495.00 Indian Edition Price : 995.00 Indian Edition Price : 995.00

Original Edition Price : Euro 131.00 Original Edition Price :Euro 46.00
Original Edition Price : Euro 48.50 Original Edition Price : Euro 80.00 Original Edition Price : Euro 99.95
Indian Edition Price : 995.00 Indian Edition Price : 895.00
Indian Edition Price : 795.00 Indian Edition Price : 395.00 Indian Edition Price : 795.00

Original Edition Price: Euro 73.00 Original Edition Price : Euro 39.95
Original Edition Price: Euro 79.95
Original Edition Price : Euro 46.00 Indian Edition Price : 995.00 Indian Edition Price : 650.00
Original Edition Price : Euro 61.50 Indian Edition Price : 795.00
Indian Edition Price : 595.00
Indian Edition Price : 495.00

Original Edition Price: Euro 46.00 Original Edition Price: Euro 59.95 Original Edition Price : Euro 69.00
Original Edition Price : Euro 71.00 Indian Edition Price : 695.00 Indian Edition Price : 995.00 Indian Edition Price : 495.00
Indian Edition Price : 495.00

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