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KLA: Mathematics Class: 2H Date: 22/6/17 Time: 30 minutes

Syllabus Outcome/s and indicator/s: In this lesson the learners will:

MA1-5NA: uses a range of strategies and informal recording methods for Use the inverse strategy to change a subtraction to an addition.
addition and subtraction involving one- and two-digit numbers
- Use and record a range of mental strategies to solve addition and
subtraction problems involving two-digit numbers, including: an
inverse strategy to change a subtraction into an addition.
MA1-3WM: uses a range of strategies and informal recording methods for
addition and subtraction involving one- and two-digit numbers
Teaching and Learning Actions
Orientation: 5 minutes Reflection: 5 minutes
Focus: Consolidate:
Counting by fives: (warm-up game & brain break) Did your partner manage to trick you? Was this difficult / easy?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_awKlEMyleA&list=PL9D6EE36487C3B Reflect:
BB5&index=18 What did we learn today?
Engage: Challenge/Extend:
WALT: to use the inverse strategy with addition and subtraction problems. Another problem if we have 12+7=19 is there only one inverse that we
WILF: students to change their subtraction problems into addition problems. can make: 19-7=12, what about 19-12=7. Does that work as well?
TIB: this strategy helps us to do addition and subtraction, and will also help
with multiplication and division.
Does anyone know what inverse means? Give definition.
Content Time Guided Discovery Group Teachers Assessment Resources
- Show students examples. E.g. 9-6=3, 6+3=9 Structure Role What How
10 - Do some examples with them. (single
Using the minutes digits, then two digits) Whole group Teacher Discussion IWB
inverse - And ask them to do 2: put them on the directed Using and
strategy to board and ask if anyone can find the understanding Work Maths
find the inverse. the inverse sample books
inverse of a strategy
subtraction 10
problem minutes Exploration Pairs Teacher
- Work in pairs or threes monitored
- One student will write down a subtraction
problem the other student has to find
the inverse of it.
- Then swap so the second student writes
one and the first finds the inverse.

Students have been put into groups based on their
current abilities in math.
- Green belt: work with larger numbers
any 2 two digit numbers.
- Purple belt: work with teen numbers
- Red and orange belts: work with teen and
1 digit numbers (use manipulatives: