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Thats why I now rise on this privilege hour to divulge and explain my other views as well as the

developments that have occurred over the past weeks on the issue of the internal rules of
procedures firsthand to those whom I am directly made to be accountable for my actions the
people ofGeneralSantosCity. They deserve to hear from this representation no less than whats
exact and true.
My colleagues of this Sanggunian and all concerned, as your presiding officer, I firmly hold the age-
old principle of the rule of the majority has never been absolute, let alone in a government of law. It
certainly has limits. And these limits declare, among others, that the principle of the rule of the
majority can never be invoked to abuse authority or propagate injustice or any form of discrimination,
much more derogate upon the sovereignty.
We just cannot do anything we want in this houseanytime we wantto any way we like simply
because we have the numbers. Democracy doesnt run that way! Democracy in the process is all
about building general consensus while cognizant of legitimate opposition; its about honoring
freedom and liberty more especially the freedom of speech and expression; its about promoting
justice, order, morals, good customs and public policy; its about defending and protecting civil,
political and statutory rights; and most of all its all about upholding civilian supremacy and the law.
Thats why even our very own constitution grants upon the Philippine judiciary the plenary power to
pass judgment on governmental actions which were allegedly committed with grave abuse of
discretion amounting to lack or excess of jurisdiction. Simply put, it means that the authority
bestowed upon the executive and legislative branches of the government and all its agents is well-
bounded and subject to corresponding review by side effects from diflucan the courts. We must,
therefore, use these powers properly and politely.
More practically, I also stand by the conviction that good politics should, in no situation, take
advantage of the principle of the rule of the majority only to perpetuate the evils of autocracy. Neither
must good politics commit to sanction any doing by any political ally of tactics geared at unduly
stamping upon the rights of the minority. This is absolutely not right and very undemocratic! Good
politics should instead offer the strength of the majority towards mustering what we call in
governance as unity in diversity in pursuit of the governments missions and visions because rule
of the majority, after all, is the holistic embodiment of the voice of the people, while the voice of the
people represents the voice of God.
Firstly, to my colleagues, I strongly urge you to immediately cause the amendment of the internal
rules of procedures adopted for by virtue of Internal Resolution No. 04, series of 2010 and, in the
process, take into account every detail of issue discussed in my letter to DILG Secretary Jesse M.
Robredo dated 15 July 2010. With this, I shall expect to see in the amended provisions thereof no
less than the eventual restoration of such powers, duties, responsibilities including such practices
that were supposed to be inherent in the office of the presiding officer and the city vice-mayor.
Secondly, to the people, know now that your vice-mayor will never relent to work hard for the
change youve been seeking to achieve all along. I will take good care of my powers and as well
discharge the functions that you have entrusted into my office eligibly. I will be using these powers
towards promoting the common good and nothing but the common good. And I will make
sureGeneralSantosCity shall behold a well-managed, efficient, effective, and independent
Sangguniang Panlungsod under my leadership.
Thirdly, to my friends and colleagues of this Sanggunian, my special thanks for your unwavering
support . You knowoftentimes in my solitudeI couldnt avoid the thought of wondering why
politics had to be this harsh for us to confront being poked with bad intrigues from time to time
just because we refuse to agree with what the ruling party wanted. But I certainly dont think this is
going to make us bend on our idealism. We may be young and gentle, but we are firm on our
principles. Besides, weve got lots of good friends and elders and relatives around to keep us up.
And, more importantly, my dear friends, weve got to bear in mind that while our strength in
this Sanggunian is practically reduced to only a meager two out of fifteen (2/15) votes, but if we join
hands together and bravely speak out for whats justand goodand rightand true, our
synergism shall then result to become more than half-a-million strong people we ultimately shall
become the collective voice of the citys entire citizenry inside this August Hall. So never cower nor
falter in doing what youre authorized to accomplish despite the odds. Be hopeful and faithful! With
Gods blessings, we will surely weather the storm.
Finally, to the civil society and the youth, know now that change is at hand. Change may have been
gone perhaps forgotten for more than twenty-three (23) years already but it isnt dead yet.
Change lives on! Its coming right at your doorsteps to restore what was lost for so long. And its
coming because youve been willing to make it happen within your selves, in your little rooms, with
your families at home, alongside streets and avenues, into your function halls and offices, at your
colleges and universities, around your churches and organizations, among your neighbors and
communities, over the airwaves, as well as it happens right here in this Sangguniang Panlungsod.
And believe mebelieve me for this ladies and gentlemen!it will live on for as long as we make it
happen and for as long as we are all bound together by whats justand goodand rightand true.
So, as I end this speech, let me borrow some great thoughts from President Obama who once said
that human destiny is not determined by forces beyond our controlthat our future is not shaped by
mere chance or circumstance. Our history has always been the sum total of the choices made and
the actions taken by each individual man and woman. It has always been up to us.
Honorable colleagues, you and I constituted as the 16th Sangguniang Panlungsod
ofGeneralSantosCity, altogether we have choices to make and actions to take in the course of policy
making. And its really always up to us to choose whether we follow and uphold whats justand
goodand rightand true or be tolerant, careless, inattentive, or become politically apathetic to
whats been wrongfully done.
But whatever this option will have to be, lets all remember that the choices we make or the actions
we take today will significantly get to affect the destiny that our children and our childrens children
will come to inherit. So lets make no mistake: Lets be rightful and prudent of our choices and our
actions if we dont want to make history doom our deeds.
Thank you very much! God bless you and God blessGeneralSantosCity!