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45461 Brownell

Utica, MI 48317
Eppler Junior High School Phone: (586) 797-2900
Fax: (586) 797-2901


To Whom It May Concern,

It is my honor, privilege and pleasure to recommend, without reserve, Ms. Erin Tafoya be considered
for employment in your district and/or school. I have worked with Ms. Tafoya the past two years as the
principal of the school at which she teaches.

Ms. Tafoya did an exemplary job in the classroom while teaching in both our Science and English
Departments. In my opportunities to observe Erin, I found her teaching methods and strategies to be
stimulating and challenging. She also met the needs of her students by making herself available for
extra help during regularly scheduled times before and after school or by appointment.

Ms. Tafoyas desire to see each student be successful can be noted in the way she readily
communicated with parents at the first sign of any problems, and in the manner in which she easily
forged relationships with students and parents. Parents and students alike appreciated her dedication to
her students.

Ms. Tafoya has been a real go-to-gal for us as well. Erin has chaperoned numerous after-school
activities and has sponsored our Student Council, Homework Club, and has been a part of our At-Risk
Program. The entire staff found Erin to be a joy to work with as she unselfishly helped out whenever
and wherever needed in the school. For example, she was more than willing to help while we were
often short staffed by subbing in any other classroom while on her prep period. Ms. Tafoya has earned
the respect of our entire staff and they appreciate the kind of teacher and person she is. Erin has proven
herself to be dependable and is not afraid to take on challenges.

Ms. Tafoya has become an integral part of our staff and a true asset to our school. Without a doubt, the
same will be proven wherever she teaches. Again, I highly recommend Ms. Erin Tafoya for
employment in your district and /or school and believe that your school will be stronger because of her
character and integrity as an educator.

Please feel free to contact me at gerard.pantano@uticak12.org or 586-797-2995.


Jerry Pantano
Eppler Junior High School