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Alta, Co. - Registered office

tefnikova 41 Profile of Company
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic Company Alta, Co. was established in 1991 and it is focused on supply of complex technological equipments.
Tel.: +420 541 550 111 We offer top quality commercial, design and engineering services. The Alta Group included plant SE-MI Technology
Fax: +420 541 550 555 and also company focused on project organization ALTA Engineering. Our company has also other subdivisions
focused on mining technology, supply of raw materials, supply of materials for nuclear power plant, EPC projects.

Representative office in Moscow

2- Tverskaya-Yamskaya 31/34 Mining technology equipment for mining and raw materials preparation
125 047 Moscow
Russian Federation This subdivision specializes in the raw materials technology supplies both for the surface and underground mining.
Tel.: +7 (495) 232 43 44 These technologies are intended for mining and enrichment of coal and iron ore, gold and silver ore, other ore
Fax: +7 (499) 978 71 04 and non-ore raw materials.

Representative office
in Yekaterinburg Financing
ul. K. Tsetkin 4
620 075 Yekaterinburg While preparing the structure of the projects, we offer financing with insurance mediated by EGAP - state credit
Russian Federation insurance corporation.
Tel.: +7 (343) 217 90 56
Fax: +7 (343) 217 92 66
e-mail: Main references of subdivisions in 2011-2015
Representative office in Kiev SUEK, Russia (belt conveyors for underground mining up to 5x500 kW)
b-l Lesi Ukrainki 26 Russian Coal (complexes for coal mining)
011 33 Kiev
Adularya, Turkey (belt conveyors up to 3x315 kW)
Tel.: +38 (044) 492 76 04 Severstal, Russia (shearers and face scraper conveyors, slag processing line)
Fax: +38 (044) 492 76 04 Silesia, Poland (factory for enrichment of coal, belt conveyors)
e-mail: Vinacomin, Vietnam (complex for coal mining) Vozrozhdenie, Russia (line for the production of gravel)
Coal Company Pokrovskoye, Ukraine (complex for coal mining)
Technologies for the mining industry
Belt conveyors and conveyor systems
underground mining with the output up to 4x1000 kW
Open-cast mining with the output up to 2200 mm
Complexes for coal mining
for low coal seams up to 0,9 m
for top coal caving mining
for sloping coal seams
Equipment for mining
Face scraper conveyors
Mechanically Powered Supports
Electric equipments
of iron ore, precious and colored metals and other raw materials
of coal
Vertical transport
Winding cages/ Skips
Lines for crushing and screening of stones and other ore and non-ore raw materials
Crushers and screens
Asphalt and concrete plants
Sand mining
Bsk projekty Ostrava, a.s.

Bsk projekty Ostrava, a.s.

Vtkovick 11 Company Profile
702 00 Ostrava
Czech Republic Bsk projekty Ostrava, a.s. (Designing of Mines Ostrava Ltd), abbreviated BPO, is based in the Ostrava
Phone: +420 595 620 031 City, the hub of Ostrava Karvin mining district. Our team of experts gained their experiences in
+420 596 623 078 designing of underground works and mine technologies there within the Ostrava Karvin Group
Fax: +420 595 620 060 of Mines. We also worked out many other project designs and studies for our customers in Russia,
+420 596 622 195
Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Serbia, Malaysia, Iran and Poland, just to name few.
BPO a.s. provides complex project designs on high technical level to meet specific needs of aclient and
covers all project stages from exploration to operation. The mine design may include acomplete surface
plant, coal washing plant, power and water supply, transport layout and land reclamation. Our designs
are processed mostly in the AutoCAD or Micro station software. We can create graphical digital products
linked to various databases and we can also offer maintenance of relevant data.

Our professional support and help presented whenever our customers build or upgrade their
computerized jobs is an obvious part of our services. We can provide appropriate hardware, software
and professional training.

BPO keeps traditional contacts with Czech mining authorities, Ostrava Mining University, institutes or
experts, and cooperates with them whenever needed.

Bsk projekty Ostrava, a.s. operates under quality and environment system management and is
certified accordingly to ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001 standards.

Projects of Deep Mines within the Czech Republic:
Mining program for Ostrava-Karvind Group of Mines (OKD)
Mine SM, Mine Darkov, Mine Lazy, Mine SA
Mine Frentt, Mine Schoeller, Mine Tuchlovice

Foreign Feasibility Studies and Mine Development Project Designs:

Serbia RMU Resavica Vodna, RMU Soko, RMU tavalj
Afghanistan Mine Karkar Dudkash, Mine Sabzak
Pakistan Mine Lakhra
Malaysia Merit-Pila Coalfield, Borneo, Sarawak
Poland Mine Dembjensko I

Other lmportant Project Designs:

Reservoir dam Morvka high capacity drainage tunnel
Collector for main engineering networks in the center of Ostrava City

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Company management
Ing. Jan Poloch Director and Chairman of the Board
Ing. Pavel Holub Technical Director and Member of the Board
Ing. Jaromr Zelnek Economical Director and Member of the Board

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DSP Perov, spol. s r.o.

DSP Perov, spol. s r.o.

Kojetnsk 2900/51 A significant producer and supplier of machines and equipment
750 02 Perov I Msto
Czech Republic for raw material processing technologies
Phone: +420 581 209 050
Fax: +420 581 209 051 DSP Perov, spol. s r.o. is a manufacturing - engineering company, established in 1998. The reliable team of specialists
E-mail: is based on experience and deep knowledge of crushing and screening. Our company concentrates all its activities on a single outcome - the production of machines for raw material processing technologies. A wide range of our
products is focused on individual deliveries as well as on turnkey projects. Due to our construction development, we
are able to cover a wide area of customers requirements.

A summary of unique machines & equipment

Machines for crushing (in stationary, semi-mobile or mobile versions):
Jaw Crushers
Cone Crushers
Impact Crushers
Roller Crushers
Hammer Crushers

Machines for screening:

Vibrating Screens
Coarse Screens
Vibrating Dehydrators

Equipment for feeding:

Vibrating Feeders
Belt Feeders
Trough Feeders

Other equipment for material processing:

Log Washers
Dewatering Wheels
Newly developed products
A new generation of cone crushers HCU
better & more economic results of crushing
simple operation & maintenance
high quality of crushed material
A newly designed impact crushers HIC
variable design for wide range of application



Complete plants:
(2014) - Pitkyaranta, Russia Granite plant 500 tph
(2013) - Asbest, Russia Serpentinite plant 650 tph
(2013) - Yekaterinburg, Russia Limestone plant 120 tph
(2012) - Maykop, Russia Gravel plant 220 tph
(2011) - Nigeria Laterite plant 25 tph
(2011) - Draseikiu, Lithuania Gravel plant 130 tph
(2011) - Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia Limestone plant 400 tph
(2011) - Grodno, Belarus Gravel plant 130 tph

Single machines & equipment:

(2014) - Rudozem, Bulgaria Jaw Crusher DCD 500x400
(2014) - Zumberk, Czech Republic Cone Crusher HCU 9/250
(2014) - Mandaluyong City, Philippines Cone Crusher HCC 7/65
(2014) - Liticka, Czech Republic Cone Crusher HCU 10/90
(2014) - Ryazan, Russia Jaw Crusher DC 115x85
(2014) - Aktobe, Kazakhstan Jaw Crusher DC 75x50 t
(2014) - Pakruojo raj., Lithuania, Impact Crusher HIC 100x100 F GB
(2014) - Lubomia, Poland Cone Crusher HCU 7/65
(2014) - Pure, Latvia Cone Crusher HCU 7/65
(2014) - Vyborg, Russia Jaw Crusher DC 130x105
(2014) - Perm, Russia Jaw Crusher DC 115x85
(2014) - Zelesice, Czech Republic Vibrating Screen VTK 200x400/2
(2014) - Stasov, Czech Republic Vibrating Screen VTK 160x400/2
(2014) - Pakruojis, Lithuania Vibrating Screen VTK 160x400/3
(2014) - Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia Coarse Screen VGO 120x270/2
(2014) - Plana nad Luznici, Czech Republic Vibrating Screen VTK 200x400/2
(2014) - Pchery, Czech Republic Vibrating Screen VTE 100x300/1
(2014) - Pure, Latvia Vibrating Feeder VPL 70x250
(2014) - Stasov, Czech Republic Vibrating Feeder VPL 100x400
Czech Chamber of Commerce


COMPANY NAME: DSP Perov, spol. s r.o.

Address: Kojetinska 2900/51, 750 02 Perov Web-site:

Participant: Mr. Martin Trousil Position: Sales Manager

Phone: +420 603 515 773 E-mail:

Number of Employees: 95 Year of Foundation: 1998


Company activities, products and services:

DSP Perov, spol. s r.o. is a manufacturing - engineering company. The main activity is
focused on production of special machines for raw material processing technologies. Our
production program consists of addressed jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers,
roll crushers, vibrating screens, log washers, dewatering wheels, feeders with various
range of capacity and design. Our development strategy is based on creating the
addresed customer design and function.. Due to our construction development, we are
able to cover a wide area of customers requirements.

We are looking for: (distributors, clients, partners for joint-ventures, co-operationetc.)

- Production partners
- Distributors
- Clients.

I would like to meet following partners, contacts:

- Zamin Sanjesh Tolue ( Mr. Arash Ali Nasseri
Manag. Director
- Asia Mase Saz Co. Mr. Behruz Yazdi Manag. Director-
- Kateksa Co. Mr. Hossein Aghajanlou Manag. Director-
- Mahyar Crusher Co. Mr. Mehdi Abbasi - Manag. Director-
- Pasargad Neshan Pars Co. - Mr. Mojtaba Yazdanpanah - Manag. Director,,

Office: Freyova 27, Praha 9, Czech Republic

tel.: 266 721 379, e-mail:,
Czech Chamber of Commerce
- Pars Gostaran Aghigh Engineering & Commercial Co. Mr. Manuchehr Jalali -
Manag. Director,
- Madan Kavan Ayandeh Mining & Industrial Co. Mr Mahdi Zeighami, Manag.
- Behrad Tehran Construction Mining Equipment, Mr Javad Amighi - Manag.
- Fakoor Meghnatis Spadana Co. Mr. Ali Haratian - Manag. Director, info@fms-
- Kian Madan Pars Mr Faraj Kiani Boroujeni - Manag. Director,,
- Iran Zinc Development Company Mr. Mehdi Kouhi - Manag. Director,,
- Sabanour Iranian Co. Mr. Mohammad Hashem Nezhad Chairman of Board of
- Kanifaravaran Tehran Engineering Co. Mr. Ali Sedehi- Manag. Director,

Office: Freyova 27, Praha 9, Czech Republic

tel.: 266 721 379, e-mail:,
ELEKTROSVIT Svatoboice, a. s.

ELEKTROSVIT Svatoboice, a. s
Nadrazni 277, History:
696 04 Svatoborice-Mistrin 1906 the original plant established by Mr. Jindrich Wiktorin
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 518 397 461
1950 the plant included in the Elektrosvit group of companies
Fax: +420 518 397 422 1993 a join-stock company ELEKTROSVIT Svatoboice, a. s. established
E-mail: 2002 privatisation of the company by private owner ELEKTROSVIT

Production assortment electric light fittings

light fittings for public illumination (street, park and garden)
industrial and special light fittings (for indoor, outdoor use; emergency luminaires, etc.)
speciality in our production line: flameproof light fittings for potentially explosive atmosphere such (as mines,
chemical plants, crude-oil and natural gas production and refining, compressor-stations, paper and paint industry,
Certificate of quality management according to EN ISO 9001: 2001 by TV CZ company.
Declarations of Conformity corresponding with related valid government decrees (technical parametres according
to European certification standards).
Flameproof light fittings approved in PTTI Ostrava-Radvanice according to ATEX 94/9/EC.
Temperature range from -50 C to +70 C according to each individual type.
Flameproof light fittings for mines approved in the Czech Mine Institute in Prague.
Flameproof light fittings approved for Russia in CCVE Lyubertsy according; incl. Statement of Gosgortechnadzor.
Other light fittings also approved according to resolution of the Customs Union.
Trademark Elektrosvit registered by the Institution for Industrial Proprietorship in Prague under No. 251515.
Member of EKO-KOM system focused on waste cover material utilization (No. EK-F06020595).

Deliveries for former Czechoslovakian foreign trade companies for completation of industrial plants in the countries
of Middle and East Europe, Middle East, Middle and South America (for example: Technoexport Prague refineries
Basra in Iraq and Homs in Syria).
Currently, most exported goods are shipped to the countries of EU and East Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary,
Spain, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Bosna and Hercegovina, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan)
and Middle East (Egypt).
ENELEX s.r.o.

ENELEX s.r.o. Enelex s.r.o. (Ltd.) is genuinely a Czech company. Since 1991 it has been successfully operating in the Czech market
U stadionu 427
and since 1994 in foreign market with continual dynamic growth. Nowadays it has established a significant position
533 12 Chvaletice
Czech Republic among producers of special electronics especially for mining industry and power industry.
Phone.: +420 466 988 154
Fax: +420 466 988 153 The key area represents production of on-line radiometric coal ash analyzers for continual measurement of coal ash
E-mail: content and calorific value the gamma-ashmeters, which monitor the coal quality on the belt conveyor on-line. The in-service radiometric fast analyzers evaluate the coal quality of the taken samples and the automatic coal sampling
and processing lines take samples from the belt conveyors or alternatively from railway wagons or heavy trucks.
Enelex started to design and install the fixed applications of Thermovision systems since 1999 for heavy conditions
of coal stockyards, waste sites and other facilities mainly related to power industry. The main part is the detection
system of monitoring the stockyards and outdoor fire detection systems in areas with high risk of fire or spontaneous
Enelex also installs the CCTV systems in heavy industry and produces the AE series oxygen analyzers (O2) helping
to reach optimal burning and heating efficiency in power stations, industrial boiler rooms and incineration plants.
Enelex manufactures and delivers the products including installation, initial running and personnel training, the
maintenance and servicing is always arranged with close cooperation with the customer. We have own production
facility with necessary production, measurement and servicing equipment for the production of special electronics.
In foreign countries we cooperate with local companies in installing, maintenance and servicing and we systematically
build-up a network of representatives and servicing centers.

Coal quality management systems

The systems of coal quality management can be applied in several phases of coal handling procedure. It is possible
to use it from the excavation controlling up to power plant feed efficiency monitoring. The implementation of the
coal quality management systems has positive effects not only in the field of operational economy but also ecology
Specified and constant coal quality and calorific value is very important parameter for most processes using coal
as a fuel or input material. The system of coal quality management is a complex of technological and operational
arrangements which aim at producing of required coal quality for certain application. It should be able to react on
dynamic coal quality fluctuations in order to maintain the product quality requirements.
Benefits of the systems:
Optimization of coal excavation
Costs reduction of coal cleaning
Increasing the efficiency of coal burning
Prevention of technology failures caused by insufficient quality of coal
GE 3000 On-line radiometric coal ash content analyzer
GE 3000 enables online monitoring of actual values of the non-combustible content in coal flow on the conveyor belt
and can provide information on quality and quantity of coal passing through the given technology in the real time.
Using the GE 3000 can improve the mining process efficiency or optimize coal consumption in combustion process,
which leads to significant costs saving.
The GE 3000 stands for a third generation of online coal ash content analyzers (ashmeters). We have made the best
of our more than 20 years of experience in the field of contactless coal quality monitoring and also our important
customers needs.

Calorific value measurement system GE 3000.CM

The system enables the measurement of the coal calorific value directly on the belt conveyer using the combination
of radiometric ash content measurement and microwave moisture measurement.
The detection system consists of two measurement frames for ash content measurement and moisture measurement
installed on the belt conveyer. The frames can be installed directly on the belt or as a part of the coal sampler.

GE 3030 in-service coal quality fast-analyzer

Coal stands for one of the most important energy sources. The need of saving all kinds of energy is strongly
emphasized nowadays and though the coal mining and efficient processing becomes the first-degree interest. The
need of immediate coal quality evaluation or evaluation in reasonably short time results from the requirements
of combustion and mining process optimization.
The GE 3030 coal fast-analyzer enables fast analysis of non-combustible content and calorific value of coal samples
immediately on site or in the laboratory. Operational evaluation of coal quality can significantly raise processing
efficiency and consequently also keep running costs lower.

Automatic coal samplers

Sampling station with soft milling is fully automatic device for regular taking and sample processing from the
conveyer belt using the rotary sampler. The design of the sampling device components ensures the sampling and
sample processing to fully comply with required standards for solid fuels sampling.

Auger Sampler
Sampling equipment for sample retrieving from coal trucks and rail cars
The samples are retrieved using the hydraulic boom arm with auger assembly. Unique design ensures retrieving
samples from any place and any depth inside the coal trucks or rail cars using the method of submerged auger
sampling, which ensures fast sampling and representative samples.

Thermovision systems
Fire protection of stockyards, industrial and security use.
Enelex has longterm experience with installing the thermal imaging systems in demanding conditions such as coal
storage yards, waste sites and other facilities, mostly in the power industry. Most of our applications consist of
thermal imaging fire prevention systems for monitoring surface temperatures of stored materials and of outdoor fire
prevention systems in outdoor areas with high risk of fire.
The systems enable motion detection, temperature level detection, temperature trend monitoring in large
or outdoor areas as well as advanced analysis based on application needs.
Ferrit s.r.o.

Ferrit s.r.o. Hard dangerous and slow. Thats work underground whether mining raw materials, tunnelling or building
Na Zbytkch 41
collectors. Moving material and people is very demanding. Ensuring this level of performance is complicated, even
Star Msto u Frdku-Mstku
739 01 pota Baka for the strongest of investors.
Czech Republic
Phone: central +420 558 411 605 Ferrit is a Czech company with worldwide presence offering comprehensive transport solutions for all types of
Fax.: +420 558 621 804 mines. For more than 20 years Ferrit has developed, manufactured and serviced a complete range of machinery and
E-mail: equipment dedicated to making transportation in mines easier, safer and more effective.
Among the most effective systems for transportation in deep and sloped mines are suspended monorails. Monorails
are ideal under almost any topographical conditions, even with slopes of up to 30 degrees. Thanks to the fact that
the monorail track hangs from the mine ceiling, there are no complications with unstable foundations, material
stored on the ground, or any other obstacles along the track. Suspended transport excels in safety, long durability,
and minimal maintenance and re-installation costs.
Ferrit produces a complete machinery range for mining suspended monorail transport with diesel or battery drive,
including monorail locomotives, lifting and manipulating equipment, suspended monorail transport containers
and man transport cabins. With help of such technologies you can freely transport all required materials, including
oversized loads weighing up to several dozen tons, such as mechanized roof supports or entire assemblies of
mining machines. Enjoy significant reductions in transport times and needed man power, and at the same time, an
impressive rise in productivity and safety. Suspended monorail transport is also ideally suitable for taking people to
distant work areas. High transport capacity also provides you with measurable savings because of the shortened
time period necessary for transporting your staff.
Ferrit also produces machines for ground rail transport in the form of diesel hydraulic, battery operated and electric
trolley rail locomotives. For transport of heavy loads along high gradient slopes, we supply ground rack & pinion rail
systems with diesel hydraulic or electro hydraulic drives.
In our portfolio you can also find machines with wheel and track chassis, loading and dinting machines, drilling and
bolting vehicles, multipurpose transport vehicles for material, persons and special material transport, rock crushers
and plethora of small mechanization for use in ore mines and mines without explosion danger. Ferrit products are
also certified for operation in areas with methane and coal dust explosion danger.
Ferrit develops and produces all its machines based on its many years of experience and proven know-how. From the
early stage of every design, we analyse all of our products in detail and carry out simulations to reveal and remove
possible weaknesses and potential parts failures. In our unique testing polygon, we simulate the operation of the
machine in real underground conditions. Using a special inclinable bridge, we test both operational and emergency
brake systems. Each machine is repeatedly checked and adjusted to its highest and most stable performance. Every
customer gets a fully adjusted machine, ready for immediate use in action.
Thanks to strategically controlled investments into development of production capabilities and entire background
of Ferrits production site the company grows continuously. In the mother company in the Czech Republic Ferrit
employs an increasing number of experts. Investing into the development of manufacturing capabilities allows us to
enhance our ability to succeed with our products in the fierce competition in world markets.
The growing customers, base commits us to meet the ever higher goals, which we will certainly do with the help of
newest technological equipment.
To ensure the highest quality, we use the most modern CNC machines. When welding stressed joints we apply top
welding technologies
But Ferrit goes even further. More and more customers require complete solutions. In addition to the transportation
machines manufactured by our company we also supply complete technologies used in underground mines,
including projecting and engineering services. Our activities include projects of mining logistics optimization aiming
at maximum reduction in operating costs associated with mining transport, material handling, more effective
and enhanced performance of transport sets in underground and surface environments. An integral part of the
optimization of logistics is a management of logistics process, monitoring of transport units traffic and maintaining
of communication with the dispatching centre.
Commercial and service centres of Ferrit can be found worldwide. They are ready to deal with your individual needs
ie mining transport projects, purchase, service and spare parts supply. For each customer, we are a responsible and
reliable partner. In 2014, we entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with AARD Mining Equipment, who
are manufacturers of wheeled equipment.
Build or modernize your mine transport with Ferrit solutions and travel underground more easily, safely and
Hansen Electric, spol. s r.o.

Hansen Electric, spol. s r.o. The main activities of the company are directed towards the development, design, manufacture, installation
Tnsk 2977/79C and servicing of electrical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive environments.
746 01 Opava,
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 553 816 958
Fax: +420 553 816 930 Production programme:
E-mail: Power switching systems
Protective devices
Lighting for potentially explosive environments
Lighting for mining operations
Intrinsically safe systems
EEx components
Overhaul and maintenance of electric motors and generators
Exclusive sales representation of the Damel company in the Czech Republic

The products intended for use in explosive atmospheres meet additional requirements according to
Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX). The notification body, FTZU, with the ldentification Number 1026 provides
certification according to the specified Directive and supervision. The certificate is registered under
the document number FTZU 01 ATEX Q 003.

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Technical Capabilities of the Company

Engineering Production
Manufacture of durable non-explosive closing devices
Welded construction
Manufacture of mechanical parts

Mechanical production
Milling up to a maximum size of 1400 x 500 mm with accuracy up to 0.2 mm
Turning work up to a maximum diameter of 180 mm
Welding in a protective atmosphere of CO2 and Ag
Numerically controlled horizontal boring machine with the capacity of drilling, milling, thread cutting,
maximum size 1100 x 1100 x 1100 mm, with a working accuracy up to + 0.2 mm
Control Section for welded seams using pressure up to 1.2 MPa

Electro Technical Production

Production of switchboards (also repeat orders) up to the voltage of 6000 V intended for potentially
explosive environments and for usual industrial conditions up to class lP 54
Production of vacuum contacts
Reprocessing of electronic devices

Electro-technical section
Assembly of printed circuits
Assembly of electronic devices and vacuum contacts
Assembly of electronic distributors
Section with an automatic mixing and filling device for double-component polyurethane
or epoxy resins.
Testing section with a testing voltage source of 20 kV AC/DC

Preparation of Production
CAD department for projects and for the preparation of mechanical parts
Electronic project of printed circuits (ORCAD)
Computer-based electronic project of switchboards

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INCO engineering s.r.o.

INCO engineering s.r.o.

Thmova 11 A producer and supplier of a new generation of modern hoisting
186 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic machines and equipment for underground mines
Phone: +420 222 780 372
Fax: +420 222 782 604 An innovative approach, the highest priority of safety, reliability, and economic efficiency are the key factors
E-mail: of our success. Established in 1994, INCO engineering s.r.o. is a private company based in the Czech Republic with
skype: (CZ, EN) a history that dates back to the end of 19th Century. Preciseness and quality are characteristic for INCOs products.
INCO is one of the top suppliers of vertical transport technology for underground mines. We specialize in turnkey
projects as well as individual deliveries. We put the utmost effort into providing our customers with sophisticated, safe
and reliable equipment.

A wide range of products & turnkey supplies

Equipment for vertical transport in underground mines:
Friction hoists:
Koepe hoists from single-rope up to 8-rope
Friction disc diameter up to 7,000 mm
Asynchronous motors from 25 kW to 1,000 kW
Synchronous motors from 1,000 kW to 10,000 kW
DC motors from 800 kW to 5,000 kW
Up to 150 tons of total payload
Up to 2,000 m of depth
Drum-type hoists:
Single drum hoists
Double-drum hoists
Drum diameter up to 6,500 mm
Asynchronous motors from 25 kW to 1,000 kW
Synchronous motors from 1,000 kW to 10,000 kW
DC motors from 800 kW to 6,000 kW
Mobile hoists dedicated to special operations (shaft-sinking):
Sophisticated solution of special modular-type construction
Easy to transport
Fast assembly and operation
Fully protected against climatic conditions
Full safety and reliability
Small hoists (winches; auxiliary devices):
Single drum design
Compact dimensions
Asynchronous motors from 25 kW to 1,000 KW
Other mining equipment:
Mine signaling systems
Skips, cages, skip-cum-cage
Charging and discharging station of skips
Pushers for mine cars
Mine ventilators (fans)
Hanging systems (catchers) of main/balance ropes
Hoisting pulleys
Rope replacement system
Newly developed products and systems
Completely brand-new solution for mobile hoisting operations
Newly designed hoists for shaft-sinking
State-of-the-art HV drives with air-cooling system of the frequency converter and with direct connection
to network of 6,000 V (no transformer needed). HV drives with no negative effects for network
(no need for filtering and equalizing unit)
State-of-the-art monitoring system for 24/7 application support


(20112013) Moscow Metro Mosmetrostroy (RUS) / 4 units of 2B2810 double-drum hoist
(2012) OAO Gajskij Gok (RUS) / 1 unit of 1B6560; 3.15 MW single-drum hoist, 6.5 m diameter
OAO Gajkij Gok (RUS) / 1 unit of 8K5032; 11 MW 8-rope Koepe hoist, 5.0 m diameter
OAO Gajskij Gok (RUS) / 1 unit of 4K5018; 4-rope Koepe hoist, 5.0 m diameter
OAO Gajskij Gok (RUS) / 1 unit of 4K3316; 4-rope Koepe hoist, 3.3 m diameter
(2012) OAO PPGCHO (RUS) / 1 unit of 2B5024; double-drum hoist, 5.0 m diameter
(2011) EuroChem VolgaKaliy (RUS) / 1 unit of 6K5529; 6-rope Koepe hoist, 5.5 m diameter
EuroChem VolgaKaliy (RUS) 1 unit of 4K4016; 4-rope Koepe hoist, 4.0 m diameter
EuroChem VolgaKaliy (RUS) / 2 units of 1B2016; single-drum hoist, 2.0 m diameter
EuroChem VolgaKaliy (RUS) / 1 unit of 1B2622; single-drum hoist, 2.6 m diameter
(2011) OAO APATIT (RUS) / 1 unit of 2B5024; double-drum hoist, 5.0 m diameter
OAO APATIT (RUS) / 1 unit of 6K5022; 2x 4000 kW 6-rope Koepe hoist, 5.0 m diameter
(2010) OAO Juzhnyj Kuzbas -Sibirginskaja / 1 unit of 4K4016; 4-rope Koepe hoist, 4.0 m diameter
OAO Juzhnyj Kuzbas -Sibirginskaja / 1 unit of 2K3013; 2-rope Koepe hoist, 3.0 m diameter
Czech Chamber of Commerce


COMPANY NAME: INCO engineering

Address: Thmova 11, 186 00 Prague 8 Web-site:

Participant: Position:
Ing. Antonn Jaro General Director
Ing. Karol Butora Implementation Manager

Phone: E-mail:
+420 222 780 372
+420 727 886 293

Number of Employees: 120 Year of Foundation: 1994


Company activities, products and services:

INCO engineering, established in 1994 as the successor of the world famous KD Praha
Company is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of hoisting machines (HM) for
vertical and inclined transportation in underground mines and currently the biggest
supplier of these machines to Russia. We specialize in complete industrial plant turnkey
projects with annual ore output ranging from as little as 0.1 up to 8 M tons per single
machine, as well as in the modernizations and refurbishments of outdated HM.

Range of our products and turnkey supplies: friction hoists, drum hoists, modular-type
mobile hoists for shaft-sinking, winches, hoisting pulleys, skips, cages, loading &
unloading stations, conveyors, vibrating & chain feeders, main mine ventilators, signaling
& communication systems, remote diagnostic and monitoring system, etc.

Office: Freyova 27, Praha 9, Czech Republic

tel.: 266 721 379, e-mail:,
Czech Chamber of Commerce
We are looking for: (distributors, clients, partners for joint-ventures, co-operationetc.)

- for hoisting machines for vertical and inclined transportation in underground
- for modernizations of existing hoisting machines for vertical and inclined
transportation in underground mines

Partners with long experience in the mining industry

- for joint participation in tenders for the supply of new hoisting machines and other
equipment for the underground mines including modernizations and
- for assembling, commissioning and servicing of our hoisting machines
- for potential production of mechanical parts in Iran

I would like to meet following partners, contacts:

Spolenost Funkce, resp. oddlen Email Web
Ja'far Deputy of Mining and Mineral odkaz
Sarqini Industries'Affairs 1
Deputy Minister for Plan and odkaz
2 MIMT Abouei
Program 2
Mehdi Deputy Minister and Chairman odkaz
Karbassian of the Board 3
Planning and Supervision odkaz
4 NICICO Saad Abdi
Manager 4
Deputy Programming, odkaz
Exploration and Development 5
6 IZMDC Zink mines plans and projects
7 KCE Mine design and mine planning
Hamed Reza odkaz
8 IRITEC Marketing manager 8
Shahrooz odkaz
9 MADANKAV Business development Director
Shenavar 9
Cyrus odkaz
10 TOLIRAN Director
Arman 10

Office: Freyova 27, Praha 9, Czech Republic

tel.: 266 721 379, e-mail:,
kener a.s.

kener a.s.
Office: Company Profile
Biskupsk dvr 2095/8
110 00 Prague 1 Kener a.s. company is amanufacturing engineering firm, operating on the market since 1991, offering
Czech Republic services in the field of technological transport and storage of bulk and lump materials.
Manufactory: The company operates as a supplier for major domestic and foreign companies in construction,
Tovrn 390
energy, metallurgical and other industries. The offer includes the implementation of capital projects,
267 01 Krlv Dvr
Czech Republic reconstruction upgrading or increasing capacity of existing technological operations and production
tel.: 311 662 880 lines.
fax: 311 662 572
e-mail: To support the design proposals, quotations and implementation we use proven 3D CAD and our
web: SW partners information systems for processing technically and spatially challenging tasks with
respect to the operation, maintenance and especially the rapidly increasing demands on hygiene and

Thanks to this we achieve maximum clarity of communication with investors and project organizations
in the course of projects / contracts, as well as the optimal replacement design and implementation
documents produced so far in text form visual output.

The basic offer of the company includes:

Vertical and horizontal transport
Technological equipment for transport and feed regulation of material
Stock control

SW partners:


CDT_Kesner_2013_en.indd 1 5/20/13 6:15 PM

CDT_Kesner_2013_en.indd 2 5/20/13 6:15 PM
NOEN, a.s.

NOEN, a.s. NOEN, a.s., which has developed exclusively on the Czech market, employs the team of more than 100 experts,
Vclavsk nmst 56
top planning engineers and designers with long experience, who use the state-of-the-art computer technology
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic when performing their design and construction work. Its core activity is obtaining the contracts in research
Phone: +420 224 032 510 and development and design for coal companies using the open-pit mining methods. The company also focuses
Fax: +420 224 032 513 on designing and engineering of machines and equipment for open-pit mining, long-distance belt conveyor systems,
E-mail: material handling equipment at the dump as well as the delivery of machines and equipment for bulk material stock-
yards. The other activities include the studies and projects of new bucket wheel excavators and the reconstruction
and modernization of belt conveyors and machines for stock-yards.
Recently, NOEN has managed to enter the foreign market dramatically. Contracts for the BWE deliveries in Germany
and Bulgaria are the first deliveries of the final product abroad. Till now, the company has only sold engineering
hours abroad.
Along with its subsidiaries, the company has also succeeded in entering other fields of technology in power
engineering both on the Czech market and abroad.
During its existence, NOEN, a.s. has become the main partner of Severoesk doly, a.s. Other prominent cooperating
companies include EZ a.s., Czech Coal a.s., Sokolovsk uheln a.s., KODA PRAHA Invest s r.o., Prodeco a.s.
and Vtkovice, a.s.

NOEN, a.s. has four departments:

Prague, Uniov, Chrudim and Blina.

The main fields of activity includes engineering of technological units in the following areas:
Open-pit mining equipment
Long-distance and technological transport of bulk materials
Material handling equipment
Stock-yard machines and equipment
Steel structures

On the domestic and foreign markets, NOEN, a.s. offers:

Preparation of technical studies and designs, including calculations and technical drawings
Preparation of expert opinions, consultancy and technical assistance
Complex implementation of high-level delivery operations
The company continues to upgrade its network infrastructure and increases the number of licences for the 3D
modeling tool Autodesk Inventor to support the design and construction activities. Thanks to this investment, NOEN,
a.s. may apply the latest technology in modeling while increasing its productivity in 2D and 3D design. In the field
of servers, it applies the latest and state-of-the-art trends, including the server virtualization, which ensures optimum
utilization of the available hardware, including a higher availability of servers.
NOEN has implemented a quality management system (QMS) according to ISO 9001:2008 and environmental
management system (EMS) according to ISO 14001:2004.
Open-pit mining
Bucket wheel excavator KK1300 investor: Prodeco, a.s., Czech Republic
Bucket wheel excavator K100 Lagerdorf chalkpit, Germany
Belt conveyor systems for the northern and southern slopes, turn-key delivery - documentation and implementation
- investor: PRODECO, a.s., Czech Republic
Documentation for reconstruction of PVZ 2500, investor: SD 1. Strojrensk, a.s., Czech Republic
Project and manufacturing documentation (machinery + electric and electronic parts) for the complete overhaul
of bucket wheel excavators KU 800/18,19 investor: Severoesk doly, a.s., Czech Republic
Project and manufacturing documentation (machinery + electric and electronic parts) for the relocation
of the long-distance belt conveyor system DPD K99 to the inner dump of the pits Blina investor: Klement, a.s.,
Czech Republic
Modernization of the tripper SV 1800 investor: SD 1. Strojrensk, a.s., Czech Republic

Power plants
Coal handling for the Ledvice power plant, new unit (ELENZ) engineering, investor: EZ, Czech Republic
Coal handling for the Tuimice power plant (ETU II) investor: EZ, Czech Republic
Coal handling for the Prunov power plant (EUPRU) investor: EZ, Czech Republic
Delivery of the belt conveyor PD 13.5, EZ a.s., Chvaletice power plant, engineering investor: TIS-R, s.r.o,
Czech Republic
Stacker 1500/30 + 150 (KUMBA SISHEN, SAR) documentation, investor: VAMH/SANDVIK, AUSTRIA
ZGOT 1100 stock-yard machine reconstruction engineering, investor: International Power Opatovice a.s.,
Czech Republic
Naval stacker (QINHUANGDAO, CHINA) documentation, investor: VAMH/SANDVIK, AUSTRIA
Harbor conveyor system for fast coal reloading to railway (IMMINGHAM, ENGLAND) documentation, investor:
Stacker reclaimer 1800/47 (RIZHAO, CHINA) - documentation, investor: VAMH/SANDVIK, AUSTRIA
Stacker reclaimer 1600/55 (NANTONG, CHINA) - documentation, investor: VAMH/SANDVIK, AUSTRIA
Stacker 1600/56 (CAPE LAMBERT, AUSTRALIA) - documentation, investor: VAMH/SANDVIK, AUSTRIA
Stacking adjusting conveyor (TABAS, IRAN) - documentation, investor: VAMH/SANDVIK, AUSTRIA
Technological structures (distributing plants) for the coal handling belt conveyor system (TABAS, IRAN)
documentation, investor: VAMH/SANDVIK, AUSTRIA
Stacker parts (BURGAS harbor, BULGARIA) - documentation, investor: VAMH/SANDVIK, AUSTRIA
Limestone and gypsum management system for ETU II documentation, investor: Klement, a.s., Czech Republic
Limestone and gypsum management system for EPR II documentation, investor: Klement, a.s., Czech Republic

Analyses of investment opportunities in coal mining
Due diligence, feasibility studies and operational designs

Technical assistance
Analyses of investment opportunities in coal mining, especially in the South-Eastern Europe (in cooperation with
VHU, a.s. Most, Czech Republic)

Feasibility study
GACKO site, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Republika Srpska - opening of a new quarry

Due Diligence Due Diligence Preliminary Analysis

Pljevlja site, Montenegro Mirash Bardh site, Kosovo
Mibrag site, Germany Stanari site, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Republika Srpska
Motru site, Romania
Kolubara site, Serbia
Ugljevik site, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Republika Srpska
Afsin-Elbistan site, Turkey
etzrna a.s.

etzrna a.s. etzrna a.s. was founded in 1894 as a metalworking company. We specialize in the production of link chains
Polsk 48
and other chain products. Our success is based on more than 100 years experience, highly qualified personnel,
790 81 esk Ves
Czech Republic modern production facilities, and professional standards such as the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System,
Phone: + 420 584 488 111 the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, and the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and
Fax: +420 584 488 444 Safety Management System. Thanks to their high quality and stable properties, our chains have become popular
Email: with customers in more than 40 countries on five continents. Chains for mining applications make up a significant
share of our production. We pay special attention to the continuous development, production processes, and quality
control of such chains.
At present, we produce high-strength link chains for mining applications in standard designs according to PN 02
3215 in strength classes B and C, and according to DIN 22 252:2012 in strength class 2. For applications with higher
requirements, we offer a chain with the designation RCV 9; D; DH.
High-strength link chains for mining applications have special properties. They are intended primarily for conveyors
and excavating machines in mines. All our mining chains are certified according to the SN EN 10 204 - 3.1 standard.
etzrna a.s. guarantees compliance with the standard according to which the chain is
manufactured and supplied.
We offer the following products for mining and excavating applications:
Mining chains for conveyors and excavating machines in strength classes B, C, RCV9, D, and DH with diameters
from 14 mm to 42 mm.
Components for scraper conveyors (scrapers, side shackles, and middle shackles) with chains with diameters
of 14 and 18 mm.
Couplings for mining chains
Tyre protection chains for earth-moving machinery
Chains for conveyors
Chains and components for elevators
Grade 8 and 10 suspension chains and accessories
T Machinery a.s.

T Machinery a.s.
696 02 Ratkovice 1285 Company Profile
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 518 391 511 The company T Machinery a.s., Czech Republic, has been successfully developing and manufacturing mining
Fax: +420 518 391 599 equipment more than 80 years.
Production program of T Machinery includes:
shearers MB, mechanically powered roof supports MVPO, and long wall face scraper conveyers C3K, stage loaders
PZF, electro equipment and other equipment. We have established a service centers in the area of coal mine
of customers.
T Machinery a.s. manufactures mining equipment at a high technical and technology level, which meet
the international standards.
Key to successful development of our company is Improvement of the equipments parameters and production
process and company culture focused on customer requirements.
T Machinery a.s. has been successfully cooperating with the leading mine of Russia and Ukraine for many years
and has also customers in Belarus, Vietnam and Slovakia.
All equipment supplies are ensured with warranty and post warranty maintenance services. The representatives
of the service centers and mines undergo direct training that is associated with the equipment servicing
at the T Machinery a.s. plant.

We focus on two following strategic goals:

Innovation of the mining equipment production
Maximization of success of produced technologies on foreign markets
Shearers MB
Seam thickness 0,8 6,0 m
Haulage speed 0 20,0 m/min
Haulage pull 2 x 160 2 x 500 kN
Total output of motors 280 1850 kW
Total output of main motor 2 x 125 2 x 750 kW
Shearer MB 12 compact: mine Pokrovskoe (Ukraine), Vorkuta Ugol (Russia), mine Novaya 2 (Russia), OAO
Russugol (Russia), mine Vorkutinskaya (Republic Komi), mine Komsomolskaya (Russia), mine Zapolarnaya (Republic
Komi), mine Butovskaya (Russia), mine Vladimirskaya (Russia), mine Vang Danh, mine Nam Mau (Vietnam) Shearer
MB 12 (seam thicknes to 5 m): mine Berezovskaya (Russia) , mine Pervomajskaya (Russia), mine Kolmogorovskaya
(Russia), OAO Sachalinugol (Russia), mine Zarecnaya (Russia)
Shearer MB 14 (seam thicknes from 0,8 m): mine Pokrovskoe (Ukraine), Russugol (Russia), mine Konsomolec
Dombasa (Ukraine), mine Stepnaya (Ukraine), mine Dneprovskaya (Ukraine), mine Obuchovskaya (Russia), mine
Ternovskaya (Ukraine), mine Zasyadko (Ukraine), mine Blagodatnaya (Ukraine)

Mechanically Powered Supports

Min. height of support 550 - 2000 mm
Max. height of support 1500 3200 mm
Resistance of support 340 720 kN/m2
Capability of support 800 4275 kN
Weight of support 2500 12000 kg
Mechanically Powered Supports MVPO : mine Pokrovskoe (Ukraine), mine Zarecnaya (Russia), mine Zasyadko (Ukraine)

Face Scraper Conveyer

Transport capacity 700 1200 t/h
Moving speed 0,95 1,1 m/s
Gearboxes Pl. max 4 x PL15 or 4 x PL25
Electric motors 4 x 200/65 or 4 x 250/85 or 4 x 315/100 kW
Max. conveyor length max. 350 m
Face Scraper Conveyer C3K 228/732, C3K 228/832: mine Pokrovskoe (Ukraine), Vorkuta Ugol (Russia), mine
Vorkutinskaya (Republic Komi), mine Komsomolskaya (Russia), mine Nam Mau (Vietnam)
Face Scraper Conveyer C3K 228/800: mine Pokrovskoe (Ukraine), mine Konsomolec Dombasa (Ukraine),
Rusugol (Russia, Region Rostov), mine Dneprovskaya (Ukraine), mine Ternovskaya (Ukraine), mine Zasyadko (Ukraine)
Face Scraper Conveyer C3K 228/642: mine Pavlogradskaya (Ukraine), mine Dobropolskaya (Ukraine), mine Pokrov-
skoe (Ukraine), mine Zapadno-Donbasskaya (Ukraine), mine Komsomolec Donbasy (Ukraine)
Face Scraper Conveyer C3K 190/800: mine Pokrovskoe (Ukraine), Rusugol (Russia), mine Dneprovskaya
(Ukraine), mine Stepnaya (Ukraine)
Face Scraper Conveyer C3K 260/852: mine Pokrovskoe (Ukraine)

Self-supporting Underface equipment

Width of the used belt conveyer 1000 mm
Width of the used scraper conveyer 700 8520 mm
Travel length of the self-supporting part max. 12 m
Driving units 200 - 630 kW
Haulage 700 - 1000 t/h
Underface Equipment PZF: mine Pokrovskoe (Ukraine), Vorkuta Ugol (Russia), mine Zarecnaya (Russia), mine
Vorkutinskaya (Republic Komi), mine Komsomolskaya (Russia), mine Zapolarnaya (Republic Komi)

TRANSROLL-CZ, a.s. World leading manufacturer of rollers, garlands, stations and pulleys for bulk material and unit load conveyors
Registered office:
over 75 years of experience in design, manufacture and supply of the conveyor components
Hnevkovska 1228/50
148 00 Prague working with product portfolio of more than 17 000 items we are able to specify the solution most suitable for
Czech Republic a wide range application even in extreme operating conditions
Komenskeho 614
691 44 Lednice
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 519 364 581-6
Fax: +420 519 364 512

Core business units:

TRANSROLL is also capable of delivering a range of tailor made rollers on request:

conveyor rollers for unit material handling
extreme load rollers with double-row self aligning bearing
special rollers used in foundries and iron works
rollers for chemical and food industry (plastic, rubbered and stainless steel surface)
case hardened rollers (high resistance to abrasion)

Industries served:
power plants
sand pits
food, chemical ind.
foundries, iron works
port/ rail terminals
unit handlings
logistics/ distribution
waste manipulation
Innovation projects
Transroll has its own Development, Design and Testing Centre. In close cooperation with our customers, and research
institutes we are testing our products right in concrete working conditions. Thanks to that we are able to quickly
specify the requirements of the particular operating conditions and apply the collected knowledge in the process
of development and design of the roller. This way we always recommend the optimum solution for a wide range of
applications and climate conditions.

Innovative products
Roller with reduced noise
Roller for high speed conveyors
Roller with reduced running resistance
Roller developed for food industry
Stainless steel roller
Plastic roller

5 basic pillars of company philosophy:

Continuous improvement
in close cooperation with our customers we constantly improve our products. Your confidence in the quality
and safety is a key element of our success.

Excellent price/ performance ratio

maybe a few percent higher price against the competitors in the beginning brings after years of operation tens
of percent lower operating costs compared to the competitors(TCO Total Cost of Ownership)

more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing of the rollers means that we can ever find a reliable
tailor-made solution you exactly need

Premium materials
using premium materials and components in the production ensures excellent reliability of TRANSROLL rollers
in every working conditions.

our philosophy is that business does not end with the sale, our common communication allows solving of your
additional requirements
UNEX a.s.

UNEX a.s. The UNEX engineering-metallurgical complex specializes in the development, manufacture, assembly and
Brnko 1032
modernization of bucket wheel excavators, transport devices, stacking and loading machines, designed for mining of
783 91 Uniov
Czech Republic mineral resources. Production ranges from large welded steel structures, to fine machined weldments. Thanks to its
Phone: +420585071111 own foundries and forge, UNEX is self-sufficient in terms of finished castings and forgings.
Fax: +420 585071001
E-mail: Corporation UNEX is divided into several business units located in Czech Republic (Unicov, Olomouc) as well as in Slovakia (Snina).

UNEX a.s. (Unicov)

consist of 4 business groups
Heavy engineering is an established manufacturer of machinery for continuous open-pit mining, excavators,
transport devices, stacking and loading machines. Furthermore it manufactures and supplies complete
technological complexes like cranes, handling welded steel structures for bridges, portal, port, knuckle, overhead
and offshore cranes, components for sports halls and factories, turbine frames or key parts of construction or
forming machines and other operational equipment.
Machinery is a serial producer of weldments, booms, upper frames, undercarriage frames and work equipment,
including their machining and painting, mainly according to the customers specification.
Cooperation/Cut parts offer a complete range of production services / Modern cutting centre provides a high
quality, economical and reliable source of cut parts.
Foundry products are supplied into railway industry, for construction and mining machines, dumpers, for heavy
and general engineering etc. Maximum production capacity is 20,000 t/year. Production of carbon, low-alloy,
medium-alloy and high-alloy steel castings from 5 kg to 18 tons; manganese steel castings and nodular and grey
iron castings from 5 kg to 3.5 tons.

UNEX a.s. (Olomouc)

Foundry production of nodular and grey iron castings from 50 grams to 6.5 kg
Forge shop production of steel die forgings (unrotating and rotating) from 2 kg to 25 kg

UNEX Slovakia a.s. (Snina)

production line for the manufacture of cranes, jibs and basic frames of mining and earth machines

High quality of production guarantees UNEX by all necessary approvals, certificates, licences and acknowledgements
as following:
EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system certificate certified by DNV for Design, production, assembly and
service of opencast mining machineries, including long distance conveyor belt systems; production of castings;
production of forgings; production of flame-cut parts; production of welded steel structures and cranes; machining
of castings and engineering components
EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management system certificate certified by DNV
BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational health and safety management system certificate certified by DNV
Comprehensive form of Verification according to EN 1090-2 granted by TV SD
KU 300
Classical extendable excavator
KU 300 on crawler undercarriage Mining Equipment
designed for mining materials in
coal basins of opencast mines. The UNEX a.s. is traditional manufacturer of machinery for continuous open-pit mining of large volumes of
Excavator is designed for coal materials and also of stocking machinery for power stations. We have over 50 years experiences in development
mining as well as fine mining of and manufacturing. The UNEX team of well-trained specialists is able and ready to react to all its customers
overburden directly above the
coal seam.
individual requirements.
Complex deliveries of technology sets for open-pit mining include manufacturing of classical and compact bucket
wheel excavators as well as conveyors (both stationary and movable), technology for transport, dispatch and
diversion of the transported material. UNEX a.s. has also supplied stocking machines to major Czech power stations.
More than 130 custom-built excavators and reclaimers can be found except Czech Republic also in Russia and the
Ukraine, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia.

Mining equipment is possible to split into 3 groups:

Classical bucket wheel excavators on caterpillar or hydraulic walking undercarriage with telescopic boom for mining
K 2000
Classical non-expendable
overburden, coal and minerals. Theoretical capacity ranges from 1,200 to 11,000 m3/hour, specific cutting force
excavator K 2000 on crawler from 90 to 168 kN/m. Mining technologies are represented by bucket wheel excavators. They fall into two categories
undercarriage designed for depending on assembly and disassembly: Classical and Compact.
mining spoil material with high
digging resistance, high mining Classical Bucket Wheel Excavators
output of up to 5,500 m3/hour.
Not possible to be assembled and disassembled again.
Excavator movement is ensured by caterpillar or walking undercarriage.
Their capacity ranges from 1,200 to 5,800 m3/hour and the specific cutting force from 90 to 168 kN/m.
Furthermore, the excavators can fall into two subcategories: extendable with changeable bucket wheel distance
from the machine axis (KU 300 and KU 800) and non-extendable (K 2000).
Compact Bucket Wheel Excavators
Can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled.
Their capacity ranges from 200 to 2,800 m3/hour and the specific cutting force from 25 to 150 kN/m.

Compact bucket wheel excavators Classical bucket wheel excavators
KN 160
Bucket wheel reclaimer KN 160 type K 650 KU 300 KU 800 K 2000
on belt truck is designed for
loading loose material of particle
theoretical capacity m3/hour 2,000 1,200 - 1,800 6,500 5,500
size up to 40 x 50 mm (mainly specific cutting force kN/m 100 70-90 max. 145 168
coal) stored in outdoor stocks.
action radius - upwards m 15 19.6 32 35
weight t 550 1,240 4,500 5,691

Long-distance belt conveying is used for continuous transport of large volumes of various bulk materials. Theoretical
capacity ranges from 1,600 to 10,000 m3/hour, belt width 1,200 to 2,200 mm. Transport devices are intended for
continuous transport of overburden, coal or extracted rock in open-pit mine conditions. All parameters of transport
devices are in-tune with a series of bucket wheel excavators fabricated in UNEX a.s. Together with additional
equipment for loading, directing and deflecting material flow they form complete technological complexes. The
N 2000 conveyors are able to work in fully or semi-automatic mode.
Bucket wheel reclaimer N 2000
on rail truck is designed for Discharging Wagons, Belt Wagons, Long-distance Belt Conveying, Mobile Hoppers
loading coal from compacting
stocks mainly in thermal power Stock machinery
stations. There are two types of stock machinery: Stacker with a theoretical capacity of 250-2,000 m3/hour and reclaimer
taking material from a stock with a capacity of 55-2,000 m3/hour. Coal stock machines are used during the last stage
of coal mining: mining-transport-stocking, stackers create the coal stock and reclaimers or scrapers take the coal off
the stock.
Stacking machines, Reclaimers, Scrapers
VB Technick univerzita Ostrava

VB Technick univerzita Ostrava VB Technical University of Ostrava is the fourth oldest institution of higher learning in the Czech Republic.
Its predecessor was the Mining School in Pbram which came into existence by the emperors decree in 1849.
17. listopadu 15
708 33 Ostrava Poruba In 1945, the Mining University moved to Ostrava and since than it has been paying a key role in the development
Czech Republic and restructuring of Northern Moravia and Silesia.
Phone: +420 597 321 111
+420 596 991 111 At the beginning of the 21st century VB-Technical University is undergoing dynamic development both in the process of education and in the research and development activities carried out in cooperation with
the industrial and business sphere. Nowadays, with about 20,000 students studying bachelor, master and doctoral
accredited programs at seven faculties, the school is the fourth largest university in the Czech Republic.
The entry of the Czech Republic into the European Union is closely connected with the harmonization of study
programs within the European area of higher education and in the effort to participate in European research
programs. The changes in the structured model of education at the University are carried out in accordance with
the Bologna Declaration and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) has been implemented, enabling
the mobility of students and teaching staff. The University, awards the Diploma Supplement
VB - Technical University of Ostrava is a modern institution of higher learning offering university education
in technical and economic branches of study based on creative inquiry. Nevertheless, also traditional branches
of study survive, and thus their monopoly position in the Czech Republic is maintained. At the Faculty of Mining
and Geology, the preparation of university educated professionals in the field of Mining Engineering is ensured, while
at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering there are professionals in the field of Machines for Mining and Treating
Commercial Raw Materials. At the Faculty of Civil Engineering, professionals are educated in the field of Mining
and Underground Engineering. All these activities are carried out in close cooperation with mining companies, state
administration mining bodies and the producers of mining equipment. The evidence of which is, among other things,
also the fact that the University is a member of the association esk dobvac technika (Czech Mining Technology
Association of Companies).

ZEPHYR, Ltd. ZEPHYR, Ltd. is a Czech advertising agency focused on the field of Fairs and Presentations more than 20 years.
Na Pankraci 30
140 00 Prague 4
Till year 2014 we realized about 568 different kinds of stands.
Czech Republic
We offer to our customers a complete service, from searching out the appropriate event, organizing the schedule
Phone: +420 234 633 152, 153, 164
E-mail: of their stay on the event, the design of the stands, to their realization, mounting and equipping, as well as services during the event itself. Thanks to a close relationship to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
we are the key company to organize Official Participations of the Czech Republic on foreign fairs.
We also offer a complete service to our clients from abroad who wish to promote their products on Fairs,
or Presentations in the Czech Repulbic and Slovakia, for their successful entering the Central European market.
Quality and realization terms guarantee of our services
We offer a complete service for your successful presence on Fairs and
Advisory in searching out the appropriate event for your company
Projecting and design of the stnads - creative solutions
Calculation of your participation on the event including the chronogram of the works
Selection and reservation of the appropriate space
Mounting of stands
Full equipping of the stand (logos, self-adhesive signs, furniture, plasma screens, computers and accessories, etc.
Production and printing of invitations, programs, handouts, posters, and their distribution
Catering, banquets, gala dinners
Hostesses, interpreters, translators, guide service
Hotel reservation and accommodation
Transfers (minibuses, luxury buses)
Additional programs - company presentations, entertaining activities, sales support activities, cultural programs
Public Relations, Press Conferences
Promotion articles
Supplemantary program for family members and companions
You can reach us in our offices in Prague, Czech Republic, and we will gladly give your the service that will make your
stay in Central Europe a business success and an unforgettable experience.