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Department of Education

Division of Quirino
Quirino General High School
Senior High School


Names: Adjcel Viernes Ed March Ghlen Magayano Arvin Suguitan Laarnie Aquino
Glayza Estrada Jaymarie Castaneto Anzi Bandao Ferdinand Cristobal
Track: TVL
Strand: IA/ICT

TITLE: Relationship Status and Academic Performance of The Senior High School Students of

Quirino General High School


It has been a long debate whether relationships affect students academic performance , It is very
common among teachers and parents to be concerned over how those relationships affect their child/student's
performance . A recent survey by the Ed-tech company StudyMode suggests that while many students have a
significant other, their romantic life doesnt interfere with their grades. We decided to investigate how students
balance relationships with the rigors of school, said StudyMode CEO Blaine Vess in a release. We found that
the stereotypical picture of the lovesick student who puts dating above grades is no longer a reality.
StudyMode surveyed around 1,000 high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in their inaugural Student
Psyche Report. Only around one quarter of students said they believe that dating negatively impacts their


This study aims to know if relationship status affects the academic performance of Senior High School
Students in order for teachers and guardians to further understand the effects of relationship status to the
students for them to know how to give advices for the students

1. What is the profile of the students according to

1.1 Gender; and

1.2 Relationship status

2. What is the level of performance of SHS students in terms of

2.1 Core Subjects;

2.2 Applied Subjects; and

2.3 Specialized Subjects


The researchers implemented the descriptive - correlative design . This design used survey
questionnaires distributed to the respondents in order to attain the main objective of the study which is to
examine the effects of relationships on student's academic performance. The design is non experimental
correlation research. This design investigates the relationship of the variables without manipulating them.