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I. Directions: draw a which shows love to one another, and a which does not show love.

Write your
answer on the blank.

1. ___________ Taking care of a sick grandmother.

2. ___________ Saying things against school administrators.

3. ___________ Following good advice of teachers.

4. ___________ Celebrating birthdays of our parents.

5. ___________ Not listening to parents reminders regarding studies.

6. ___________ Helping my younger siblings with their homework.

7. ___________ Praying for the sick and dying.

8. ___________ Telling bad jokes to friends.

9. ___________ Forgiving those who have hurt or offended me.

10. ___________ Watching violent and brutal movies and shows.

II. TRUE OR FALSE Write T on the blank is the statement is TRUE, and write F if the statement is FALSE.

____________ 1) In the fourth commandment, to honor means to show proper gratitude, affection, respect, obedience
and care to parents and to all who have contributed to ones care.

____________ 2) The fourth commandment allows all forms of disrespect, disobedience to parents and all who have
contributed to ones care, upbringing and education.

____________ 3) God creates our parents and all persons in authority with dignity. He gives life and protects its quality
through parents and leaders in our community.

____________ 4) Human life is the most precious gift of God to each one of us. Without life, we would not be here in
this world and enjoy all the other wonderful gifts of God, our creator.

____________ 5) God calls us to be destroyers of life.

____________ 6) Jesus became man like us in all things, except sin. He raised the dignity and value of our being human
by revealing to us we are adopted children of God, our Father, by offering His life for our salvation.

____________ 7) It is good to say kind words and to tell clean jokes.

____________ 8) It is wrong to wear immodest clothes.

____________ 9) It is right to makes dirty jokes and watch shows with foul language and violence.

____________ 10) It is wrong to take care of our body with proper nutrition and good grooming.

____________ 11) Jesus calls us to be pure in thought, word and deed.

____________ 12) Jesus Christ enables us to be pure and holy by sending the Holy Spirit to strengthen our respect for
our bodies and those of others.

____________ 13) Jesus call to love us best responded to by disrespecting others belongings, being dishonest and
stealing what belongs to others and not sharing our material riches with the needy.

____________ 14) Everyone is called to use the goods of the earth for the good of all.

____________ 15) To bear false witness means to testify to a lie.

____________ 16) The eight commandment commands us to tell untruths and lies.

____________ 17) God is the source of all truth. He sent His Son Jesus Christ, who is the Truth, to make known to us by
His life and example, the truth of ourselves, our thoughts, words, and deeds.

____________ 18) Through sincere prayer, we encounter the Holy Spirit who teaches us to know and speak the truth.

____________ 19) As Jesus disciples, we are called to love and show concern for the poor.

____________ 20) To show mercy is to practice lack of compassion, lack of goodness, and show no sympathy to
offenders or someone under ones authority.

____________ 21) Christ teaches us to love and follow Him by being concerned about the needs of others, especially the

____________ 22) The Triune God, revealed by Jesus Christ, is the ultimate Source of all we can share with others.

III. ESSAY Two friends love and respect and trust each other. Answer the following questions, write your
answer in the heart.
IV. Color the advent wreath and the four candles. Name the meaning of each candle.

V. A. Encircle the letter with the correct answer.

1. How many weeks are there in the season of Advent?

a. 3 weeks
b. 2 weeks
c. 4 weeks
2. What does the green circle of the Advent Wreath symbolize?
a. Peace on earth
b. Christs manger
c. Eternity of God
3. During Advent Season, we celebrate the
a. The coming of John the Baptist
b. The coming of Jesus, to prepare ourselves to worthily to celebrate the anniversary of the
Lord's coming into the world as the incarnate God of love
c. The birthday of Mother Mary
4. The Advent Wreath is
a. a hollow circular arrangement of flowers or greenery used as a decoration
b. a decoration to welcome Santa Claus
c. a decoration used during Holy Week or Lent.
5. This candle colored pink is lighted during the.
a. First week
b. Second week
c. Third week
6. The candle colored pink represents
a. Love
b. Hope
c. Joy
7. What color is the primary sanctuary color of Advent?
a. Blue
b. Pink
c. Purple
8. When does the Church year begin?
a. The first Sunday of Advent
b. The first Sunday of Easter
c. Christ the King Sunday.
9. What are we waiting for in Advent?
a. The coming of the Three Kings
b. The Risen Jesus to come in glory
c. The journey of St. Joseph and Mama Mary to Bethlehem
10. The progressive lighting of the candles on the advent wreath symbolizes
a. counting the days until we open our Christmas presents
b. counting the weeks until we celebrate our Christmas party
c. the expectation and hope surrounding our Lords first coming into the world and the
anticipation of his second coming to judge the living and the dead.

VI. Put an X to the picture that does not belong in the Advent Wreath and a check if it belongs to the Advent