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Annual School Plan

Unit Pag. LESSOnS Oral Expression and
text Comprehension
Lesson 1: Collect the - Asking for and giving - Identify the main character in a text.
There are
books, plea-
information about the
different areas in a school.
Organize the information in a reading.
Infer information from a
Lesson 2: My sister is - Express the importance of text to answer questions.
many married. Lesson 3: jobs.
chairs in Gianmarco is bald. - Express ideas using
my 4 Lesson 4: A wonderful house. vocabulary.
classroom - Listen and
Value: understand when
RESPECT people talk.

Lesson 1: I eat fruit - Express ideas about - Infer information from a

Lets practice
Lesson 2: Mom
daily activities.
- Describe how a
text about the life of an athlete.
- Evaluate the content of
20 usually goes soccer player is. a text about sports.
sports shopping. - Listen and describe - Focus information about
Value Lesson 3: A healthy parts of the body. the life style of two people
: body. Lesson 4: Are
HONES you ill?

Lesson 1: My daily - Express questions to - Understand what two

A day in my life
habits. Lesson 2: Im
drawing now. Lesson 3:
get information.
Express ideas from a
people are talking about in
a text
I speak Quechua. - Exam the events in a text
Lesson 4: Are you about losing weight.
36 sleeping? - Predict the end of a story in a text.

Lesson 1: We were in - Express ideas about - Identify the structure

I like the
Bembos. Lesson 2: A
car crashed! Lesson 3: I
places for vaca- tion.
- Express ideas and
of a text to answer.
- Understand the life of
studied Algebra. opinions about a musical people who live in a province in
movies Lesson 4: Our event. Peru.
Independence Day. 52
Value: - Express ideas about - Understand a text about
TOLERAN activities during the weekend the life of a singer.
CE with correct intonation.

This is my
Lesson 1: My Diary.
Lesson 2: I made new
friends. Lesson 3: I
- Express ideas to interact
with others about places
Understand the end of a story in a text.
Reflect about what in
common two places have.
country visited Apurimac. visited.
68 Lesson 4: The world next - Interact with others to talk
Value: to you. about the last TV program

Lesson 1: I used to play
tag. Lesson 2: New things
to do! Lesson 3: Tommy
- Express the
understanding after
- Predict the main
character in a text to
changes is funnier than - Express opinions about - Infer the name of a character in a text.
84 you. leisure activi- ties. - Identify the structure of a text.
Lesson 4: Im the best
singer in my

Lesson 1: The - Infer future

- Predict how the future will be
Horoscope. Lesson 2: events through facts. through the zodiac sign.
Yes, Ill phone you. - Compare and - Identify the activities a
I will eat Lesson 3: Where will contrast indoor and
de Doa person does through
10 you go? Lesson 4: Dad outdoor activities.
Pepa pictures.
Value: 0 wont be late. - Listen and - Identify the mood of a
PERSEVER understand expression person by reading a mail.
AN- CE showed in pictures.
Lets enjoy
Lesson 1: Lets pack!
Lesson 2: Plans for the
weekend! Lesson 3: The
- Express ideas about a
new trip.
- Describe activities when
- Organize the structure
of a text to understand the
vacation first in class. Lesson 4: travelling. - Evaluate the information
11 Christmas Time! in a text to answer questions.
e: 6 - Understand new
TRU vocabulary used in
ST celebrations around the

Englishs Clic - 2 Grado. Educacin Secundaria

Annual School Plan
text CURRiCULaR attitUDES
- Write answer for personal Social Studies Imperatives. Tolerate critics and other
informa- Jobs - Verb TO-BE opinions.
- Write a short text
Content words (Imperati- ve) in Respect rules.
Farmer, construction worker, Simple Present.
describing the physical technician ,singer, security guard, - Short
appearance. cashier. answers Verb
- Organize the information TO-BE in
to write a short paragraph. Simple Present.
- Quantifier
s: How much /
How many.

- Write about a favourite Social Studies - Simple Show

Kina Malpartida Present. Self
- Write a list of activities
Content words - Adverbs of control.
using adverbs of frequency.
- Write a short text
Peruvian, boxing, sports, not
smoking, running, healthy food.
frequency. Perseveran
- Simple ce in the search
describing a friend physically.
Present (Inte-
- Write a short text of
rrogative) and
researching in internet. objectives.
Yes/No answers.
- Simple
Present (infor-

- Write a short text - Should Show Self-control.

about a daily routine. Science / Shouldnt.
- Write sentences using Healthy habits - Presen
Perseverance in
correct gram- matical rules. Content words t Continuous the search of the
Do exercise, brushing teeth, (affirmative). objectives.
cleaning the bedroom. - Punctu
- Presen
t Continuous

- Use creativity to make a Social studies - Verb TO-BE Show flexibility.

poster writing facts about Peruvian Independence
places in Peru. Day
in Simple Past
(affirmative /
- Write the meaning of Content words negative). in group
verbs using the dictionary. July 28th, celebration, - Verb TO-BE discussions.
- Write a text about the circus, travel. in Simple Past
celebration of Perus
independence day - Regular
- Simple Past
with WH-

- Reflect about the life of Social studies - DID. Show generosity.

Anna Frank to write a short Pacasmayo - WH-
text about her. Content words Questions with
- Write about the last visit to Province, Panamerican highway, irregular verbs ipate
a place in Peru. railway station, beaches, river. in Simple Past. democratica
- Use creativity to write - Simple Past lly.
about a cartoon character with WHY.
who was doing activities at - Phrasal
different times. verbs.

- Rewrite a text making Social studies - Used to. Cultivate

corrections. Lady Gaga - Used to with patriotism and
- Recall information to Content words Wh- respect for his/her
create a text based in the New York, performance, rock Questions. country.
childhood. music, album, success - Comparative
- Evaluate differences and s.
similarities to create a text. - Superlatives
- Organize a text Social studies - Future Persevera
considering true and false The horoscope tense (affirma- nce in all
sentences. Content words tive /negative). activities.
- Plan activities to write an
Future, destiny, zodiac - Furth Show
signs, prediction. ermore and respect and
- Write an e-mail asking
Moreover. punctuality.
for permis- sion to plan a
party. - Future
tense with WH-
- Future
tense with yes/ no

- Organize ideas to Math - Simple Trust in oneself.

write a text. Ordinal numbers 1-20
- Write future plans for Social studies
future with
questions and
Value to work
vacation. Christmas around the world short answers. in pair or groups.
- Use pictures to write a Content words: - Simple
project. 1st. 2nd. 3rd. 4th. 5th. 20th. future With
Bangladesh, Congo banana seed, WH-Questions.
churches, Christmas. - GOING TO /
- However-
Despite -

Englishs Clic - 2 Grado. Educacin Secundaria 5