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Builders of the Adytum

New Zealand

The boiling mud in Rotorua is always a favourite with the visitors. It

is a fascinating spectacle and forms momentary sculptures like this
one, never the same twice.

We can acknowledge the power of nature when we see such wonders

and although such sites are not only to be seen in New Zealand, the
country is renowned for its thermal activities in all aspects.

Zenith News Notes No 88, June 2010

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June 2010

The ancients used ever-flowing Nature as a metaphor for the Decad,
since it is, as it were, the eternal and everlasting nature of all things and
kinds of thing, and in accordance with it the things of the universe are
completed and have a harmonious and most beautiful limit.
Attributed to Iamblichus (c. 250-c.330, Greek Neoplatonic philosopher
influenced by Pythagoras)

soterically, the decad, the number 10, means that all

has been accomplished. According to Pythagorean
philosophy, the number 10 is the nature of number,
because all nations reckon to it and when they arrive
at it they return to the monad, the number 1.

To illustrate: 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

Similarly, in order to exceed 10, another series must begin by returning to

the monad, that is, 11.

The decad was called both heaven and the world, because the former
includes the latter. It was also called unwearied, because, like God, it was

The Pythagoreans stated that the decad perfected all numbers and
comprehended within itself the nature of odd and even, moved and
unmoved, good and ill. They also associated its power with Atlas (for it
carried the numbers on its shoulders), the Sun, and the One God.

The number 10 is composed of two numbers or symbols, namely, 1 and 0.

Zero, 0, is a symbol for the no-thing, the unknown, immeasurable, infinite,
absence of quantity, quality or mass, freedom from every limitation,

In this concluding article, now that all the numbers preceding 10 have been
explored in previous articles, lets look at some interesting relationships
relative to the numbers 7 and 9 to further illustrate the encompassing
nature of the number 10. To recall a point in the article on the number 9 in

June 2010

the previous issue, a curious peculiarity of the number 9 surfaces when it is

divided by the number 7. The result is 1.2857, 142857, 142857, 142857,
142857, 142857, 142857, 142857,

When the number 10 is divided by the number 7, the result is 1.42857,

142857, 142857, 142857, 142857, 142857,.again the repetend!!1 The
repetend, or residuum, eternally repeating as 142857 is considered to be
the number of Infinite Evolution.

According to the Pythagoreans, the decad is the greatest of numbers, not

only because it is the Tetractys, but because it comprehends all arithmetic
and harmonious proportions. It has been said by Theon of Smyrna, a
mathematician that the ten dots, or Tetractys of Pythagoras, were of the
greatest importance, for to the discerning mind it revealed the mystery of
universal nature.

Though the Tetractys is a symbol commonly attributed to Pythagoras, the

number symbolism is widespread.

When the Tetractys is shown in this manner with the central point shaded,
it is generally recognized as the symbol of the Grand Ennead. The number
9 can be depicted as a Grand Ennead. In other words, an ennead is a
group of nine and not necessarily a sequence. Several schools of
thought attribute meaning to this universal symbol. In the terminology of
Pythagoras, the Grand Ennead emanates from the Absolute, or "central
fire." Hindu mythology speaks of the Nine Cobras of Brahma. The
Qabalah refers to the Nine Legions of Angels about the throne of the
hidden God He whose name is hidden. The Nine Principles,
Repeated sequence.

June 2010

circumscribed about the One, the Absolute, become both One and Ten.
The Tetractys is sometimes constructed with the dots formed instead with
the Hebrew letter, I, Yod, the 10th letter in the Hebrew alphabet of 22.

By connecting the ten dots, nine triangles are formed.

The hexagon is comprised of six equilateral triangles, each "looking"

toward the ONE point that is common to all six triangles.

A cube may be developed from an original point, portrayed in its visible

aspect of symmetry as a hexagon with 6 internal lines radiating from the

June 2010

center. Theoretically, there is a 7th radius but never more than 6 are visible
because the 7th approaches the eye and unites the central visible point (the
shaded dot) with the 8th point lying exactly behind it. It is interesting to
note that only 7 dots are used in forming the cube and the star.

In Qabalistic terms, the 3 unused corner dots represent the threefold,

invisible causal universe, while the 7 dots involved in the cube and the star
are the Elohim---the Spirits of the 7 creative periods. The Sabbath, or 7th
day, is the central dot.

This concludes the series of articles devoted to the Pythagorean number

system. For further reading, the following references are recommended.

1. Bell, Eric Temple, The Magic of Numbers, McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., New
York, 1946.

2. Butler, Christopher, Number Symbolism, Rutledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., Great
Britain, 1970.

3. Heline, Corinne, Sacred Science of Numbers, DeVorss & Co., 1981.

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6. Westcott, W. Wynn, Numbers Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues, Third
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June 2010

by Harriet B. Case

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in
heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. Matthew 11:29

Jesus above choice of a descriptive term for His method implies the fact
that he had close contact with the wisdom of the Far East. While not so
recorded in the New Testament. Various traditions tell us the He spent the
unrecorded years travelling throughout the Oriental countries.

However, a person who has reached the high level of consciousness

evidenced by the words and works of Jesus does not have to travel to get
information. The minds of all men, near and far, are open to him. He has
access to stores of knowledge and wisdom of which the ordinary man
knows nothing. Thus Boehme, without leaving Germany, gave definite
evidence throughout his writings that he was familiar with principles
identical with those set down in the esoteric writings of the Hindus. Whose
language he did not know.

Yoke and yoga are terms which mean practically the same thing. Note
that in Greek the word yoke means the beam of a pair of scales. The
yoke is also a device whereby one may carry a double burden ,,, and it is
just this that is accomplished by the easy yoke of Jesus. From beginning to
end, His method is so simple a child can use it. It is a method that changes
our lives from toilsome bondage to conditions of perfect rest in the midst
of all the changing activities of our outer world.

What is this easy yoke? It is to be meek and lowly in heart. How does
this accomplish the wonderful result Jesus promised? By this means: He
who is meek and lowly in heart has put an end to personal self-assertion.
He has discovered the Great Secret spoken openly by Jesus when He said:
Of myself I can do nothing. It is a literal Truth that no person anywhere
has ever done the least thing of or by himself. Made into a practical
working principle, first in our thought, and then in all our other activities,
this Truth rids us of every heavy burden ... the burden of making a living,
the burden of ignorance, the burden of past mistakes.
June 2010


Sunday Service June 11, 1961

This morning we are going to show you just how we have conditioned our
emotions to react in certain ways which keep us continuously frustrated by
things we want to accomplish but somehow don't get done. We want to be
and do things, but somehow we get just a little way done and then fall by
the wayside. Curiously enough, the most basic cause for so called failure
happens to reside within the emotional pattern of the desire to succeed. Yet
here is the point. In the final analysis, our so called failures become a
success when we learn how to look through outer appearances.

We will give you a few examples and show you just why it is necessary to
take ourselves in hand and definitely retrain our emotional response to
every day situations and conditions. We particularly need to retrain our
response to the past. Everyone here has experienced a tragedy and the
consequent emotional and mental torture. We have been full of fear about
what tomorrow may bring in the wake of catastrophe. We have known
hopelessness, the feeling that life was simply not worth living, the feeling
that if other people would just be as nice, kind and wise as we are, we
would have no problems. We have all known these feelings.

But lets consider a few incidents and see if we can gain a little insight and
change our reactions, thereby completely changing our karma. If we do
that we will always know that our victory is assured. Remember, in
Qabalah victory is assigned to that divine emanation which is also
assigned to the desire nature.

Essentially, if the desire nature is combined with the idea of victory, we

could perhaps start thinking of all emotional drives, all desire, as
inevitably being destined for victory. This includes our fears. Here is
where our problems come from and this is why we are talking about this
subject this morning. We want to help you to transmute.

Lets consider fear. It is an emotion and who of us can say we are fearless?
Actually, if we were completely fearless we would be abnormal. We
require a certain amount of fear. We have to know that we cannot walk
across the street fearlessly without taking into account that we may be
June 2010

dealing with human beings whose evolutionary level is such that they
enjoy using a car to chase fellow human beings. Why do you think there
are so many so-called accidents? We are not being cautious if we step out
into the street without looking for an oncoming car. This is a lack of
discrimination. We are not supposed to be completely fearless. We are
supposed to be alert to what can endanger us so we can protect ourselves.
We must feel secure and cautious. Holding both of these true feelings at
the same time is one of the tricks of accomplishing miracles. All of us
have had a tragic experience in our lives. Most of us have had many. Let
me share one of mine with you, which turned out not to be so tragic after
all. Then you will understand a little more fully why we must learn not to
judge or evaluate a condition.

When I was 21 years old, I was quite an extraordinary dancer and had
several offers from very big companies to go into theatrical work. My
talent was more than just dancing. At that time I had dramatic and singing
talent too. But my great love and joy and almost all I lived for was
dancing. I loved it so. It was my escape. All at once a very serious illness
hit me and I was in the hospital for a very long time. The illness left me
permanently lame. You can imagine what a tragedy that was for a 21 year
old girl who loved dancing as much as I did. I really worshiped it. I assure
you I had all the predictable negative reactions. For me it was an extremely
drastic experience and as far as I was concerned, I didn't want to live
anymore. I cared nothing for life without dancing.

That was a great tragedy, wasn't it? And yet, see what it did. Was it a
tragedy? As time went on, I was not able to get out and be physically
active like I had been before. I could not dance or run. I had to use some of
my other talents. So I studied. I had always been a bookworm, but had I
retained my physical abilities and talents I would have spent most of my
time being active in dance and drama. I would certainly have been
expressing a beautiful talent, but I would not have gone into extensive and
profound research about religion, philosophy, God and the reason behind
things. I would not have been driven to find out whether there was such a
thing as justice in this world. At that point I was quite sure there was not. I
was equally assured that there was no God! Not when things like my
illness could happen.

June 2010

Yet this tragedy drove me into study, it drove me into research, into the
mystical part of my nature. This illness, this tragedy, this defect in the
physical vehicle resulting from my illness, stopped me cold from
becoming a professional dancer and or actress. That illness drove me in the
direction which is the only one worth going in at all! If at the age of 21, I
had been perceptive enough to feel that the only thing worth going after
was God, I would not have required the illness and consequent disability to
force me into the other part of my nature. Apparently I did require it. The
time came when I looked back on that episode, that terribly tragic period,
and said: "This was the greatest blessing that God ever brought me. It was
truly divine guidance. It was truly God's protection and grace beyond

What could be more meaningful and glorious than to discover that life is
one, that everything that lives, that moves, that is, is an extraordinary
outgoing expression of an aspect of the One God? What could be more
worthwhile than experiencing an outflowing love permeating whatever and
wherever I looked? I have had such experiences. Why? Because the
unhappiness, the tragedy, the frustrations, the sorrows which I had
experienced gave me the ability and capacity to feel compassion for all
others. They also gave me the drive to find God and to find out why pain
exists in this universe.

So you see, this is just one example of a so called tragedy which was a
blessing in disguise. Truly a blessing in disguise. If only all of us could
learn to look back on those periods which have really been soul searching
and see the truth that if these experiences drove us into the search for God,
for metaphysics, occultism, meditation, into a need to do something with
ourselves to transmute our personalities, then those experiences were
glorious and wonderful. They gave us everything worth doing. The true
grace of God exists where the drive and aspirations are strong. Human
beings who do not feel this driving aspiration, the drive to study, the drive
to find God, are not under the grace of God. Others might say they are
simply contented so they just haven't got the drive. That's being just half

Many of us have read in history about various saints. Has it ever struck
you that the greatest sorrow many of them say they have had is the feeling

June 2010

of having lost their drive for God? No other blessing begins to compare to
the feeling that compels us to find the Higher Self, to attain conscious
communion with that greater, mystical and indefinable something which is
above and beyond us. Yet something in us knows that the Higher Self
resides somewhere in our own being. That is why sorrowful experiences
are not the tragedies we think.

It is pretty much like this. In occultism we must eventually learn to look

upon ourselves not as a particular person called Jack, John, Jane or Mary.
No. We must learn to look upon ourselves as that total being who has been
all the things and experienced all the experiences. We must look at
ourselves as what is now and what is going to be. When they experience a
higher level of consciousness, all mystics tell us that at that level there is
no conception of time and space. Think of it this way. There is a circle
with a circle in the middle. Think of the central circle as being the primal
cause, the God aspect of us which decides to experience Itself through its
own line of being. Think of lines radiating out in all directions from this
central circle, the rays from the Sun. Imagine one line is you and the next
is me, the next your dog or cat, the next your garden and the next a tree.
Another is your child. All the things you know are lines radiating out from
the central circle.

But lets go back to the line you think of as yourself, your own
individuality. When God decides to experience Itself, it is like
concentrating on a small portion of the total Self. It is like getting lost in
reading a book and being unaware of the room in which you are reading;
you are unaware of anything other than the book. As the smaller self is
experiencing itself there is a concentration of attention. Lets say the
attention takes a trip from the God center and during the journey it
experiences itself as I, the elements. Then it keeps traveling along in
consciousness and experiences itself as I, the mineral. Later it becomes
vegetable, tree, insect, fish, creature, savage, barbaric human, primitive
man, medieval man, then I, human, what I am at this instant in time and
space. Then I, highly evolved human. Then I, Master of Wisdom. This is
the whole line of the examination of selfhood. Cosmic consciousness is
having the concentrated attention become aware of the entire line of life. It
is us getting on a mountain top and seeing the whole vista. It is a lifting of
consciousness so that it can see a larger portion of its own line, and in

June 2010

seeing that it also sees the larger portion of the selfhood line of all selves
which all emanate from the One soul.

Lets say that at this moment your consciousness is on I, John, Jane, being
named whatever your name is, and you have a pet that you are
experiencing as pet. That dog or cat or bird is closer to the circle, in its line
of evolution, but nevertheless your cross-section of relationship is
experiencing that creature. If you were able to lift your consciousness to
the complete God center, you would see that your pet is just as much a line
of everything that is going to be as you are. Here is the point. You have
heard that a thousand years is as a moment in the eyes of God. We are
trying to give you a picture of what it means to help you in your
meditations and all other attempts you are making at self transmutation.
You are already in the mind of God. Everything you have ever been or will
be is in the Divine Mind. But in the instance we describe you are
experiencing God in motion. The pet is an aspect of God and you are only
aware of a cross section, whether it be a pet, a mountain, the sky, your
wife, child or friend. Your attention is concentrated on that little part of
yourself and a small part of the other person, creature or thing.

This is what is meant by the limitation of the senses. Our awareness, in this
case, is limited to that tiny spot or cross section and we do not know that
we are actually experiencing a cross section of the divine. This is why we
get all upset about our tragedies and problems. We are so concentrated on
our little cross section of events that it takes on vital importance. When we
outgrow that small consciousness, we have done what is usually called
"awakening from illusion." How is this done?

We cannot escape our line of self concentrated discovery, nor should we

want to, because this is the miracle of the motion of God's consciousness
experiencing itself as us. What we can do is to train ourselves to be aware
of ourselves as being more than a little spot or cross section which is called
the "I" of this incarnation, or the "I" of today. We can train ourselves to see
a little further in both directions down that line. It is like lifting it up a little
bit. Allegorically, it is like being able to lift ourselves up and fly several
feet into the air. It can be done with our consciousness. Our view of
ourselves can be changed so that instead of thinking of ourselves as just
"I", John or Jane, we can think of ourselves as "I", my past incarnations
and "I" my future experience.
June 2010

In as large a measure as you can, think of yourself as an eternal being. This

one little exercise will help you to start viewing the your experiences
from a higher point of view. It keeps you from getting so emotionally
involved in the now that you lose the ability and perspective to grow
through experience into a higher perception of reality. Right now, right
this very minute, you and I are vast beings. We are not what we think we
are. We are not limited to John, Jane or whatever our personality is at the
moment. We're not that limited at all. In the consciousness of the True Self
we are everything we have ever been and are going to be. We are already
the liberated ones, though it will be tomorrow before we experience it.

Tomorrow, yesterday and today are the Eternal Now. When you come
across that term "the Eternal Now", perhaps it will have more meaning for
you if you try to think of this analogy and apply it as we have tried to
explain it just now. This is the secret of expanding consciousness which in
turn is the secret of liberating oneself from the tragic and horrible
experiences which come and will come in life. We cannot be like ostriches
and hide our head in the sand. We cannot be like the Christian Scientists
who say: "This is the mortal mind, it isn't real, it isn't there." We can't do
that if we are thinking human beings, because it is there in our
consciousness; it is there in our experience. Everything that we have
experienced is real, but what we can do, and must
do, is learn to interpret what is happening from the
point of view of our larger self.

I used the 14th Tarot Key to help me attain to the

larger self point of view in a more disciplined
manner. Before that, I only was able to feel it
occasionally. I kept that Key and all it stood for in
my consciousness. I had it all over the house - in the
kitchen, bathroom, work room, in front of my
typewriter - everywhere. I painted several copies of
it in order to give that reminder to the
subconsciousness and to consciousness; to
remember that the Holy Guardian Angel lives in me.

June 2010

Doctor Case and I were driving along in Pasadena and had a flat tire. The
first temptation is to get upset, but I suddenly remembered the beautiful
14th Key of Tarot and I said: "Oh, isn't this wonderful! How God loves us!
Look at the marvellous protection we must have. Imagine, since we had to
have a flat tire, we were divinely guided to have it quite close to a filling
station where it can be fixed! Besides, I am quite sure God didn't want us
to be two or three blocks ahead two or three minutes from now. It wasn't in
the plan." Doctor Case started to laugh and said: "Ann, you can make
anything sound like anything else, I swear!!! But, my God, you're right!"

Perhaps this little story will give you an idea of what is meant by
protection and guidance. How many of you have been in love at some time
or another and thought you might as well die if you didn't get that
particular man or that particular woman? Many have had that experience.
But how many of you are able to look back and see that failure to get that
particular person was actually divine protection? Many of you can
probably see now that the special person would have likely driven you
mad! We should let God do a little more of the choosing instead of being
determined to make choices from our own limited point of view. We must
train ourselves to say "God lives in and through me." When we try to look
at all situations from the point of view of the Higher Self we can say that
tragedy or unhappy experiences are a necessary part of development. They
deepen our cup of emotions and develop compassion, insight perception
and an ability to evaluate other peoples evolutionary level in relation to our
personal relationships. If we can look back and see that, then we can see
that even the so called bad choices were not bad choices at all. They were
part of the miracle of the growth process.

Then what occurs? We stop having subconscious grief. We stop having the
feeling of an undercurrent of frustration. We start feeling an out welling
gratitude. The moment we start feeling this way about everything we have
ever done and been, we begin to feel it for what we are going to do and be.
That is when you really transmute karma, because then you have stopped
using your emotions to bring frustrating experiences simply because you
don't need them anymore. You use them only as long as you need
experiences for your evolution and growth. The time comes when you can
grow without horrors and agonies of the heart and soul. But you always
need to be grateful for those agonies and see them as blessings in disguise.

June 2010

That is why our Bible reading fits so beautifully: "Thou prepareth a table
for me in the presence of my enemies. Though I walk through the valley of
the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil."' How can we feel evil for one
instant if we have trained ourselves to really know that the divine hand
holds and guides us all the way? "Lo, I guide thee all the way. Rest thou in
me."' This is the secret of choosing the emotional nature for the kind of
experiences that keep opening up our lives to ever new vistas with miracle
and beauty. This does not mean that we might not have irritating or even
sad experiences. As long as we have not attained to the fullness of God's
consciousness, we are certainly going to require experiences that test and
try the consciousness. They keep pushing consciousness in the direction it
must go. Right now, this instant, whatever happens or is happening, we
need to remind ourselves that it is the result of what each of us has created
for ourselves through our past emotional focus. However, the way we react
NOW is what is creating tomorrow.

If your past feelings produce a few experiences which seem to be what you
do not want, remember my story about what happened to me when I was
21 and what a blessing in disguise it actually was. Remember the flat tire.
In the face of experience, remember to say: "God's guidance and
protection are with me now; God's love is holding me now; this experience
is bringing me to fulfilment and joy."

Do you see what you are doing? You are taking the emotions and sending
out an expectation for happiness. But if you permit yourself to get down
and wallow in self pity, do you see what you are doing? You are building
more of the same for tomorrow. So how do we get out of it? By the way
we let ourselves react today. It isn't easy, but it is easier than it would be if
we didn't have the kind of help we have here in B.O.T.A. All of this makes
it easier for you to accomplish. It is vital that you point your heart and
mind in this direction. Not just for yourself, but for the rest of us. If you
are not yet tired of unhappiness, maybe you love humanity enough to
figure it is time you started to pour the expectation of good into your life
because we all share the same life. We are one being and we must learn to
feel love and blessing toward those who have injured us; to see them as
being much more our friends than perhaps our so called friends have been.

June 2010

We have to start seeing those we think are our enemies who have injured
us as having been instruments through which the Higher Self acted,
teaching us discrimination and insight. We have to see that all events are
for our ultimate good. And we can make this ultimate good come more
quickly by living that larger section of ourselves; by remembering the vast
being each of us are in the consciousness of God. From that remembrance
we can avoid getting lost in the instant of a frustrating experience. That is
how we will accomplish complete fulfillment of our desires. That is how
the "almost' will become "done." When you are truly holding your heart,
mind, and emotions in the expectation of good, of protection, guidance,
miracle and love, it is the thing that will come into your dwelling; "I will
dwell in the house of the lord forever."

Nothing else is worth as much as attaining this state and it is attainable by

every one of us. It depends on the depth and perseverance of your drive
and desire. So, remember when you are doing your colour and sound work
how much more intensified this whole idea is going to be in your
consciousness. From now on. This is true because you are sharing it
together. Remember when you leave this service to walk out expecting the
good and the guidance and the beauty and the growth. Expect beauty.
Expect love. Expect the miraculous. Then they will be the only things you
will experience because you will be learning how to interpret life as it is.

The truth is that there is nothing noble

in being superior to somebody else.
The only real nobility is in being
superior to your former self,
- Whitney Young

June 2010

With the completion of the series on number we will be starting a new
series with a chapter from the Book of Tokens and the accompanying
chapter from The Hebrew Letter Workbook. We have also included a set of
Tarot Keys with this Newsletter, you may like to paint yourself another



0 HEARKEN, O Israel, unto my voice,

And give ear to mine instruction.

My word shall go before thee

As a pillar of fire
By night,
And as a pillar of cloud
Shalt thou follow it
By day.

Turn not aside, nor faint,

And it shall lead thee to a land of plenty
Flowing with the milk of life eternal
And the honey of unblemished wisdom.

June 2010


The purpose of this workbook is to help students who
want to learn how to draw and to recognise the Hebrew
letters. The various shapes pf the letters are easily
reproduced using modern calligraphy pens. The
instructions presume students are familiar with various
types of graph paper and edged pens. Some students may
be aware of other styles of drawing the letters. These
particular examples were used for clarity and ease.

When this booklet refers to families of letters, it is not

alluding to the divisions familiar to students of Qabalah:
the 3 mother, 7 double, and 12 simple letters. The
groupings used are based on similarity and relation of
shape. Much confusion and error frustrate beginning
students because of slight but very important differences
in appearance. [Ed: We will not use the order of the
letters in the workbook, but in sequential order to follow
the Book of Tokens]

The basic shape of each of the 22 letters is a y Yod, all

others derive from it. Serious students will understand
the profound import of this simple fact.

larcy yklm rps

The Book of the Kings of Israel