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Builders of the Adytum

New Zealand

There have been a number of natural disasters in recent months,

floods, earthquakes, tsunami, and typhoons. This image of the
destruction of Christchurch Cathedral has become a symbol of the
earthquake here in New Zealand and of the rebuilding that will be
done. Remember that we are not subject to tests and trials that we
cannot overcome no matter how hard it may seem.

Zenith News Notes No 92, June 2011

BOTA Meetings
B.O.T.A. Headquarters NZ, Cnr Treadwell & Naenae Rds, Lower Hutt
Enquiries: Phone 04 567 5751 or Fax 04 567 5757
Qabalistic Healing Service:
Every Sunday morning at 10.30 am
Class Work: 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm
Pronaos: 1st Tuesday at 7.30 pm (initiated members only)
Higher Thought Temple, Union Street, Central City
Enquiries: Phone 09 273 3046 - Frater Michael Sutcliffe
Qabalistic Healing Service:
1st Sunday morning of the month at 10.30 am
Healing Colour and Sound Ritual
2nd Wednesday of each month at 7.30 pm
Tarot Key Discussion
3rd Wednesday at 7.30 pm
Tree of Life Meditation and Chanting
4th Wednesday at 7:30pm
Enquiries: Phone 03 472 7274 - Soror Jan Faris
Qabalistic Healing Service :
1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays at 10.30am
Class Work : 4th Sunday at 10.30am
Vibratory Attunement Healing Service :
2nd Sunday at 10.30am
Meditation Evenings :
1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesdays at 7:30pm
Enquiries: Phone 03 9885 9134 - Frater Ross & Soror Tania Giles
Study Group: 3rd Sunday of each month.
Enquiries: Phone 8362 4016 - John Latore or 0404 804016
Phone 8362 3986 - Felice Arlotta
Study Group: 1st Tuesday of each month at 7.00 pm
Pronaos: 3rd Tuesday at 7.30 pm (initiated members only)
Unitarian Church, 15A Francis Street, Sydney
Enquiries: Phone: 02 9953 4613 Suzie Farrow or Mobile 0450 090
June 2011

Inner Vision

Some time ago an article appeared in Zenith News Notes named We all
have Inner Vision. Of this common possession of all humanity, it was
said that the first step was to recognise this truth and to think often and
deeply upon what it means.
Could we analyse what our initial conclusions are after just our first
exercises in "often and deeply". Like all exercises, strength and
competence will lead to the depths concealed in the word, deeply
providing that we do not lose comprehension of often in the passage of
time that so often bedevils our good intentions.
A good dictionary is always so helpful in ascertaining real meanings of
words rather than relying on our thinly held conception of them. Thus, the
Oxford Dictionary (not Cambridge which does not have one) says of the
word 'inner' - interior, internal - inner source of man's soul or mind. The
word 'vision', among other meanings, is described as things seen in the
In human society, there are those who exercise extraordinary vision in
particular areas, the very substance of pioneering. What is more, many
with vision of components that have led to the extraordinary are a part of it
- the basics of chemistry, physics, mathematics and natural sciences, have
developed over long periods of time to eventually coalesce in forms
previously not possible. Some are of the greatest benefit while others, as
we all know, are simply diabolical and owe their prompting to distrust
among nations.
Consider for a moment the artists and then the poets, both who have lived
within the stimulus of a particular age. Most of us remember with delight
the Australian entertainer, Rolf Harris who, with a large brush would paint
a huge mural in between his witty dialogue. What he was painting could
not be comprehended at all until the last few moments when he filled in its
central theme to the amazement of the viewers.
Some artists visualise so strongly that they simply paint around what is to
them a clear projection of what they inwardly see.
However, it is often the poet to whom we turn for the stimulus of words so
woven that they fill our souls with a scene or a conception. They, like
direct spiritual teachers, become universal, like Longfellow (1807-1882) of

Zenith News Notes No 92

America and England's William Blake (1757-1825). Such poets convey

much with added mysticism, something very much needed to ignite the
highest levels of inner vision.
WILLIAM BLAKE, that great prophet of the New Age, speaks of his
purpose as teacher, artist and poet:
... I rest not from my great task!
To open the Eternal Worlds, to open the immortal Eyes
Of Man inwards into the Worlds of Thought, into Eternity
Ever expanding in the Bosom of God, the Human Imagination.
O Saviour, pour upon me thy Spirit of meekness and love!
Annihilate the Selfhood in me; be thou all my life!

And he continues
This world of Imagination is the world of Eternity.
It is the bosom into which we shall go after death of the vegetated body.
This world of Imagination is Infinite and Eternal,
Whereas the world of generation and vegetation is finite and temporal.
All things are comprehended in their Eternal Forms in the divine body of
the Saviour,
The true voice of Eternity, the Human Imagination.
As one writer stated, Blake knew very well that the acute development of
intellectual knowledge was achieved at the price of losing perception of
the spiritual worlds. It meant a narrowing of vision so that we stand over
against things to analyse them as a mere observer. No longer can we unite
with the 'being' within them. To him this 'on-looker consciousness' was a
kind of sleep condition.
In the Mystical Qabalah, Dion Fortune writes: Tipareth is essentially
mystical. Mystical being understood as a mode of mentation in which
consciousness ceases to work in symbolic subconscious representations
but apprehends by means of emotional reactions.
Perhaps we could say that what this means lies in the work of the heart,
kindness and goodwill, or simply, love essence.

June 2011

Cube of Space - 4
(A series of four lectures)
(Leo, Libra, Sagittarius)
North-Above Leo
North-West Libra
West-Above - Sagittarius

From North-Above assigned to Leo and Key 8, we have the influence of

vitality, boundless enthusiasm; purposeful and unwavering to get to the
objective. This line of North-Above is influenced by the line East-Above
of Gemini. From this we have our mental capacities being channeled into a
goal, a purpose, when all the aspects of our consciousness, Self, sub and
super-consciousness are all working together, as portrayed in the image of
Key 6. Then we are more of a transparent channel, as portrayed by the
Magician in Key1, assigned to Mercury. We are in a better position to start
using our mental capacities for a higher purpose and objective. We need
the vitality and enthusiasm of Leo to help accomplish this.

Leos when expressing positively are said to be natural mystics and

excellent practical occultists, astrologers and character analysts. They are
more keenly aware of the contact we have with the Life Power. This is
portrayed in their sunny disposition, their deep and lasting affections and
not being able to resist helping. These are all wonderful qualities to help us
to raise up our awareness, so we can see where our attention, the Mercury
of Gemini, needs to be focused for the next stage, for which we are ready
to begin. The law of suggestion is attributed to Key 8. The area we put our
mind on, will be where our suggestions are focussed. This needs to be
done with love and compassion, Key 6; but also with the strength of Key
8. Key 8 being assigned to the 19th Path on the Tree of Life, linking
Geburah, strength & justice, to Chesed, compassion and mercy. This path
is the balance between the two Sephirah.

This sunny disposition is shown by the loving benevolent sun shining

down on the children in Key 19, growing them in its light. Key 19 is the
sun, which is the ruler in Leo. The focus here is on the young personality
being regenerated and renewed by the light and life power from the sun.
They are being grown into more aware channels.

Zenith News Notes No 92

Other positive Leo qualities are power and mastery, with strong powers of
concentration. They are also loyal and affectionate. Neptune, Key 12 is
exalted, or has its highest expression in Leo. The Hanged Man is in
complete attunement with the Administrative Intelligence of the Cosmos,
perfectly balanced and sustained. Key 12 is above Key 19 in the tarot
tableau, so is therefore the agency, which will bring about the outcome of
Key 19.

The natural 5th house of Leo is of affairs of the heart, speculation, pleasure,
adventure and children. The love aspect ties in with the title of key 6,
which moves into this line of Leo, on the Cube. It is the falling in love
with all of creation and Deity, to become perfect channels in the
administrating of it, knowing as the Hanged Man, that we are tied to the
Cosmos and therefore have our part to play. But we dont need to think of
it as hard work. The physical world is our playground; somewhere we can
have our adventures and pleasures. This is portrayed by the happy children
in Key 19, playing in the fairy ring in the garden, being watched over by
our heavenly mother and father. Guiding us, scolding us when we may do
things that would hurt us, but loving us and wanting our life, a unique
expression of the One Life, to be full of joy.

The letter teth of Key 8 means serpent and the process of digestion is
assigned to this key. The serpent in the Garden of Eden was the one who
suggested that we eat of the fruit of the Tree of knowledge of good and
evil. The symbolism of this is in Key 6. It was the eating and digestion of
the apple that we found ourselves in our present playground, to work and
play so we may know our true nature and fulfil our destiny. The
Intelligence of All Spiritual Activities is assigned to Key 8.

From this path it splits into two lines. One is the line North-West of Key
11 and Libra. A positive Libran quality is being able to see both sides of a
question. Through our eating of the fruit of the tree of good and evil, we
have the gift of seeing all opposites. Librans can experience the heights of
joy but also the lows of despair. But they are artistic, and love peace and
beauty. It is our reconciling of the pairs of opposites, the extremes and
seeing the inner beauty, which is there, that is our goal. The figure in Key
11 has the scales of balance, but also the sword of discrimination is being

June 2011

held up. Venus is the ruler in Libra, which leads to the emotional,
thoughtful, gentle, and poetic Libran nature.

Its natural 7th house is of adjustments the balancing of the scales of

opposites, by using the sword of discrimination. This 7th house is also of
marriage and partnership. We are in partnership with Deity, to help in the
full and perfect expression of its beauty. In Libra Saturn is exalted, this is
Key 21 and the Administrative Intelligence. This partnership in its fuller
expression is the taking of our rightful place in taking part in the
administration of the Cosmos.

The kidneys and skin are assigned to Libra. These are both organs of
elimination. After the digestion assigned to Key 8, we need to eliminate
that which is harmful to us, or that which we do not require. It is a vital
part to our health, both physically, psychologically, and spiritually. This
elimination is also linked to the sword in Key 11. The cutting out that
which is not needed, to bring about balance in ourselves.

Key 14 shows this working of fire and water on aspects of our personality,
by the Higher Self, to temper us, to purge us of the dross and reveal the
pure beauty within. This is the line of West-Above of Sagittarius and is the
other line that the influences of the line of Key 8 and Leo moves into.

The Sagittarian nature is cheerful, generous, sympathetic, philosophical

and aspiring. It is with goodwill and humour that we can advance more
easily on the path. The hips and thighs being assigned here, giving us the
motive power to advance. The 9th house is of long journeys, travel or
quest of the knowledge of the mind. Also of religion, philosophy and
higher education. Our journey to this point has been very long and arduous
fraught with many perils that we have overcome. These have
strengthened us and grown us to our present state. The wheels of life will
turn ceaselessly in the creativity of the Life Power. Jupiter Key 10 is ruler
in Sagittarius. A Sagittarian quality is to have the records of the past
activities of evolution, unconsciously more available. This is the Jupiter
centre, the abdominal brain. Here is available all knowledge of the
evolution of form from the beginning of this present cycle. This
knowledge shows us the long journey, we as centres of expression for the
One, have taken throughout endless eons, and what future possibilities

Zenith News Notes No 92

await us. Creation can never cease, as it is the essence and fundamental
principle of the One. Evolving, growing, advancing ever greater
expressions of beauty.

The path of Final Kaph, key 10, moves from where the lines of Cancer and
Pisces, Key 7 and 18 join up, where the Consecrator is situated, through
the centre of the Cube to the point on the edge of the Cube where Leo,
Libra and Sagittarius meet, above the Northern Chaos. Key 7 is the Higher
Self in the vehicle of personality; Key 18 is the path and is also assigned to
sleep. The cycles of sleep and awakeness, death and birth, within our little
lives but also the greater life of the Cosmos, is continuous and unceasing.
This is the wheels within wheels of Key 10. The letter Kaph is the hand
grasping. Grasping to understand and comprehend the inner life and magic
behind the endless cycles of evolution. This is the play of the planets
through each and every sign of the Zodiac, creating a myriad of
personalities, each a unique and amazing expression of the One. Each
reflects that light in a different manner for the joy of the One life.

When we are born the play of the One Light through all the planets and
zodiac signs, creates our unique expression for this particular incarnation.
Just one aspect, a partial look at ourselves as one aspect of the All. A
fenced off area, our playground for this cycle. But through our experiences
and the use of our minds, we can grow, filling the darker less experienced
areas of ourselves, with more light. Ultimately we can let the One Light
shine through our unique personality, to express as the positive and
beneficial qualities of the whole zodiac.

Love is Always Appropriate

Love and kindness are always appropriate. Whether

or not you believe in rebirth, you will need love in
this life. If we have love, there is hope to have real
families, real brotherhood, real equanimity, real

June 2011

The Meditation on Daleth

1 I AM the Door of Life,

The passage from the world of ideas
Into the world of form.
Expressing myself, I take form in substance,
But the power which worketh in that substance
Is the sovereign force of mine outflowing ideas.

2 Consider well, O Israel,

The knowledge of me which thou hast
In the sacred letters.
For with them, even as it is written,
Hath the universe been created.

I present myself as the source of Life Eternal,
Self-dedicated to bearing the heavy burden of creation.

Thou seest me as the Primal Will,
Which, fixing beforehand
The boundaries of the universe,

Zenith News Notes No 92

Maketh mine own Being

The dwelling-place of all creatures.
As it is written:
Lord, thou hast been our dwelling-place
In all generations.
Before the mountains were brought forth,
Or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world.

Appeareth my perfect Wisdom,
Which uniteth all seeming contraries,
And establisheth throughout creation
The balance of warring forces.

4 Now, as DALETH,
I present myself as the Portal
Through which Life, Eternal and Unbounded,
Entereth the realm of temporal and limited creation.

The great Door is BINAH

The fruitful Mother of all living.
She is the desirable one, the precious thing,
More to be sought after than rubies and fine gold.

She is both Father and Mother,

For her fruitfulness
Cometh from the YOD of the Supernal Wisdom.

5 She is the Thought,

Which spinneth the plan of existence,
That web of manifestation
Which entangleth the minds of fools,
And giveth understanding to the wise
Who know the secret of its mystery.

June 2011

In her is concealed the plentitude of Tetragrammaton,

And hidden in that Door of Perplexity
Is the Son, who is from all and among all.

6 This is the Gateway of life and form.

Yet through it come also death and conflict,
Even as it is shown in the numbering of DALETH,
For D L Th, being 434, is also 11,
And 11 is the half, or division, of 22,
Which representeth the whole circle of creation.
Therefore is the Door a cause of separation,
And of the setting of one part against another;
And for this is it written that the Lord is a man of war,
For in this saying is D L Th, DALETH, concealed.

7 I am the knowledge of the wise,

And in me the ignorance of the foolish hath its root.
From me come forth all conditions
The evil as well as the good.
Without the setting of metes and bounds
There is no bringing forth,
And thus there can be no creation without seeming evil.

8 Creation hath its origin in the life unlimited,

Yet for the sake of manifestation
Doth that life descend into the appearance
Of Time and Place,
And that which hath neither end nor beginning
Appeareth to be born,
And to be brought at last to death.

Deluded by this appearance are those ignorant ones

In whom the light of my wisdom hath not yet dawned.
From their delusion springeth a false desire,
And from that false desire is generated unrighteous action.

Zenith News Notes No 92

Yet nothing is performed save by my power,

And I am the real Actor in these deluded ones,
As truly as in any sage.
From the fires of pain and suffering
Kindled by their ignorance,
In my good time shall they come forth,
Cleansed from the dross of illusion,
Resplendent images of my golden self.

9 My creative power is the projection of myself,

And produceth the semblance of another;
But know, O Israel,
That besides me there is none other,
I only am the Knower and the Actor,
The one I AM,
Whether alone and unmanifest,
Or appearing in the multiplicity of created things.

10 The primal force of mine ideas

Dwelleth continually in ATZILUTH.
Thence it floweth forth into the three lower worlds
Through the Door of Understanding.
As it is written;
By understanding hath he established the heavens.

I am the fruitful womb

Whence all creatures have their birth.
I am the Mother of mothers.
Hence it is commanded:
Honour thy father and thy mother;
That thy days may be long
Upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

For I, who am thy Father, am thy Mother also;

And if thou honourest me, the Giver of Life;

June 2011

Then shalt thou triumph at the last,

Even over death.


The d Daleth, the poor man, receives charity from the rich man,
the g Gimel. The word tld means door. The door stands in the
opening of the house, b Beth The form of the d Daleth, a man
bent over, symbolizes the state of mind of bitel, lwtb , self-
The Alef-Beit, Rabbi Ginsburgh

And why does the roof of the d Daleth extend backwards a little
to the right, in the direction of g Gimel? To teach us that the poor
man, d Daleth must make himself available to the g Gimel, the
one who would lend him money. Nevertheless, the face of d
Daleth is turned away teaching that charity must be given in
The Book of Letters, Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

[It is] the way of Abraham who, when he saw the three angels in
human guise approaching him, ran to welcome them, hastened to
ask Sarah to bake cakes, and ran to the herd to select a calf for the
meal (Genesis 18). The deeds of the righteous are always
performed expeditiously.
The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet, Rabbi M. l. Munk

Zenith News Notes No 92

The full meaning of the d Daleth, is the door through which the
humble enter into the realization of Gods dwelling place below.
The Hebrew Letters, Rabbi Ginsburgh

If we contemplate ourselves as unlucky, unfortunate persons, then

we are meditating, image making and pouring our emotions into
images of what being unlucky involves. We are telling our
subconsciousness we want to be unfortunate, and so, is it any
surprise that at some point we begin to experience this state of
being? We have brought forth the projection, or birth, of a
particular image into the world of form. Everything born through
the Door (the Hebrew letter d Daleth, assigned to Key 3, The
Empress) of creative imagination is the fruit of its own kind.
Inspirational Thoughts on the Tarot, Ann Davies

Drawing the Daleth

The first stroke is an extended y Yod with a rounded right side (A

to B). Then a vertical line is drawn from (C) to the bottom margin

The beginning of the descending line (C) is inside the right

margin. The extended y Yod (A to B) touches the right margin.

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