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Called to Serve

A Defenders of the Faith Web Enhancement by James Wyatt

Defenders of the Faith: A Guidebook to Clerics and Pal- Ehlonna, Goddess of the
adins offers suggestions for holy (and unholy) quests Woodlands
and missions that churches might request or demand Protect the woodlandsslay a rampaging Additional Credits
clerics undertake on behalf of their deities. Divine evil monster; persuade loggers to avoid a
quests can serve as great adventure-starters, not just Editing: Carrie Bebris
sacred grove; rescue a sylvan creature that Web Production: Sue Cook
for clerics but for any character or party with alle- has been captured; help defend a fey com- Web Development:
giance to a patron deity. munity from attack. Negotiate peace Mark Jindra
Of course, each god has his or her own agenda in the between squabbling centaurs and elves or Graphic Design: SeanGlenn,
world, so the nature of such quests can vary drastically humans, or persuade them to unite against a Cynthia Fliege
from deity to deity. Also, as Defenders of the Faith points common evil foe. Seek out an ancient nature Based on the original DUNGEONS &
out, even churches devoted to the same god might spiritperhaps a thousand-year-old dryad, DRAGONS game by E. Gary Gygax
emphasize different aspects of that god or parts of the treant, or nymphor a sacred shrine built and Dave Arneson and on the new
gods portfolio, and thus might hand down very dis- edition of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS
high in the branches of a sky-embracing game designed by Jonathan Tweet,
similar quests. tree. Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Rich
Let these suggestions, arranged by deity, get you Baker, and Peter Adkison.
startedwhether youre the player of a cleric, paladin, Erythnul, God of Slaughter D&D, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, and DUNGEON
or other devout character, or a DM in need of a hook Wreak havocseize control of an organi- MASTER are registered trademarks owned by
for your next adventure. zation, settlement, or nation (by killing the Wizards of the Coast, Inc. All Wizards charac-
ters, character names, and the distinctive like-
person currently in charge), disrupt delicate nesses thereof are trademarks owned by
Boccob, God of Magic peace negotiations (by killing the diplo- Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
This material is protected under the copyright
Undertake quests involving magic or knowledge mats), or put an end to an order of do- laws of the United States of America. Any
recover lost tomes, scrolls, or spellbooks; find an gooder paladins (by killing them all). Raze a
reproduction or unauthorized use of the mate-
rial or artwork contained herein is prohibited
ancient library; create a special wondrous item. Dis- temple of Pelor; destroy a holy artifact of without the express written permission of
cover a minor or major artifact, or preserve one from Heironeous; prevent a pesky band of adven-
Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
This product is a work of fiction. Any similarity
those who would destroy it. Unearth lost secrets. Pre- turers from recovering a lost relic of St. to actual people, organizations, places, or
events is purely coincidental.
serve the balance of the universeprevent good, evil, Cuthbert. 2001 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. All rights
law, or chaos from gaining some ascendancy, or help reserved. Made in the U.S.A.

the opposite forces rise as well. A distant and Fharlanghn, God of Roads
inscrutable deity, Boccob may send his worshipers on Execute missions involving travelblaze a new trail
quests with no clear purpose, serving only the gods to undiscovered country; reopen lines of communica-
own secret aims. tion to a lost colony or outpost; visit a neighboring civi-
lization simply to learn about it. Find out why no one
Corellon Larethian, God of Elves can get through a mountain pass (an avalanche, bandits,
Help the elf racesupport an elf army against a monsters?). Follow a peregrine falcon on its journey
band of orcs or an army of evil humans bent on razing it might lead to a relic, a cleric, or another quest.
the woodlands; serve as a diplomatic envoy from the
elves to a nearby nation; recover an ancient artifact of
a lost elven civilization. Oppose servants of Gruumsh. Garl Glittergold, God of Gnomes
Help the gnome racescare dwarf miners away
Overthrow a tyrannical human ruler who seeks to
from infringing on gnome claims through practical
impose her rule on the elves.
jokes and pranks; put a pompous ruler in his place;
drive off a threatening giant. Oppose servants of Kur- peace with a nearby elf community; reclaim the lost Axe
tulmak, the kobold god. Solve an intricate puzzle to of the Dwarvish Lords. Oppose servants of Gruumsh.
win a magical prize. Support the rightful dwarven queen against the
usurper who murdered her father. Preserve the order
Gruumsh, God of Orcs and tradition of the community.
Promote the orc racelead a raiding party against
humans or elves; retake an orc fort held by dwarves; Nerull, God of Death
drive off adventurers making trouble in orc lands. Chal- Execute missions of deathkill for deaths own sake;
lenge a weak cleric and assume his position. Oppose start a magical plague; hunt down a wizard who has
servants of Corellon Larethian and Moradin. Capture a been cheating death. Seek out undeath; become a lich,
half-orc child born in human lands, so that she can be ghost, or vampire. Lead undead hordes to kill the living
raised by orcs. and add to their numbers.

Heironeous, God of Valor Obad-Hai, God of Nature

Perform deeds of valordefeat powerful evil enemies Preserve the wildsdefend a holy grove from all
(often supernatural, such as evil outsiders or undead); encroachers (good or evil); protect a powerful beast
promote truth and justice; prove ones own honor and from its would-be slayers (possibly led by a cleric of
courage. Frontal assaults are common. Recover holy Ehlonna); prevent a fey community from exterminat-
items such as swords or armor. Fight minions of ing the bugbears that share the woods (and vice versa).
Hextor, particularly the Fists of Hextor (detailed in Cooperate with a circle of druids to prevent miners
Sword and Fist). Help people in need, from princes in from violating untouched mountains.
distress to beleaguered peasantry. Punish the guilty and
protect the innocent. Olidammara, God of Rogues
Missions? Quests? Chaotic Olidammara expects his
Hextor, God of Tyranny followers to find their own way in the worldfollow-
Engage in deeds of tyrannyconquer a village, city, ing his example, surely, but not obeying his commands.
or nation and rule it through fear; organize a gang to
dominate a lower-class district and extort protection Pelor, God of the Sun
money from local businesses; capture people and sell Champion the cause of goodslay a powerful evil
them as slaves or draft them into service in an evil king- creature (an undead creature, or a monster that spreads
doms military. Recover unholy weapons and armor. disease); find powerful items of good (items of healing,
Fight minions of Heironeous and paladins wherever of light, or of fighting undead); help the sick, wounded,
they are found. and poor. Fill the world with good deeds. Oppose fol-
lowers of Nerull and other evil deities.
Kord, God of Strength
Carry out acts of liberationfree slaves, captives, or St. Cuthbert, God of Retribution
conscripts; overthrow tyrants; defeat bullies. Break Perform deeds of righteousnessfind a criminal and
chains, both literal and figurative, wherever they are bring her to justice; establish order in a lawless frontier
found. Fight for everyones right to freedom and the town; track down a servant of evil hidden in the fold of
search for happiness. Defeat powerful evil enemiesa the faithful. Avenge a murder or other crime commit-
devil, or a dragon who demands regular sacrifices. Seek ted against the church. Recover an artifact associated
items and magic that improve the clerics own body and with truth, justice, or retribution.
soul, including items like belts of Strength. Oppose fol-
lowers of Hextor, who represent tyranny, and Erythnul, Vecna, God of Secrets
who abuses freedom. Unearth dark secretsseek out a lost tome of evil
magic; blackmail a powerful person with his blackest
Moradin, God of Dwarves secrets, or reveal such concealments in order to unseat a
Help the dwarf racesupport a dwarf army against ruler. Entice a good wizard into exploration of evil mys-
orc raiders from beyond the mountains; negotiate a teries, luring her into madness. Seek out the Eye or Hand

of Vecna and use these artifacts to amass personal power. a settlement agreement with a surly human baron.
Stand up for the community when larger folk try to
Wee Jas, Goddess of Death and take advantage of the halflings. Find out why crops are
Magic failing and put a stop to it. Lead a halfling band into
Embark on quests involving magical knowledge unexplored territory to found a new settlement, or
discover lost spells or the process for creating a minor guide them to a distant, near-legendary halfling native
artifact; learn the secret of becoming a lich; find a pow- land . . . or promised land.
erful necromantic tome or item. Create a magic item or
research a new spell. Contact a dead wizard on the
Outer Planes to learn his magical knowledge. Investi- James Wyatt wrote dozens of articles for DRAGON Maga-
gate a strange magical phenomenon. zine and five DUNGEON adventures before joining the
Wizards staff in January 2000. His recent credits
include the adventure Speaker in Dreams.
Yondalla, Goddess of Halflings Game design is career number five, after stints as a
Help the halfling raceresolve a dispute between
childcare worker, ordained minister, technical writer,
quarreling halfling bands; lead the communitys
and web designer. He and his wife Amy have a three-
defense against a threatening group of giants; negotiate
year-old son, Carter.