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Formwork approaches architectural design

as a tool for the exploration of the built environment within a
city. The city is exemplified as an urban ecology that develops in layers; corresponding to
the future of a city that traces back to its historic origins. In these explorations of forces that help shape
Manchester. We attempt to work around obstacles and barriers rather than perceive them as negative
elements, creating and resolving these issues and representing architecture as a remedy. We engage
3rd Year Studio
with formal, societal, environmental, political and economic forces; examining how Manchester has shaped as Atelier: Formwork
a city of potential advancement, and its position of reach towards an ecology that could thrive under a future Location:: Manchester
of increasing limitations
The different sides for the
entrances are for specific types
of people; the entrance of
Oxford Road side has fast food
stalls for workers and students.
The further the market, the
slower the foods - which will be
the entrance for the Moss Side
area. This is for families that are
not in a rush, allowing them to
browse the markets at a steady
and leisurely pace.
With the first floor, it divides
the audience, whilst the Oxford
Road side would be for workers
and students (cafe area). The
Moss Side side entrance will be
for families and the community
1. Structural Frame Section 12. Curtain Wall Sys.
2. Inside Closure and sealant 13. Triple Glazing
3. Closure Strip 14. DPM
4. Building Insulation 15. Roof Insulation
5. Concrete 16. Anti drumming membrane
6. Roof Panel 17. Overlaying Steel sheet
7. Bolt 18. Concrete Deck
8. Galvanised Steel tube 19. Foam Concrete Deck
9. Galvanised Steel Rod, D15 20. Protective Layer
10. Glass Panel. Tempered, 21. PVC Waterproof membrane
laminated and surface treatment 22. Thermal Insulation
Or steel panel 23. Protective layer
11. Beam 24. Concrete

17 13
15 6
4 5


2 1. 20.
3 21.
8 9



2nd Year Studio
Atelier: Formwork
Location:: Manchester
2nd Year Studio
Graphic analysis of a story/book into the site



Main scenes
Her friend
uses the same bike
Repurcussions and is hit by the train in
the same situation. She
does not have any more
left. He is saved when
someone else
She jumps
when her friend
confronts her if she can
time jump. This then back
fires when she realises her
friend is in danger and
she has no more time
Repeated scene

jumps left.

She jumps
to avoid her daily
misfortunes. Her class
mate then reaps her own
mistakes and starts to get
Because of
bullied for it by others.
her jumps, she
accidently leaves her
friends girlfriend with a
sprained ankle. He then
takes her to the clinic
on her broken bike.

Jumps bullied classamte
to avoid accident. has enough and attacks.
She is hit by a train She jumps to avoid her
when her bike brakes friend from being hit. This
dont work. She discovers instead is deflected
her powers at this point and hit another class
of the movie. mate, scarring her
for life.
Travel methods

Story Bike Walk Train Car


Main Character Makoto She uses her time

discovers a strange device in She finds out she jump many times to He explains he is in
school. has the ability to avoid an awkward her time era as he
turn back time, situation. She then wants to preserve
and turns back realises that she a painting that
the accident has a tattoo on her Makotos Auntie is
arm which states curating. She then
the amount of time promises to keep
jumps she has left, it safe for him in
the future. She now
One her way home, she realises her knows what job she
She asks her brakes are broken. As she speeds up wants to pursue.
Auntie Kazuko, along the hill, she is hit by a train at the
a curator, what bottom She realises that She uses her last
happened. She her jumps can jump when her
explains about adversely affect friend Chiaki asks
time leaping. others. her if she can
time travel. She His death is avoided,
does this to avoid as her friend Chiaki
cofrontation. reveals he is also a
time jumper. Because
of this, he is ent back
to his time in the

She begins to abuse the time jumps

she has, and does things such as She uses another one to help a friend
She is unable to jump back when she
jumping back in time to get good in danger, However, this jump causes
realises Kousuke and his girlfriend
results at school and sing at karaoke the danger to happen to another
borrow her bike. The same accident
all day etc. classmate. Makoto feels guilt and
happens at the train stop. She realises
wants to use her remaining jumps to
she is unable to do anything
help others.
3rd Year Studio
Showcase of our final work
A4 170 Page Catologue
Leaflet A5 Mini booklet