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P: hello

V: hi!
P: Can you help me with a school job?
V: Yes of course, what is it about?
P: Are a question about Johan Cruyff
V: Of course, what is the first?
P: Where was he born?
V: Was born in Amsterdam on April 25, 1947
P: what team did he start playing?
V: His first team was Ajax
P: What year did he win your first Cup?
V: He won his first cup in 1971 with the Ajax team at Wembley
P: He won some world cup?
V: He did not win world cup
P: What was your contribution to football?
V: His greatest contribution was the concept of total football
P: When he retired?
V: He Retired in 1984 after winning the League with the Feyenoord
P: What was her greatest accomplishment as a technical director?
V: His greatest achievement was to win the first European Cup with the
Barcelona team
P: When he died?
V: He died on 24 MARCH 2016, for lung cancer
P: Thank you for helping me with my homework
V: Im happy to help