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Rowen Joy D. Bandong


The Curriculum and the Teacher

Curriculum refers to lessons and academic content taught in a school or in specific course or
program. Curriculum is often defined as the courses offered by a school, but it is rarely used in such a
general senses in schools. Depending on how broadly define or employ the term, curriculum typically
refers to the knowledge and skills are expected to learn which includes the learning standards or
learning objectives they are expected to meet, the units and lessons that teachers teach, the
assignments and projects given to students; the books, materials, videos, presentations, and reading
used in a course, and the test, assessment and other methods used to evaluate students learning. An
individual teachers curriculum, for example, would be the specific learning standards, lessons,
assignments, and materials used to organize and teach a particular course. Teachers play a vital roles in
the lives of the students in their classrooms. Teachers are best known for the role of educating the
students that are placed in their care. Beyond that, teachers serve many other roles in the classroom.
Teachers set the tone of their classroom, build a warm environment, mentor, and nurture students,
become role models, and listen and look for signs of trouble.

The teachers help the students gain more insights to the standard they need to become
proficient . Anytime a teachers make an effort to understand their students interest, or how they learn
best, will pay big dividends in the end. When the teachers understands the interest of their students,
they are choose activities that help the students make connections between the concepts taught, and
how they will use it later in future. If a teacher has a classroom full of students who learn best by a
hands-on activity, and the teachers choice of instruction uses a lecture form of delivery, the students
are not going to learn the material very well. Conversely, if the teacher uses a hands- on approach to
help students learn the material, it is likely the students will be able to learn the material and be able to
recall it during the times of assessment. Assessment play a big role in the classroom. This how a the
teacher can know for sure if the students have successfully comprehend the information. The teacher
can use information help inform the next days lesson. When all students have successfully
demonstrated their understanding, the teacher can move to the next level of the lessons. But, other
teacher they dont give an opportunity to the students to express their understanding about the lesson.
They always talk an discuss the lessons but they do not give an example so that the learners can
understand well of what the teacher being discussed. For now, this traditional techniques change due to
modern techniques because the teacher let the students discuss the lesson and the teacher guide them
for the better. I learned that being a teacher is not easy because you sacrifice and the teach the students
until they can learn and understand their lessons as well as they can have a better a future someday.

Matrix of curricula that exist in school

Curricula in school School type School level Evidences that Observations/
this curricula exist interviews
in school
Recommended Public school Elementary/ This curricula My observation in
curriculum Secondary exists in schools this curricula is
because the your
ministry of specialization that
education, the you taking up or a
commission on degree that you
higher education, need to achieved
or any
organization can
recommend and
implement a
curriculum. In
some cases, a law
making body like
the congress and
the senate, or a
university or a
school can
subject, a course,
or any academic
program which is
necessary for
national identity
and security for
protection and
among others.
Written Public school Elementary/ This curriculum My observation in
curriculum secondary exist in school this curricula is
because this the one written
curriculum is very by the curriculum
important to experts with the
make a lesson help of subject
plan or syllabus teachers.
written by the
Taught curriculum Public school Elementary/secondary This curriculum This curriculum
exist in school contains different
because this is teaching styles to
about the address the
implementation students needs
of written and interest.
curriculum. When
teacher give a
lecture; initiate
group work, or
ask students to do
a laboratory
experiment with
their guidance.
Supported Public school Elementary/ This curriculum My observation in
curriculum secondary exist in school this curriculum
because this is was, the students
used of can understand
instructional what is the
materials, such as teacher being
text books, audio discussed
visual materials, because their was
blog, wikis, and an example to
others, like support the
playgrounds, discussion of the
zoos, gardens, teacher and make
museums and real learners better
life objects so that and become a life
it can help long learners.
students to
become a life long
Assessed Public school Elementary/ This curriculum My observation in
curriculum secondary exist in school this curriculum is
because the when the
teacher give test teachers need to
after the evaluate the
discussion to performance of
know if the students. So,
students can when the teacher
understand the give a test or
discussion or the exam that is the
students are assessed
progressing or curriculum.
Learned Public school Elementary/ This curriculum A learning
curriculum secondary exist in school outcome can be
because it can manifested by
indicates what the what students
students have can perform of do
actually learned. either in their
This can be cognitive,
measure through affective,
learning psychomotor
outcomes can be domains. The
determined by result of the
the results of the assessed
test, and it can be curriculum will
achieved by the determines what
the students you have actually
through the use of learned.
Hidden Public school Elementary/ This curricula exist This curriculum
curriculum secondary in school because can affect what
sometimes their will be taught and
was an activity assessed by your
that being teachers, and
unplanned but it eventually may
plays an affect what you
important role in will learn.