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i ‘or CHAPTER 5: THE PHRASE The Gerund Phrase [Sh.] A gerund phrase consists of a gerund and any modifiers or complements the gerund has. The entire phrases used asa noun. [EXAMPLES Holding a class election taught us much about polit [subject ofthe verb aught! When ai the candidates begin campaigning forthe class offices? [direct object of the verb id Fein] Carries passion is rock climbing, [predicate nominative identifying the subject ion | pas Javier gave fishing for bass another chance [indirect objec of the verb gar] EXERCISE A. Undetin the gerund phrase in each of the following sentences. Example 1, Jim's tiny handwriting is sometimes difficult to read. 1. The vibrating ofthe tire caused the cr to shake 2. The nose you heard isthe soft chinping ofa baby bird, 3. Sally isan expert at identifying Grecian artifacts. 4. Playing the piano wells dificult skill to learn 5. Jason’s method of fly-fishing for trout i unique but effective, EXERCISE B: Undetin the gerund phrase in each ofthe following sentences. Then, above each gerund Phrase write S fr subject PN for predicate nominate DO fo direct abject 10 for indirect abject, oF OP for ‘object ofa preposition. I sentence doesnot contain a gerund phase, wre none after the sentence, Example 1, The slow rocking ofthe boat made Daniel seasick. 6. Javier wans to wit an essay abou the art of playing vdeo ges. 7. The swerving car avoided the fallen te yng in the rnd 6, Julie's favorit pastime is runing along the tralls near the park 9. Having defined goals wil help you plan you future 10, Kay's favorite weekend activity is sleeping late on Saturday momings 11. The clase used up half an hour by asking the guest speaker questions about comets 12 The che gave cooking the stew the attention it eserved 12, Ty flying the ite ne more time before the wind dis down. 14 Terra dreams of ying a hecoper for television news station. 15. Our baseball team is playing out of town this week Language and Sentene Skills Practice Election officials made an ertorin counting the votes. [object ofthe preposition in) ae el The Gerund '5gz] A gerundis averbform ending in ing thats used asa noun, EXAMPLES. Skiing ismy favorite sport subject of the verb i] ‘My hobby is fishing. [predicate nominative identifying the subject hab] Sam enjeys rock climbing, [direct object ofthe verb enjoy] | We should give snorkeling ar lindrect object ofthe verb should give] | Saul has shown great interest in skating. [objec of the prepesiton in] Do not confuse a gerund with a present participle used as part of a verb phrase or as an adjective EXAMPLES The rabbt was siting by the edge of the running stream. {Siting is part ofthe verb phrase urs sitZng. Running isa participle modifying steam.) Exercise A. Undetine the gerund in each of the folowing sentences Example 1. The key playing gular is finger dexterity 1. Becoming a doctortakes years of serous study 2. Kino’s specialty is cooking mushrooms and onions 3 The subtle squeaking of the door hinges old Mira that her sister was home. 4. Carla decided on writing about famous women in history. 5 Mr Riley enjoys the crackling of campfire ona winter's evening Exercise B_Undertne re gerund in each ofthe flowing Sentences, Then above each gerund write $ {or subject PN fr predicate nominative, DO fr direct object 10 for indirect abject, or OP for abjectofa prepostion. Ifa sentence doesnot contain a gerund, write none after the sentence, Example 1. Laure loves rutin eal in the morning 6 Traveling to new ad intersting places i fun 7. The ling child amused his parents. 8 Give playing go another chance 8. The powerful writing made the novel exciting to rend 10, Carla was talking na low whisper to er bes fiend 1 Ceci favorit hobby s building scale model of World Wor I airplanes 12, The key to fishing i patience 1, Feng pop fly ona sunny day can be a tick play 14, Pam is studying forher French exam. 15, Mae's averite even is sinning 98 Hour Hanos00x | Second Course Gerunds and Gerund Phrases A 5: A amie a vetuorn sats at UN ( EXAMPLES Spelunking isa wonderful adventure. subject ofthe verb i] We could hear the distant umbling of thunder. [direct object ofthe ver cnld hear) ‘We shoul give rafting another ty indirect object ofthe verb should ice] Sh.) A gerundpbvase const of gerund and any modes or complemen the ged hs The entre phase snare non EXAMPLES One of the president’ duties is serving as commander in chief. [predicate nominative identifying one ofthe president’ duties] ‘The settles cleared part ofthe land by burning down the forest [object ofthe preposition by] — ExeRcse A. Underline the gerund in each ofthe folowing sentences. Example 1. The sharp danging of the bell alerted the students 1. Jackie saved money forthe trp by grooming horses at Joa stable. 2 Training a pet to obey simple commands can be dificult. 3. Jemy’s phobia is speaking to lange crowds. 4, Sarah believes in saving money for the future. 5. The annoying rooster enjoys crowing outside my window, Exencrst B Underline the gerund phrase in each of the following sentences, Then above each gerund Phrase, rite 5 for subject PN for predicate nominative 00 for dec abject. 10 fr indirect object, OP for object ofa preposition. fa sentence does not contain a gerund phrase wit none aftethe sentence, Example 1. Traveling distant plas i easier tnday than wn rn nae ers ago. 6. Flying in an airplane sounds dangerous, but itis actually quit safe 7. A far more dangerous activity is driving a car. 8, Some drivers endanger others as well as themselves by recklesly disobeying talficlaws. 9. David's family is taking a train to New York this summer, 10, For our next vacation we may give riding om a train a try. 11, Watching the countryside roll by rom the window ofa train would be fun. i 12, My sister votes or diving to Seale, Washington in an RV. 13, Preston head the ashing ofthe sur. 1M, Tivelng across the country takes alot of time € 15, Wherever we goon our vacation, my aunt is coming with us 100 Hour Haxo2oo® | Second Course Coc HAPTER THE PRAY Gerunds and Gerund Phrases B [592] A gerundis a ver form ending in ~ng hats sed as noun. [EXAMPLES Playing chess well requires concentration [subject ofthe verb requires] My siser Tyra has started collecting rocks. [direct object ofthe ve as started] [Sh] A gerund phrave consists ofa gerund and any modifiers or complements the gerund has. The entire phrase isused as a noun, EXAMPLES. Before Martin became a journalist he had given becoming an English teacher serous ‘thought lindiret objec of the verb ad given} \When di Tor Murden ful her dream of rowing solo across the Alantic Ocean? objec: of the preposition of) ee Exencise A Underlre the gerund in each of the following sentences. Example 1. The rumbling of Joe's stomach told us it was time to eat. 1. Larry was intenton watching every movie in our video collection in one weekend. 2. My sister i responsible for cleaning the garage 3 Deanna’s powerful speaking caused the audience to erupt in applause 4. The dificult aspect ofthe workout program is getting up at four inthe meming. 5. The cacophonows clanking of the car's engine could be heard from blocks sway. EXERCISE B._Undesine the gerund phrase in each of the following sentences. Then above each gerund, te for subject PNfox predicate nominative DO for direct obec 0 for inet object oF OP for obec of “apreposition fa servence does not contain a gerund phrase, write none after the entence, Example 1. The bukingat the menacing dog cased the cao fle frm he yard 6, Theresa bepan her report on Medieval Europe with an interesting question 7. When he was five the muse prodigy started paying the pine. 8. Pato gave ching fr rainbow trout another chance. 9. Jacks parents sported his dream of winning a god medal 10, The charging rhiroceas onthe vdeo frightened the kindergartners 11, Among other sports, Li enjoys snorkeling inthe ean 12, The teacher noted that Pal has love of eaing poems and writing them. 13, His strongest ever in the track mest was running hurdles 14 At sunrise the gir began raking the goen leaves 15. One poplar hobby i collecting baseball cards Language and Sentence Stile Practice 101