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PLEASE TYPE (for students admitted after 3/1/15)

Ph.D. in Education Program of Study

Program plan for ELLEN CLARK

1. Core Course

EDUC 800 (3) Ways of Knowing:

Dr. White, Fall 2014

2. Research Methods (15)

EDRS 810 (3) Problems and Methods in Education Research:

Dr. Holincheck, Fall 2014
EDRS 811 (3) Quantitative Methods in Educational Research: Dr. Miller,
Spring 2017
EDRS 812 (3) Qualitative Methods in Educational Research:
Dr. Hopson, Spring 2015
Two of the following: EDRS 820, EDRS 821, EDRS 822, EDRS 823, EDRS 824
EDRS 825, EDRS 826, EDRS 827, EDRS 828, EDRS 831

EDRS 822: Advanced Applications of Qualitative Methods: Dr. Baily, Spring 2017
EDRS 818: Critical Discourse Analysis in Education: Dr. Wong, Summer 2015


3. Professional Specialization (24): Literacy

Major Area
1. EDRD 829: Advanced Foundations of Literacy Education:
Dr. Brozo, Spring 2016
2. EDRD 830: Theory, Research, and Practice in Literacy: Birth through Middle
Dr. Ward-Parsons, Spring 2015
3. EDRD 831: Theory, Research, and Practice in Literacy: Early Adolescence through
Young Adulthood:
Dr. Sturtevant, Summer 2015
4. EDRD 832: Research Methodologies and Trends in Literacy:
Dr. Parsons, Fall 2015
5. EDUC 897: Inquiries in Research on Refugee Literacy in the U.S. and Australia, Dr.
Zenkov, Spring 2017
6. EDUC 897: Independent Study for the Doctor of Philosophy in Education: Dr. Zenkov,
Spring 2016
7. EDRD 797: Literacy Development in International Contexts:
Dr. Brozo, Fall 2015
8. EDUC 896: Digital & New Media Literacies: Dr. Hutchison, Summer 2017
4. Secondary Emphasis (12): International Education
Minor Area(s)
1. EDUC 880: Introduction to International Education, Dr. Shaklee, Fall 2016
2. EDUC 815: Research Inquiries in International Education, Dr. Baily, Spring 2017
3. EDUC 892: Social Justice and Equity in International Education, Dr. Baily, Fall 2016
4. EDUC 878: Intercultural Competence: Theory and Research Application to
International Education:
Dr. Mattix-Foster, Spring 2016

5. Dissertation (12)

EDUC 998 (3) Doctoral Dissertation Proposal: Fall 2017

EDUC 999 (9) Doctoral Dissertation Research


Summer 2017

PROGRAM RATIONALE (please review the Program Guidelines for directions):

The Ways of Knowing course provided me with a foundation for this program and allowed me to
explore the various theories and lenses used to conduct research in education. Similarly,
Problems and Methods in Education Research served as an opportunity for me to learn the basic
components of research in education, as well as the various types of methodologies and data
analysis tools. Although I have not yet taken Quantitative Methods, I feel confident after taking
Qualitative Methods that this sort of methodology will help me answer my evolving research
questions. For that reason, I would like to further explore qualitative research in the Qualitative
Case Study Methods course and the Advanced Applications of Qualitative Research course.
Critical Discourse Analysis in Education allowed me to explore themes of power and equity in
education, particularly as related to English Language Learners. Both of the Theory, Research,
and Practice courses in Literacy provided me with the background knowledge requisite to study
literacy research, as both served as an overview of the history of research in literacy as well as an
in-depth examination of how that research applies to practice, and how it could change in future.
Research Methodologies and Trends in Literacy has been an opportunity for me to put some of
the lessons learned in research methodology into practice by participating in a team conducting
content analysis. I plan to study International Education as a minor, and Literacy in International
Contexts has given me the chance to engage in policy texts related to international development,
and to think more critically about perspectives on literacy in the international arena. Ultimately,
I hope to study the ways in which Students with Limited or Interrupted Education (SLIFE). The
courses I plan to take for the International Education minor will allow me to gain a better
understanding of how my research can fit in to the international field and the role policy plays in
international education. I plan on going back to the classroom when I have completed my
studies, and these courses will help me become a teacher researcher and advocate for SLIFE.

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