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Date: 9th June Student Group: Foundation

School: Class size: 45 Students

Duration: 90 Minutes Area of curriculum:
Topic of Lesson: Winter
Intended learning outcomes/ Intensions: Intended outcome for students, will include a understanding of the
What will the students be able to know and do by the completion of this lesson? winter months and how they differ from the warmer months. The
different activities we complete in each season and why?

Success criteria: Through successful completion on the worksheet and participation in

How will you know that the students have successfully achieved the learning group discussions. The main form of assessment would be
outcome/intention? observation, I am not collecting work from

Prior learning experiences: The students have understands of the seasons. Prior knowledge will
How will students prior learning and experiences be used in this lesson? also extended from living in the winter months.

Links to curriculum: Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape; daily and
seasonal changes affect everyday life (VCSSU046)

Respond to and pose questions, and make predictions about

familiar objects and events (VCSIS050)
Resources, Materials and Organisation: Text, bingo sheets and worksheets.
Teaching Strategies and lesson structure: What you as teacher will do? What are the students Timing
Prompts for your planning: Beginning
Reading text The old mans Sitting on the floor 20-30 Minutes
How will the lesson and ideas be introduced and mitten
made relevant to the students?
Follow discussion with numerous
How will you engage the class?
questions about why it may or
may not snow in Mooroolbark.
Has anyone been to the snow
type questions.
What specific teaching and learning strategies will Hot and Cold activities At their tables 15 Minutes
you use for the lesson? worksheet
What exactly will the students be required to do Students are involved in
and what will be your role? discussions about what items of
How will you create a collaborative learning
clothing and activities we do
environment and how will the classroom be
arranged to support this? during the colder months and
How will you include all learners? What Curriculum why we do or dont partake in
and Pedagogy adaptations or modifications will be them (No beach because its cold,
required? scarfs to keep neck warm).
How will you differentiate learning opportunities
for diverse learners?
How will you ensure the students are on-task and
what strategies will you use to support positive
How will you draw ideas together and conclude the Winter bingo
lesson? Students work in groups with
How will you conclude the learning experience/
bingo cards.
learning findings?
Consisting of winter clothing.
Discussion involving our current
clothing and why we wear
jumpers, scarfs, beanies.
Have students come back Sitting back on the floor.
to the floor and ask them: