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MODULE 3: Review of Philosophy of Dance

I. Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
a. discuss the different philosophy of dance;
b. enumerate the different philosophy of dance; and
c. appreciate the value of dance.

II. Overview:

Dance has been present since the beginning of human life, sympathetic magic being one of the first
forms of movement. Primitive man would dance his desires and dreams in hopes that the energy and
emotion put into each step would strengthen the possibility of making those dreams a reality. This topic
deals about the well known people and choreographers about their philosophy of dance.

III. Learning Content:

Rome Cicero
Dance helps us to overcome our brutal feelings and take us to the spiritualism.
Dance is a form of yoga and helps to maintain blood pressure and to maintain physical strength.
Dance helps us to understand life more deeply.

Maestro Hector Zaraspe

From paintings, to music, poetry, and dance, the soul searches for outlets to put its deepest thoughts
and feelings into mediums that will do the human spirit justice.
Body and soul, music and dance conceive an instrument of expression through which the spirit

Edgar Degas
Dance as art is expression given form through movement. Dancers paint pictures and write poetry with
their bodies.
They convey emotion through their birth given instruments.
There exist endless styles, techniques, and theories on dance, each one credible in its own unique
Movement is a visual inspiration that not only provides release for its creator but motivation for its
observer as well.
Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

Martha Graham
Dance for me has been a parent since childhood. It has taught me strength, discipline, and pride. It
continues to test my confidence and pushes me to lift myself beyond what I am capable of.
My imagination can become overwhelmingly full of ideas and thoughts and movement helps me take
those visions and put them onto my own body and others, communicating these dreams in the best way
I know how.
Nothing is more revealing than movement.

Murray Louis
Dance brings me the most joy when I can bring joy to others.
If I can touch a person through my creative power and make them laugh, cry, or inspire them to feel
something more, than I have fulfilled my reason for dancing.
Dancers work and live from the inside.
They drive themselves constantly producing a glow that lights not only themselves but audience after

Mary Wigman
My dance philosophy is that dance is born in everyone and exists in everyone.
Dance is an outlet for the mind, the bodys other instrument.
There are feelings that cannot be expressed through description with words. Dance fills in those
blanks. Dance should bring joy to those dancing and observing.
Dance provides release and is every humans birthright. As long as people walk, they will dance.