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Preface from The Rector of Unipdu

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Praise be to Allah. May the peace and blessings of Allah be on the

last Prophet and Messengger, Nabi Muhammad SAW and on his
household and companions.

With the spirit to start a place for learning and research focusing on
religious studies, ASEAN Studies Center of Unipdu establish
ASEAN Youth Interfaith Camp (AYIC) program on October 28th -
30th, 2017. AYIC is a great way to engage world academic youths
who want to speak their idea related issues on religions diversity and tolerance and also who
want to study about Islam Nusantara Concept in Indonesia. The goal of this program is to
seek deeper understanding of religious harmony, and to work together for peaceful future in
the world. Some advantages in this program are participants will learn and understand in
firsthand about Islam Nusantara Concept, Southeast Asia cultures, and they will experience to
do Adventure at some worse place in Indonesia.

As the rector of Unipdu, I feel happy and proud of AYIC program, I will support as much as I
can. Unipdu is one of the university which applied Islamic culture, we fight to eliminate of
intolerance, terrorism and religious extremism. I hope, the future, the participations will grow
up on academic youth who bring peace and keep religious tolerance in this world.

Allow me to call upon Almighty Allah SWT. to guide our steps in the service of Ummah,
khalifah, and its progress. May He uphold the succeed and significances under your wise.

Thank you very much

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Prof. Dr. H. Ahmad Zahro, MA.


Preface from The Director of Pusat Studi ASEAN Unipdu

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Distinguished guests, family members of the foundation, Loyalist as

the university members, families, donators, and participants, I am
delighted to welcome you to join our greatest event at Universitas
Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum, Indonesia.

For instance, in coming October 2017, we will be organizing

ASEAN Youth Interfaith Camp to expect new transformation
concept and deeper understanding about tolerance, balance, and
moderate under theme Tolerance in Diversity for A World Harmony.

We are hosting three days full camp with several activities to bring closer Pesantren for
ASEAN. We would like to introduce the core values of Islam which is not as rude as today
looks like. Therefore, the camp will be held surrounding dormitories called Pondok. For this
reason we urge all delegates of the house to active participate and learn new things.

In binding up peacefulness and togetherness, each agenda would like to be placed for facing
diversity in the chain of harmony. The diversity can be seen by participants who come from
ASEAN member states and dialogue partners, 24 countries in total. Those countries will
converge heterogeneity in line with stimulations of harmony, because of the main objective is
to unite peacefulness. No need to see religion, ethnics, or nationality only to help others.
Hand in hand keep out of vast array.

For now, on behalf of ASEAN community and Unipdu soul, all your interests and supports,
Lets all have a wise and fruitful resolutions Thank you.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

M. Zahrul Azhar, S.Ip., M.Kes.

October 28th - 30th, 2017
ASEAN Studies Center Unipdu, Indonesia

Supported by ASEAN, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Republic of Indonesia and

ASEAN Studies Center, Gadjah Mada University


1. General Information
ASEAN Youth Interfaith Camp (AYIC) 2017 will be held on October 28th - 30th, 2017 in
Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum University (Unipdu), Indonesia. This program is to be held
for the first time and will carry theme of Tolerance in Diversity for A World

The theme will be divided to various topics which mainly aim to discuss matters related
to interfaith dialogue and cooperation, tolerance, balance, and moderate views. This
program will welcome around 110 participants from ASEAN Member States as well as
ASEAN Dialogue Partners.

AYIC 2017 will be formed into two-day of youth conference and end with cultural-art
performance. The third day will be dedicated for field-trip session.

The program is organized and hosted by ASEAN Studies Center Unipdu, Indonesia, with
the support of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Republic of Indonesia and ASEAN
Studies Center, Gadjah Mada University.

2. Aims
2.1 Introducing countermeasures to religion related intolerance and radicalism to
2.2 Providing access to youths on information related to diverse religious practice and
tolerance in ASEAN;
2.3 Introducing Indonesias Islam Nusantara Concept as a type of tolerance in diversity
among people in Indonesia;
2.4 Enhancing youth networking and friendship among participants;
2.5 Establishing sustainable cooperation among ASEAN Studies Centers in ASEAN
Member States as well as other ASEAN dialogue partners.

3. Advantages
3.1 Participants can learn and share their views on issues related to diversity and tolerance
in harmony;
3.2 Participants can learn first hand about cultures from fellow ASEAN member states
and dialogue partners;
3.3 Participants will have the opportunity to communicate their ideas related to tolerance
in diversity;
3.4 Participants will be involved in cultural activities in various places in East-Java,
3.5 Participants will be able to experience Indonesia local hospitality;
3.6 Participant will be granted a certificate of participation at the end of the program.

4. Venue
The program is to be held at Islamic Center of Unipdu-Jombang, East Java, Indonesia.
Address: Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum University
Tromol Pos 10 Peterongan Jombang, 61481. East Java, Indonesia
Phone: (+62) 321-873655
Email: asc@unipdu.ac.id
Website: www.unipdu.ac.id or http://psa.unipdu.ac.id/

5. Requirements of participant
5.1 Must be students (20 35 years old)
5.2 Should come from ASEAN Member States and ASEAN partners
5.3 Good health (physically and mentally)
5.4 Good English communication skill and knowledge
5.5 Able to commit to the program schedule
5.6 Submit a paper (see point 6)
5.7 Fulfil the application form at http://bit.ly/AYIC2017Registration
5.8 Entries must be received by July 05, 2017

6. Paper
6.1 Guideline
- The theme is Tolerance in Diversity for A World Harmony this will include
various topics related to interfaith dialogue and cooperation, tolerance, balance,
and moderate views.
- The paper should be no more than 800 words
- Policy paper should be typed with times new roman 12pt and 1.5 space in word
file only (doc.)
- Format template: Title, background and problem, objectives, method and process,
findings and action plan;
- Paper should be submitted before 5 July 2017
- Updated info will be published at http://psa.unipdu.ac.id
- The papers will be peer reviewed by the panel of experts. Essays and report of the
conference will be published in electronic proceedings in English at the website:
psa.unipdu.ac.id. The committee also will send it to all participants around 15
November 2017 by email.

6.2 Important date
Date Activity
20 April - 5 July 2017 Registration and submission of policy paper
6 July 2017 Notification of acceptance
28 - 30 October 2017 Event of AYIC

7. Cultural Art Performance

7.1 Every group are required to perform within 10-15 minutes;
7.2 Provide the wardrobe and supporting equipment by each team;
7.3 Send the concept of performance together with the paper via email
7.4 Cultural Art Performance will be held outdoor.

8. How to Apply
8.1 Register via website: psa.unipdu.ac.id or visit: http://bit.ly/AYIC2017Registration;
8.2 Complete the electronic application form and upload scanned identity document
(Passport) along with student card and recent photo;
8.3 The committee will send you a notification of participation

9. Contact Persons

Chairperson: Event division

Ahmad Haibat Kannaby, S.IP. Siti Urifah, S.Kep.Ns.MNS
Phone: +62 85773434344 Phone: +6285606437666
Email: haibat.kannaby@gmail.com Email: sitiurifah24@gmail.com

ASEAN Studies Center Unipdu

Phone: (+62) 321-873655, Fax: (0321)866631
Email: asc@unipdu.ac.id
Website: psa.unipdu.ac.id

10. Funding Arrangements and Facilities

10.1 Airplane tickets
Any travel arrangement to Juanda International Airport, East Java, Indonesia
should be covered by respective participants.

10.2 Local Transportation

Airport transfer will be provided to the participants. Liaison Officers from Unipdu
will assist the participants during arrival and departure at the Juanda International
Airport, East Java, Indonesia. Please kindly inform us via email asc@unipdu.ac.id
regarding your flight itinerary at the earliest so we can proceed with the airport
pick up arrangement.

10.3 Accommodation
Accommodation will be provided during the time of 27 30 October 2017 in Darul
Ulum University Boarding House. The homestay for participants will be picked by
the committee. The selected rooms will be given based on committee
arrangements. As part of Islamic education in Darul Ulum University, please be
informed that the daily life in the Boarding House is based on Islamic Values.
The organizer will only cover the room charge. No reimbursement will be
provided. All participants will be responsible for laundry, phone calls, internet
connection (other than the one provided by the committee), facsimile, and other
personal expenses.

10.4 Meal
Halal meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) will be provided during the program. If
the participants come earlier than the date of the program (28 30 October 2017),
the meal expenses shall be covered by the participants.

11. Visa Requirements

Entry visa is required for all participants that have no visa arrangements with Indonesia
and this can be applied through the nearest Indonesias missions abroad. For the visa
requirements, kindly contact Indonesias missions abroad or visit
http:www.imigrasi.go.id for further information.

All participants must possess valid passports or travel documents recognised by the
Government of Indonesia. The passport must have a validity of six (6) months before
expiry when entering the country. Kindly be informed that all expenses for visa shall be
covered by participants.

12. Dress Code

During conferences, the participants are expected to dress in casual smart attire. Please
be advised that all the participants staying in Boarding House are expected to wear
casual and modest attires (no tank top, no hot pants etc).

13. Internet Services

Free wireless internet service will be available at the venue of the program.
14. Medical Facilities
Unipdu will provide medical facilities. Participants are responsible for any medical cost
incurring during their travel and during the program.

15. Miscellaneous
15.1 The weather forecast in Jombang region at the end of October is approximately
33C (high) to 23C (low), with the chance of 47% sunny days and 11% chance of
rainy days.
15.2 The plug-in for electronic device in Indonesia is two-pinned plug (Type C). The
electricity voltage is 220V AC at 50Hz.
15.3 The standardized local SIM Card for hand phones in Indonesia is GSM.
Participants can purchase SIM cards at the airport or any major shopping outlets.
15.4 The local currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Most places only use IDR for
cash transactions. Credit and debit cards are widely used at the airport. USD 1.00
is equivalent to approximately IDR 13,081.56.
15.5 Indonesian law forbids visitors from bringing weapons, illegal drugs or
pornography into the country. Penalties can be severe and include death for
weapons or drugs. Alcohol in excess of 1 liter per person 18 years or over is also
forbidden to be imported.

Annex 1: Tentative Program

27 October 2017
Arrival date to do check in

28 October 2017 (Day 1)

Time Activities Location
International Conference
08.00 08.30 Registration Islamic Center
08.30 09.15 Welcoming Islamic Center
Opening ceremony of the program
09.15 09.30 Photo Session
09.30 10.00 Panelist of Keynote Speakers Islamic Center
10.00 10.30 Q & A, discussion Islamic Center
10.30 11.00 Coffee break Islamic Center
11.00 11.30 Speech 1: Tolerance Islamic Center
11.30 12.00 Q & A, discussion Islamic Center
12.00 13.00 Lunch Islamic Center
13.00 13.30 Speech 2: Balance Islamic Center
13.30 14.00 Q & A, discussion Islamic Center
14.00 14.30 Closing and announcements Islamic Center
14.30 17.30 Free Home stay
17.30 18.30 Preparing for welcoming dinner Meeting point
18.30 21.00 Welcoming dinner Pendopo Jombang
21.00 - morning Free Home stay
29 October 2017 (Day 2)
08:00 08.30 Registration Islamic Center
08.30 09.30 Speech 3: Moderate Islamic Center
09.30 10.00 Q & A, discussion Islamic Center
10.00 10.30 Conclusion: Conference Memorandum Islamic Center
10.30 11.00 Closing ceremony of the program Islamic Center
11.00 11.30 Coffee break Islamic Center
11.30 13.00 Lunch Islamic Center
13.00 15.00 Preparation cultural performance Islamic Center
15.00 15.30 Go to cultural perform stage Meeting point
15.30 17.00 Final preparation for cultural performance Alun-alun Jombang
17.00 18.00 Break Alun-alun Jombang
18.00 21.00 Cultural performance Alun-alun Jombang
30 October 2017 (Day 3)
08:00 08.30 Registration Meeting point
08.30 17.00 Field trip session Meeting point
17.00 18.00 Arrive at home stay Islamic Center
18.00 end Check out Home stay

Annex 2 : Budgeting

Details Cost

Logistic 30.000.000

Publication 40.000.000

Speakers and Committees 30.000.000

Consumption 150.000.000

Room lease (2 days) 500.000.000

Accommodation and Transportation 100.000.000

Total 850.000.000

Annex 3 : Sponsorship option

Sponsorship option Funding percentage Funding amount

Diamond 100 % 850.000.000

Platinum 75 % 637.500.000
Gold 50 % 425.000.000
Silver 25 % 212.500.000
Bronze 10 % 85.000.000

Annex 4 : Investment Advantages

Benefits Investment Advantages Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze

Cover all event

Company profile video displayed - - -

Logo on stage backdrop

Boat space -

Participate on all session of the event - - - -

May give promotion kits to the participants/ - -

welcoming speech

Press Media

Logo on billboards

Logo on banners

Logo on X-banners

Logo on posters - -

Event property/ programs

Logo on seminar kits - - -

Logo on co-cards - - - -

Logo on t-shirts - - - -

Online Media

Logo on Website

Logo on social media - - - -

Annex 5: Confirmation sponsorship

Confirmation Sponsorship

Company/Institution : _____________________________________________________________

Address : _____________________________________________________________

Phone Number : ___________________________ Fax:______________________________

Email : _____________________________________________________________

Name : _________________________Position:_____________________________

I am interested in becoming a sponsor/donator for the event ASEAN Youth Interfaith Camp 2017 (Kindly put a
checklist on the type of sponsorship)

Diamond : IDR 850.000.000

Platinum : IDR 637.500.000
Gold : IDR 425.000.000
Silver : IDR 212.500.000
Bronze : IDR 85.000.000


The payment can be transferred to this following details;

Bank Account : BRI Syariah

Account Number : 1003253879
Account Name : Universitas Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum

Bank Account : Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

Account Number : 0121022074
Account Name : Universitas Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum

Confirmation can be directed to Ahmad Haibat Kannaby (haibat.kannaby@gmail.com)