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Grammar Quiz

X Science 3

Captain : 1. Nadira Salsabila N. S.

Members :
2. Radhina Zahra 11. Ade Lina Permatasari
3. Laila Atikah Sari 12. Fitri Ayu D.
4. Debby Kartia D. 13. Dias Bagus Z.
5. Nabila Putri H. 14. Fausta Abimanyu H.
6. M. Khemaldi 15. Fathan Mubiyna
7. Rizky Aji M. 16. Nandana Rakha N.
8. M. Kevin Naufalizar 17. Alya Azalia N.
9. Erry Rizky Suro 18. Thalitha Mukhti K.
10. Ghefira Zahra P. S.

Text 2, Paragraph 1.
Nadira: Assalamualaikum, Alia. It was very interesting to read your letter about yourself
and your hometown. I would really like to be your pen friend.

Text 2, Paragraph 2.
Radhina: Im sixteen-years-old school from Johor Baharu in Malaysia. Actually I attend
Islamic boarding school just outside the city but my family in Malaysia. Actually I attend
Islamic boarding school just outside the city but my family life in Kuala Lumpur. My eldest
sister is a medical doctor. My younger brother is an elementary school student.

Text 2, Paragraph 3.
Laila: My favorite subjects are social sciences. I like history very much; it helps know more
how different countries existed in the past. At school we are supposed to use English at
all times, so we have become quiet fluent although sometimes we slip back into Malay,
which is our mother tongue.

Text 2, Paragraph 4.
Deby: As for hobbies, Im really into song and music. My favorite boy band is One
Direction. My favorite Malay singer is, of course, Siti Nurhaliza. I also like watching
movies, especially comedies. The actor I like best is Tom Cruise.

Text 2, Paragraph 5.
Nabila: Im really into books. I like reading novels and short movies. I like some writers in
English, like J. K. Rowling and Indonesia writers too, like Andrea Hirata and Ahmad Fuadi.
My dream, when Im older, is to be a writer of science fiction books.
Text 2, Paragraph 6.
M. Khemaldi: Id really love to come to Indonesia someday, especially to the magnificient
Raja Ampat in Papua. What about you, do you want to visit my country? Wassallam.

7. M. Khemaldi R.
Capital Letter Red
8. Rizky Aji M.
9. Erry Rizky S. Singular Pink
10. Ghefira Zahra P. S. Plural Green
11. Ade Lina P. Present Tense Navy
12. Fitri Ayu D. Subject
Blue Pronoun Brown
13. Dias Bagus Z. Object Pronoun Purple
14. Fausta Abimanyu H. Possessive Adjective Orange
15. Fathan Mubiyna Possessive Pronoun Yellow
16. Nandana Rakha N. To Be Black
17. Alya Azalia N.
18. Thalitha Mukhti K. WH Question Blue Sky

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