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First United Methodist Church of Voorheesville

Churchmouse July/August 2017

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name,

and theyre always glad you came
by Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo

o you remember the TV show Cheers am willing to admit. In the midst of the song, the
from the 1980s? It was a quirky sitcom struggles of life are mentioned (at least some of
that took place in a bar. Does it seem them are) before we get to the words that are quoted
strange to you that I would write about a above. We need community and relationships to get
sitcom that takes place in a bar? If so, bear with me us through.
for my letter this month is all about community. As I think about our purpose as the church, I
In that show, there was a regular cast of understand that part of this purpose is to be a place
characters, who when put together form a small where opportunities for community and rela-
group community. The characters represented a tionships are available to all people. Not everyone in
small group of people from various walks of life and the church can be a part of every intimate com-
totaled around a dozen when taking into account the munity, but everyone in the church can be a part of
various characters that came and went an intimate community made up of
over the duration of the eleven years that individuals in the church. Just like the
the series aired (1982-1993). These characters in the show are present at the bar
characters were regulars at the bar and on a regular basis seeking relationships and
helped one another through many comical purpose, I believe that we who attend
and sometimes difficult life situations. church are present on a regular basis
I find many parallels between the seeking relationships and purpose.
fictional life that was presented in the television Unlike the show, we dont have script writers
show and the life of the church today. Minus the creating the situations in our lives. We do however
alcoholic beverages, both places include people have a loving God who is always looking to do the
from various walks of life seeking a source of best with us and in us, despite some of the choices
community where they are comfortable in sharing that we make. We have a God who desires a
their struggles as they seek to find meaning in lives. relationship with us, and who desires that we would
Over the past year or so, I have discovered a truth be in relationships with one another. Relationships
that I think has been present for a long time, but has take work, and relationships can be hard but
been overlooked. Every one of us needs rela- when they are true, is there any better place to be?
tionships, and in the day and age of cell-phones, e- Jesus knew (and knows) our need for relationships.
mail, Facebook, and texting, we struggle to find the Jesus brought together the disciples and helped them
right ways to fill this need. We have become a to build meaningful relationships with one another.
society filled with people who carry their Jesus is doing the same with us. Jesus is bringing us
community in their pockets. together, providing us with the opportunities to be in
Sometimes you want to go where everybody a relationship with him and with one another . . . it
knows your name, and theyre always glad you is up to us as to what we do with those oppor-
came. These words were sung as a part of the tunities. Sometimes I want to go where everybody
theme song for Cheers. I sometimes find myself knows my name and theyre always glad I came . . .
whistling the tune for no reason. Maybe it is the I always want to go where Jesus knows my name,
Holy Spirit reminding me that I have a need for and I know that he is always glad I came. Are you
relationship and community. And my need for willing to join me and one another in a relationship?
community and relationship is often greater than I If so, Cheers! Pastor Gary



hen asked to write an article about Lords heard throughout the congregation, and yes,
Gary's ordination I said to myself, lots of clapping and waving hands too! It was an
why ask the half-blind gurl what awesome message.
she saw? After the Offertory (the Metropolitan Voices were
But then I thought, anyone can tell you what they wonderful), some responsive readings and prayers,
saw. So, I will tell you then, what I FELT! Bishop Webb presented Persons to be Com-
The Ordination ceremony took place missioned, Ordained or Recog-
at the culmination of the Annual nized. As each candidate was called,
Conference in Syracuse. The they were asked a series of questions
Syracuse 9 were: Andy Bell, Betsy
Imagine by the Bishop. All responses,
& Gary Bates, Cheryl & Bob for a moment prayers, hymns, etc., were printed in
Hammer, Lynn & Steve Dudek (who a lovely booklet. The one thing that
had attended the entire conference),
800 voices rests on my heart still is that as each
Dianne Lucci, and me. raised in song . . . candidate was called, their church,
The On Center is huge (no family and friends stood up in the
steps!). After checking with some congregation to bear witness.
attendees, it was estimated that there I feel blessed and highly favored to
were about 800 people, more than half have been a witness to Gary's ordination. One cannot
of which were clergy. Upon being seated help coming away from this service with a renewed
I saw two ginormous flat screens on either side of an sense of purpose and strength and with joy in my
equally ginormous stage. As the clergy progressed heart!!
to their reserved seats, I looked up on stage and saw Editors note: Please see page 8 for more pictures
a choir entering. I wiped my eyes then leaned over from the ordination.
to Bob Hammer and asked, Is that
a black choir!? It was indeed an all
-black choir! Boy, did I sit up
straighter! I heard but did not see an
organ and a band, which were
excellent, with the organist adding
just the right amount of soul.
Promptly at 2:00 pm on Saturday,
June 3, 2017 the ceremony opened
with the first hymn, Lift High the
Cross. Imagine for a moment 800
voices raised in song. It made me
feel as though I was singing with
the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! I
was filled with joy and so glad to be
present! It was also gratifying to see
among the congregation some folks
that looked just like me!
We then had church with the
sermon Resources for the
Journey, delivered by a very char-
ismatic brother, Dr. Junius B. Members of the congregation made the trip to Syracuse to attend
Dotson, Discipleship Ministries Pastor Garys ordination on June 3. From left, Andy Bell, Lynn
General Secretary. There were many Kohrs-Dudek, Bob & Cheryl Hammer, Gary Bates, Pastor Gary,
amens, hallelujahs and yes Betsy Bates, Barbara Munderville, and Steve Dudek.

JULY 2017 AUGUST 2017

2nd Sun 8-9:30 am UMM Bible Study 2nd Weds 3:30-6:30 pm Farmers Market
10:00 am Worship Service 3:30-6:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet OPEN
12-3:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet open 7:30 pm Al-Anon
6:00 pm AA Meeting 5th Sat 10:00 am AA
7:00 pm Disciple Bible Study 6th Sun 8-9:30 am UMM Bible Study
5th Weds 3:30-6:30 pm Farmers Market 10:00 am Worship Service with
3:30-6:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet OPEN Pastor Gary at NS
7:30 pm Al-Anon Presbyterian
8th Sat 10:00 am AA 12-3:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet open
9th Sun 7-8:00 am UMM Breakfast 6:00 pm AA Meeting
8-9:30 am UMM Bible Study 7:00 pm Disciple Bible Study
10:00 am Worship Service 9th Weds 3:30-6:30 pm Farmers Market
12-3:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet open 3:30-6:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet OPEN
6:00 pm AA Meeting 7:30 pm Al-Anon
7:00 pm Disciple Bible Study 12th Sat 10:00 am AA
10th Mon 7-8:30 pm Trustees Meeting 13th Sun 7-8:00 am UMM Breakfast
11th Tues 6:30-8:00 pm Missions Meeting 8-9:30 am UMM Bible Study
12th Weds 3:30-6:30 pm Farmers Market 10:00 am Worship Service with
3:30-6:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet OPEN Pastor Gary at NS
7:30 pm Al-Anon Presbyterian
15th Sat 10:00 am AA 12-3:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet open
16th Sun 8-9:30 am UMM Bible Study 6:00 pm AA Meeting
10:00 am Worship Service 7:00 pm Disciple Bible Study
12-3:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet open 16th Weds 3:30-6:30 pm Farmers Market
6:00 pm AA Meeting 3:30-6:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet OPEN
7:00 pm Disciple Bible Study 7:30 pm Al-Anon
19th Weds 3:30-6:30 pm Farmers Market 19th Sat 10:00 am AA
3:30-6:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet OPEN 20th Sun 8-9:30 am UMM Bible Study
7:30 pm Al-Anon 10:00 am Worship Service with
23rd Sun 8-9:30 am UMM Bible Study Pastor Gary at NS
10:00 am Worship Service with Presbyterian
Rev. Holly Cameron 12-3:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet open
at FUMCV 6:00 pm AA Meeting
12-3:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet open 7:00 pm Disciple Bible Study
6:00 pm AA Meeting 23rd Weds 3:30-6:30 pm Farmers Market
7:00 pm Disciple Bible Study 3:30-6:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet OPEN
26th Weds 3:30-6:30 pm Farmers Market 7:30 pm Al-Anon
3:30-6:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet OPEN 26th Sat 10:00 am AA
7:30 pm Al-Anon 27th Sun 8-9:30 am UMM Bible Study
29th Sat 10:00 am AA 10:00 am Worship Service with
30th Sun 8-9:30 am UMM Bible Study Pastor Gary at NS
10:00 am Worship Service with Presbyterian
Rev. Holly Cameron 12-3:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet open
at FUMCV 6:00 pm AA Meeting
12-3:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet open 7:00 pm Disciple Bible Study
6:00 pm AA Meeting 30th Weds 3:30-6:30 pm Farmers Market
7:00 pm Disciple Bible Study 3:30-6:30 pm Karie Jeans Closet OPEN
7:30 pm Al-Anon



his "Anti-Ouch
Pouch" soft pillow is
designed to be worn
snugly against the
underarm area to cushion the
Congratulations! area after breast surgery. The
wedge shape gently holds the
arm away from the body when
Caleb Edward Marsh the user is standing. The strap
Born May 29, 2017 to first-time holds the pillow in place
parents Katie & Ken Marsh without having to use sore arm
muscles to "clutch" it. The strap is adjustable and the
 and  fiberfill may be adjusted via the overlapped opening.
These pain saving pouches are available to anyone
Connor Vansen Tidd in need. Please contact me if you would like one.
Born May 26, 2017 ~Pat Klose-Hammond, proud mother of Karie Jean
to parents Meghan & Mark Tidd
and big sister Allie Beckett



BIG thank you goes out to Lynn from

e are considering sending statements Curlingston Farm Greenhouse for the
by e-mail. We ask that you send an e- lovely flowers she planted around the
mail (office@fumcv.org) or call the church. Lynn also spent some time
office (765-2895) if you DO NOT weeding around the memorial garden where the
want your statement e-mailed. All others will be benches are. If you come by the Farmers Market, be
asked to sign a release to allow e-mail receipt and sure to say Thank You! to Lynn.
verify we have the most current e-mail address ~Dianne Luci, Trustee
before the fall statements.
Also we always are looking for counters to assist
one Sunday per month (usually on a set schedule)

recording offerings on a log of givers. Please call me lease take notice of the list
if you can help, 869-3713. Thank you. of items needed for our
Finally, if you can pre-pay all or part of your kitchen, which is on the
capital Campaign pledge or make a donation to help bulletin board in our
pay for the paving, it would help the church to meet kitchen. If you can sign up for one or
this bill, taking less money out of long-term more of the items any month, that
investments (Endowment Fund). Your keeping up would be greatly appreciated!
with regular giving all summer is appreciated. Thank you!
~Sue Bell, Financial Secretary ~Pat Klose-Hammond, Food Team Leader



ver the past year, I have spoken about A question that was answered as a part of these
the need for our congregation (and its meetings was this: How is it with your soul? Or
members) to be involved with small put into our common speech today, How is your
group ministries. As we move into the relationship with God this week? These class
next season of our ministry together, I envision this meetings were not places where people were forced
being a big part of our journey of faith together. All to confess every sin they ever committed! Con-
of this begs the question: why are small groups so fession was (and still is) important to the Methodist
important in the tradition of Methodism? practices of faith, but confession of this nature would
For the purposes of this article, I would like to happen in much smaller groups that involved people
focus the answer to this question on something from that were involved in deep and committed rela-
the Methodist tradition known as the class meeting. tionships of faith (and confession was never forced,
When you hear or read the word class, it seems to but was willingly offered).
imply that some kind of learning will take place. The class meeting was a place where a small group
Though in the Methodist tradition, the class meeting would meet to talk about the visions, realities, and
wasnt so much concerned with the learning of struggles that surround a life of faith, and where this
information, but rather with the transformation of same group of people would find strength and
the individuals in the group as they deepen their encouragement through conversation and prayer as
lives of faith. they continued to deepen their relationships with
A class meeting was not a study group (though God and with one another. That was the entire
some groups would invest some of their time in purpose of the class meeting to deepen the
studying the scriptures) and there was no guarantee relationship with God and with one another. The
that any particular individual would improve or class meeting was a place where individuals would
learn. These meetings were places where people hold one another accountable to living a spiritual
would come together to share their faith experi- life, and would encourage and build each other up
ences, their struggles, and would actively pray for for the edification of the individual, and more
and encourage one another as they all strove to grow importantly, for the glory of God.
in faith. Why are small groups so important? Now you



issions will be running the beverage
table once again at the Farmers
Market. This year we will be raising
money for specific missions. For June
and July, all proceeds will go to the Hilltown
Backpack Project, which outfits children with a
backpack of the school supplies they will need in
September. If this is a mission you might like to help ANGELS CORNER
with, please contact me at 765-4811 or email me at
kbryden1@nycap.rr.com with dates you would be Grace is a treasure,
available to cover. There are still many weeks of a package of soul flowers ,
coverage needed. If you can make lemonade, you
can help! I will be there most every week so you
received by intuition
would not be on your own and all the supplies will to be opened delicately
be there. Thank you! and appreciated forever.
Kathy Bryden, Missions Team


HS Graduate Duncan Bain HS Graduate Jaynie Parmenter
Son of Melanie and Todd Dykstra Daughter of Jerry and Monica Parmenter
Granddaughter of Bob and Marion Parmenter
D uncan will be attending
Siena College in the fall,
majoring in Environmental J aynie is graduating with
Academic High Honors from
Science. He has enlisted into the Voorheesville High School. She
United States Army Reserve and will be attending the University of
will be completing his basic Vermont in the fall, studying
training this summer. Music Education and Theater.

College Graduate Colleen Bates

Daughter of Gary & Betsy Bates College Graduate Philip Paty
Son of Philip and Dawn Paty
H aving already received a
degree in Animal Behavior,
Ecology and Conservation from P hilip graduated from
Binghamton. University
Canisius College in Buffalo, with a degree in Political Science.
Colleen has now graduated from Philip plans to take a gap year in
Alfred State College of which he will be working with
Technology with a certificate in local and city political campaigns
Veterinary Technology. Colleen and studying to take his LSAT to
is already hard at work at Cherokee Trail Veterinary attend law school the following
Hospital and resides at her parents home in year.
Batesburg, SC.
HS Graduate Annie Sherer
HS Graduate Travis Dedrick Daughter of Jeff Scherer and Winnie Wu
Son of Karl and Audrey Dedrick

T his fall, Travis Dedrick will

be attending Hudson Valley
A nnie will be attending the
College of St. Rose to study
the music industry this fall.
Community College, majoring in Annie is a singer and songwriter
their 2 year Electrical whose music can be heard on
Construction & Maintenance Spotify and Youtube.
program. Travis enjoys long
boarding, mountain biking and
working on his 2003 Ford Ranger.
HS Graduate Boden Sundeen
HS Graduate Miles DeFranco Son of Michele and Richard Sundeen
Son of Randall DeFranco and Bonnie Halkenhauser

T his fall, Miles will be

attending Nazareth College
A n enterprising young man
and outdoor enthusiast,
Boden will be attending the
of Rochester, majoring in University at Buffalo to study
Science and minoring in Music. aerospace engineering this fall.
He also plans to play volleyball
for the Golden Flyers!

From left: Emma Parker, Dylan Paty, Conner Horn, Pastor Gary,
Alyssa Horn, Mason Wight and Trevor Relyea.


n Sunday June 4, six of our youth were
confirmed and became full members of
our congregation and the United
Methodist Church. Alyssa Horn, Conner
Horn, Emma Parker, Dylan Patty, Trevor Relyea,
and Mason Wight attended a number of learning
sessions leading up to confirmation and learned
about the doctrines and traditions that we celebrate
and observe as United Methodists. May we as the
Body of Christ continue to encourage them as they
grow in faith.

Save the Date!

August 7-11

Our theme this year:



PASTOR GARYS ORDINATION June 3, 2017, On-Center, Syracuse, NY

t has been said that the ordination process is final stages of getting elected to provisional
not for the impatient. Although candidates set membership in the clergy and participating in your
their own pace towards ordination, it still takes ordination ceremony.
them at least several years to complete the But first, to become a provisional member of the
process. Truthfully, it is no small conference, the candidate must have
accomplishment. When asked how completed his/her seminary educa-
long he had been working towards tion, write a series of 20+ papers,
his ordination, Pastor Gary an- and go through a series of interviews
swered, In some ways all of my life, with the Board of Ordained
but from a professional standpoint, Ministry. Upon their recommenda-
since I began serving in ministry in tion, the candidate is then commis-
2011. This includes 3-1/2 years of sioned and becomes a provisional
seminary. member of the conference. This
Pastor Gary recalled the time when period must last at least 2 years
he first felt his calling more than ten (maximum of 8 years) and during
years ago. He was away on a week- this time, along with serving in the
end retreat, and when his wife Sarah local church, the candidate must also
picked him up she began to talk complete participation in a mission
about starting a family. He re- trip experience. Upon the completion
sponded by saying he was being Pastor Gary being of this provisional period, the can-
called into ministry! Ultimately, they yoked to Jesus didate must write another series of
both got their wish! by Bishop Mark Webb 20+ papers and go through another
The first step in the very long series of interviews with the Board
ordination process is called Inquiring Candidate, of Ordained Ministry. Upon their recommendation,
in which you discuss your desire to minister with the candidate is then voted upon by the clergy of the
your pastor, district superintendent, or member of annual conference into full membership and is then
the United Methodist ministry. The second step is ordained by the Bishop.
called Beginning Candidacy during which you What an monumental accomplishment for our very
apply for admission to the candidacy program. You own Pastor Gary! Congratulations on your achieve-
must be a member of a United Methodist Church for ment! ~Carolyn Barrett
at least one year before you can apply. During
the third step, Declaring Candidacy, you
complete an interview with the parish staff,
request a recommendation by the appropriate
district committee, and undergo a mentoring
program. The fourth step, Certified Can-
didacy, puts you through a psychological
evaluation and a background check. The fifth
step is called Continuing Candidacy, during
which you attend a university or theological
school, and after which you can be assigned as a
local pastor. Finally, the Completing Can-
didacy stage is reached. You must have one
year of ministry service, be a certified candidate
for at least a year, completed all of your Pastor Garys family came up on stage during the
graduate-level theology training and undergo laying on of hands. The Bishop places both hands
several interviews. You then go through the on the head of each ordinand and prays.


he purpose of the handmade Prayer & THROUGH ZOE IN LIBERIA

Squares Quilt is to promote prayer through race is often elusive, and we suffer when
the use of quilts. Heavy thread is used to we cannot find it. Then, when we least
take stitches through the quilt layers, and expect it, grace arrives. Such was the
the ends are left free to be tied with a square knot case for its namesake, a vulnerable girl
while a silent prayer is said for someone in special living in Liberia.
need, who then receives the finished quilt.
When her father died, Graces mother moved to a
larger town to find work, leaving Grace to live with
her impoverished aunt. Graces life was very hard.
Her aunt had no money for
Its not about the quilt, food, let alone school and
its all about the prayers. other necessities. Grace had
to leave school and work
for the little bit of food they
ate. It was not enough to
When someone hears of a need, either here in our take care of her needs, and
congregation or absolutely anywhere, please let me she became malnourished.
know. Yet, Grace had dreams.
~Pat Klose-Hammond, proud mother of Karie Jean She wanted to become a
doctor. So, when ZOE came
CRAFTY CHRISTIANS to her community, she learned that it was an
SUMMER SCHEDULE opportunity to move out of poverty and achieve her

he Crafty Christians will not be meeting as dreams. She eagerly joined the new group.
a group over the summer, however, we With ZOEs help, Grace returned to school.
hope to see many of you at our table at the However, her life needed to be sustainable for her to
weekly Farmers Market. Check out our continue her education. Together, ZOE helped
new items, among them patio/deck lights, special Grace and her group start a cassava farm that
bookmarks and octopus dolls. Of course our usual provides both a reliable source of food and income
items of pot holders, dishcloths, catnip toys, from the sale of the excess harvest.
scrubettes, rice bags to heat or freeze, and some baby
items will also be available for purchase. Please stop ZOE also provided Grace with a micro-grant to
by and see us! ~Lee Ellis, Crafty Christians start a business selling plantain chips in her local
market. Her business is perfect for her because she
can sell the chips when she is not in school, allowing
her to continue her education while providing an
income to sustain her.

Karie Jeans Closet ZOE also gave her a rooster and hen after she
completed training in livestock care. Grace now
breeds chickens to sell in the market as well. Grace
Bring a Friend Sundays! has enough money to meet her expenses, eat three
Bring a friend shopping nutritious meals a day and has opened a savings
and you will both receive a account. Quite an accomplishment for a 14-year-old!
20% discount every Sunday in July. She says, I thank God for ZOE who has made me
to earn my own money. Gods grace is sufficient
for her.


Zoe Brewer Ryan Lane Robert Zautner, Jr.

Antoinette Cantalupo Rosemary McGowan In Military Service
Janine Cantalupo Belinda Robinson Jacob Adams
Phyllis Clark Rev. Wally Taylor Ariel Burns
Rod Fortran Malik Thomas Luke Burns
Freeman (from IPH) JT Trossbach Adam Ellis
Prayer Bruce Hammond Griffin VanLare Nick Frandsen
Requests Sandra Hammond-Thompson Nancy White Scott Matthews
Jean Kohrs Donald Whiteley

If you want someone put on the prayer list or taken off the prayer list,
please contact Dianne Luci, 765-4536 or Derris Tidd, 369-8621.

Tuesday, July 11
4-6:30 pm

Giffys BBQ Chicken

1/2 Chicken, baked potato,
cole slaw, roll, cookies, beverage

Take out $12

Pre-order $11

Guarantee your dinner by

Cheri Perillo with Bob and Cheryl Hammer, manning the
pre-ordering. Call 439-6454
water booth during the Memorial Day Parade. New Scotland Presbyterian Church

RESUMING IN SEPTEMBER . . . by Pat Klose-Hammond, proud mother of Karie Jean

Free Community Lunch Ministry Womens Bible Study

ur Tuesday Free Community Lunch ur Women's Bible Study will start in
Program will resume on September 12 September on Thursday the 14th from 1-
from 12-1:00 pm and run through May, 3:00 pm. Study material to be chosen. I
2018. As always, it will be held on the hope you can join us as we continue our
nd th
2 and 4 Tuesdays of each month. We hope you journey through the Bible, learning of Jesus and his
can join us, for a light home-made lunch, good love for us.
company, meet new friends, and many laughs. No test at the end!


MISSIONS NEWS by The Missions Team

Confirmation Lunch Extends to Travel Toiletries Needed

Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless large collection of the small travel or

he Missions Team was so pleased that sample sized toiletries that had been
many of you joined us after the worship brought to church was recently taken to
service on June 4 to celebrate with our Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless
newly confirmed youth at a picnic lunch. (IPH ) to be distributed to guests who come to the
It was a special, happy time which was extended shelter. IPH was thrilled to receive them and said
when Ferne Horn took the food that was left down to that their supplies of these items are low. Please
Interfaith. The cook happily reported that the food keep this in mind when youre traveling this summer
provided a delicious full meal at the shelter. and bring those sample sizes back home with you so
We continue to provide meals once a month during we can pass them on to IPH.
the summer and would welcome anyone who wants
to cook and/or go with us to the shelter to serve and ZOE - Safe Housing for Children
eat with the guests. Watch for information in the is a TOP Priority

church bulletin. e all know that housing is a basic
human necessity. To have a place
Africa University Scholarships that provides safety and protection

astor Bob Long, a pastor in our conference, from the elements is critical to
rode his bike from Niskayuna to Syracuse becoming sustainably self-reliant.
to the annual conference again this year . . . In Kenya, where the ZOE group we sponsor is
approximately 155 miles . . . to raise funds located, children often have land and housing.
for the 8 Perpetually Funded Scholarships of the However, it is often inadequate or has fallen into
UNY Conference for students at Africa University. disrepair. ZOE Kenya begins by helping the family
We extended the collection of donations to support to earn needed funds through individual and group
Africa University scholarships by asking each businesses that earn income quickly.
person in the church family to donate $1.00 to the After a few months, most children have enough
cause during worship on June 18th. The Missions extra income to improve their homes or build new
team is matching all donations, including those that ones. However, in cases where children are homeless
had already been received in sponsorship of Bobs or in unsafe situations, a group can choose to build a
ride. home for a child-led family using a ZOE fund.
This is a new way to respond to missions. Let us Together, the group purchases the materials and
know what you think of the idea! hires a builder to help them build the house. When
the home is ready, ZOE provides a metal roof, door
Our Missions make a Difference and windows.

s of this writing, over $200 has been When homes are built, ZOE employs a strategy for
donated to the Special Sunday Peace ownership that ensures empowerment for the whole
with Justice appeal. Thank you so much family. In Kenya, where our church family supports
for your support! a group, the policy is to give the home to the
The Slingerlands Price Chopper continues to youngest child in the family. That way, if an older
donate unsold baked goods that are picked up by child decides to marry or move away, the younger
FUMCV volunteers and delivered to Interfaith siblings can remain in the home.
Partnership for the Homeless and the Capital City Donations to support our annual ZOE pledge of
Rescue Mission on three days each week. $3,750 are accepted all year. We are asking each
Family Promise guests from St. Matthews person or family that is able to donate the $40 cost to
shopped at Karie Jeans Closet recently. These support one child from the group by December.
homeless families are invited to choose the clothing
items they need at no charge. (continued on back page)
First United Methodist Church
68 Maple Avenue (Rt. 85A)
Voorheesville, NY 12186

Gary M. Kubitz, Pastor

Office phone: 518-765-2895
Parsonage phone: 518-765-2743
The church office is staffed Tuesday
through Friday, from 9 am noon
www.fumcv.org office@fumcv.org
July/August 2017 Issue

Missions News (continued from page 11)

Donations of any amount will help us reach our goal. The Missions team provides up to $2000 to complete
the pledge. Our gifts mean new life for children who formerly had no hope.

SEPTEMBER The United Methodist Mens Group

CHURCHMOUSE DEADLINE invites all men to meet with us
every Sunday at 8:00 am
The deadline for articles for the
September 2017 issue of
for Bible Study.
The Churchmouse is August 15.
Please email your information/articles On the 2nd Sunday of each month, the
to us at Office@fumcv.org. Thank you! group meets at 7:00 am for breakfast.

 Please note Pastor Garys office hours

(Church office hours remain unchanged.)
He can also be reached at the Parsonage (765-2743) or by email at pastor@fumcv.org.
Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
4:00-7:00 pm 9:00-12:00 pm 9:00-12:00 pm By appointment