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The University of Texas at Dallas, May, 2019
M.S., Finance GPA 3.80
B.S, Finance; Specialization in Corporate Finance December, 2016
Magna Cum Laude, Deans List

Business Experience
JP Morgan Chase - Plano, Texas August 2016 - Present
Bank Teller
Greeted and interacted with customers, in Spanish and English, to build and develop customer relationships
Gained and maintained clientele of regular customers through reputation as an excellent teller
Effectively handled multiple tasks exhibiting behaviors of the highest ethical standards to meet the needs of
customers and of the branch while safeguarding the customers private information
Processed financial transactions for 100+ clients per shift and reconciled and balanced end of day cash limits

Chick-fil-A Plano, Texas November 2014 - July 2016

Cashier, Team Leader
Trained and developed 12 new employees in time management, customer experience, and drawer balancing
Forecasted daily scope of operations, and implemented efficient organizational procedures to keep up with
customer demand
Interpreted administrative decisions to managed and supervised 10-12 employees
Planned and coordinated daily operations to achieve end of day sale goals and exceed customer expectations
Reconciled end of the day sales and safe cash account, and prepared sales, employee, and end of day reports

International Business January 2015 - August 2016
Co-wrote and presented research paper examining the frequency and implications of bankruptcy fraud and money
laundering, with an integration of the Hofstede model, at the IJAS International Conference at Harvard
Research paper published on December 2016 in the International Journal of Arts and Sciences

Business Finance
Valuation Analysis

Analyzed Costcos capital structure, and conducted an operational analysis based on their 2015 Annual Report
Calculated their cost of capital and found trends and placed major assumptions to build a forecast model
Forecasted and prepared the financial statements based on the results from the forecasting sales growth model
Prepared a ratio and an optimal capital structure analysis
Conducted analysis to calculate their optimal WACC, and a valuation of the companys common shares
Macroeconomics and Financial Markets
Financial crisis event analysis

Analyzed and prepared a 1 hour presentation on how the Federal cuts on the discount rate on loans and other
depository institutions contributed to the subprime crisis of 2008-2009