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1)MA1110 ELEMENTS OF BASIC CALCULUS-I Credits: 1 Semester: Jul Segment: 12

Sequences and Series: Limit of a sequence, monotone and Cauchy sequences and properties of
convergent sequences, examples. Infinite series, positive series, tests for convergence and
divergence, integral test, alternating series, Leibnitz test. Differential Calculus: Continuity and
differentiability of a function of single variable, statement of Rolles Theorem, Lagranges mean
value theorem and applications.

2) MA1220 ELEMENTS OF BASIC CALCULUS-II Credits: 2 Semester: Odd Segment: 36 Pre-Req:


Integral Calculus: Definite Integrals as a limit of sums, Applications of integration to area, volume,
surface area, Improper integrals. Functions of several variables: Continuity and differentiability,
mixed partial derivatives, local maxima and minima for function of two variables, Lagrange
multipliers. Functional Series: Pointwise and uniform convergence, basic aspects of Power series,
Fourier series.

3) ID1054 DIGITAL FABRICATION Credits: 2 Semester: Jul Segment: 16

Complete process chain for design and subsequent realization of concepts making use of 3D
modelling and additive manufacturing (3D printing) processes: Familiarization with 3D solid
modelling for creation of engineering and freeform geometries; 3D Scanning using CMM and laser
scanners. 3D Printing concepts for conversion of CAD model into real part: slicing, effect of part
orientation. Project involving ideation, design and final fabrication using 3D printing.

4) ID1303 PROGRAMMING IN C/C++ WITH LAB Credits: 2 Semester: Segment:

Introduction to C and C++ programming. Problem solving and algorithms. Input and output
operations, decision control structure, loop control structure, arrays, strings, etc. Pointers, arrays,
structures, functions, file operations, classes, object oriented programming. Lab is also included in
this course.

5) CS1310 DISCRETE STRUCTURES I Credits: 2 Semester: Segment:

Concept of mathematical proof, logic, proof by contradiction, mathematical induction, constructive

proofs, sets, relations. Illustration of proof techniques in various mathematical topics

6) EE1110 APPLIED DIGITAL LOGIC DESIGN Credits: 1 Semester: July Segment:

Driving SSD segments using Arduino Displaying decimal digits on the SSD through the decoder IC
and arduino. Decimal to binary conversion using arduino. Simulating the SSD decoder in arduino
using Karnaugh maps and Boolean logic functions. State machine design for the decade counter
Implementing the decade counter using flip flop ICs and arduino for combinational logic and testing
it through the SSD. Simulating flip flops using arduino. Simulating the decade counter completely
in arduino and testing through the SSD.
7) EE1120 DIGITAL SYSTEM DESIGN Credits: 1 Semester: July Segment:

Gate level design of Small Scale Integration (SSI) circuits, Modular combinational logic
elementsDecoders, Encoders, Priority encoders, Multiplexers and Demultiplexers, Adders,
Subtractors, Multipliers, division circuits, Complexity and propagation delay analysis of circuits,
Programmable Read Only Memories (PROMs), Programmable Logic Arrays (PLAs), Programmable
Array Logic (PAL) devices, Sequential circuits - Latches, Flip-flops, Master-slave flip flops,
Edgetriggered flipflops, Models of sequential circuits - Moore machine and Mealy machine, Flip-flops
- Characteristic table, Characteristic equation and Excitation table, Analysis and Design of sequential
circuits, Modular sequential logic circuits- Shift registers, Registers, Counters and Random access
memories, Design using programmable logic sequencers (PLSs), Serial adder for integers, Design of
control units for multipliers/dividers