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1/3/2017 DepartmentofElectronicsandCommunicationEngineering,IndianInstitueofTechnologyRoorkee

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Department of
Electronics and Communication Engineering
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Spotlight Courses Offered (Old Course Structure)

Faculty Proles
EC-102 Electronics
Departmental Forms
Faculty Search Committee EC-201 Linear Circuits
Important Contacts
EC-202 Signals and Systems
RICET EC-203 Digital Electronics

EC-242 Semiconductors Devices and Technology

EC-262 Digital Hardware Laboratory

EC-301 Analog Electronics

EC-302 Communication Skills

EC-311 Principals of Digital Communication

EC-312 Communication Systems and Techniques

EC-321 Automatic Control Systems

EC-331 Engineering Electromagnetics

EC-332 Microwave Techniques

EC-334 Antennas and Wave Propagation

EC-342 VLSI Technology

EC-361 Linear IC Application Laboratory

EC-362 Communication Systems Laboratory

EC-363 Control System Laboratory

EC-364 VLSI Laboratory

EC-384 Digital Image Processing

EC-411 Digital Signal Processing

EC-413 Telecommunication Switching,Networks and Protocols

EC-461 Microwave Laboratory

EC-502 Device and Circuit Simulation

EC-510 Laboratory (Communications)

EC-511 Digital Communication Systems

EC-512 Information and Communication Theory

EC-513 Telecommunication Networks

EC-515 Coding Theory and Applications

EC-516 Advanced Digital Communication Techniques

EC-517 Optical Communication Systems

EC-518 Speech and Audio Processing

EC-519 Selected Topics in Communication

EC-520 Laboratory (Control)

EC-521 Fuzzy Control

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1/3/2017 DepartmentofElectronicsandCommunicationEngineering,IndianInstitueofTechnologyRoorkee

EC-522 Digital Control Systems

EC-523 Robotics and Comp Vision

EC-524 System Theory

EC-525 Control Systems

EC-526 Non-linear and Adaptive Control

EC-527 Dynamic Systems and Optimization

EC-530 Laboratory (Radio Frequency)

EC-531 Microwave Engineering

EC-534 Antenna Theory and Design

EC-535 RF Packaging and EM Compatibility

EC-536 Radar Systems

EC-537 Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits

EC-538 Wireless Channels and UWB Radio

EC-539 Fibre Optic Systems

EC-540 Laboratory (VLSI)

EC-541 VLSI Physical Design

EC-542 Device and Circuit Simulation

EC-543 Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

EC-544 Digital VLSI Circuit Design

EC-545 Semiconductor Materials and Devices

EC-546 MOS Device Physics and Modeling

EC-547 Compound Semiconductors and RF Devices

EC-548 Analog VLSI Circuit Design

EC-549 VLSI Technology

EC-562 Wireless Communication Laboratory

EC-612 Wireless Networks

EC-614 Adaptive Signal Processing Techniques

EC-631 RF Receiver Design for Wireless Applications

EC-632 RF and Micro MEMS

EC-633 Computational Methods for Electromagnetics

EC-641 CAD for VLSI

EC-642 Nanoscale Devices and Circuit Design

EC-654 Multimedia Techniques


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1/3/2017 DepartmentofElectronicsandCommunicationEngineering,IndianInstitueofTechnologyRoorkee
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