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The Elisabethan age

Elisabeth was crowned as the queen of England by the Parliament after Marry Tudors efforts to
bring back England to Catholicism. She started her reign in a difficult period in which the
protestants and catholic people were on a war and the economic base of England was suffering.
Elisabeth was the best ruler and she came when England needed the most. She never married
and she got called the Virgin Queen, she became a symbol of the country, she was respected by
the Parliament and was also called Gloryana. She, resemble her father Henry VIII. As a child, she
wasnt appreciated by his father, she was declared illegitimate along with her sister Marry
because there were girls. She was well educated, she knew 4 foreign languages.
In 1558, she was crowned when England needed a leader. Because she was born after the
reformation she was raised and educated as a protestant. Elisabeth proclaimed that England
should be Anglican again. The ELisabethan Church Settlement is mentioned that the Establish
Church of England is and will forever be the Anglican church in which there wont be any links
with Rome, the language used in the church will be forever English, the Common Book of
Prayers was restored and used again in church, in the English Church will be texts only in
English. Those things brought in England stability, order and peace.
The Catholics were limited, they became a minority and they were not allowed to have
important roles in the society. They were losing any chance to became powerful again and they
tried to attack the queen but they were cough on time. The Act of Uniformity says that all
the people of England (1559) are part of the Uniform Church which is the Establish Church of
England and the minority have to accepted it. Whoever does not accept this uniformity will not
be punished but he will have to limit to his own beliefs as long as they will practice their own
religion without attacking the country. The Catholics no longer had political power but they
were about to have their own practice without being punished.
In France after parts of the population became protestants, there were created religion wars
that lead to masacares but in England this didnt happened because Elisabeth brought
tolerance. She knew how to communicate with her council which helped her in ruling the
country. This brought stability and unity, they worked together in making England to prosper.
In politics, she was more moderate than her father, she had the wisdom to listen what the
other part says. She didnt want to impose her wile by fear. She would give up on the debate
only it the council brought logical arguments I see and I say nothing.
When Germany, Italy and France discovered that on the thrown of England is a woman
Elisabeth said I have the body of a woman and the soul of a man. She understood that if she
wanted to rul the country she has to adopt a spiritual mask, to show only power and
determination. This helped her in politics, she was a good negotiator.
The war in Scotland, the war in Spain and the expedition to America
The war in Scotland is one of the greatest problems. In Scotland ruled a family how later will
give kings to England after Elisabeths death The Stuarts. The first war between the 2
countries took place in 1560 and at that time Scotland was also ruled by a woman, Marry
Stuart. She was married with a French prince and later she became the queen of Scotland. The
influence that France had on Scotland was grate and Mary had catholic religion, this putting
England in danger. The first war was won by England but this didnt stopped Scotland to plot
again. England managed in the second war to stop Scotland by coughing Mary in the Tower of
London for 12 years. Later Mary was forced to abdicate in the favour of her son, James VI.
James was Presbyterian, a more sever and rigid person.There were plots to liberate Mary and
because her presence was considered a danger for England , they had to execute her.
The war in Spain had also in context the war between Catholics and Protestants. Spain couldnt
stand the fact that England was ruled by a protestant queen. They though that Mary Tudor had
influence , she was half Spanish. Spain became more powerful because they profited after
discovering America, they became an empire and they conquest the south America. The started
to conquest other countries. They wanted to punish England because they adopted another
belief and they will have the support of Vatican.
The Military Royal Navy protected the country. She was created on the criteria that you need
to be a noble man with studies about biology, sea and they had to have a good education in
order to became sailor. They had to sign a contract. M.R.N had the chance to be ruled by 2
grate commanders: Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh. Spain attacked England because
R.N was powerful. They formed a grate army called The Invincible Armada with 750 ships.
Drake attacked some ships and the king of Spain took it as a declaration of war and the fight
between the 2 countries began. England wins in jully 1588 because of a grate storm that sunk
the Invincible Armada remaining England as the Queen of the Sea.
England, in order to face the Armada, she needed to have financial support and in order to
make that happened they had to increase the taxes which created an economical problem. The
solution was to find another sources. England decided to go in other places to find resources
and thats how The Expedition to America started. The first England colony was formed in
America(the Virginia teritoty). Drake was the one how started this expedition and was able to
proclaim the English authority.
They started to bring riches from America to England but they needed more so in 1600 in
created East India Company, a company of business created what Columbus would have
wanted to discover, a passage to India. India has always been a dream for Europe, a sort of
paradise. They established the first trait post in India. England found the financial support that
they needed. America and India brought not just glory but a contact with civilization, with
civilization which England never faced before.
She encouraged cultures. She supported financially William S. In her last years of life, she
wasnt so grate. She had some conflicts with the parliament. Because she never got married
there wasnt a successor of the throne so the only solution was James VI, the son of Mary
Elisabeth, died in march,1603, and was buried next to Mary in Whitehall Palace, the place in
which the council were meeting.
A golden age of politics, culture and economy. She knew how to keep the balance between the
royal power and the civil power. She gave to her people a national spirit, she didnt give up on
the Anglican Church and she put the bases of a democracy