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Apparatus Description Uses

Balance is designed to measure It is used to weigh chemicals.

small mass in the sub-milligram

Beakers have spouts on their It is used for mixing, stirring,

rims to aid in pouring. They also and heating chemicals.
commonly have lips around
their rims and markings to
measure the volume they

Bunsen burner is a mechanical It is used for heating,

apparatus that is connected to a sterilization, and combustion.
flammable gas source.

Buret is a glass tube that is open It is used for extremely accurate

at the top and comes to a narrow addition of liquid.
pointed opening at the bottom.

Triangle is usually supported on It is used to support a container

a tripod or iron ring. It is made while it is heating
of wires strung in an equilateral
triangle on which are strung
hollow ceramic, normally fire
clay, tubes.

Crucible is a small clay cup It is used for heating substances

made of a material that can and come with lids.
withstand extreme temperatures.

Wire brush composed of nylon, It is used for cleaning test tubes

synthetic, or animal fur bristles and narrow mouth laboratory
of various diameters lined glassware, such as beakers and
against a rather sturdy wire flasks.
handle with a looped end for
Crucible tongs are large pincers It is used to grasp and take a hot
made of welded steel. crucible out of a fire or furnace,
or to move a crucible from one
location to another.

Droppers are small glass tubes Sucks up liquid that can then be
with narrow tips on one end and squeezed out in small drops.
a rubber bulb on the other.

Erlenmeyer flask has a narrow This allows easy mixing and

neck and expands toward its swirling of the flask without too
base. much risk of spilling.

Evaporating dish is a small It is used in liquids are heated

ceramic dish. over a flame so that they
evaporate, leaving a solid

Forceps are a handheld, hinged It is used to grab small things

instrument like solid chemicals that are
broken into chunks

Funnels can be made of stainless It is used to channel liquid or

steel, aluminum, glass, or plastic fine-grained substances into
and can have either a short stem containers with a small opening.
or a long stem, depending on
what they are needed for.

Goggles or safety glasses are It is used enclose or protect the

forms of protective eyewear. area surrounding the eye in
order to prevent particulates,
water or chemicals from striking
the eyes.
Graduated cylinder comes in It is used to measure the volume
many sizes. The smaller they are of a liquid.
in diameter, the more specific
the volume measurements will

It is used to stop the flow of


Pipettes have a large bulb with a It is used to accurately measure

long narrow portion above with a volume of a solution.
a single graduation mark as it is
calibrated for a single volume.

Rubber policeman is a hand- It is used in chemical

held flexible natural-rubber laboratories to transfer residues
scraper attached to a glass rod. of precipitate or solid on glass
surfaces when performing
gravimetric analysis.

Ring stand is composed of a It is used to suspend burets,

metal pole with a solid, firm beakers, flasks, crucibles, etc.
base above other containers.

Scoopula is a brand name of a It is used to transfer solids: to a

spatula-like scoop utensil weigh paper for weighing, to a
cover slip to measure melting
point, or a graduated cylinder, or
to a watch glass from a flask or
beaker through scraping.

It is used to mix chemicals and

liquids for laboratory purposes.
Thermometer can be made of It is used for measuring the
glass or it can be a thermocouple temperature of liquids.
made of different metals.

Test tube rack is a wooden or It is used to hold upright

plastic holder of test tubes in a multiple test tubes at the same
laboratory. time.

Test tube holder can be made It is used for holding test tubes
from wood or metal. that should not or cannot be

Utility clamp is a laboratory It is used to hold rounded

apparatus resembling a pair of laboratory glassware
scissors. The screw in the
middle works as the wide
adjustment of 2-prong. It
composes of 3 parts: 2-prong
adjust, metal rod, and clamp
Wash bottle is a squeeze bottle It used for dispensing small
with a nozzle. quantities of distilled water.

Wire gauze is a sheet of thin It is used to support a container

metal that has net-like crosses or while it is heating
a wire mesh.

Florence flask has a round It is used to hold liquids and can

bottom and a long neck and also be easily swirled and heated.
called boiling flask.
Test tube is a glass tube with It is used to hold small samples.
one end open and the other end

Watch glass is a round piece of It can hold a small amount of

glass that is slightly liquid or solid. They can be used
concave/convex for evaporation purposes and
also can function as a lid for a

Volumetric flask is a round flask It is used to measure an exact

with a long neck and flat volume of liquid.

Tongs differ in shape are It is used for grasping and lifting

designed to pick up laboratory vessels of heat-resistant material
items including, hot evaporating used in high temperature
dishes, beakers, crucibles, and chemical reactions.
other laboratory apparatuses.

Spectrophotometry is the It is used commonly used for the

quantitative measurement of the measurement of transmittance or
reflection or transmission reflectance of solutions,
properties of a material as a transparent or opaque solids,
function of wavelength. such as polished glass, or gases.

Spatulas and are small stainless It is used for scraping,

steel utensils. transferring, or applying
powders and paste like
chemicals or treatments.

Tripod is a three-legged It is used to support or hold the

platform equipment, which is flasks and beakers during
usually made of lightweight experiments.
metal such as stainless steel and
Desiccator is a glass container It is used to protect chemicals
or other apparatus holding a which are hygroscopic or which
drying agent for removing react with water from humidity.
moisture from specimens and
protecting them from water
vapor in the air.

Fume hood is a type of local It is used to limit exposure to

ventilation device. hazardous or toxic fumes,
vapors or dusts.

Kipps apparatus was invented It is used for preparation of

around 1844 by the Dutch small volumes of gases.
pharmacist Petrus Jacobus Kipp
and widely used in chemical
laboratories and for
demonstrations in schools into
the second half of the 20th
Rubber stopper can be varied up It is used in chemical laboratory
to approximately 16 sizes and in combination with flasks and
each of it is specific to certain test tube and also for
type of container. fermentation in winery.

Reagent bottles are containers It is used to contain chemicals in

made of glass, plastic, liquid or powder form for
borosilicate or related laboratories and stored in
substances, and topped by cabinets or on shelves.
special caps or stoppers.

Filter paper is a piece of porous It is used for filtering liquids,

paper. especially in chemical

pH meter consists of a voltmeter It is used to measure hydrogen-

attached to a pH-responsive ion activity (acidity or
electrode and a reference alkalinity) in solution.
(unvarying) electrode.

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