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#127 Washington state, U.S. July 12, 2017 (no.

2 in July)

Metal Bulletin Zine P.O. Box 1339 Lake Stevens WA 98258 USA
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Sarcasm (Sweden) Blood and Thunder (WA state, U.S.)

Indiscipline (Brazil) Noctium (WA state, U.S.)

Doro (Germany) Mandragora Malevola (Portugal)

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metal scene that is. There is a track here for
Metal Bulletin Zine fans of any these bands as the songs do differ
a bit in sound and thats also what makes this
P.O. Box 1339
a great album. There is variety and a sweet
Lake Stevens WA 98258 USA old school feeling to Within the Sphere of
All album reviews, news, updates below are Ethereal Minds that a metalhead who loves
by MMB, unless stated otherwise. this sound will find right at home with."
Sarcasm is a quality band playing extreme
metal focused on songs that you can
remember. The band has a complicated
history dating back to their 1990s demos.
Having overcome a very long period of
inactivity, the current incarnation
concentrates on tunes based on traditional
extreme metal, while also adding a bit of
melody through the guitar. While you may see
the term "melodic extreme metal" associated
with the band, as you will notice by listening to
the complete album at the Bandcamp link
below, the sound of the band as displayed on
the album is based on the tradition of, say,
classic Dissection, amongst others. As a result, Teeth of the Divined opined thusly about the
the bigger conclusion to draw here is that new work: "Closing with The Drowning Light
quality is important, tradition is key, and at the Edge of the Dawn is back to the more
musical skill is a requirement. up-tempo thrashy feel that a majority of this
album has. Overall, Sarcasm is a unique
Sarcasm throwback to a sound that they never really
Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds lost. This is a solid release start to finish and in a
release date: April 28th, 2017 catalog that continues to seemingly grow by
label: Dark Descent Records the second Sarcasm are not a group to forget
For your information, below are excerpts of about on the Dark Descent roster. Highly
some reviews of Sarcasm's new work. recommended!"

The Metal Gamer has written about the new Voices from the Darkside has observed about
album: "This stormy past has probably the new title: "Sometimes very old school
influenced the band a lot in creating music. Death Metal and close to Black Metal,
Raging speed and hard as a rock death sometimes very melodic like IN FLAMES on
metal, thats the first thing that comes to my The Jester Race but never poppy or wimpy.
mind when listening to Sarcasms opener Songs like From The Crimson Fog They
Bloodsoaked Sunrise from their latest album Emerged or Scars Of A Land Forgotten have
Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds. Sarcasm really the potential to become memorable
delivers a great mix of melodic death, your classics and keep me positive that this genre
classic Swedish old school death and even with new outputs of SARCASM, ABLAZE MY
some black metal elements in there. Its like At SORROW and THIS ENDING stays alive. I hope
the Gates, Dissection and Necrophobic joined the bad circumstances will not stop the band
forces. Some of the best from the Swedish to continue writing and releasing another
album in future." darkdescentrecords.com

OFFICIAL: Following the unearthing of their first **

proper full-length, Burial Dimensions (originally Blood and Thunder
recorded in 1994 and officially released in This summer of 2017 the melodic extreme
2016), the new long player is in a sense the metal band Blood and Thunder has been
payoff of a long, bumpy history that included jumping into the live action circuit in western
demos, compilations, and an EP (Scattered Washington. This Friday, July 14th they will
Ashes in 2000). Indeed, it is the full realization perform in Everett at Anchor Pub. The flyer for
of SARCASM's blackened Swedish Death the show gives the following bill: For the Likes
Metal sound, yet with an identity all its own. of You, Odyssian, Groundfeeder, Dead Lakes
While the music of all eight tracks was written and Blood and Thunder. This publication sent
by guitarist Peter Laitinen, he somehow did questions to the band, and Ryan Yancey, who
find that perfect balance in between that takes care of the drums and lead growls,
very specific sense of melody that could only answered them.
be summarized as 'typically Swedish' (fans of
the early No Fashion records catalogue will Please tell us about your band. Was it on
know exactly what we mean here), raging hiatus for a few years? Did it recently become
speed and brutality. With one foot firmly active again?
planted in the mid-90's and another in the We started out in 2009 with a core of
present, SARCASM is no nostalgia trip, but a musicians we released two full-length albums
genuine return to form to that specific mix of and two demos and opened for a ton of
black and death-metal, before saccharine national bills in Seattle while completing two
riffing and cheesy clean vocals took over and West Coast tours. But like a lot of bands we
ruined it all. Moving from the melancholic had many minor line-up changes over the
leads of "Embodiment of Source," they answer years. In 2015 all of the band basically was
with the blast-o-thon that is "Scars of a Land ready to go their separate ways which kind
Forgotten" or the epic-to-kill-all-epic that is the left me to rebuild the whole line up myself till
eight-minute-plus "A Black Veil for Earth." one of our previous bass players Nick joined in
to help me which took us about two years till
1.Bloodsoaked Sunrise 02:54 we completed that new line-up and started
2.From the Crimson Fog They Emerged 04:22 playing shows in October 2016.
3.Embodiment of Source 05:33
4.Scars of a Land Forgotten 03:20 For those readers that do not know anything
5.In the Grip of Awakening Times 03:40 about the town of Arlington, WA, can you tell
6.Silent Waves Summoned Your Inner Being us what its like having a metal band there?
03:17 I grew up and still live and practice in rural
7.A Black Veil for Earth 08:31 Arlington, but the thing is we had the biggest
8.The Drowning Light at the Edge of the Dawn school band in the state next to Marysville.
04:05 There were tons of locals band around the
total time 35:42 area, and I would set up house shows, rent out
grange halls, and Masonic temples between
darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ Mount Vernon and Marysville. I would
within-the-sphere-of-ethereal-minds describe where Blood And Thunder is located
as Snohomish County to locals, and Seattle to has cooked up changing our stage presences
people outside of Washington because of the from our old line up.
volume of shows we played across greater

Who are the current members?

Ryan Yancey- drums/lead vocals (2009)
Cam Sheil-guitar (2015)
Hazard Kirk-guitar (2015)
Nick Hughes-bass (2009-12)(2015)
Damian Boger-keyboards (2017)

Do you have any new music?

Right now about 75% of our set is older
material, however live we have been playing
new songs we wrote with Cam, Hazard and
myself. Damian is the newest guy so we
haven't pulled from all his input yet, but he has Your drummer also does lead vocals. How
great potential to add to us musically (not many years of practice did you have before
that he isn't already with his crazy stage you could do that?
antics.) We are still learning old material and So when we started it wasn't my intention to
working on new stuff to hopefully go record in do lead vocals, we simply couldn't find a
the fall or winter. singer that could sing in time or the style we
were aiming for. My experience from my
When I saw the band live I felt like Blood and previous band was just doing token backup
Thunder plays symphonic extreme metal in lines on the kit, so I wasn't completely new to
general. Was it different back when the band singing and drumming. We put out our first
began? Did you always have a keyboard demo out within a few months of existing so I
player? I saw that you keyboard player has a ended up taking the job, it just didn't seem
keytar and now he roams the stage and too difficult for me to do, honestly. It was like
bangs his head all over the place. adding another drum beat with my voice and
I wouldn't say that's a wrong description, but I I found a love for doing it which is why we
would say our genre is melodic death metal never ended up changing that dynamic.
similar to artists such as Children of Bodom,
Mors Principium Est and Norther on the Do you plan to play more shows in the area?
melodeath end; Kalmah and Wintersun for our The first half of 2017 is over, what's next for
folk metal aspects. The Black Dahlia Murder Blood and Thunder in the second half of 2017?
was a big influence for our American metal Absolutely we have a lot of fresh members in
sound. I can say that from the beginning that the band so we love to go out and grind
those were the sounds we were shooting for shows and get ourselves out there for love of
and we continue to produce today. participating in the local scene, while meeting
Keyboard was integral to our sound from the new bands and people. Plus, it's a great
beginning and a trademark of the chance to test the waters with new songs.
Scandinavian sound we are influenced by.
But the keytar is a new dynamic that Damian Right now we got
July 14th at The Anchor, Everett market's tool of choice, UK's PledgeMusic.
July 16th w/ Starkill at El Corazn, Seattle
August 26th at Black Zia Cantina, Burien

And in September we got plans to tour a bit

with L.A. and Tijuana booked already at the
end of the month.

What is your plan to conquer the world with

your metal music?
We got some really great ideas on ice we
plan on unleashing in the next year or so
along with new recordings, videos, and tours.


Indiscipline It features 10 songs which embrace all of
NEWS: Brazilian heavy metal rockers Indiscipline's main influences, notably heavy
INDISCIPLINE new album metal, punk and grunge. While "Take it or
Leave it", "Poison" and "Fear in your Eyes"
The Brazilian heavy rock brigade Indiscipline showcase the group's most vigorous and
now has issued its debut album called powerful side, "Nasty Roar" and "Burning
Sanguinea. Here is some official information Bridges" invite the listener to join in on the path
about the band. of darkness, as well as "Losing my Mind" and
"Higher". "Degrees of Shade" and "Born Dead"
OFFICIAL: Formed as a team, this infernal expose Indiscipline's most visceral songwriting,
power trio gathers experienced musicians which, on "Sanguinea", focus on themes such
who have been a part of Rio de Janeiro's as life and death, insanity, abuse and human
underground scene for years. Indiscipline relationships. "Miss Daniel" finishes the track list.
plays heavy, in-your-face rock n' roll, using its On the road since 2012, with over 60 gigs in its
tunes as weapons of mass destruction through curriculum, including some notorious Brazilian
the combination of merciless guitar riffs and festivals, Indiscipline completes its
melodic vocals that are sure to stick to your discography with the EP/demo album "In My
head and make you sing along for days. Guts", recorded and released in 2014, and the
Maria Cals (guitars) and Alice (vocals and mini-CD "Live at Toca", done in 2015 through
bass) lead the newest revelation of the Converse Rubber Tracks, in which the famous
Brazilian hard and heavy music and they are sneaker brand Converse chose the band
ready to take over the world together with through an international selection. In that
drummer Ale de la Vega, who completes the year, Indiscipline was one of the 7 Brazilian
line-up. "Sanguinea" is the ensemble's debut chosen artists, among 84 in the entire world.
full length album, and was financed through a facebook.com/indisciplineofficial
successful crowdfunding campaign which **
went online via the professional music
Noctium **
Noctium is a new band from the state of Doro
Washington, in the Pacific Northwest. The NEWS: Doro Pesch, The Voice Of WARLOCK,
band is based out of Marysville, which is to the Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Legendary
north of Seattle. They have been active as a Triumph And Agony Full-Length; Special US
band for over a year now and it is comprised Tour Dates Featuring Guitarist Tommy Bolan
of screamer Shawn Thompson (22), guitarist Announced
Phil Stockard (27), and brothers bassist Greg
Blak (26) and Alan Ries (21) on drums, formerly
of the Arlington band As Kingdoms Divide.
Everett, Tacoma, Bellingham, Spokane and
Seattle are the band's base of operations at
the moment. Of course, they want to play
more shows in the state of Washington and it's
only a matter of time before more locations
are added to the list, including in the
neighboring state of Oregon.

They do not have much music published yet,

Heavy metal living legend Doro Pesch has
but that will soon change with the debut EP
made a very special announcement, and the
that they are working on. At the second link
United States is included! Read the
below you can a hear one song called
announcement and see if this show is coming
"Scum." The song appears to be
to your city.
groove/extreme metal, and we'll have to see
what happens when more music comes in.
OFFICIAL: Released in 1987, Triumph And
Actually, this week the band has a show at
Agony is the fourth studio album from German
the Backyard Festival at Louie G's in Fife on
heavy metal titans WARLOCK. The record was
July 14th & 15th. The band will be co-
a mammoth success globally with hit singles
headlining one of the stages Friday night with
and MTVs Headbangers Ball favorites All We
Massacre at the Opera, a band from
Are and Fr immer among other now-
Washington state.
pinnacle anthems like East Meets West,
Metal Tango, I Rule The Ruins, and Touch
Of Evil. Triumph And Agony stands among
heavy metals true cult classics.
Gushed Decibel Magazine of the zenith Mandragora Malevola
offering, Triumph And Agony contains one NEWS: Mandragora Malevola new album
glorious anthem after another for the duration available for listening now
of its (too short) forty-minute run time. All We
Are is the big fist-pumper, their Rock You Like The occult extreme metal entity known as
A Hurricane or Youve Got Another Thing Mandragora Malevola (Portugal) is back in
Comin. Three Minute Warning absolutely 2017 with a full-length album that follows up
scorches, something Accept would have the 2015 demo that began it all for them.
been proud to write. I Rule The Ruins lays What a difference for these disciples of the
waste to everything and THEN rules it. Kiss Of darkness in less than two years! The sound is
Death provides the requisite tragic vampire sharper and this music is ready and primed for
soliloquy, and Make Time For Love provides the black metal supporters of the world. The
the requisite drama ballad. East Meets West demo was good, as this publication observed,
taps some serious spine with its love letter to but this is something else now. They have
the Land Of The Rising Sun, while Metal improved their craft and this music should be
Tango may be the only, well, metal tango. of interest for those that whose souls are
And then theres Touch Of Evil, which ends committed to the occult black metal,
with one of the most astonishing vulgar especially the melodic black metal hymns
displays of screeching ever recorded. filled with the glory of the dark forces, as you
will notice listening to the album at the first link
And three decades later, the record has lost below.
none of its charm. In honor of its 30th
anniversary, this September, WARLOCK Mandragora Malevola
vocalist Doro Pesch will, for the first time ever, Awakening the Impvre
perform the fist-raising full-length in its entirety release date: April 14th, 2017
on two European festival dates this Summer label: independent
and a special run of US live performances.
Joined by original Triumph And Agony guitarist OFFICIAL: Mandragora Malevola is a manifest
Tommy Bolan alongside bassist Nick Douglas, of moral freedom, the left path of spiritual
drummer Johnny Dee, guitarist Bas Maas and independence, the place where men rise in
guitarist/keyboardist Luca Princiotta, Pesch will the center of the universe. Mandragora
hit Worcester, New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Malevola has not the purpose of unloading
and Los Angeles. energy or exorcising demons, but to know
them and accept them as essential part of
Triumph And Agony was our breakthrough the human nature. Mandragora Malevola is
album in America, issues Pesch, and its still the acceptance of the mundane decadent
one of my absolute favorites! Im so excited to human, that whom does not seek god but to
play some of these songs for the first time and be god itself. Mandragora Malevola is the
Im so much looking forward to play with abolition of any religious or mandatory
Tommy again. Im sure its gonna sound great submission.
and well put on a killer show.


metal programs in Washington (Pacific Times)
Excuse All the Blood (Olympia, WA): Friday
night 10pm-1am www.kaosradio.org

Metal Shop (Seattle, WA): Saturday 10pm-

3am KISW 99.9fm www.kisw.com

This zine is also available at:

The seed of Mandragora Malevola

germinated in Ereira, Coimbra, in the Autumn
of 2013. Formed only by Kaos (ex. Triba) on
vocals and Igniferum (Everto Signum, Carma)
on the instrumental, Mandragora Malevola
celebrates the independence of expression
without restrictions. Grasping the meaning
and secular history of the mandrake plant, the
identity of the band comes from the roots of
something evil that grows and takes over their