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Handover Note to Jonathan Tumulak and Roderio [26 Oct 2015]

Provision of Temporary Electrical Installation for D/N Offshore Commissioning

This handover note is aimed mainly to use as the fundamental guideline for the electrical
installation work which is planned to implement as the preparation work for DN offshore
commissioning. Based on my experience as well as in order to execute the work smoothly
and timely, the following points, but not limited to, are high-lighted as the main areas of

Disclaimer: These are just the points I have realized and foreseen based on the current
situation. Depending on the site situation, the further request from D/N and other
considerations, you may feel free to amend or add in any of these points.


In addition to the existing materials, the following materials are to make available prior
to the commencement of on-site installation.

S/N Materials Specification Qty Remark

1 Cable Lugs 70 sqmm, Std hole 20 pc To purchase

2 Cable Lugs 300 sqmm, Hole 20 pc To purchase
size 10 mm
3 Fixing Clamps for Type: OE FC-CH- 100 sets To purchase if not
Channel Traverse M10, Art No. available from
(Left & Right per 1371705 project surplus
set) materials

4 Fixing Clamps Type: OE-FC- 100 pc To purchase if not

A40x33 10/10 available from
Art No. 89907 project surplus

5 IPE-120 I-beams 12 mtr/lgth 5 lgth From central

store, make early

6 SS Perforated Perf. Dim: 11 x 35, 10 lgth To purchase if not

Flatbars, 1 lgth = 3 mtr available from
SS Art No. project surplus
1371935 materials

7 Heat Reflector 1 roll 10 mtr, 1 6 rolls To wrap the

Sheet mtr width equipment / cable
ladders near to
the generators
Handover Note to Jonathan Tumulak and Roderio [26 Oct 2015]

onboard, To

8 Fire Blanket 1 roll 10 mtr 3 rolls From central

store, make early

9 Temporary Ex-proof Type 4 pc To install at the

Lighting Fixtures 2 x 18W with black spot next to
c/w cable battery backup the generators
To purchase if not
available from
project surplus

10 Insulation End For 300 sqmm 30 pc To install in the

Caps cables with lug feeder to Utility
installed switchboard
power cables at
bus-duct end

Onsite Installation Work

As per 3D model, the extended portion of cable ladders installed in Weather Deck is an
overhead arrangement, it is recommended to discuss with structure design team for the
cable ladder support installation on the deck and hence the prior agreement is necessary
for the expected hot work on the deck. Currently, as per 3D model, the required support
is not mentioned in the 3D model, and it is recommended to use IPE120 I-beams as
cable ladder supports. There are quite a number of IPE120 I-beams currently available
from SMOE central store, but still need to reserve the sufficient no. in advance. Contact
person is Jaime for reservation.

It is recommended to commence the cable ladder installation work on Weather Deck in

early January 2016. Only when cable ladder installation work has been fully completed
and inspected, it is to isolate the feeder [connected from Aggreko temporary
switchboard to Utility switchboard] for cable cutting and re-routing work in Weather
Deck. The concern here is the power downtime of Utility Switchboard which would
consequently disrupt the D/N commissioning schedule, the power downtime shall be
kept as short as possible.

However, considering the current working speed of our project service team, it is more
likely to happen that the estimated power downtime of Utility Switchboard might be over
a week. It is suggested to lay another set of power cables (2 x 1C x 300 sqmm per
Handover Note to Jonathan Tumulak and Roderio [26 Oct 2015]

phase) between Emergency Switchboard and Utility Switchboard through the

appropriate breakers so that the continuity of power supply is possible at Utility
Switchboard for commissioning work of downstream loads during the whole period of
cable re-installation work. The sizing of this feeder is to be confirmed with D/N based on
the expected total commissioning loads on the Utility Switchboard.

Generator Installation

It is required to prove 2 no. of 230V AC power supply for battery charger and F&G
control units of each temporary generator, and temporary lighting (if required) around
the generators. It can be achieved by tapping the power from the nearest 230V platform
DB. But it is necessary to discuss with DB for cable routine and MCT usage for
installation of these small power circuits.

It is required to raise purchase request or check with SMOE material team for the
availability heat-resistance fire blankets which will definitely require to be installed on
nearby equipment and cable ladders to protect the heat generated from generators and

After generators have been installed onboard, it is still required to provide the stoppers
which are to be welded towards the Weather Deck to avoid dislocation due to sea waves
during the voyage.

It is suggested to discuss with D/N commissioning for the requirement on the extension
of generator exhausts and their orientation. Aggreko Singapore can provide the exhaust
extension work.

The lifting chain which came together with Aggreko generators are to be put on weather
deck near to the generator containers before the voyage.

Fuel-Refilling Arrangement

It is required to have two fuel supplies in order not to interrupt the generator operation
onboard. The typical way of doing is to fill the fuel by portable fuel tank (with the
capacity about 1000L) with the assistance of a crane and a rigging team, and the other
fuel supply, which can be considered as backup arrangement, is from the crane pedestal
fuel tank. It is recommended to reserve 2 no. of portable fuel tanks, which are approved
to use onsite, with Project Service.

It needs to coordinate with Wai (SMOE) and DN Mechanical commissioning team to

banker and reserve sufficient amount of diesel in advance into the crane pedestal fuel
tank, and to get the appropriate hose installed for ready use. The hose should come with
a lockable value at the filling end. A dedicated lifting team, which also needs to act as
fire-watch onboard, has to be setup for this fuel refilling arrangement. They are to work
Handover Note to Jonathan Tumulak and Roderio [26 Oct 2015]

independently with project service fuel-refilling team which will only provide the filled
fuel tank near to the lifting point on the ground level.

Based on 3D drawing, although there is a high capacity fuel tank installed next to the
generators, it is not recommended to fill the diesel fuel onboard and use it during
onshore commission phase because it could lead to a safety issue. In my understanding,
there is a regulation from SCDF, which states that it is necessary to have a license in
Singapore to store and utilize the fuel with the capacity over a certain amount - probably
1400L and or above.

Miscellaneous Things

It is required to make formal confirmation with DN that any expense incurred due to the
removal of any temporary installation work offshore shall not be back-charged to SMOE.

It is required to revise or top-up the man-hour estimate for offshore preparation work
after discussing with Project Service Team because they will physically execute the work

It is important to take note that the vertically run cables, cable ladders as well as the
temporary staircase are required to be completely dismantled prior to module load out.
It is due to the fact that pull slips of topside module M00 are in clash with this temporary
staircase while the module is being loaded out towards the transport vessel.

Prepared by Roger Kyaw Swar Phone Maung, Date: 23 Oct 2015