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Howard and Janet Kagan ACT I
Paula Marie Black John Logan Lisa Matlin
1. Prologue - Ensemble
Daveed Frazier Tom Smedes Vertical Ent./Roman Gambourg/Lev Gelfer 2. Pierre - aria & chorus: Pierre, Ensemble
present 3. Moscow - trio: Marya D., Natasha, Sonya
The Ars Nova Production of 4. The Private and Intimate Life of the House - duet: Bolkonsky, Mary
5. Natasha & Bolkonskys - trio: Natasha, Mary, Bolkonsky
NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 6. No One Else - aria: Natasha
7. The Opera - Ensemble
8. Natasha & Anatole - duet: Natasha, Anatole
Adapted from War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
9. Natasha Lost - aria: Natasha
with 10. The Duel - quartet & chorus: Anatole, Dolokhov, Pierre, Hlne
11. Sunday Morning - trio: Marya D., Natasha, Sonya
Scenic Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Sound Design
14. Letters - Ensemble
Orchestrations Music Director Music Supervisor 15. Sonya & Natasha - duet: Sonya, Natasha
16. Sonya Alone - aria: Sonya
General Manager Press Representative Advertising/Marketing
TOM SMEDES THE HARTMAN GROUP AKA 17. Preparations - duet: Anatole, Dolokhov, with Pierre
18. Balaga - trio & chorus: Balaga, Anatole, Dolokhov
Production Supervisor Production Stage Manager Casting by
Choreography by
20. In My House - trio: Marya D., Natasha, Sonya
SAM PINKLETON 21. A Call to Pierre - duet: Marya D., Pierre
Direction and Musical Staging by 22. Find Anatole - aria: Pierre, with Anatole, Hlne, Natasha
RACHEL CHAVKIN 23. Pierre & Anatole - duet: Pierre, Anatole
Commissioned and Developed by
Ars Nova
24. Natasha Very Ill - aria: Sonya
Jason Eagan, Artistic Director Jeremy Blocker, Managing Director 25. Pierre & Andrey - duet: Pierre, Andrey
World Premiere produced by
Ars Nova
26. Pierre & Natasha - duet: Pierre, Natasha
511 West 54th Street New York
27. The Great Comet of 1812 - aria & chorus: Pierre, Ensemble
Or Matias conductor/piano
John Murchison bass
Brittain Ashford sonya Joey Cassata drums
Mark Dover clarinet/bass clarinet
Gelsey Bell mary/maidservant/
opera singer Sally Wall oboe/english horn
Nick Choksi dolokhov Caleigh Drane cello
Blake DeLong bolkonsky/andrey Meaghan Burke cello
Amber Gray hlne Lavinia Pavlish viola
Dave Malloy pierre Dave Malloy accordion/keyboards
Grace McLean marya d. Blake DeLong guitar
Paul Pinto balaga/servant/ Nick Choksi guitar
opera singer Brent Arnold addl cello
Phillipa Soo natasha Raymond Sicam III addl cello
Lucas Steele anatole Andie Springer addl viola
with: Paul Pinto addl drums
David Abeles, Catherine Brookman,
Ken Clark, Ashkon Davaran, MUSICIANS
Luke Holloway, Azudi Onyejekwe,
Shaina Taub, Mariand Torres,
Lauren Zakrin

in alphabetical order

4 5
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rall be a scene, slip you
a glassxpoferivodk
encea, thwith lso allow yplay neath th a hand-written letter (in Russian),
or perhaps share
ougyou.h As theinshow g sligstart ed,e the
h Linstrea
Let em Eat Pierogi
, w htly m e. Tmed
every one.
Better, Potato dumplings,vthat a s irtuais.ll y Not your o re
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; the inte
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ve youn number--i b een h composer/lyricist nded ca to 199,
cters esimp
mom lyeand g directo entwwhic the closi Dave Malloy intro duce st dtoTolst
manoys doublin
Waiting in the offstage green room prior to a panel discussion of Broadway drama critics on a mid-October nts to effec tively r ,Rslyly
achelrefer ring nthe g aaudie
t the once euvecomp
r. Thelicate dg the
apparent that The Grea a lu st C h a vk ld to a hand -draw n chart in the prog thwas
Monday night in 2012, one of my colleagues asked if I was covering Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. t Cometrowas us shindee
in d differinent.
to re
venue a
ndnouv ram- -it
yes; but one that at the same time e. the pgimm icky, th e oeau,
pening gaud ily imm ersive musical,
Whats that? I said. The new musical based on War and Peace at Ars Nova, he told me. This sounded familiar; New au was buoyed by soaring musiie c,cpoeti
e, clarify at style
the nbut
touch dstory
iencetelling. c lyrics
I had received a press release, but my editors didnt have space for me to cover it. I told him that I was overbooked seen ing
it the rs s ocked to Na oryte new- e llow isingly
lling, an w asurpr e
visit.esNa war t time--plu tasha w d polish d Malloy
and didnt have time for The Great Comet. Critics rarely discuss shows with each other until after their reviews Ther atashgoing on, thes war a virof hen it re the show
a n d a w a s a summ tu 1812-
a ll -not theo pone
e n eover
d in Ma in the New World, the one Napoleon was wagin s
have been published, the better to preserve a clear and unbiased opinion. We do, however, alert others when we PrinctoeuAndr
rists.eyCis away y unanim
come across obscure shows that demand attention. In this case, he simply said, You -- Must -- Go! pwher
roduecshe elebritight e
ertim Whic
e hithaleave ouslprett
s his y eny,thyoun yginanc
its deowNata
n sha impa tient
ers runs
had alreinto the s, to
hot n d a u si astic ba to w n pop -u ly waiti ng in Mos cow,
lly soAll ady com o.Anat As suole mm who conv hot tiinces
cket,hisdraslut nd of dHl
wing aofma sister ramane to phelp
venue, wentrap the youn
: a vthe
, Hlbednestowncuck fo
er endfool
olded ed, soofd a husb
id and Pierr ixedeasits in critics--r him
hile peo
As the p ion while poun t o n West
away on4the r th e.ir next th e lease o u d ience of libra u
ry shdrink ing le
ed over himselfhotod w
So I did, two nights later. And yes: The Great Comet, even in a tiny, out-of-the-way off-off-Broadway roducers 5th piano
S tr eet, in th h o m e a n th e lo th e a tr e fo r a n o
caThis carefull nd t. T go the
theatre, demanded attention. Theatre is not the applicable word, exactly. The Great st albisumTolst oy, yes, y tr Malloy hasetaken shadow settled on a pri he abovementi ers, club habitu r
Comet was performed in a lavishly-designed rectangular space, the walls lined thPeace
e oppoand
of M alloys but Tolst
anspoy lanno.
ted K s of thon--j
a porti e Imust me -from
a slice- piece ovolum oned in s
rtuntrans form
ity to he ed d ro a vibra a z
us scorent, exhiloarati in p e ri f B e
roadwaytwo d
of uWar
st ri oand
with side stages, runways, and perches for the musicians. The sung through, with aar fair
it . N
thirtyngbandlo c surprisingly endeaaring l Theaelect tr e ropo p opera re us
ButMall , a amou
n nt
d can eof recitative o w , li eneto k s n ortt,hslash . . a
The l eshow
seating was at cabaret tables and banquettes scattered the aoy dvlaces
ice I gthe score with stunnbing gin to a stset rsmod
who ernis , th als rhythms. At the same
cant ea eying o record time, though,
throughout, with brown bread and a glass of o t th song splike
p re c Nata
ia shas aria to si
the lymoo e d
Sonya Alone; Hl atnes
rstCha te just h get ton, No Oneth
nightrmin last g; and ow niq see Nata Else is Gh; oher stlicousi
ght on Sonyas
borscht served on arrival; at some point
Steven Octobe Pierres beauteousunale
r still ho
ue,DTheave M Grea
t Com shet site just riginal
a oofn 1812.
in the action, it turned out, lds: Yo ll o y s score yet have
u -- Mu is.
a cast member AutIhwalke
or odf T
he Sdofashi in
out into the blustery fall night invig
orate d. The
st -- Go!
season thus far had been woefully
open 2the
pecte undonoand
013next evening, f Brthoro ughly off the mainstream radar, was
olyaprais a near-perfect gem. The Great Com
weak. Here, in
lavish dwayedM by us n s who got around to trekking over to see it. Withineta
those critic
ely booked.icAabrief
day, the entire Ars Nova run was entir
d Sexten
sold out (with a brief inter ruption
due to Hurr icane Sandy). Tuwas esoon
nBut anno
s five weekunce d, and just as immediately
woefully insufcient. Any number s in a 90-se at thea tre were
of people had been unable to get ticke
it--myself included--wanted desperatel ts, and many of us who had seen
y to get back for a second viewing;
events in which so much is going on this was one of those rare theatrical
that you cannot possibly absorb it
demanded to be seen by a larger audie all in one sitting. The Great Com
nce, even though the staging could et
traditional theatre space. nt be made to t in an existing
An industrious band of producers,
insistent upon giving the show a conti
search for a proper venue. They nall nued life, refused to give up on the
y settled on the build it and they will
Klub Kazino, a larger replica of the come approach. Build it they did:
Ars Nova space built into an oversized
tent on a vacant lot in the downtown
6 7
ded to 199, doubling the
the High Line. The seating area was expan
Meatpacking District, literally beneath for the slightly expan ded cast to maneuver. The theatrical
ly more space
audience size while also allowing slight
experience, though, was virtually the same.
at the new allowed Malloy
closing at the old venue and the opening
Better, actually; the interim between the clarif y the storyt elling , and polish the show s
kin to rene the piece,
and innovative young director Rachel Chav
exquisite moments to a lustrous shine.
pop-up venue, while
t when it reopened in May in its downtown
New audiences ocked to The Great Come enthu siastic band of dram a critics--rushed
a virtually unanimously
people whod seen it the rst time--plus summ ertime hit and a hot ticket, drawing a mixed audience
Great Come t was a
over for another visit. The rities, too. As summ er ended, so did the lease on the lot. The
and touris ts. Celeb
theatregoers, club habitus home and settled on a prime
had already combed town for their next
abovementioned industrious producers t lot on West 45th Street, in the shadows of the Imperial
ally so: a vacan
piece of Broadway real estate. Liter
ded this Ghostlight original
Kazino thirty blocks north, they also recor
As the producers carefully transplanted easily get to see The Great Comet on site just
Now, listeners who cant
cast album of Malloys wondrous score. uniqu e Dave Mallo ys score is.
can begin to appreciate just how
yet have the opportunity to hear it, and
But the advice I got that rst night last
October still holds: You -- Must -- Go!

Steven Suskin ic
Author of The Sound of Broadway Mus
and Show Tunes
October, 2013

8 9
Moscow, 1812, just before Napoleons invasion of Russia and the burning of the city. As the
story begins (Prologue) we meet Pierre, a wealthy aristocrat having an existential
crisis, living a slothful life of wine, philosophy and inaction.

part i
Meanwhile, the young, newly-engaged Natasha Rostova and her cousin Sonya arrive
in Moscow to stay the winter with Marya D., Natashas godmother, while Natasha
waits for her ance, Andrey, to return from the war. Marya D. tells Natasha that she
must visit her future in-laws, a demented, miserly old prince and his spinster daughter
(The Private and Intimate Life of the House), to win their affection and secure the
marriage, which is critical to the Rostovs status and fortune. However, Natashas visit
ends in disaster (Natasha & Bolkonskys) and she leaves missing Andrey more than
ever (No One Else).

part ii
The next night Natasha is introduced to decadent Moscow society at The Opera; there
she meets Anatole, a young ofcer and notorious rogue (Natasha & Anatole); after
their interaction Natasha feels confused, and tries to remember her love for
Andrey (Natasha Lost).

part iii
Anatole, his friend Dolokhov and Pierre go out drinking; they are
met by Hlne, Pierres wife and Anatoles sister, who taunts
Pierre. Pierre nds his wifes familiarity with Dolokhov offensive
and challenges him to a duel, almost getting himself killed
(The Duel). Afterward, Anatole declares his intention to have
Natasha, although he is himself already married. He enlists Hlne to
help him (Sunday Morning/Charming); she invites Natasha to
The Ball, where Anatole seduces Natasha.

10 11
part iv
They make plans to elope, and Natasha breaks off her
engagement with Andrey (Letters). Sonya nds out about
the plan and realizes it will meanNatashas ruin (Sonya &
Natasha); she determines to stop her at any cost (Sonya
Alone). That evening Anatole and Dolokhov plan for the
elopement (Preparations) and call on their trusted
troika driver, Balaga, to take them to Natashas house.
However, The Abduction is thwarted at the last
moment by Marya D.

part v
After scolding a grief-stricken Natasha (In My House),
Marya D. sends out A Call to Pierre, asking him to
help handle the crisis. Pierre kicks Anatole out of Moscow
(Find Anatole/Pierre & Anatole); Natasha poisons herself
(Natasha Very Ill). Andrey returns. Pierre explains
the scandal to him and asks him to be compassionate, but
Andrey is unable to forgive (Pierre & Andrey). Finally,
Pierre visits Natasha (Pierre & Natasha). After their
meeting, Pierre experiences a moment of enlightenment
while seeing The Great Comet of 1812 in the night sky.

A Note On the Translation

The primary source for the libretto is Aylmer and
Louise Maudes 1922 translation; several other
translations were also consulted, including
those by Anthony Briggs, Richard Pevear &
Larissa Volokhonsky, and Constance Garnett.

Catherine Brookman
12 13
Natasha is young
And Andrey isnt here

1. Prologue Sonya is good
Natashas cousin and closest friend
(An accordion plays as Andrey inishes
putting on his uniform. He gives a last ALL
goodbye to Natasha and then leaves) Natashas cousin and closest friend
Sonya is good
PIERRE Natasha is young
Theres a war going on And Andrey isnt here
Out there somewhere
PIERRE NATASHA And Andrey isnt here MARYA D.

Old Marya is old-school, a grande dame of

Frie Theres a war going on

nds Out there somewhere Moscow


Natashas godmother, strict yet kind

And Andrey isnt here



s n

Be Natashas godmother, strict yet kind

Theres a war going on

st F Marya is old-school
rie Out there somewhere

And Andrey isnt here Sonya is good
Theres a war going on Natasha is young
HlNE Out there somewhere And Andrey isnt here
SONYA And Andrey isnt here
And this is all in your program

And this is all in your program You are at the opera

You are at the opera Gonna have to study up a little bit
Gonna have to study up a little bit If you wanna keep with the plot
Siblings If you wanna keep with the plot Cuz its a complicated Russian novel
Friends Everyones got nine different names
Cuz its a complicated Russian novel
Everyones got nine different names So look it up in your program
Troika Driver

So look it up in your program Wed appreciate it, thanks a lot

Father Wed appreciate it, thanks a lot Da da da
Da da da Da da da
ANDREY MARY Da da da Da da da
Da da da
NATASHA Anatole is hot
Natasha is young He spends his money on women and wine
She loves Andrey with all her heart
ALL He spends his money on women and wine
BALAGA BOLKONSKY She loves Andrey with all her heart Anatole is hot
Marya is old-school
14 Dave Malloy 15
A warm-hearted Russian of the old school But later never comes SONYA
Sonya is good His purse is always empty Marya Dmitryevna Akhrosimova
Natasha is young Cuz its open to all PIERRE & MEN
And Andrey isnt here O Pierre And how many men before MARYA D.
Just one of a hundred sad old men Good Russian men Soia Alexandrovna Rostova
HLNE Living out their inal days in Moscow Believing in goodness and truth
Hlne is a slut SONYA
Anatoles sister, married to Pierre PIERRE PIERRE You must call me Sonya
I drink too much Entered that door
ALL ALL Right now, my friend ights and bleeds With all their teeth and hair MARYA D.
Anatoles sister, married to Pierre Balagas just for fun! And I sit at home and read And left it toothless and bald Welcome
Hlne is a slut Hours at a time Welcome to Moscow
Anatole is hot Balaga is fun Hours at my screen You empty and stupid Where faded and fading princesses live
Marya is old-school Bolkonsky is crazy Anything, anything Contented fellows Ill take you where you must go
Sonya is good Mary is plain Abandoned to distraction Satisied with your place Pet you a bit
Natasha is young Dolokhov is ierce In order to forget Im different from you And Ill scold you a bit
And Andrey isnt here Hlne is a slut We waste our lives Im different from you My goddaughter, my favorite, Natasha
Anatole is hot Drowning in wine I still want to do something I will touch you on the cheek
DOLOKHOV Marya is old-school
Dolokhov is ierce, but not too important Sonya is good I never thought that Id end up like this Or do you struggle too? NATASHA & SONYA
Anatoles friend, a crazy good shot Natasha is young I used to better I pity you, I pity me, I pity you My cousin and I
And Andrey isnt here I pity you, I pity me, I pity you Are so pleased to be with you
ALL And the women they all pity me While we wait on our iances
Anatoles friend, a crazy good shot And what about Pierre? Cuz Im married CHORUS Fighting in the war
Dolokhov is ierce Dear, bewildered and awkward Pierre? But not in love Ah...
Hlne is a slut What about Pierre? Frozen at the center MARYA D.
Anatole is hot Rich, unhappily married Pierre? Bring in their things!
Marya is old-school What about Pierre? WOMEN What are you dawdling for?
Sonya is good What about Pierre? Il est charmant; il na pas de sexe Get the samovar ready!
Natasha is young What about Pierre? He is charming; he has no sex Youre half frozen, Im sure!
And Andrey isnt here Bring some rum for the tea!

Chandeliers and caviar,

2. Pierre CHORUS
O Pierre! Our merry feasting crank CHAPTER 1 Sonyushka bonjour
And Natasha my darling
The war cant touch us here Our most dear, most kind, most smart Youve grown plumper and prettier
PIERRE and eccentric
Minor Characters! Its dawned on me suddenly
And for no obvious reason
A warm-hearted Russian of the old school 3. Moscow NATASHA
His purse is always empty My cheeks are glowing from the cold
BOLKONSKY That I cant go on Cuz its open to all (Natasha and Sonya arrive on sleighs)
Old Prince Bolkonsky is crazy Living as I am O Pierre SONYA
The zest of life has vanished Just one of a hundred sad old men NATASHA She said
MARY Only the skeleton remains Living out their inal days in Moscow Marya Dmitryevna Akhrosimova Gazing at Marya with kind, glittering eyes
And Mary is plain Unexpectedly vile
I used to be better PIERRE MARYA D. MARYA D.
MARY & BOLKONSKY Theres a ringing in my head Countess Natalya Ilyinichna Rostova Welcome
Andreys family, totally messed up CHORUS Theres a sickness in the world Welcome to Moscow
O Pierre! Our merry feasting crank And everyone knows NATASHA Scruffy and cozy
BALAGA Our most dear, most kind, most smart But pretends that they dont see You must call me Natasha Like an old dressing gown
16 Balagas just for fun! and eccentric Phillipa Soo Oh, Ill sort it out later 17
SONYA MARYA D. And I tell stories MARY
Countess Natalya Well, now well talk And utter scathing critiques Time is moving
I congratulate you and Andrey Its now or never
NATASHA Youve hooked a ine fellow! This old-fashioned house My fate is slipping past me
Soia Alexandrovna One of the inest matches in all of Russia With its gigantic mirrors and powdered
I am glad and relieved, footmen BOLKONSKY
SONYA Hell be the familys saving grace And this stern, shrewd old man Silence! Silence!
How beautiful you looked in the snow A relic of the past century
NATASHA With his gentle daughter MARY
NATASHA I blush happily Is a majestic and agreeable spectacle Yes father yes father
Cousin dear I love you
Trust no one but you MARYA D. MARY BOLKONSKY
But I cant bear this waiting But his father, Prince Bolkonsky, But besides the couple of hours during Shut your damn mouth girl
I cry and I cry much dislikes his sons marrying which we have guests Shut your damn mouth
Andrey where are you? The old fellows crotchety! There are also twenty-two hours in the day I can hurt you
I want him now, at once Of course Prince Andreys not a child During which the private and intimate
To embrace him and cling to him But its not nice to enter a family life of the house continues MARY & BOLKONSKY
No one can understand against a fathers will I can hurt you
One wants to do it peacefully and BOLKONSKY
I love him lovingly Bring me my slippers MARY
I know him But youre a clever girl But I never ever ever ever would
He loves me only Just be kind to Andreys sister MARY This is just how it is
Hell come home one day And when the sister loves you, Yes father yes father Its just how he is
And take me away So will the father Im always to blame
I want nothing more And all will be well BOLKONSKY
I want nothing more Bring me my wine He could beat me
Or treat me like a dog
CHAPTER 2 MARY Make me fetch wood or water
Yes father yes father And thats just how it is
Oh father Oh father
First thing tomorrow to Madame
4. The Private and I love you father
And I never go anywhere
Dresses, dresses, well buy what we
can afford
Intimate Life of the House Never invited Time is moving
For who would take care of him Its now or never
Then dinner and a game of Boston BOLKONSKY Who would take care Ive abandoned the hope of getting married
Then youll read to me while I knit! Ive aged
How wonderful to have you here Ive aged so very much MARY & BOLKONSKY BOLKONSKY
Instead of these gossips and crybabies I fall asleep at the table And I have no friends Ah! Whats this, a young suitor?
My napkin drops to the loor No no no Ah, come in come in
Youll take us where we must go Im full of childish vanities BOLKONSKY But dont sit down
Pet us a bit I forget things Girl, all my friends are dead Dont sit down
And scold us a bit And I live in the past Im cold to you
Ive aged so very much MARY Yes Im mean to you
Her goddaughter, her favorite, Natasha No one Now be gone be gone be gone
People enjoy me though And dont come back!
She will touch you on the cheek
I come in for tea in my old-fashioned BOLKONSKY
18 leaves) coat and powdered wig All my friends are dead Maybe Ill marry someone myself 19
Blake DeLong
Some cheap French thing Oh God Ive MARY (Natasha and Mary awkwardly move (The Prince enters in his dressing gown) Andrey
Oh that offends you does it? Ive aged, Ive aged so very much They are there upon his head to a table in silence) Where are you?
Ah, come in my dear, come in Oh God Im frightened They are there upon his head BOLKONSKY
The pride of sacriice
my dear, come in Where
Where are my glasses? Gathers in my soul
And from the irst glance I do not like
Ah! Ah Madam!
Countess Rostova, if I am not mistaken
6. No One Else
MARY Where are my, where are my They are there upon his head Natasha Oh! Oh I beg you to excuse me, excuse
And he draws her to him Where are my glasses? Too fashionably dressed me, my costume, this dressing gown NATASHA
And he kisses her hand And he forgets things Frivolous and vain I did not know, my poor girl The moon
Embraces her affectionately He lives in the past Her beauty, youth, and happiness God is my witness, I did not know you
And I lush and run out of the room He falls asleep at the table My brothers love for her had honored us with a visit
His napkin drops to the loor I came in such a costume only to see my
BOLKONSKY His shaking head And my father daughter
Come back here Sinks over his plate God is my witness, I didnt know
Let an old man have his fun BOLKONSKY My poor girl
Wipe away your tears girl He is old and feeble I do not wish to see her!
I dont want your tears And I dare to judge him MARY
I disgust myself MARY And he looked at her once
MARY I disgust myself I know at any moment he might indulge Head to toe
Oh that horrible woman in some freak And left muttering
Vile and inhuman
Shes using you, Papa
Wants your money Papa
Im sorry the Prince is still ailing
I must take my leave
To take advantage of your
weakness like that
Its disgusting 5. Natasha & Bolkonskys BOLKONSKY
Please wait
My voice breaks
BOLKONSKY I know theyll like me I am not afraid of anyone I want you to know how glad I am
Its my money They cant help but like me my brother has found happiness
And Ill throw it where I want Everyone has always liked me But such hesitation
Not at you! His father, my Andreys father Such unnatural manners NATASHA
And not at Andreys harlot! His sister, my Andreys sister Is that the truth?
Its my money, my money, There is no reason for them not to like me And from the irst glance I do not like I think it is not convenient to
Mine all mine! Princess Mary speak of that now
Are the Prince and Princess at home? Too plain and affected Dear Princess
Insolent girl! Insolent and dry
Insolent girl! SERVANT I shrink into myself MARY
Where The Prince is not receiving, Assume an offhand air She said
Where But the Princess begs you to walk up With such dignity and
MARY coldness
Where are my glasses? MARY Which alienates me still more
Where are, where are they? Oh NATASHA
Where are my glasses? Oh, hello NATASHA & MARY Though I felt tears choking me
Where are Wont you come in Constrained and strained
Where Constrained and strained What have I said, what have I done?
NATASHA Constrained and strained Crying like a child
Oh God Hello Irksome Oh, they were so awful!
Oh God Im frightened Irksome Oh, it all hurts so terribly
20 Gelsey Bell 21
Phillipa Soo
First time I heard your voice You and I Looking at my bare arms MARYA D. HLNE
Moonlight burst into the room And no one else My bare arms and neck Dolokhov was in the Caucasus I will implore him to do so
And I saw your eyes My bare arms and shoulders And he killed the Shahs brother!
And I saw your smile Maybe hell come today Now all the Moscow ladies are mad MARYA D.
And the world opened wide Maybe he came already CHORUS about him Theres a woman one should stay far
And the world was inside of me And hes sitting in the drawing room The two remarkably pretty girls Dolokhov the assassin! away from
And I simply forgot Had not been seen in Moscow in
And I catch my breath many years SERVANT Now Natasha
And I laugh and blush Everybody knew vaguely of Natashas Announcing Countess Hlne Bezukhova The curtain rises
And I hear guitars engagement The queen of society
You are so good for me One of the inest matches in all of Russia Beautiful, barely clothed CHORUS
Plump bare shoulders, The curtain rises
I love you I love you I love you I love SONYA and much exposed neck
you I love you Look, theres Alexey, home from Round which she wears NATASHA
CHAPTER 4 the war at last a double string of pearls Everyone in the boxes and the stalls
Oh the moon became silent
Oh the snow in the moonlight MARYA D. CHORUS All the men, old and young, in uniform
And your childlike eyes 7. The Opera He has changed Hlne and Dolokhov, arm in arm and evening dress
And your distant smile Dear me, Michael Kirilovich has Pierre the cuckold sits at home All the women in the hall
Ill never be this happy again MARYA D. grown still stouter! Pierre the cuckold sits at home With gems on their bare lesh
You and I The opera, the opera! The poor man Turned their whole attention
And no one else Hold up your dresses and jump out CHORUS With curiosity to the stage
quickly Theres Boris and Julie, engaged PIERRE
Weve done this all before And Anna Mikhaylovna, what a No, I am enjoying myself at home this (Two singers perform a scene from an
We were angels once SERVANT headdress she has on! evening avant-garde opera. It is grotesque and
Dont you remember? Ladies amazing)
Joy and life Welcome to the opera HLNE NATASHA
Inside our souls And is that Natasha Oh, that neck NATASHA
And nobody knows SONYA Oh, those pearls Grotesque and amazing
Just you and me Bare arms and shoulders CHORUS I cannot follow the opera
Its our secret Brilliant uniforms And is that Natasha HLNE
Pearls and silk And is that Natasha So beautiful
This winter sky Glittering before our eyes What a charming young girl
How can anyone sleep? Feminine envy NATASHA So enchanting
There was never such a night before! A whole crowd of memories They are looking at me Or even listen to the music
I feel like putting my arms round my Desires and emotions They are talking about me! NATASHA I see painted cardboard
knees Natasha, smooth your gown They all like me so much I blush scarlet Queerly dressed actors
And squeezing tight as possible The women envious Moving and singing so strangely in
And lying away CHORUS The men calming their jealousy MARYA D. the lights
Like this... Natasha, smooth your gown Countess Bezukhova, Pierres wife So false and unnatural
SERVANT Have you been here long? Im ashamed and amused
Oh the moon NATASHA Announcing Fedya Dolokhov And where is dear Pierre? And everyone else seems oblivious
Oh the snow in the moonlight Looking in the glass He dominates Moscows most brilliant He never used to forget us Yes everyone feigns delight
And your childlike eyes I see I am pretty young men
And your distant smile Not a girl anymore He stands in full view NATASHA SONYA
Ill never be this happy again Ive never felt like this before Well aware hes attracting attention Yes Pierre, that good man And feeling the lood of brilliant lights,
You and I Yet as much at ease as though he A little sad, a little stout The warm perfumed air heated by the
You and I Hundreds of eyes were in his own room He must come visit us crowd,
22 Grace McLean 23
Natasha little by little NATASHA pleasure of seeing you NATASHA & ANATOLE
Began to pass into a state of I turn around again and our eyes meet How do you like the performance? And I look you in the eye
intoxication He gazes straight into my eyes Last week Semenova fell down on
He is talking about me the stage NATASHA
(Natasha joins the singers in the opera) And looking into his eyes
SONYA NATASHA I am frightened
NATASHA Candles burning He is sensible and simple Theres not that barrier of modesty
Oh Id tickle you all if I could A crimson throne Bold and natural, Ive always felt with men
Oh Id tickle you all if I could The Tsar wails a mournful tune So strange and agreeable I feel so terribly near
They all wave their arms There is nothing formidable I fear that he may seize me from behind
SONYA And everybody cheers His smile is most naive, And kiss me on the neck
And then Bravo, bravo! Cheerful and good-natured
A rush of cold air And hes as handsome up close as at How do you like Moscow?
NATASHA a distance
NATASHA & SONYA Everytime I look at him And hes as handsome up close as at a ANATOLE
An exceptionally handsome man Hes looking at me distance At irst I did not like it much
walked in Everytime I look at him Because what makes a town pleasant
With a conident yet courteous air Hes looking at me ANATOLE Ce sont les jolies femmes
Everytime I look at him And do you know, Natasha Isnt that so?
HLNE We are having a costume tournament But now I like it very much indeed
This was Hlnes brother SONYA soon Do come to the costume tournament
Anatole Kuragin A terrible noise, a clatter in the crowd You ought to come, please come! Countess,
He moved with a swagger A storm of chromatic scales and Do come!
Which would have been ridiculous diminished sevenths NATASHA You will be the prettiest there
Had he not been so good-looking With rapturous faces everyone was Oh- You will be the prettiest there
And though it was the middle of the act shouting Do come, dear Countess, and give me
He walked right down the aisle Screaming and shouting, Bravo! ANATOLE this lower as a pledge
His sword and spurs jangling You ought to come, please come!
His handsome perfumed head held high CHORUS We are speaking of most ordinary things
And he looked right at Natasha Bravo, bravo NATASHA
Bravo, bravo Oh I- NATASHA
ANATOLE Bravo, bravo Yet I feel closer to you than Ive ever
Mais charmante ANATOLE felt with any other man
SONYA And I never remove my smiling eyes No one else is here
HLNE And then From your face, your neck, your bare arms No one else can see us
And he took his place in the front row A rush of cold air And I never remove my smiling eyes Your eyes
next to Dolokhov And Anatole entered the box From your face, your neck, your bare arms Your eyes
Your eyes
How handsome he is
How intoxicating
CHAPTER 5 I know for certain that he is taken by me
I know for certain that he is ANATOLE
enraptured by me Its all right, Natasha, Im here
SONYA 8. Natasha & Anatole I feel him looking at my shoulders Its all right, Natasha, Im here
In the second act there were tombstones My face, my neck, my bare arms
The moon over the footlights ANATOLE NATASHA
Horns and contrabass I have long wished to have this happiness ANATOLE And I
Black cloaks and daggers in their hands Ever since the Naryshkins ball And I look you in the eye I cannot speak
24 Where I had the well-remembered 25
Phillipa Soo, Lucas Steele
NATASHA & ANATOLE But now, alone And long carried affection for her PIERRE So plain and boring
Look straight into my eyes I am tortured The doctors warn me
Nearness ANATOLE That with my corpulence DOLOKHOV
Tenderness My conscience gnaws away at my heart Yes, charming Vodka and wine are dangerous And a little too dangerous eh?
Smile at me Am I spoiled for Andreys love or not? Look, Dolokhovs coming round and for me Anatole is a married man
Gaze straight into my eyes Oh I can soothe myself with irony: we are off to the Club A fact known only to his intimates
There is no barrier between us Nothing! It was nothing Will you come old man? But I drink a great deal A Polish landowner of some small means
There is nothing between us I didnt lead him on at all Only quite at ease Had forced him to marry his daughter
Nothing between us No one will ever know PIERRE After pouring several glasses
Ill never see him again I will come Mechanically into my large ANATOLE
(Anatole leaves) Nothing has happened mouth Nevermind about that now,
And Andrey can love me still ANATOLE It doesnt matter, I dont give a damn
Lend me ifty rubles?
9. Natasha Lost O God, why isnt he here? ALL
Then I feel
Just as a duck is made to swim in water
God has made me as I am
And yet it was like there was nothing (Dolokhov arrives with many bottles A pleasant warmth in my All I care for is gaiety and women
NATASHA between us of vodka) body, And theres no dishonor in that
I smile, I shake No veil, no modesty A sentimental attachment As long as theres money and vodka
And the opera continues Just his face and strong hands DOLOKHOV to my fellow men Ill keep a feather in my hat
And Im quite submissive to the world His glittering eyes Drink drink
I am in And his tender smile Gonna drink tonight (Hlne arrives and sidles up to ALL
My previous life is slipping away from me That bold handsome man who pressed Gonna drink tonight Dolokhov) Whoa....
My distant past is gone, is gone my arm Gonna drink
Gonna drink HLNE PIERRE
And the rest of the night Gonna drink tonight Keep drinking old man I used to love
I cant take my eyes from him Gonna drink tonight I used to love
His glittering eyes Gonna drink tonight ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV I used to be better
And his tender smile Gonna Keep drinking old man
And as I am leaving DOLOKHOV, ANATOLE & PIERRE HLNE, ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV Keep drinking old man
Flushed and nervous
He touches my arm
CHAPTER 6 Drink drink Drink the whole night through
Gonna drink tonight Keep drinking old man HLNE
And I turn around Gonna drink tonight Yes drink drink drink
And hes looking at me
With his glittering eyes
10. The Duel Gonna ALL Drink drink drink
Gonna drink Keep drinking old man God, to think I married a man like you
And his tender smile Gonna drink tonight Drink the whole night through
Good evening Pierre Gonna drink tonight Keep drinking old man PIERRE
O God! I am lost! Gonna drink tonight Dont speak to me, wife
How could I let him? (Pierre continues to drink, too much) There is something inside me
Everything is dark, obscure, and terrible
PIERRE (They drink and dance)
I dont understand this DOLOKHOV HLNE
O God! I am lost! Yes. How was the opera?
ALL Now Anatole, Dolokhov pour me another
ANATOLE Drink with me my love What women tonight?
Back in the theater, full of lights,
Lovely For theres ire in the sky Moscow ladies PIERRE
Where tenors jumped about in tinsel And theres ice on the ground Or gypsy girls? Something terrible and monstrous
jackets Natalya Rostova was there
Either way my soul will die French actresses?
Young girls and old men cried Whoa.... DOLOKHOV
bravo! in rapture PIERRE
Oh, oh that charming young girl? ANATOLE Heres to the health of married women!
There it all seemed simple Just no more unmarried heiresses!
26 I have known her since she was a child Nick Choksi 27
And a smile lurks at the corner of DOLOKHOV PIERRE MARYA D. There was a knock at the door
my mouth Well, lets begin! Missed Come to church dear Natasha had just turned her head to
Heres to the health of married women, This is childs play Missed the glass
and their lovers! Such a storm of feelings SONYA When she heard a voice that made
SERVANT (DENISOV) Marya Dmitryevna likes Sundays and her lush
DOLOKHOV & CHORUS As the adversaries have refused a HLNE knows how to keep them
Heres to the health of married women!
Heres to the health of married women,
reconciliation, we shall please
proceed with the duel
You are a fool The whole house has been scrubbed
and cleaned
12. Charming
and their lovers! Ready your pistols, and on the count of (Pierre leaves. Anatole returns) Roast goose and suckling pig illed our
Heres to the health of married women! tri, begin to advance noses with glee HLNE
Heres to the health of married women, ANATOLE We wear holiday dresses Oh my enchantress
and their lovers! ALL Natasha, Natasha Travel by troika to church Oh you beautiful thing
Rahz! Dva! Tri! Her arms, her shoulders Charming, charming
PIERRE Her neck, her feet MARYA D. Oh, this is really beyond anything
How dare you touch her? (They start towards each other) God is everywhere These dresses suit you
HLNE This one, metallic gauze
DOLOKHOV ANATOLE The air of a connoisseur NATASHA Straight from Paris
You cant love her Pierre, hold your ire I suffer more now than before Anything suits you, my charmer
Pierre, hold your ire ANATOLE The theater and Anatole
PIERRE Pierre, not yet! I will make love to her That man who aroused such terrible Oh how she blushes, how she blushes,
Enough! feelings my pretty!
You bully, you scoundrel! (Pierre ires early; Dolokhov is hit) HLNE I dont understand
I challenge you! And what will come of it? Have I broken faith with Andrey?
DOLOKHOV Shes irst-rate, my dear, but shes not Am I guilty?
DOLOKHOV No!... for you
Oh, a duel! My turn Youd better wait till shes married SONYA
Yes, this is what I like After church, Marya left for Prince
HLNE My turn You know, I adore little girls,
He will kill you! They lose their heads at once MARYA D.
Stupid husband! ANATOLE The rudeness of that man! Oh how she blushes, how she blushes,
Pierre, stand back! Ask her to dinner, eh? Ill straighten him out! my pretty!
PIERRE Sweet sister Charmante, charmante!
So I shall be killed! (Pierre walks toward Dolokhov with his NATASHA You are such a lovely thing
What is it to you! chest exposed. Dolokhov ires) That terrible old Prince Oh where have you been
Its such a shame to bury pearls in the
Anatole, my guns CHAPTER 7 SONYA country
ANATOLE Missed There, there Natasha Charmante, charmante, charming
Oh! This is horribly stupid Missed 11. Sunday Morning Its not your fault
Now if you have a dress
Oh my mother, my angel, Here, kiss me
PIERRE My adored angel mother! You must wear it out
NATASHA How can you live in Moscow and not
Just show me where to go Has Andrey arrived? NATASHA
And tell me when to shoot HLNE I cant bear to think of it go nowhere?
Has Andrey arrived? So you love somebody, charming
Take him away Ill shut myself in my room
He has not arrived But thats no reason to shut yourself in
ANATOLE And try on new dresses
(Anatole carries Dolokhov out)
He will never come Even if youre engaged
Just wait till youre close enough
Or something will happen to me You must wear your dress out somewhere
Youll never hit him from forty paces SONYA
before he does
28 And just after Marya left Amber Gray 29
My brother dined with me yesterday Now seems simple and natural Divine, delicious ANATOLE ANATOLE
But he didnt eat a thing She knows that Im engaged But I do not see or hear anything Dont lower your eyes Dont speak to me of that!
Cuz he was thinking bout you And still she talks so frankly Im borne away to a senseless world I love you When I tell you that I am madly, madly,
He kept sighing about you So it must be all right! So strange, so remote I am in love dear in love with you!
I dont know good from bad I am in love Is it my fault that youre enchanting?
Oh how she blushes, how she blushes, HLNE Anatole
my pretty! There is a ball at my house tonight Anatole Gaze in my eyes NATASHA
Oh how she blushes, how she blushes, You must come Im so frightened I love you Im so frightened
my pretty! Oh your wide-open, wondering eyes! You are bewitching I dont understand anything tonight
Charmante, charmante! You will be the prettiest there! ANATOLE What can I do
You are such a lovely thing How the thought of throwing them You are enchanting Darling what can I do ANATOLE
Oh where have you been together amuses me! Im here now
Its such a shame to bury pearls in the You must come NATASHA NATASHA
country And as we danced he pressed my Dont say such things (Natasha breaks away)
Charmante, charmante, charming NATASHA waist and hand I am betrothed
I will come And told me I was I love another ANATOLE
Now a woman with a dress Natalie!
Is a frightening and powerful thing NATASHA & ANATOLE
You are not a child CHAPTER 8 Bewitching
When youre draped in scarlet and lace
Your ianc would want you to have fun ANATOLE
Rather than be bored to death 13. The Ball And I love you
Alliez dans la monde
Plutt que de dprir dennui! ANATOLE NATASHA & ANATOLE
Waiting at the door Bewitching
My brother is quite madly in love Waiting at the door
He is quite madly in love with you, Waiting ANATOLE
my dear And I love you
Waiting at the door
Oh how she blushes, how she blushes, Waiting at the door NATASHA
my pretty! Waiting And during the ecossaise, he
Oh how she blushes, how she blushes,
my pretty! Waiting at the door NATASHA & ANATOLE
Charmante, charmante! Waiting at the door Gazed in my eyes
You are such a lovely thing Waiting
Oh where have you been And there she is NATASHA
Its such a shame to bury pearls in the And said nothing, just
country (The ball begins; they dance)
Charmante, charmante, charming NATASHA & ANATOLE
Its such a shame to bury pearls in the NATASHA Gazed in my eyes
country I am seized by feelings of vanity and
Charmante, charmante, charming fear NATASHA
Such a shame to bury pearls in the There is no barrier between us My frightened eyes
country Whispers and moans and ringing in
Charmante, charmante, charming my ear Such conident tenderness
There is no barrier between us I could not say what I had to say
30 once seemed so terrible 31
Phillipa Soo, Lucas Steele
NATASHA Of that there is no doubt I wish I were there NATASHA & PIERRE We write letters I read it twenty times
I can feel your eyes upon me How else could all of this have happened? With death at my heels I see nothing but the candle in the mirror We put down in writing Thirty times, forty times!
How else could we have kissed? No visions of the future What is happening in our minds Each and every word
ANATOLE It means that I have loved you from Dolokhov is recovering So lost and alone I love him, I love him
Blocking her path, I bring her face the irst He will be all right, the good man ANATOLE
close to mine It means that you are kind, noble, and It should have been me NATASHA Dear Natalie (Natasha sleeps. Sonya arrives and reads
splendid I am a most ridiculous man And what of Princess Mary A love letter Anatoles letter)
NATASHA And I could not help loving you A love letter
His large, glittering, masculine eyes are And Natasha is in town MARY A love letter
so close to mine I will love you Anatole I hear she is more beautiful than ever Dear Natasha CHAPTER 10
That I see nothing else Ill do anything for you How I envy you and your happiness I am in deep despair at the NATASHA
misunderstanding there is between us A letter from him, from the man that
ANATOLE NATASHA & ANATOLE Here at home Whatever my fathers feelings might be I love 15. Sonya & Natasha
Is it possible that I should never see Ill do anything for you I drink and read and drink and read I beg you to believe that I cannot help
you again? and drink loving you DOLOKHOV SONYA
I love you madly! And I ill my mind with rot Hes a tired old man and must be A letter which I composed How was it I noticed nothing?
Can I never? While my heart is empty forgiven How could it go so far?
Natalie? And Ive been studying the Cabal Please, come see us again ALL It cant be that she loves him
And Ive calculated the number of A love letter It cant be
NATASHA the beast NATASHA A love letter... Natasha
You press my arm It is Napoleon Dear Princess Mary
You press my arm CHAPTER 9 I will kill him one day ANATOLE (Natasha awakes and sees Sonya)
He is not a great man Oh what am I to write! Natalie Natalie Natalie
ANATOLE None of us are great men How do I choose I must love you or die NATASHA
Natalie? 14. Letters We are just caught in the wave of history What do I do Natalie Natalie Natalie Sonya, youre back
Nothing matters I shall never be happy again If you love me say yes And with the tender resolve that often
NATASHA ALL Everything matters And I will come and steal you away comes at the moment of awakening
Youre hurting my hands In nineteenth century Russia we write Its all the same PIERRE Steal you out of the dark I embraced my friend
letters If only I could not see it, These terrible questions Natalie Natalie Natalie But noticing Sonyas look of
ANATOLE We write letters This dreadful, terrible it I want nothing more embarrassment
Natalie? We put down in writing MARY My face expressed confusion
What is happening in our minds ALL Im so alone here Natalie Natalie Natalie And suspicion
NATASHA In nineteenth century Russia we write I must love you or die
I dont understand Once its on the paper we feel better letters NATASHA & PIERRE Natalie Natalie Natalie Sonya, youve read the letter?
I have nothing to say We feel better We write letters So alone in here If you love me say yes
Its like some kind of clarity We put down in writing And I will come and steal you away SONYA
(They kiss) When the letters done and signed What is happening in our minds MARY Steal you out of the dark Yes
And I see nothing Natalie Natalie Natalie
Burning lips pressed to mine Dear Andrey Dear Andrey NATASHA, PIERRE & MARY Oh Sonya, Im glad,
Tell me what just happened Dear old friend I see nothing but the candle in the Just say yes I cant hide it any longer!
How goes the war? What more can I write mirror Just say yes Now you know, we love one another!
Im trembling Do we march on the French After all that has happened? No visions of the future Just say yes Oh Sonya, he writes, he writes
So frightening splendidly? What am I to do if I love him and the So lost and alone He writes, he writes, he writes
Do our cannons crack and cry? other one too? NATASHA
Andrey Do our bullets whistle and sing? Must I break it off? ALL Yes, yes, I love him! SONYA
Does the air reek with smoke? These terrible questions In nineteenth century Russia we write How else could I have his letter in my And Andrey?
32 I love you letters hand? 33
NATASHA And so frightened NATASHA I will stand in the dark for you
Oh Sonya, if you only knew how happy Why cant you understand? Andrey said I was free to refuse him 16. Sonya Alone I will hold you back by force
I am! I love him! I will stand here right outside your door
You dont know what love is SONYA SONYA I wont see you disgraced
SONYA But you havent refused him, or Hard as it is I will protect your name and your heart
SONYA Then I wont let it come to that, have you? In the coming days Because I miss my friend
But Natasha, can that all be over? I shall tell! I watch my friend Because I miss my friend
Bursting into tears NATASHA In her strange unnatural state Because I miss you, my friend
NATASHA Perhaps I have Dont let her out of my sight
I do not grasp the question NATASHA Perhaps all is over between me and She trails off
What do you mean? Bolkonsky Stares at nothing
Laughs at random
SONYA For Gods sake, if you tell, you are Would you think so badly of me?
Are you refusing Prince Andrey? my enemy! And the letters come
You want me to be miserable SONYA
She waits by the window
17. Preparations
NATASHA You want to tear us apart I wont succumb to your tender tone
Oh, you dont understand For Gods sake, Sonya, dont tell Natasha And I listen at the door (Pierre runs into Anatole on the street.
anything! anyone, dont torture me I dont trust him, Natasha! Pierre is drunk, Anatole in a hurry)
Dont talk nonsense, just listen I have conided in you Im afraid for you, Natasha! Until one day
Afraid you are going to your ruin I see by the sad look on her face PIERRE
SONYA SONYA There is a dreadful plan in her heart Ah, Anatole! Where are you off too?
But I cant believe it, I dont What has happened between you? NATASHA
understand What has he said to you? Then Ill go to my ruin, yes I will, as I know you are capable of anything ANATOLE
How you loved one man a Why doesnt he come to the house soon as possible! I know you so well my friend Pierre, good man,
whole year and openly ask for your hand? But its not your business! I know you might just run away Tonight I go away, on an adventure
And suddenly Why this secrecy? It wont be you, itll be me, wholl What am I to do? Youll not be seeing me for some time
Youve only known him Have you thought what his secret suffer Who do I ask for help? Ive found a new pleasure
three days! reasons may be? Leave me alone, yes leave me alone! Is it all on me? And Im taking her away
Natasha, youre joking! I hate you Sonya! Is it all on me? Ill send you a letter from Poland
NATASHA I hate you Sonya!
NATASHA I dont know what the reasons are I hate you, I hate you! I will stand in the dark for you PIERRE
Three days? But there must be reasons! Youre my enemy forever! I will hold you back by force Ha! An elopement!
It seems to me Ive loved him a Sonya, one cant doubt him! I will stand here right outside your Fool, you are married already!
hundred years One cant, one cant! Dont you SONYA door
It seems to me that Ive never loved understand? I burst into sobs I wont see you disgraced ANATOLE
anyone before I will protect your name and your heart Dont talk to me of that!
Sonya, wait a bit, sit here SONYA (Natasha runs out of the room) Because I miss my friend I will not deprive myself of this one!
Does he love you? Tonight! I take her tonight!
I had heard that it happens NATASHA I know youve forgotten me Lend me ifty rubles?
like this NATASHA And without a moments relection I know you so well my friend
And you must have heard it too Does he love me? I wrote the answer to Princess Mary I know you might just throw yourself PIERRE
But its only now Why, youve read his letter, youve seen Id been unable to write all morning over Ah, thats a true sage
That I feel such love him But I wont let you Living in the moment
Its not the same as before I cant live without him All our misunderstandings are at an end I wont let you What I wouldnt give to be like him!
Hes my master and I am his Forget everything and forgive me Its all on me
slave SONYA But I cant be Andreys wife DOLOKHOV
What can I do? Natasha, think of our family And I remember this family The plan for Natalie Rostovas abduction
Sonya, what can I do? And think of Prince Andrey I remember their kindness Had all been arranged and the
Im so happy And if I never sleep again preparations made
34 Brittain Ashford 35
On the day that Sonya decided to Why dontcha DOLOKHOV Hey hey ho Balaga
save her While theres still time! And here Anatole, Hey hey Balaga
That was the day that the game Youd really better drop it all With the stubborn attachment The famous troika driver
was to be played Give it up now! small-minded people have
Natasha was to be on her back While theres still time! For conclusions theyve worked out for Hey Balaga
porch at ten Do you know? themselves Ho Balaga
Anatole and his troika would scoop Repeated his argument to me for the Hey hey hey Balaga
her up and then ANATOLE hundredth time Hey hey Balaga
Theyd ride forty miles to the village What, teasing again? The famous troika driver
of Kamenka, Fool dont talk nonsense! ANATOLE
Where an unfrocked priest was to Go to the devil! Eh? If this marriage isnt valid BALAGA
make em get wed Really this is no time for your stupid Then Im off the hook Whos that madman lying at full gallop
Then back into the troika off theyd go jokes But if it is valid, it really doesnt matter! down the street
Take the Poland highroad to the No one abroad is gonna know a thing Whos that madman knocking people
wedding bed DOLOKHOV about it over
I am not joking, I am talking sense Isnt that so now dont you know? Running people down
ANATOLE This is serious business, a dangerous Dont talk to me, dont dont what what While his ine gentlemen
Passports, horses, ten thousand rubles business Ah go to hell now! Hold onto their seats
I have taken from my sister Come here, come here, come here Im a-clutching my hair
And another ten thousand raised Anatole! Its the very devil! ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV
with Dolokhovs help Why would I joke about it? Here, feel how it beats! Its Balaga!
Me of all people
DOLOKHOV Who found the priest, raised the money, (He presses Dolokhovs hand to his BALAGA
We were gathered in my study got the passports, got the horses? heart. A light comes up on Natasha Driving mad at twelve
drinking up some tea across the room) miles an hour
Just Anatole the two wedding ANATOLE
witnesses and me And well I thank you for it Ah mon cher, mon cher ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV
An abacus and paper money strewn Do you think I am not grateful? Quel pied, quel regard! Balaga!
on the desk What a foot she has, what a glance!
Persian rugs and bearskins hanging DOLOKHOV A goddess! BALAGA
grotesque And now youll carry her away but Comin straight at you
Anatole was walking with his will they let it stop there? And my handsome lips Get out my way, get out my way
uniform unbuttoned You havent thought this through or Mutter something tender to myself
Walking to and fro do you just dont care? ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV
To and fro Now listen to me tell it to you one last time Its time! Balaga!
To and fro They will take you to the court and Its time!
convict you for your crime Now then! Nearly ready? Youre BALAGA
ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV Already married and youre playing dawdling! Lashin my whip at horses and
To and fro with a little girl The driver is here peasants
To and fro Dont you know, dont you think, The driver is here
To and fro dont you know? Balaga is here! ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV
To and fro Balaga!

Nonsense, nonsense!
18. Balaga BALAGA
Now wait! Im scowling and grimacing Risking skin and life twenty times a
You better Didnt I explain it to you, didnt I, ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV year
Just what? Hey Balaga
Give Ho Balaga
36 it up now Paul Pinto 37
For my ine ine gentlemen BALAGA BALAGA All my revels here are over
Yessir hey ho yessir Who knows things that would get you Galloped faster than ordinary men Well goodbye, Matryosha
Yessir yessir yessir sent straight to Siberia would dare Kiss me one last time, whoa
If anyone found out Remember me to Steshka
ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV ALL There, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
More than once! ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV More than once! Wish me luck my gypsy lovers
Its Balaga! Now goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
From Tula to Moscow and back in just BALAGA Jumped my troika right into the air Hurrah!
one night Driving mad at twelve miles an hour Smash the glasses on the loor!
And I never ask for rubles Lets go! Lets go!
ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV Except maybe once a year
More than once! Balaga! I dont do this for rubles (They start to leave)
I do it cuz I like em!
A narrow escape from a wild Comin straight at you ALL No, wait, wait, wait!
Cossack ight Get out my way, get out my way And we like Balaga too! Shut the door!
First we have to sit down!
More than once! Balaga! Whoa
Its a Russian custom
Theyve beaten me and slapped me Drinking and dancing at gypsy orgies Whoa (They shut the door and all sit down for
with their gloves a moment)


19. The Abduction All right
More than once!
BALAGA ANATOLE (They start to leave)
BALAGA Riding my horses into the ground Everyone raise a glass! Whoa!
Made me drunk on champagne, For my ine ine gentlemen DOLOKHOV
which I love! Yessir hey ho yessir Well, comrades Wait, wait, wait!
Yessir yessir yessir Weve had our fun Wheres the fur cloak?
ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV Lived, laughed and loved
Hey Balaga ALL Friends of my youth, I have heard what elopements are like
Ho Balaga More than once! When shall we meet again? Shell rush out more dead than alive
Hey hey ho Balaga Im going abroad Just in the things shes wearing
Hey hey Balaga BALAGA If you delay at all, therell be tears and
The famous troika driver Driven you round with ladies on your Goodbye my gypsy lovers Papa and Mama
laps All my revels here are over And shes frozen in a minute and must
Hey Balaga Well goodbye, Matryosha go back
Ho Balaga ALL Kiss me one last time, whoa But you wrap the fur cloak round her
Hey hey hey Balaga More than once! Remember me to Steshka And you carry her to the sleigh
Hey hey Balaga There, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye Thats the way
The famous troika driver BALAGA Wish me luck my gypsy lovers Thats the way
Taken you places not on any maps Now goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Whos that slowpoke we abuse with ALL ALL Thats the way
Goodbye my gypsy lovers
38wild and tipsy shouts More than once! Lucas Steele, Gelsey Bell 39
Thats the way Come back! Let me be! What is it to me? I Go away! Go away! You all hate and
Betrayed! Betrayed! Betrayed! shall die! despise me!
BALAGA And she threw herself down on the sofa
Lets get outta here! (Dolokhov rushes in and rescues MARYA D.
And the troika tore down Nikitski Anatole. They lee) What are we to tell your father? Eh? MARYA D.
Boulevard In my house! Natasha!
Whoa! Giddyup, now! Whoa! Whoa! In my house! Natalya...
What are we to tell Prince Andrey? Eh?
ALL Oh what do we tell your betrothed? I put a pillow under her head
Hey Balaga Covered her with two quilts
Ho Balaga NATASHA Brought her a glass of lime-lower water
Hey hey ho Balaga I have no betrothed, I have refused him! But Natasha did not respond
Hey hey Balaga CHAPTER 12 Well, let her sleep
The famous troika driver SONYA Let her sleep
Natasha, come here, kiss me
Hey Balaga 20. In My House Press your wet face to mine (Marya D. leaves)
Ho Balaga
Hey hey Balaga You shameless good-for-nothing! Dont touch me! But Natasha was not asleep
The famous troika driver You vile, shameless girl! Her face was pale
In my house! MARYA D. Her eyes wide open
DOLOKHOV In my house! Why didnt he come to the house, All that night she did not sleep or weep
When they reached the gate A nice girl! Very nice! Why didnt he openly ask for your hand? She sat at the window
Dolokhov whistled You were not kept under lock and key! Waiting for him
The whistle was answered, and a You dirty nasty wench of a thing Carrying you off like some gypsy girl!
maidservant ran out Now dont you say one word
In my house!
And if he had carried you off, dont
you think your father would have
21. A Call To Pierre
MAIDSERVANT found him?
Come in through the courtyard or
In my house!
Your father, I know him, (A servant hands a letter to Pierre)
Horrid girl, hussy!
youll be seen; shell come out He will challenge him to a duel and
directly what then? Will that be all right? SERVANT
Its lucky for him he escaped, but Ill A letter from Marya Dmitryevna asking
ind him! Eh?
you to come and visit her
DOLOKHOV Now you listen to me when I speak Hes a scoundrel, hes a wretch! Thats
Dolokhov stayed by the gate a fact! On a matter of great importance
to you! Relating to Andrey Bolkonsky and his
Anatole followed the maid into the Now you listen to me when I speak
courtyard NATASHA betrothed
to you!
Turned the corner, ran up to the porch In my house! He is better than any of you I say
He is better than any of you I say PIERRE
In my house!
(Anatole is stopped by Marya D.) Do you hear what I am saying or not? Why did you interfere! Oh God, what What?
is it all?! What can they want with me?
MARYA D. What is it?
You will not enter my house,
Who are you to tell me anything? (He arrives at Marya D.s)
Natashas whole body shook
scoundrel! With noiseless, convulsive sobs Sonya, why?
Go away! MARYA D.
Marya touched her hand to her face Pierre, old friend Im sorry its late
DOLOKHOV Everyone, go away!
Anatole, come back! Im sorry I havent seen you about
Betrayed! Betrayed! Dont touch me! Marya Dmitryevna tried to speak again Where have you been?
Betrayed, Anatole! but Natasha cried out Where have you been?
40 Nick Choksi 41
PIERRE Theyll lock him up for years Anatole, ind Anatole You dont know what a plight our What what dont dont! PIERRE
I have been studying For Anatole is a married man! To the Club Anatole has had After all, you must understand
PIERRE That besides your pleasure
MARYA D. MARYA D. And at the Club all is going on as usual PIERRE Youre a scoundrel and a blackguard There is such a thing as other people,
Pierre old friend we need your help Married? Hes married? The members eat their dinners Be quiet And I dont know what deprives me and their happiness and peace
Pierre old friend the family name And gossip in small groups I will not greet you of the pleasure And that you are ruining a whole life
We need your help PIERRE At this moment you are more repulsive Of smashing your head in with this! For the sake of amusing yourself!
We need your help Yes PIERRE & CHORUS to me than ever Amuse yourself with women like my wife
Theres ruin at the door Have I heard of Kuragins abduction? (He takes a heavy paperweight and lifts With them youre within your rights
MARYA D. Is it true Natasha is ruined? Anatole, come Anatole it threateningly, but at once puts it back But to promise a young girl to marry her
PIERRE Oh wait till I tell her Anatole, must speak to you in its place) To deceive, to kidnap
Marya? PIERRE Why dont you understand that thats
PIERRE Nonsense, nonsense ANATOLE Did you promise to marry her? as cruel as beating an old man or a
MARYA D. Poor Andrey Nothing has happened Anatole followed with his usual jaunty step child?
Natasha has let down the family Everything is ine But his face betrayed anxiety ANATOLE
MARYA D. I didnt think of it. I never promised, ANATOLE
PIERRE And when Andrey comes home (Pierres house) PIERRE because Well I dont know about that, eh?
What? He will challenge Anatole to a duel Pierre closed the door and addressed I dont know that and I dont want to
And get himself killed ANATOLE Anatole without looking at him PIERRE But you have used such words to me
MARYA D. And all will be ruined Natasha Have you any letters of hers? Scoundrel and so on
Natasha has broken with Andrey
You must go see your brother-in-law
It is essential that I see Natasha
23. Pierre & Anatole Any letters? Which as a man of honor I will not
allow anyone to use
PIERRE And tell him that he must leave How can I see her? I shant be violent, dont be afraid
What? Moscow (During this scene, Natasha prepares to PIERRE
And not dare to let me set my eyes HLNE poison herself) (Anatole hands Pierre a pack of letters) Is it satisfaction you want?
MARYA D. on him again Anatole, come Anatole
Natasha has tried to elope Anatole, hush Anatole PIERRE First, the letters ANATOLE
PIERRE You promised Countess Rostova to Second, tomorrow you must get out You could at least take back your
PIERRE At once (Marya D.s house) marry her and were about to elope, of Moscow words, eh?
What? is that so? If you want me to do as you wish?
MARYA D. CHAPTER 13 What? What? ANATOLE But how can I? (Natasha drinks the poison)
Natasha and Anatole Kuragin! I dont believe that he is married Mon cher
I dont believe you I dont consider myself bound to answer PIERRE PIERRE
questions put to me in that tone
22. Find Anatole And I stare like a hunted wounded animal
He cant be married!
You must never breathe a word of
Fine I take them back, I take them back!
And I ask you to forgive me
PIERRE what has happened between you And if you require money for your
MARYA D. Anatole, ind Anatole (Pierres house) My face, already pale and the Countess journey
Becomes distorted by fury
We need your help Anatole, ind Anatole Now I know I cant prevent your
We need your help The blood rushes to my heart SERVANT (to Pierre) I seize you by the collar with my big doing so ANATOLE
big hands
Theres ruin at the door Its dificult to breathe Good evening sir But if you have a spark of conscience Anatole smiled
Anatole, ind Anatole Prince Anatole is in the drawing room And I shake you from side to side The relection of that base and cringing
Until your face shows a suficient
PIERRE Anatole, ind Anatole with the Countess
degree of terror
Pierre paces the room several times smile
Natasha, that charming girl? Not at the ice hills in silence Which Pierre knew so well in his wife
I cant believe my ears HLNE When I tell you I must talk to you! Revolted him
Not at the gypsies
So I am not the only man Not at Komonenos Ah, Pierre ANATOLE
Tied to a bad woman Anatole, ind Anatole Sweet husband
Come now, this is stupid!
Anatole sits at a table frowning and PIERRE
42 Anatole, that stupid child biting his lips Oh, vile and heartless brood! 43
ANATOLE ANDREY PIERRE And a greater sense of pity, tenderness, If I were not myself,
Next day Anatole left No, I am well CHAPTER 15 Yes, I will tell him to forgive you and love overlowed Pierres heart But the brightest, handsomest,
For Petersburg! Theres a war going on But, he gave me your letters He felt the tears begin to trickle Best man on earth,
underneath his spectacles And if I were free
Forgive me for troubling you; 26. Pierre & Natasha NATASHA And he hoped that no one would see I would get down on my knees
CHAPTER 14 I have received a refusal from Countess
Rostova and have heard reports of PIERRE
No, I know that all is over
I know that it never can be We wont speak of it anymore
this minute
And ask you for your hand
your brother-in-law having sought Natasha was standing But still Im tormented by the wrongs We wont speak of it, my dear And for your love.
24. Natasha Very Ill her hand, or something of that kind In the middle of the drawing room
With a pale yet steady face
Ive done him
Tell him that I beg him to forgive, forgive
But one thing I beg of you, consider
me your friend (Music resumes)
SONYA Here are her letters When I appeared in the doorway Forgive me for everything And if you ever need help, or simply to
Natasha very ill Please give them to the Countess She grew lustered and I hurried to her open your heart to someone NATASHA
The whole house I thought that she would give me her hand PIERRE Not now, but when your mind is clear And for the irst time in many days
A state of alarm and commotion PIERRE But instead she stopped Yes I will tell him, tell him everything Think of me I weep tears of gratitude
Natasha very ill Natasha is ill Breathing heavily But Tears of tenderness
Having poisoned herself She has been at deaths door Her thin arms hanging lifelessly But I should like to know one thing Pierre grew confused Tears of thanks
With a bit of arsenic Just in the very pose Did you love And glancing at Pierre
She woke me in the middle of the night ANDREY She used to stand in as a young girl Did you love that bad man? NATASHA O Pierre
And told me what she had done I much regret her illness When she went to the middle of the Dont speak to me like that I leave the room smiling
And the doctors ballroom to sing NATASHA I am not worth it!
And the antidotes PIERRE But the look on her face was quite Dont call him bad PIERRE
And now she is out of danger And he smiled like his father different But I dont know, I dont know at all PIERRE And restraining tears of tenderness
But still so weak Coldly, maliciously Stop, stop, stop!
And Andrey is to return NATASHA PIERRE
We wait with dread ANDREY Peter Kirilovich She began to cry You have your whole life
Well, it doesnt matter before you
25. Pierre & Andrey PIERRE Pierre NATASHA
You told me once Before me? No, all is over
(Pierre visits Andrey) A fallen woman should be forgiven NATASHA for me!
Prince Bolkonsky was your friend
ANDREY ANDREY He is your friend PIERRE
Well, how are you? But I didnt say that I could forgive He once told me that I should turn to you All over?
Still getting stouter? I cant
PIERRE (Music stops)
PIERRE Yes, ask her hand again, be Pierre sniffed as he looked at her, but
Theres a new wrinkle magnanimous, and so on? he didnt speak
On your forehead old friend Yes, that would be very noble Till then he had reproached her, and
But I cant be that man tried to despise her
ANDREY If you wish to be my friend But now he felt such pity for her
Its good to see you Never speak of that again That there was no room in his soul for
Ive been away too long reproach
Well, goodbye
My friend, you are in need (Pierre takes the letters to Natasha) He is here now
Your face is gloomy Tell him totell him to forgive me

44 Phillipa Soo, Dave Malloy 45

Tears of joy that choke me
I throw my fur coat on my shoulders
And the end of the world Album Produced by Dean Sharenow, Kurt Deutsch, and Howard and Janet Kagan
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27. The Great Comet of Seems suddenly
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Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk, NYC
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