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Week: 17 Day: Wednesday Date: 26.04.2017


Focus : Grammar
Theme : World Of Knowledge REFLECTION:
Topic : Moving Forward

Learning Standard :
5.1.3 Able to use verbs correctly and appropriately:
(a) simple future tense

Objectives :
By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to :
a) Use simple future tense correctly and appropriately.
b) Write correct answers of simple future tense based on the
given worksheets.

Activities :
YEAR 5 1. Teacher asks few pupils to come in front of the classroom
and read out some sentences.
8.50 9.50 2. Pupils identify new vocabulary. (the underlined word
from the sentences)
ENGLISH 3. Teacher explains about simple future tense.
LANGUAGE 4. Teacher writes some sentences on the board.
5. At random, pupils come in front and identify the simple
future tense pronouns.
6. Teacher divides pupils in several groups.
7. In groups, pupils write the correct simple future tense
based on the given verbs by the teacher.
8. Pupils present their work in classroom.
9. Pupils do gallery walk.
10. In production stage, pupils answer questions on simple
future tense based on the given worksheets.
11. Pupils complete the worksheets.
12. At random, pupils read aloud their answers in front of the
13. Teacher acts as guidance and monitors pupils
progression throughout the lesson.
Teaching Aids :
Textbook, worksheets, mini board
Teaching and learning strategies :
Contextual Learning, collaborative learning.
Added Value :
Knowledge Acquisition, turn-taking
Assessment: Worksheets (pupils work).