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School: Grade Level: II

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: RHEA C. AGUILA Learning Area: ENGLISH

DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: June 12-16, 2017 (Week 2) Quarter: 1st Quarter


A. Content Standard Demonstrate understanding
Demonstrate understanding of Demonstrate understanding of
Demonstrate understanding of of the letter- sound
text elements to see the the letter- sound relationship
Holiday-Independence Day the alphabet in English in relationship between
relationship between known to between Mother Tongue and
comparison to the alphabet in Mother Tongue and English
new information to facilitate English fo effective transfer of
Filipino and Mother Tongue for effective transfer of
comprehension. learning.
B. Performance Standard Distinguishes similarities and
Correctly presents text Effectively transfer the Effectively transfer the
differences of the alphabet in
elements through simple knowledge of letter sound knowledge of letter sound
English and Mother Tongue/
organizers to make inferences, relationship from Mother relationship from Mother
predictions and conclusions. Tongue to English. Tongue to English
C. Learning Competency
Write the l-code for each. EN2AK-Ih-j-2 EN2LC-Ia-j-1.1 ENPA-Id-e-1,2 ENPA-Id-e-1,2

Subject Matter Holiday-Independence Day Filipino and English Alphabets Elements of a Story Medial /e/ Medial /e/
Onsets and rimes (et, en) Onsets and rimes (eg, ed)
A. References
1. Teachers Guide pages 11-13 13-17 17-20 20-23
2. Learners Material pages 16-19 20-22 23-26 27-29
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Materials from Learning
Resource portal
B. Other Materials
A. Review Let us sing the ABC Song. What do you do to help at What is the title of the story Let us read the words with
home? Do you have a pet ? yesterday?Read the words en and et. Repeat after me.
taken from the story.

B. Establishing the purpose for the lesson How many letters are there in You are going to listen to a What other words from the Look at the new set of
the Filipino alphabet? English story but let us unlock some story sounds like the words we pictures.
alphabet? words first: hens, pen, coop read?
Shouted, counted, feeds
C. Presenting example/instances of the Let us sing the alphabet song as Listen to the story Find out the Identify the pictures. With Listen to the names of the
new lesson we point to the letters. answer to some questions. what letter do they begin?Fill pictures. listen as I blend
the blanks with the missing the onsets with the rimes.
letters. (Lets Aim LM p.23)

D. Discussing new concepts and practicing Encircle the letter which belong What does Ben do before going With what letter does Ben What is the beginning letter
new skill #1 to both English and Filipino to school? begin?With what letter does it of the word? What is the
alphabets. Box the letter which begin? ending sound?
belong to Filipino Alphabet only.
E. Discussing new concepts and practicing Let us count he letters of the Where did the story happen? Look at the pictures. Writ the Identify the pictures. Write
new skill #2 Filipino Alphabet and the English beginning letter. (Refer to the beginning letter to form
alphabet. LMp.24) the whole word.
How many letters are there?
Whichh alphabet has more
F. Developing Mastery Answer We Can Do It on p.18 of Lets try to make a story map. Look at the other set of Practice reading the
(Lead to Formative Assessment) the LM. Write on the blank the We Can Do It pictures. Match the pictures phrases with eg and ed
missing letter of the alphabet. with onsets and rimes. sound.

G. Finding practical application of What letter comes before /after Identify the elements of the Write the correct beginning Encircle the correct ending
concepts and skill in daily living the given letters?( I can Do it story. Encircle the correct letter to form word. Refer to p. letter of the names of the
p.19) answer.(I Can Do it) 25. pictures. (I Can Do it p.28)

H. Generalization There are 28 letters in the Read Remember This on p. 22 Rimes and onsets form a word. Rime and onsets form a
Filipino alphabet and 26 letters The elements of the story are Original File Submitted and word.
in the English Alphabet. setting, characters, problem, Formatted by DepEd Club
solution and ending. Member - visit depedclub.com
for more
I. Evaluating Learning Answer Measure My Learning Match and connect the Complete the phrases and Answer Measure My
on p.19.In which alphabet are elements of he story.( Measure sentences. Refer to p. 26 Learning on p. 29.
the following letters found? my Learning p. 22) Measure My Learning. Encircle the word that you
J. Additional activities for application or

IV. Remarks

V. Reflection
A. No. of learners earned 80%in the
B. No. of learners who required
C. Did the remedia workl? No. of learners
who have caught up.
D. No. of learner who continue to require
E. Which of my teaching strategies work

F. What difficulty did I encounter which

my principal and supervisor help me
G. What innovation or localized materials
did I use?