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Participation in Team Rounds

NAME OF LEARNING With the One-Minute Care Plan

Learning Activity This activity is for students during clinical. Students will
Summary either lead or participate in bedside or team rounds on a
patient they are following. The student with the assistance of
their preceptor will fill out a one-minute care plan on their
patient and then when the healthcare team rounds on this
patient they will contribute information on the patient to the
rounds and possible lead them with the preceptor. During
post conference students will write down a reflection of what
it was like participating in rounds and how they felt about
their performance.
Cognitive: Apply, Analyze, Evaluate

Domain of Learning Affective: Value, Organize

(Blooms Taxonomy
Revised) Psychomotor: Perfect, Articulate

Student-Centered At the completion of this learning activity, the learner will:

Learning Objective(s)
Participate in healthcare rounds and assist in designing a
plan of care for their patient
Demonstrate effective communication skills with the
healthcare team and show appropriate caring for the
patient/family needs during rounds

Preparation Required To develop the one-minute care plan form. The students will
by Teacher/Facilitator be given a one-minute care plan form at preconference. This
and Materials Needed form will help them to be familiar with their patient and what
needs to be discussed on patient rounds. The student will be
instructed to fill out and use forms during morning report and
first assessment.

Time Allotted 5 minutes to introduce form, 10 to 15 minutes filling out one-

minute care plan form (varies), 3 min presenting in rounds
then will listen and possibly ask questions during rest of
rounds. (total 30 min)
Learning Styles Information Presentation: X sight X sound X text
Addressed by Activity
Modality: X visual X verbal

Approach: X active X reflective

Understanding: X sequential __holistic

How is content connected Prior learning would be drawing from physical assessment
to prior learning? class on distinguishing relevant information of patients
history to relate to current illness. Nursing fundamentals and
pathophysiology will assist students in understanding use of
nursing process. Previous clinical observations of staff report
and rounds. Students can draw from previous case studies
and simulation experiences.
Reflective Debriefing Students will discuss their experience and write a reflection in
with Learners (post- post-conference. During rounds learning will occur and
learning activity) How questions can be clarified by clinical preceptor after rounds
will it be accomplished? are completed.
Evaluation of Students will be evaluated by examining their one-minute
Learning (How will it care plan form and reading their reflection of the rounds
be accomplished?) experience. Meeting with the bedside preceptor can give
information to as students understanding and participation in
Teacher Reflection One-minute care plan provides a framework for students to
teach themselves. This strategy gives students a useful and
(justify choice of learning realistic means for organizing their thoughts, using nursing
activity and good fit for process, prioritizing, and creating an accurate profile of the
the identified learning patient. The form will assist students to learn what things
objectives) need to be checked in a patient and provides a structure for
reporting. Participating in team rounds students learn
communication skills and the importance of all members in
the interdisciplinary team. This offers an opportunity for
students to present knowledge and gives them a sense of
accomplishment. Students can learn from others in different
disciplines. This is good summative assignment and is why I
chose senior year. It attempts to put patients information all
together to address the needs and care that is required. The
reflection will allow time for students to learn assess their
own performance and evaluate strengths and weaknesses. By
practicing in participation in health team rounds students will
be ready in preform them independently in practice.

One- Minute Care Plan Form

Client: ________________ Age: ______________ Medical Diagnosis: ___________________________

Patients History: ______________________________________________________________________

Patients History of Present Illness: _______________________________________________________


Patients hospitalization course: ________________________________________________________



Review of systems: Cardiac: __________________________________________________________

Neuro: _____________________________________________________________________

Pulmonary: __________________________________________________________________

GI/Nutrition (Diet): _____________________________________________________________

Musculoskeletal/Mobility (PT/OT): _________________________________________________

Skin: (skin rounds): _____________________________________________________________

Psychosocial/Support system: (spiritual): ____________________________________________-

Labs: _________________________________________________________________________

Medications: (Pharmacy) __________________________________________________________

Nursing concerns/strategies _______________________________________________________

Short term goals: ______________________________________________________________________

Long term goals: ______________________________________________________________________

Clarification of orders (Kardex): ___________________________________________________________