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Objectives Measures Targets Initiatives

Evaluate interior designers skills # of purchases of a project that is 15 purchases of a Improve Nick Scalis ability to innovate

and ideas regarded innovative project for the current trends

season to be
regarded as an
'innovative idea'

Offer innovative room/house in no. of newly developed 2 newly formed Invest in research and training of staff to
specific themes homes/rooms that are a success styles made at the identify and predict evolving style trends
during each quarter start of new years in the market

Encourage and facilitate workforce Av. # of hours spent in strategy At least 4 hours Gather the workforce communicate about
Learning And Growth

to understand organisational strategy awareness training per employee spent per quarter per the companys strategy and vision
av. score of the strategy awareness employee
survey >80% Score

Foster environment that encourages Increase on RoPDE (Return on Achieve a RoPDE Encourage the creation of all ideas by
and recognises innovation from Product Development Expense) of 3.8 holding group discussions and provide
employees employee incentives
Create an employee community and
culture through events

- I will be referring to the balanced scorecard to identify objectives, measures, targets and initiatives that is based from the strategy so
that a sense of direction can be gained through measuring performances.
- Me and Emily will be working our way up from the bottom to the top of the balanced scorecard so I will be talking about the bottom
two perspectives learning and growth, and process whilst Emily will talk about the customer and the financial perspective

- Learning and growth this is where improvements in the intangible assets like human resources, technology and organisational culture
are targeted > allow process objectives to improve
o first objective is to encourage workforce to properly understand the orgs strategy, initiative is to perhaps to gather the
workforce where they can have a talk about the companys strategy and vision. This way the employees and managers will
mutually have a better understanding of what they are doing and what they need to contribute to the company. Its measure
would be the number of hours spent in strategy awareness training every quarter per employee and the target would be at
least 4 hours every quarter per employee. Another measure could be the average score of the strategy awareness survey and
the target would be to go over 80%
- Next perspective, Process this is where we identify key processes that achieves value creations to the customer and productivity
o First objective is to evaluate interior designers skills and ideas, this can be initiated through investing in research and training of
staff to identify and predict evolving trends in the market. Its target would be the number of purchases of a project per season
to be regarded as an 'innovative idea' and its target would be 15 per season.