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PROUD OF YOUR BOY : Music by ALAN MENKEN Lyrics by HOWARD ASHMAN With determination, poco rubato Dmaj? D 4 Gmajl3 Em? Fem ca & = ¢ 8 "Ja With pedal Gmaj7 GA D(ada2) AYE ta ALADDIN: Proud of -your boy, Diadazy/r# pyré A Bm Fema proud of your boy. 7 as I've been, Ma, you're G69 pyré Em? AT for a pleas - ant : Tye wast - ed 3—4 yy (©1982 Wat Dany tue Company and Wonderland Mii Conger SNRs Reiaes Dendy tomo 30 Bm FEyAe BayA Tye wast - ed barbs Gin? ———iaaanyrt ppt Bar 2 B Bi Tm slow for my age, alate bloom-er, 0 Cfaaa2) Asus Ar D Gmaj? ANG Diaaay/F* Gmaj7 AUG es some pride and some joy! But Till FemyA ae ver these lous - 31 cep Etsus peat in’ = up, mess - in’ - up, serew- in’ = up times, Diacaayrt see, 'Bm7 (add) good, toss his A = Ga Sg? proud of, stu - pid heart now comes the bet - ter part ‘Some-one's gon = na make pyre & Em E Make good and = fi - nal - ly make — you__. —I— ‘Moving forward D = your boy!