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56 EXTRAORDINARY Music and Lyrics by ‘STEPHEN SCHWARTZ Sassy shuffle Bb Fmd Bb Fm9 1. Pateh-ing the roof__ ‘amd pitch-ingthe hay 2. Tm notthe type who los = es sleep be Bb BHAb EWG EbwvG F cmt not _my i - dea ofthe per - feci___day___ Whenyou'e ex di ~ nar. © - verthe size ofthe com - post heap_ Whenyou'e ex oo odi = nar Z y—— you got - ta do tra-or ~ dienar~y things — > ¥— youthink ~—a-bout ua-or = dicnar-y things ae © 1972 (Renowod), 2000 STEPHEN SCHWARTZ AL igh Aarrstred Oy EM EMPC CORP aed JOBETE MOS EDC ben ighs or El EMEC CORP Contre’ a Aarusinesty ALFRED MIS At igs br OSETE MUSC CO. NG Coreohed od AS Sy EMA MES INC A Pages Pes nhs Bb Eben? Bb and Fm? and CHE Fm) Gb ‘once knew a Bb FT ENB All who lived BL Teould say Bb os Ghai each day the same é Dmt they told me he'd died_ was, “How could they tell?" Fm7@) Gb EbdinT Oh —— 37 58 Bb BbiAb EbG Ghmaj7 EbmiGb F BB BhD cmt Frus 0 F