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Computer Science and IT CSCs provide an
opportunity to add specialization within an A.A.S. M in im u m cr edit s: 17
degree or for existing IT professionals to expand their Len gt h : 2 semesters
Car eer oppor t u n it ies:
Pr ogr am Ou t com es Database Administrator
Graduates of this program will be able to: $33,000-42,930

1. Apply analytical and problem solving skills for Job growth:

computer system designs, planning, and 11% from 2014 to 2024
support. Wit h a bach elor 's
2. Apply current IT industry standards, protocols, degr ee, m edian salar y:
and techniques. $84,950
* Median salaries & job
Lect u r e Hou r s

Hou r s in Class
growth nationwide as of
Lab Hou r s

Cr edit s 2015. Source: BLS.gov

In du st r y Cer t if icat ion s:
Students may sit for the
Cou r se Sequ en ce MTA: Database
certification; MTA:
ITE 120 Principles of Info. Systems 3 0 3 3
Software Development;
ITE 140 Spreadsheets 3 0 3 3
and MOS certification in
ITD 132 Structured Query Language 3 0 3 3
Word, Excel & Powerpoint.
ITP 136 C# Programming 4 0 4 4
ITP 244 ASP.NET Programming I 4 0 4 4 Division : Business,
Tot al 17 0 17 17 Engineering, & Industrial
Con t act : 434.797.8440
or 434.797.8474
For cou r se descr ipt ion s,
visit danville.edu/catalog

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