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Hosting sports activities have become a major part in molding the students

of a school institute. It is a significant part of a students life that will help them

enhance their competitiveness, sportsmanship and the act of socializing.

Sports scheduling and management has been attracting the attention of an

increasing number of researchers in multidisciplinary areas such as operations

research, scheduling theory, constraint programming, graph theory, combinatorial

optimization, and applied mathematics. Different optimization techniques have

been applied to solve problems arising from sports scheduling and management.

Most people can relate to sporting events. Even if they do not participate or watch

sport, either live or on TV, everybody has some relationship with sport. It might

be the fact that one can hardly avoid the coverage that is given to events.

Asian College has become a success, especially in terms of providing

quality education and holding annual extracurricular activities like the Padula

sports events. Students look forward to the Padula Sports events, sometimes its

not only a matter of knowledge on academic tracks that students should have but

also in sports. Asian College conducts sports events (Padula) once a year to

encourage students to do sports, encourage fitness and to promote sportsmanship.

Students are eager and excited in joining and cheering the teams of various

sports events. It is indeed a fun-filled and a joyful time of the school year. With

the help of an online sports event manager, Asian College will experience a better

and smoother flow of the sports events held and lesser hassle in producing the

sports event related material.

A. Project Context

The type of study the researchers are having is a group study with three

members having specific project roles. Project roles such as the project manager,

the system analyst, the network designer, the programmer and the technical writer

are divided within the group. Each group will have its own scheduled meetings

every week, must meet at least once a week for the update of their system project.

B. Purpose and Description

This study aims to enhance the existing system entitled Asian College

Sports Time. The proposed system serves as a portal for students to view sports

event updates and schedules online and provide quality event management for the

facilitators. The study is intended for students, staff and the management of Asian


C. Objectives

This study is conducted to enhance the existing system entitled

Asian College Sports Time.

To make possible solutions of an efficient system generation of

matches per game.

Possible update automation for leader board scores.

To allow all users to use the system with ease.

D. Significance of the Study

This study is significant to the following:

a. School facilitators - school are the one who will facilitate the

event, without them the flow may not work accordingly to what the

viewers expectation.

b. Outside officials may known as referee. The school will get

professional officials for a particular game like basketball. The

official/ referee can give an accurate result of the scores of that

particular game.

c. Players the players can experience a well organized of the


d. Incoming students it is also important of the study to incoming

students particularly 3rd year BSIT students for their future


E. Scope and Limitation of the Study

Scope of the Study

Enhancement of the required fields for scheduling of sports event for a

more detailed viewing experience. These enhancements are the venue, mapping of

the venue, a match ticker and a more strict detection for conflicting schedules for

games in a venue. The required fields for the sports creation for more detailed

games like the scoring type, type of elimination, the automatic ranking or points

system, match rules and regulations, match scoring and match up bracketing.

Status will have 3 choices and added list of sports that are generated for the event.

The additions and enhancement to the user side of the score board for recent

matches, sport event and match ticker and site to social media. Enhancement of

the event reports, players list, sports event results, added player profile and his/

her game history.

Limitation of the Study

The event venue mapping is fixed. Detecting conflicting schedules for

events held outside Asian College premises is not supported. Player profile will

only provide a short description of a player. Match rules and regulations are un-

editable and only the final resulting scores are posted in the match scoring.

Elimination types are only limited to 3 categories: Single elimination, Double

Elimination and Round Robin.

A. Technical Background

This chapter presents the overview of the current technologies used in the

current system Asian College Sports Time and current trends and technologies

to be enhanced in implementing the proposed system.

The said online sports scheduling system will able to create schedules and

detect conflicts of the games by using the computer. The proponent use

WampServer for local hosting and a text editor notepad++ for editing. There

might be a problem in the layout of the website if the web browsers are not

updated. The solution is to always update the web browsers. Also, internet

connection is important in accessing the website. Users will not be able to access

the system without internet connection. Having internet connection is the solution

in accessing the system.

The proposed system goal is to enhance the current system, in order to

implement it the proponents will use a web base system with a WampServer

localhosting and a sublime/ notepad++ text editor for better output.

B. Related Studies

This chapter presents the list of related studies and literature that serve as

guidelines to the researchers to pursue their proposed system entitled Asian

College Sports Event Manager System. The researchers do not own any of the

study listed and the researchers will not copy any of this works.


According from The Design and Implementation of Colleges Sports

Teaching Management System (2015), sports teaching system uses a modular

design method for the center with the data connection between modules, the

system according to the functions are divided into different modules, modules and

segment for each module, top - down functional decomposition.

According from the eTL project (March 2015), the system manages all the

events which are conducted in college/ University. The system automatically

generate certificate and issue it/ mail it. It is also very efficient in storing,

maintaining and retrieving data from its database and can be use for further

analysis. The system also provides latest notification to its user and time saving


According to (Sir. Bilal Munir Mughal January, 2016), its scope of sport

event management system is the application of project management to the

creation and development of festivals and events.

The purpose of this request is to provide detail how this system manages

the activity of much sport at a time. It also deals with the selection of student at

colleges, university and event at state level. This system will provide the serving

activity in quick and easy manner. It will consume less amount of time as it is

based on automatic system.

According from Arena Sport event management system (2012), the system

brings many aspects of organizing an event together in a single unified system,

with scalable components including media, volunteers and logistics. Staff and

stakeholders have instant access to all relevant areas of the operation, ensuring

that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, and can monitor every aspect

of their work online in real-time.


According from the Philippine Science High School Western Visayas

(2015), added eSports to their list of events during their Humanities and

Intramural Week, which took place from December 9 to 11 of 2015. The aptly

dubbed Etrams featured students from the various year levels battling it out on

the digital arena playing games such as Dota 2 and Super Smash Bros; all in

parallel to other ongoing sporting events.

C. Related Literature


According from the Active network (2014) on Sport Manager software,

their sports software makes league, club and team registration easy for athletes.

Simple to use and beautiful custom online registration forms make the signup

process quick and painless for your participants. And an automatic registration

confirmation email puts their mind at ease assuring players that a spot has been

reserved and payment has been instantly and securely processed. Participants can

even log into the system at a later date and update their details or renew a

membership without help from staff. Their sports management software will

streamline any sports organizers administrative tasks, but just as important, will

also serve as a window for participants into how your organization values the

quality of their experience as a top priority.

According to (John Allen, et al July, 2000), they list the possible event

impacts as including: increased visitation during the shoulder or off season;

enhancing the overall tourism experience and a means of promoting the long term

impacts within destinations. Currently each event organizer uses a different

methodology and formula to describe the outcome of the event and therefore it is

difficult for event organizers to compare apples to oranges as they attempt to

benchmark their event operations and outcomes against others.

Another related literature from (Graham Kendall, et al 2004), states that

Sports scheduling and management has been attracting the attention of an

increasing number of researchers in multi - disciplinary areas such as operations

research, scheduling theory and constraint programming. Different optimization

techniques have been applied to solve problems arising from sports scheduling

and management.

According to (Ribeiro, 2012) the problems and applications of sports

scheduling, sports problems mainly consist in determining the date and the venue

in which each game of a tournament will be played. This paper provides an

introductory review of fundamental problems in sports scheduling and their

formulations, followed by a survey of applications of optimization methods to

scheduling problems in professional leagues of different sport disciplines.


Based on the Online Scheduling System (2010), it is similar to the

developed system where it involves proper handling of records. It also covers

updating and adding records. The difference of the developed system is that it

does not cover student records and generating assessment slips in manual


A. Requirements Analysis

Initially, the proponents met with the in charge of the Sports Events

under the General Education Department at Asian College. The proponents

approach several times to discuss the scope of the proposed system, the users

needs and how the resulting software will help automate or enhance tasks that are

currently handled manually of the school. As with any other software

development project, these initial meetings identified the major functionalities.

However, a majority of these functionalities were incomplete or vague.

The proponents had to do an initial analysis to determine the boundaries and

scope of the system to be enhanced. This initial analysis was conducted using a

throw away prototype. A significant additional requirement, namely the quality

event management, sports adding, venue mapping for games, match ticker

and event ticker to see all upcoming event or sports. Special upgrade is done for

the match making, using an algorithm to generate matches according to three

elimination types.

Requirement Documentations

The proposed system is applicable online since it is an online scheduling


The proposed system can be access through mobile devices, tablets, laptop

and computers.

The players profile will only provide a short description of a player.

Scores that are being posted in the match scoring are those final results


Elimination types are only limited to 3 categories: Single elimination,

Double Elimination and single Round Robin.

The dependencies needed in order for the Asian College Sports Event

Manager (ACSEM) to perform its intended purpose are the following:


An administrator possesses the right knowledge, training and skills to

handle the system. Responsible in all the transactions made through the system

and maintains its functionality through correct inputs of data/ information into the



The programmer creates or develops the system for a specific purpose of

the project. It is her/ his duty to do restoration processes when errors occur inside

the system. The best person to perform debugging procedure for the software

when troubleshooting is necessary. Maintains and provides updates of the


B. Design of Software, Systems, Product and or Processes

System Flowchart


Load Index

Username & 3


Yes Facilitator
Is the Username & 2
Type of User
Password correct?


Load Admin Form


Load Create Event Event db_acsem
Create Event?
Form Details




Load Create Add Sports
Add Sports db_acsem
Sports Form Details


Create Load Create Schedule
Schedules Schedules Form Details db_acsem

No B

Yes Create/
Load Manage User
Manage Users Update User db_acsem

No B

Add Load Department Department
Department? Form Details



Yes No
View Reports? Load Report Form Print Reports? db_acsem

No B Yes

No Printed
Do you want to B Print Report File
B Report File




Load Facilitator

Host Game? Load Report Form db_acsem
Report File


Add Players? Load Report Form db_acsem
Report File

No D

Do you want to



Load End User Load End Load

Select Event
Form User Form Sports List

Do you want Load
to Logout? Leaderboard

Yes E Select Sports

E View