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Session 1: The Value and

Danger of Knowing Yourself

In this training you'll get an overview of the "pattern nature" of human beings, how
to distinguish which pattern system is most useful for you, the danger of
identifying too much with any "label" or "type"... and much more.

Key points:

1. The nature of human beings is to have patterns in their behavior. Understanding these
patterns will help you evolve, relate, predict, and persuade.
2. Knowing your own unique personality is the #1 factor that determines how much money
you make, how much success you enjoy, and how much happiness you experience over your
entire life.
3. Dont assume that other people would do what you would do they operate out of different
4. People do things for their reasons, not for our reasons. Present arguments in terms of their
model, not in terms of our model. Understand their model, and speak in those terms, to
have impact. Otherwise it's like speaking to a rock.
5. There are literally HUNDREDS of "personality type" systems. The problem is you dont know
which ones are actually USEFUL. Through dozens of years of personal experience and
research, Wyatt and Eben have identified 3 of the most useful systems.
6. Our behavior is state dependent. We normally behave in one way, under stress we behave a
different way, and when we're totally relaxed and intimate we behave another way.
7. Your energy flows through your "internal system." If you're conflicted, like a constricted
pipe, energy stops flowing. If you're relaxed, energy flows through the system freely.
8. Identifying with any one model is dangerous, because it can then control you. Saying "this is
what I am" is dangerous - it becomes a way you see yourself that limits your behavior. So be
careful not to identify yourself with any one personality type or model. Just use it as an idea
or tool to help you remove obstacles so you can be free. "Break the type" so youre free to
respond however is appropriate in a particular situation.
Thats me is one of the most dangerous things to say. Better to say thats me some of
the time.
9. Its also dangerous to peg other people patterns are not 100% - it's how we are most of
the time, and under most circumstances not all.
10.Not all people like typologies. But we may limit ourselves if we don't acknowledge the fact
that people are creatures of habit and we behave according to patterns much of the time.
11. Patterns are probabilistic, not absolute. We can have absolute knowledge of a pattern, but
that pattern is just probabilistic, not true 100% of the time. Most people treat it like it's an

12.In order to detect a pattern, we must observe over time and see enough instances to detect
a pattern.
13."Forced choice instruments" are personality tests where you have to choose, from several
options, which fits you most accurately. The problem is that if you take the test the next day
when you're in a different state, you'll answer some of the questions differently.
14.Respect another human being enough to take the time to understand their models.
15.Experts believe much of our personality develops from ages 4-6.