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Initiative Initiation Charter

Project Title Electronic Nursing Documentation

Objective Owner / Project Ariel Agustin
Project Manager Terry Manson, DON
Strategic Alignment/ Contrition
Start Date 2017 March End Date 2018 December
Project Description Within 5 years the Nursing documentation will be 99% Electronic Nursing
Nursing Documentation will be accessible for nurses through the easy
access devices
Easy tracking of Cardiopulmonary status of patient through integration of
monitoring devices, hassle free charting
A well-designed electronic health record systems can improve patient
safety while also enhancing productivity
Requirements Modules
Education and Training
Project Objectives To have a unified system
To acquire better information and make better decisions
To have a rapid implementation
To have an easy access to patient records
To have a patient centered, clinician focused care and documentation
To have a fully supported network
Deliverables Paperless Electronic Nursing Documentation
Ipads and mobile computers for all department
Integration of all monitoring medical equipment (cardiotocography, Cardiac
Monitor, ECG, etc)
Integration of all Intravenous Pumps on Medication Administration Record
Medication and Supply Floor Stock requisition
Specialty Area Modules (RDU, ICUs, Blood Bank, Anesthesia, Respiratory
Therapist, Sonographer)
Nursing Care Plan Interactive Template
Clinical Decision Support for assessments
Lexi comp
Medication and Supplies are barcode ready
Nurse Informatics Team
Nursing Informatics Team can access the record outside hospital
Electronic Patient Board
Initial Risk Assessment We have budget constraints, approval for budget funding might be delayed.
Lack of trainers to train the Staff Nurses.
Project Estimate Costs Million SAR
Approval of Project Sponsor