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person sitting to the right of 43.

(i) Government has tightened Arguments :

second person ? security checks at all impor- I. No, it may be difficult to
(A) DF (B) CB tant places and also at teach computers in the
(C) FC (D) AG various public places. schools located in rural parts
(E) None of these (ii) Incidences of terrorist attacks of the country.
are increasing day by day. II. Yes, it is difficult to function
39. Who is sitting opposite to E ? without computer in the era
44. (i) High Court has fixed a time
(A) D (B) A of modernization.
limit for repairing all the
(C) F (D) A or D roads in the city. 48. Should hand baggage on all
(E) None of these (ii) Road Development Autho- international flights be perma-
40. Which of the following state- rities in the city are carrying nently banned ?
ments is definitely true ? out road repair work on Arguments :
(A) A is facing North urgent basis. I. No, it causes a lot of incon-
venience since items of mini-
(B) E is sitting opposite to F 45. (i) There is an outbreak of
mum requirement need to be
several epidemics in the
(C) F is to the left of G carried during long haul
(D) C is to the left of A flights.
(ii) There was a worst flood
(E) None of these II. Yes, it is necessary to ensure
situation ever experienced in
security of passengers on
Directions(Q. 41 to 45) Below the past in most parts of the
in each question are given two state- country.
49. Should all the universities in the
ments (i) and (ii). These statements Directions(Q. 46 to 50) In country switch over to grade
may be either independent causes or making decisions about important system rather than awarding
may be effects of independent causes questions, it is desirable to be able to marks ?
or a common cause. One of these distinguish between strong largu- Arguments :
statements may be the effect of the ments and weak arguments. Strong
other statement. Read both the I. Yes, with this the students
arguments are those which are both
statements and decide which of the falling in a particular range
important and directly related to the
following answer choice correctly of marks can be treated on
question. Weak arguments are those
depicts the relationship between par.
which are of minor importance and
these two statements. II. No, it will be difficult to rank
also may not be directly related to the
the students when required
Mark Answer : question or may be related to a trivial
to be short-listed.
(A) If statements (i) is the cause aspect of the question.
50. Should there be complete ban on
and statement (ii) is its Each question below is followed
telecast of Adult movies on
effect. by two arguments numbered I and II.
television ?
You have to decide which of the
(B) If statement (ii) is the cause Arguments :
argument is a strong argument and
and statement (i) is its effect. I. Yes, such movies adversely
which is a weak argument.
(C) If both the statements (i) and Give answer : affect the children and their
(ii) are independent causes. interests are to be given top
(A) If only argument I is strong.
(D) If both the statements (i) and priority.
(B) If only argument II is strong.
(ii) are effects of indepen- II. No, instead they can be
(C) If either I or II is strong.
dent causes. telecast at certain fixed time
(D) If neither I nor II is strong. when children are generally
(E) If both the statements (i) and (E) If both I and II are strong. away from home.
(ii) are effects of some com-
46. Should the teenagers be denied Directions(Q. 51 to 55) Study
mon cause.
access to internet ? the following information carrefully
41. (i) State Govt. has ordered
Arguments : and answer the given questions :
immediate ban on airing of
I. Yes, most of the children A word and number arrange-
certain movie channels on
particularly the teenagers are ment machine when given an input
found to be indulged in line of words and numbers rearranges
(ii) Few social activists have accessing pornographic con- them following a particular rule in
come together and deman- tents. each step. The following is an illus-
ded ban on telecasting
II. No, denying access to inter- tration of input and rearrangement.
Adult movies on television.
net would mean denying Input : say dry 42 96 get 39 kite 67
42. (i) Employment scenario in the access to a lot of useful infor- Step I : 96 say dry 42 get 39 kite 67
country has remarkably ation, instead the access may
improved recently. Step II : 96 dry say 42 get 39 kite 67
be controlled.
(ii) The number of prospective 47. Should computer education be Step III : 96 dry 39 say 42 get kite 67
job-seekers going abroad has made a compulsory subject at Step IV : 96 dry 39 say 67 42 get kite
increased recently. school level by the Government ? Step V : 96 dry 39 say 67 get 42 kite