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Introduction: We are Mir Akhter Hossain Ltd a reputed construction company is nominated sub-contractor

of OSJI-JV and authorized to execute construction of RHD Core Office at Banani. After maintaining all
necessary approval of structural, Architectural design drawing from concerned authorities and taking
approval from RAJUK ,we have started pilling works and till to-date completed 74 Nos pile so far. Out of
74 Nos pile compressive strength (cylinder test result) of 5 Nos pile didnt satisfy specified strength
mentioned in specification.

Causes of Cylinder Failure: These are so many factors which affect the strength of concrete. Some of the

1. Water cement ratio is the main factor which affects the strength of concrete. Now Rainy season is
going on and concrete component like course aggregate (stone chips), fine aggregate (Sylhet sand)
are open to sky. So there are some moisture content is aggregates using such aggregate (with
moisture content) may increase water cement ration than the specified ratio mentioned in Mix-
design. As a result concrete strength may be affected and this phenomena have been happened here.
2. Concrete temperature is the another main factor which affect the strength of concrete. Water is to
be added in the concrete mix should be in permitted level and green concrete should be below 350C.
This might be deviated and as a result concrete strength have been affected.
3. As you know that our Baching plant is located at Birulia 14 km apart from our project site.
Transportation of green concrete with transit mixer may fallen in traffic jam, finally reach at site
consuming little bit more time than permitted time. To some extent this short of situation happened
here and as a result strength of the concrete have been affected.
4. Transportation of Cylinder: Transportation of cylinder for testing purpose is one of the main factor
which affected crushing strength of concrete. As you know that we are now being carried our
cylinder from project site to Kanchpur central lab. On the way to Kanchpur, vehicle movement
vibration may hamper strength of concrete and it have been happened here.

Minimize the Causes:

To minimize the causes which affected the strength of concrete are given below:-

In any cost we have to maintain water cement ratio properly and as a precaution our course aggregates
yard will be covered by Turpoline so that aggregates are in dry condition. To keep the temperature of
concrete in optimum level if needed Ice to be added in water. Moreover to avoid caring of cylinder
from project site at Banana to Kanchpur, we want to establish a laboratory including compressive
strength testing machine at our project site.

Rectification of defective pile: MAH will take cores at their own cost from the piles of which the result
of cylinders crushing strength did not satisfy the requirement of the specifications. These cores shall be
tested in the laboratory.

If the results of the above tests dont satisfy the specifications, MAH will review the design and
implement the new piles instead of defective piles at their own initiative and responsibility.
Cocreting system of our project
1. Materials are stocked in different stockyard in our batching plant at Berulia.

2. Then materials transferred to individual hopper of batching plant from stockyard.

3. Material mixing is processed by batching plant operator.

4. Moisture content is to be calculated of each material by batching plant laboratory.

5. Water content is adjusted before batching plant mixing according to moisture content.

6. After mixing, slump and temperature is checked by batching plant laboratory.

7. Mixing materials are carried by mixer truck from batching plant to project which is nearly taken 1.30

8. When mixer truck is arrived at project , then slump and temperature is checked to maintain quality of

9. We are always maintained a register book for initial slump, temperature of concrete, date of casting
and pile number.

10. Concrete is taken by trolly from mixer truck to cylinder molding area.

11. Three cylinders or 1 set are taken for every pile as standard method recommended by consultant.

12. Day after casting, cylinder is removed from mold , then it is marked on top surface by pile no and
casting date.

13. We have a water reservoir at project for cylinder curing.

14. After 28 days, cylinders are taken to RHD core office project Banani to Kanchpur laboratory.At that
time, cylinders are wrapped by ganny bag , placed into a box which some portion is filled with sand, so
that the cylinders are adjusted properly.

15. Before compressive strength test, cylinder capping are done by sulphur properly on the top surface
of cylinder.

Conclusion: I think, my clarifications regarding your query will be in order for starting piling work
soon. I am committed to you that the above mentioned points and measures shall be maintained by
MAH personal in the field to avoid further failure of cylinders.