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pseudonym: YOUNG MC. .

A 2017 Update by African Prodigy Researchers
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Tosin Opaleke
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Young MC
Stand-up comedian

Born: 2 March 1997 (age 20)

Award: Nigerian Teen Choice Award for Choice Outstanding Male Personality
Tosin Opaleke
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Pseudonym: Young MC

Birth Name: Opaleke Joseph Oluwatomisin

Born: March 02, 1997 Kwara State, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

Years active: 2007-present


Young MC is one of comedys biggest young stars with a celebrated and award-winning career that
has seen the talented entertainer become one of the industrys important and influential voices.
Young MC is a notorious dream chaser who loves to create platforms for him and thereby set the
pace and make the change everyone is looking for. He has featured on top comedy events wherein
he shared stages with major industry players.

Early Life

Tosin Opaleke was born on March 2, 1997 in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. He was raised by both
parents, Moses and Deborah Opaleke. Tosin's first ambition was to be a gospel musician, he used to
have great passion for music and Don Moen and Ron Kenoly were his models.

After attending Unilorin Preparatory and Primary School, he proceeded to Unilorin Secondary
School, and as a JSS1 student, He began pursuing a career in event hosting and stand-up comedy
after hosting a childrens day service at the International Convention Centre of his Church, Rhema
Chapel International Churches, Headquarters, Ilorin [ICC] at the
age of 10. He is now a college student of Mass Communication
at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


Tosin Opaleke joined the entertainment industry on May 27,

2007, when he was chosen to anchor a childrens day service at
the International Convention Centre of his Church, Rhema
Chapel International Churches, Headquarters, Ilorin [ICC]. He
was a JSS1 student at Unilorin Secondary School at that time,
and as a funny kid that he was in class and his place of worship, he was chosen to anchor the annual
childrens day service after an audition wherein he emerged best & youngest; and he anchored the
service consistently for 7years [2007-2013]. He was into event anchoring like birthdays, concerts and
wedding receptions only for the first 2 years of his career, not until May 2010 when he told his first
joke at the ICC, a recycled work of popular comedian Basketmouth and it was received warmly, then
he proceeded to add comedy to his qualification.

It didn't take much time for Young MC to develop a unique comedic style of telling jokes in simple
and straight-English which gave him the tittle The Classical Comedian. After an early period of
attempting to imitate comedians like Basketmouth and Klint D Drunk, he found his own rhythm by
delving into his insecurities and life experiences. "Because of what I do, it has to be an open book,"
he has said. "But right now this is a book that is being written."

Young MC has cited fellow Nigerian comedian, MC Abbey as a personally significant comedic
influence. "When you talk about your flaws, people gravitate towards you, but these men don't"
Young MC said in an interview, he furthermore stated in a post on photo sharing app, Instagram " I
are very grateful for words of wisdom you gave to us, experiences you shared and the big
opportunities offered to us, thank you very much sir for that."[1]

Young MC, since he started his career has hosted and featured in-
according to a source close to him, that by 2015 - over 400
ceremonies, events and shows which includes: Rhema Chapel Intl.
HQ Children's Day Service [2007-2013], Biennial International Peace
& Strategies Conference[2013], Trillium Learning Centre Graduation
[2014, 2015][2], King Of Omu Aran's Son's Wedding [2013], So
Exclusive-So Talented [2012], Yaw's #YOUMay31st [2015][3], I LAff
with MC Abbey [2015][4] the event at which senior comedian SACO
endorsed his performance as a good one[5], Nestle Nutrition Science
Symposium [2015][6], Dance Fiesta [2014], Cadbury Nigeria PLC 1 week Carnival at the Kwara Mall
[2013][7], Palms Mall Ilorin Carnivals [2013, 2014], Rap Impact [2011], Dance Fiesta [2014].

Young MC has undoubtedly extended his tentacles to other stages and platforms. It is worthy of
note that he did a video which went viral and gained him
invitation to Access Mavins Concert in December 2015.

Furthermore, between 2016 & 2017 summer, Young MC

has risen in art and career and now hosts event for top
socialites in Kwara State -needless to say, he hosted Lady
Toyin Akinkumi's Birthday at the prestigious Noktel Hotel
& Resorts in July 2017. Reports state socialites like Chief
Emmanuel Ojo (E-Phoenix Group Boss), Ambassador Fatai
Gambari (Kursi Investments CEO) and many others have
publicly declared their love for his style of hosting and stand-up comedy.


Young MCs first time on radio was on October 31, 2012 when he was invited by Karikatalk for a
profile interview at the Unilorin 89.3FM and then he was offered a slot to feature on a weekly 30
minutes comedy series, Talk The Talk every Wednesday evening and he accepted the offer.

Thereafter, in July 2013, after his graduation from the Unilorin Secondary School, he decided to take
a year off school for personal and career development. He worked with Karikatalk as a prodigy and
holiday worker for about 9months at the Unilorin 89.3FM where he was placed on Monday night
shift, and he ran Overnight Lounge. Recently in 2015, he worked under one of Nigeria's top OAPs as
a prodigy for a period of time, Yaw of Wazobia 95.1FM, in Lagos.
In September 2015, Young MC and Road Manager, Steevane started off Weekend Radio NG. It ran
for a few weekends and was later converted to Life in Unilag Radio.

At the moment, Young MC runs his own online radio station which he
launched sometime during summer 2014 Young MC's Online FM, which he has
decided to now pay more attention to because his audience want the station
active as it used to be. Although he plays administrative role at HOJO Radio, an
inter-campus radio station he helped develop.


During summer 2016, Young MC worked with Wazobia TV, a pidgin speaking cable television
network. He worked at three dfferent departments who work hand-in-hand to achieve broadcast
purposes- Ingest Department, Programmes Department and Production Department from Monday,
August 15, 2016 Friday, September 02, 2016, Monday, September 05, 2016 - Friday, September
16, 2016 Wednesday, October 19, 2016 respectively. In Ingest Department, he learned how to and
sent out materials that has been sent from Programmes Department to the Production Control
Room for broadast purposes. Also recorded with GV Stratus, live and pre-recorded programmes
from all studios. In Programmes Department, he learned how to write and plan programmes and did
wrote and planned programmes for Production Department for broadcast purposes. In Production
Department, he learned how to produce programmes in the Production Control Room, following
scripts I may have written or received for broadcast purposes. He
co-produced many episodes of the breakfast show Gudu Morning
Naija which features Omotunde Lolo, Uvbi Ehiaghimosoe and Luchi
Enobong which airs from 7:00AM to 8:30AM, Monday Friday. He
also co-produced Talk Talk show, a magazine talk show
programmes which features anchors- Uvbi Ehiaghimosoe and
Betyanna Nwelih. Young MC came on the programmes
occassioonally to bring in dynamics of his skills and witiness.


LET THE STUDENTS LAUGH TOUR: A comedy show tour to private secondary schools which features
Young MC and other comedian-friends and young artistes. Its first edition was staged at Sapati
International School on 1st June, 2013, while its second edition was staged at Eucharistic Heart of
Jesus Model College. On 29th March, 2014, Young MC and his crew proceeded on a road trip to
Thomas Adewumi International College and it's third edition was staged that night, tagged Let The
Students Laugh with Young MC 3 @TAICO. Other schools followed suit and the tour ended at Sapati
International School on 15th February, 2015.

YOUNG MC's OPEN MIC: An open mic show to commemorate his 7th year
anniversary on stage, Young MC put up a plat form for teen and children
to showcase their talents. The colorful event which held on Children's Day
[27 may, 2014] at the Royal Shekinah Hotel Ilorin, attracted not less that
1,200 primary and secondary school students. It was tagged Let The
Students Laugh Open Mic
LAST COMIC STANDING: In 2015, Young MC put up a hit show to start the year. This
event was staged on 2nd january, 2015 which featued classical standup comedy and
jazz music which was delivered from MTN Project Fame 7 runner up, Shola.

THE GOSPEL OF COMEDY: This is Young MCs gospel comedy and music concert. It
held at Rhema Chapel International Churches Headquarters on 8th November,
2015. The event had about 625 people on attendance. Young MC announced on
his Instagram page on 23rd June 2017 that Gospel of Comedy will soon become a
tour to many churches.

COMEDY BOX TOUR: Young MC announced his university tour on March 2016
which is said to give his extensive fan base an opportunity to
see him live again in Kwara State University, Obafemi
Awolowo University and University Of Lagos including first-
time stops in Afe Babalola University, Landmark University,
Bowen University, Elizade University, Oduduwa University and
University Of Ibadan. The tour was meant to kick off at his
school, University of Ilorin on 31st May 2016 but didnt. The
tour eventually kicked off at Obafemi Awolowo University on
11th October 2016 and has its sequel show at Kwara State
University on 1st April 2017 which held at the University Main Auditorium. He
further went on to Afe Babalola University on 7th Apriil, 2017 to host Afe Babalola
University Awards 2017 at Alfa Belgore Hall where he announced his tour coming to
the school pretty soon.

ONE NIGHT STAND: On 14th February 2017, fast rising standup comedian, Young MC staged ONE
NIGHT STAND at the Main Bowl of the Students Union Building, University
of Ilorin. It was an open air concert which featured well mannered standup
comedy and music performances to mark the 2017 Valentines Day. The
event saw a large turnout of about 5000 students who enjoyed 8 rib
cracking standup comedy performances from fellow campus comedians
while campus artistes put in electrifying musical performances and the
famous Juju Team Studios & Jobless TV graced the show with their
creatively hilarious stage plays. Young MC stole his own show with a jaw
dropping 30minutes of freestyle and audience roasting and he confessed thats one of his best so
far. Furthermore, the ONE NIGHT STAND talk show session was the peak of the event.
He further hailed Unilorin Students for believing the publicity of the event and turning up for it well.
He expressed joy at their receptiveness and comportment even when the event
didnt start at the scheduled time. In his words, he says:Im particularly happy at
the success of the event, not because I did it, but because anyone else could have
done it and Im very convinced our student body will show as much support too.
This is a good sign of our social-life developments and soon enough, just soon
enough, Unilorin will become the hub of entertainment among Nigerian campuses.
Yes I said it, and I mean it.

COMEDY MEETS MUSIC: Young MC announced a collaboration with popular

expressionist singer, Kenneth Right on 2017. The event tagged Comedy Meets
Runway will hold later in 2017.
Movies & Plays

ADUKE THE MOVIE: This is a love satirical movie. Young MC had a cameo
appearance in the movie. furthermore, he hosted the premieres of the movie which
happened at University of Ilorin on 29th November, 2016 and University of Lagos on
18th March, 2017 respectively which was star studded. The movie was produced by
Juju House of Comedy, now known as Juju Team Studios.

LIES LOVE TELL: This is a stage play production which tells the story of how people hide the hurts of
their relationships from their friends. This is a production by Eyeblue Concepts and Ultra Studios
which hit the stage on 10th and 11th of May respectively at the Performing Arts Theatre, University of
Ilorin. Young MC played the role of the equalizer of the friends Reverend Donald.
A catholic priest who went into priesthood just because he wanted no relationship
issues with women. This character was well portrayed by Young MC on stage as he
was seen to always carry a bowl of Cheese Balls every time he came on stage and
occasionally used cuss words in his communication, although he still fulfilled his
main aim of character, an advisor to his male friends in the play.

MIDNIGHT MURDER: This is a crime drama which involves three characters, who are
connected in the story in different ways. The story is about Officer Tomisin who is
the security officer of a hotel with plethora problems, with the aim of solving the
murder cases in the hotel and also saving his job. Midnight Murder is thriller which
features suspense, wordplays and sarcasm. Young MC played lead role as Officer
Tomisin. Midnight Murder was released for private viewing only at Atlantic Lounge,
Sound Bar on 20th and 21st July 2017 and will premiere publicly later in 2017. The
movie was produced by Juju Team Studios and Yemi Ajala Films.

Personal life

Young MC has a good relationship with his parents who have always supported his
dreams and aspirations, though closer to his mother, his father runs the financial
aspects of his career as he is an economist. Young MC talked about his friends in an
interview as been very loving, supportive yet intimidating set of intelligent monsters
whom he loves so much. Many of his friends are entrepreneurs in various fields
which include entertainment, journalism, literature and fashion.


Young MC is known to keep lots of female friends, therefore no specific

female is known to the general public as a partner.

Legal issues



2007 Young Timothy Awards Most Hardworking Child WON International
2009 Rhema Praise Choir Awards Best Tenor Singer WON Regional
2013 Sapphire Mines Organisation Honorary Award of Recognition ACCEPTED International
2013 Biennial International Peace Cf. Honorary Award of Recognition ACCEPTED International
2015 Elite Vibez Awards Comedian of the Year - Regional
2015 Kwara State Youths Awards MC/Comedian of the Year WON Regional
2015 Nigerian Teen Choice Awards Choice Comic/ Humorous Personality WON National
2015 Tush Awards MC/Comedian of the Year - National
2016 Nigerian Teen Choice Awards Choice Compere & Host WON National
2016 Nigerian Teen Choice Awards Choice Comic & Humorous Personality - National
2016 Nigerian Teen Choice Awards Choice Outstanding Male Personality WON National
2016 Elite Vibez Awards MC/Comedian of the Year POLITELY Campus Award
2016 Coke Village Unilorin Chief of Coke Village ACCEPTED Campus
2017 Unilorin Hype Awards MC/Compere of the Year POLITELY Campus Award
2017 Unilorin Hype Awards OAP of the Year POLITELY Campus Award
2017 Unilorin Hype Awards Comedian of the Year POLITELY Campus Award
2017 Campus Heat Awards Most Popular Male POLITELY Campus Award
2017 Unilorin Students Union Week Rec. Outstanding Student Entrepreneur ACCEPTED Campus
2017 Havillah Private School Honorary Award of Recognition WON International
2017 Nigerian Teen Choice Awards Choice Compere/Event Host - National
2017 Nigerian Teen Choice Awards Choice Outstanding Male Peraonality WON National