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Engineering Specification


C-8 Series and Turbo Air Series

Centrifugal Compressors
Automatic Block Valve

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The automatic block valve is a discharge securing valve that opens when the
compressor starts and closes when the compressor stops. This is accomplished using
a fail-closed pneumatic actuated butterfly valve, with air supply controlled by an auxiliary
contact on the main motor starter. An automated block valve provides an added degree
of safety beyond the protection provided by the discharge check valve. It is
recommended for installations where unmanned or automatic starts and stops are
expected, such as multiple-unit sites operated by Network controls, units equipped with
Auto Start/Stop, or sites where power outages are known to occur frequently.

The automatic block valve fits between two 150# ANSI or metric raised face flanges in
the discharge line. Install the valve after the aftercooler (if so equipped) and at least
four pipe lengths beyond the discharge check valve, with the valve disk facing
upstream, as shown in Figure 1. Accessibility should be considered if the block valve is
to be used as a lock-out device for compressor service. Connect the system pressure
transducer tube line to the pipe downstream of the block valve. Add an isolation valve
to the line for serviceability of the sensor.
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Air supply required by the valve actuator is 80 psig for a 3-stage compressor or TA2020,
40 psig for a 2-stage compressor (non TA2020). Instrument air may be supplied if
available, or air can be tapped off of the pipe immediately upstream of the valve.
Connect the supply air to the lock-out valve on the block valve assembly. Refer to
Figure 2 for air supply specifications.

2-Stage Compressor 3-Stage Compressor Maximum

Valve (Non TA2020) Or TA2020 Supply
Size Pressure
Block Valve Minimum Block Valve Minimum
Rating Supply Rating Supply
Pressure Pressure
3" 250 PSIG 250 PSIG
(17.6 Bar) (17.6 Bar)
40 PSIG 80 PSIG 250 PSIG
(2.7 Bar) (5.5 Bar) (17.6 Bar)
4" 8 250 PSIG 250 PSIG
(17.6 Bar) (17.6 Bar)

Figure 2 - Valve Specifications

Supply AC power to the solenoid valve as shown in Figure 3. The circuit shown
actuates the solenoid upon main motor start by using an auxiliary contact on the 1M
start relay.
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Verify that the valve opens properly at the initial startup (if the valve fails to open, as the
compressor loads it will surge).

To lock the block valve closed for compressor maintenance, close the air supply valve
on the block valve and lock the handle in the closed position. The block valve will close
when the compressor is shut down, and cannot be reopened unless the air supply line
is unlocked and opened.

If the automatic block valve is to be used as the primary isolation
device for compressor service, it must be locked while the
compressor is being maintained. An additional safety device must
be implemented if the block valve is being serviced or is not

If the valve uses upstream discharge air for actuation, clean the filter element annually.
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