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* Changed password.php and changemail.php to POST method. [BeoWulf]
* Fixed the mail sending function, now the recover password function should
work, also
now that we're using the phpmailer class you should be able to use gmail smtp
server too [Dekamaster]
* Disabled error report by default. [Dekamaster]
* Added a definition file for the e-mail template, now you can customize the
template of
the email that will be sent to your players in /language/mail/ [Dekamaster]
* Added Castle names, kisuka report on eAthena forums. [BeoWulf]
* Added extra protection to login.php after some security leak rumors (not
yet confirmed though). [BeoWulf]
* Testing a new Captcha, its uglier than the original, but more safe.
* Extended some of login.php protection to account.php and recover.php just
in case. [BeoWulf]

* Fixed a bug with reset position leting a jailed person to get out, reported
by panchox
at ea boards (and thanks for the temporary fix, brianlew, we really
appreciated it.) [Dekamaster]

We are retaking the project today (2008/05/14), we'll be slowly adding new stuffs
to the control
panel and fixing old bugs, if you have a bug to report you are welcome to share it
with us at
cerescp@gmail.com (yes we are reading it again)

* Fixed Firefox incompatibility, stupid browser. [BeoWulf]

* Reviewed img.php and middle.php files with help of gunawan wibisono.

* Added a variable in recover.php. [BeoWulf]

* Fixed an exploit in language.php. [BeoWulf]

* Added a one day ipban to users blocked, it will keep then out to think
what they did and can't creat accounts with ofensive nicks against GMs.
* Small fix in server_status.php, and a change in account.php so now its
post not get (internal stuff). [BeoWulf]

* Fixed errors in emblems.php, adminquery.php, ladder.php and functions.php.

* Changed all session maybe now there is no conflict with 2 cps in same
machine. [BeoWulf]

* Added some fuzzy to code image. [BeoWulf]

* Created first trial of an install script. [BeoWulf]
* Fixed install script checks and w3c instructions. [BeoWulf]
* Changed INSTALL.TXT instructions to fit the new install script. [BeoWulf]

* Added jail check to position.php so jailed characters may not reset
their position. [Entwined]
* Added Post functions do ajax engine. [BeoWulf]
* Changed login.php from get to post. [BeoWulf]
* Fixed whoisonline.php adjust to show position to minimum admin level set
in config.php. [BeoWulf]
* Added check in functions.php to destroy session if you use more than one
CP in same machine when changing beteween them use different names
for the CPs or it can be exploitable, still working on a different
solution. [BeoWulf]
* Changed admincharinfo.php to a beta test in changing stored char_id in
equip slots into something we can read. [BeoWulf]
* Added adminchars.php still working on it, to manage chars. [BeoWulf]
* Added money.php testing a 2 minutes ban after transfer. [BeoWulf]
* Added marriage.php testing a 2 minutes ban after divorce. [BeoWulf]
* Added guild.php if castle name is not defined it will skip and not show.
* Added dutch and indonesian to languages. [BeoWulf]
* Fixed some stuff in other language files, but still need translations.
* Fixed ladder.php and about.php to show the new classes. [BeoWulf]

* Added map and gm level check for position reset, so you can't reset your
position if your in jail [Entwined]
* Added install/sql/rag_ragsrvinfo.sql and install/npc/agit_status.txt. You
will have to install both of
these correctly for agit status check to work. [Entwined]
* Added ceres.php for control panel information [Entwined]
* Added max account check for account registration [Entwined]

* Added IP address field insertion on registrations (last_ip) [Entwined]
* Added an email verification field for account registration. [Entwined]
* Added some config settings for future use. [Entwined]
* Created the initial repository of CeresCP (rev4) as the working base.

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