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30 Summer Nights Igri and Music by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Moderately No chord am of hel ie 7 BOY: “Sum-mer lov - in’ GIRL: “Sum-mer lov + int “She swam by me} ran by mes “Took her bowling ‘We went stroll - ing: rca fay ie amt hhap- pened so fast” BOY: “Met got omy suit "Saved her life: she near = ly drank lem = on “We made out a girl, cas ty forme rowned." un = der the dock.” fr r ‘pyc 1972 1978 by Worse Case ad in Jab Incereation Cop Seoured AM Rights Reserved NAAD in Coe ie re GIRL: fie rift on't “Met a boy, “He showed off, “We stayed out cute as splash-ing ‘ill ten ‘gl a a way some: thing's be - gun.— a thing. He fo, uh, But, uh, But,. A Sum-mer days Sum-mer sun, Summer Hing No chord ‘oh, those sum - mer nights. Well - well fh, those “sum - mer nights Well = a well = a, well = a uh. uh Tell Tell ‘mo more. Tell me baat ta more. Did you get ver y me more. Tell me more. Was it love at fist A far? Tell_me more. Tell me sight™— Tell me more. Tell me G/B. tar eae 4 +m, more. Like,does he have a more. Did she put up fight? — EU tuh, oh, those Stim-mer nights. sin ae a Tell me more, tell _me more, But you don't got to brag be foie nin ‘Tellme more, tell me more. "Cause he sounds like a Shu-da bop hop. Shu -da bop bop. Shuda bop bop. Shu-da bop bop. GIRL: “He got friendly, Bb Ab Eb ab ab Ab ae fer” Gat BOY: “She got friendly, down in the sand.” —_ Eb ab Bb ¢ Bm se mR AR R GIRL: “Hie was sweet; just tumedcightecn.” BOY: She wasgood. You know what 1, Ea ¢ Lo Em? Bb ae Summer heat: meet But. uh, oh those sum = ROOF 7 Ff mR Tell me more. Tell me more, How much dough did he spend?_ ae t E A FRB fol em —— Tell me more. Tell me more. Could she get me a friend? 34 Slowly omy jm oR tm eH om, GIRL:"It_ turned cold -er; that’s where: BOY:"So 1 told her A S D G A B fig ane aE ED —3I— we'd stl be friends GIRL: “Then we made al Freel ea bal Fe aa a fn RG A E Al oD A B BOY: “Wonder what she's do- in’ now." Sum-merdreams sipped at the seams. But, A D D wil ARE ve 5) fob, those summer nights. Tell me more. Tell me — more.