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8/17/2017 2240898 - Support Consolidation in BPC NW 10.

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2240898 - Support Consolidation in BPC
NW 10.1 Embedded model
Version 20 from 06.07.2017 in English

Description Software Components References Attributes Languages

Mandatory, must have aggregation level defined and selected.
The selected aggregation level must have the characteristics and attributes defined, which can later
be mapped to BPC ownership model required dimension types and attributes
Exchange Rates
Optional if the user doesn't need currency translation scenario. If user wants to have currency
translation scenario, this info-provider is also required.
Aggregation level is also optional for this info-provider, if it already contains exchange rates.
Source (Only supported in BPC NW 10.1 SP11 and later SPs)
Can be used as source data if user has non-planning info-provider which contains the source data
for Consolidation.
It must contains the same characteristics as defined in Consolidation type info-providers.
Refer to Enhancement of Consolidation Modeling for more details.

After select above info-providers, you will need to map on dimension(characteristic in BW) and attributes. The
purpose of this step, is to map your BW info-providers, characteristics and attributes with BPC context, which
can later be recognized by BPC Consolidation engine.

Consolidation type model will only be valid after pass the validation process. Validation will validate the
mandatory settings like mandatory dimensions and attributes, aggregation levels, hierarchy for dimension,
compounding members and some other configuration.

Other requirements on Modeling

0FISCPER shall be always be used as TIME dimension in selected aggregation level of Consolidation,
Ownership and Exchange Rate info-provider.
In dimension mapping phase, a hierarchy should be selected from all available hierarchies. Afterwards,
this hierarchy will be used for business rule maintenance and runtime calculations.
If there is any compounding dimension existing for the selected aggregation level, a fixed value should be
assigned for superior dimension in "Advanced Setting" section. Afterwards, business rules and runtime
calculations will always use this fixed value.
Only ONE key figure is allowed in the aggregation level of Consolidation, Ownership and Exchange Rate

Enhancement of Consolidation Modeling

By applying below two Support Packages, more flexible modeling is provided in BPC Embedded Model

BPC NW 10.1 SP10 on BW740

BPC NW 10.1 SP04 on BW750

The enhanced modeling includes,

https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2240898 1/1